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  1. 8/30/2018Ethan says:

    No drowning in my swimming pool!

  2. 8/30/2018Jake Alwitt says:

    Instead of a wedding, a funeral.

  3. 8/30/2018William Statz says:

    The leash found, but never Happiness.

  4. 8/30/2018Noah Jung says:

    “The greatest city!”, Piles of rubble.

  5. 8/30/2018Michael says:

    I spilled baked beans. everyone laughed.

  6. 8/30/2018Simon X. Goldsmith says:

    I Achieved. I survived. I healed

  7. 8/30/2018Abby says:

    One day is all it takes

  8. 8/30/2018Sydney says:

    Are you awake? Are you certain?

  9. 8/30/2018Kaliah Wood says:

    The abuser passed, no widow’s tears.

  10. 8/30/2018Kaliah Wood says:

    The dead shark missed its fins.

  11. 8/30/2018Kaliah Wood says:

    He left, oath broken, family shattered.

  12. 8/30/2018Emma says:

    There’s blood in her ballet shoes.

  13. 8/30/2018Kaliah Wood says:

    Grandma cleaning closet. Found me inside.

  14. 8/30/2018Guillermo says:

    The cat jumped: the bird fell.

  15. 8/30/2018Merritt Stovall says:

    Got him. Loved him. Lost him.

  16. 9/2/2018Naomi says:

    The fly buzzed. Thud, Silence

  17. 9/3/2018Mackenzie Slagle says:

    Phone rings, distant voices, line dies

  18. 9/4/2018Flightofthelepus says:

    “Woo”, said the dyslexic cow. “Woo.”

  19. 9/4/2018Grace Rodriguez says:

    Runs fast, leaves crackle, forever gone

  20. 9/4/2018Mariele Healy says:

    Sadness and tears vs relief.

  21. 9/4/2018Mariele Healy says:

    Out of breath and furiously blushing.

  22. 9/4/2018Mariele Healy says:

    Just you, me, and the sky.

  23. 9/4/2018Joan says:

    That’s your favorite I mean it.

  24. 9/8/2018David says:

    ‘Mother just wet herself again, Dad

  25. 9/8/2018David says:

    ‘Mother just wet herself again, Dad!

  26. 9/8/2018Dridd says:

    He walked home without her number.

  27. 9/12/2018ashleysanchez says:

    “I remember wishing I was older”

  28. 9/12/2018ashleysanchez says:

    But I’m only human after all

  29. 9/13/2018Jacob Hoesktra says:

    Sitting down, sipping Coffee with her.

  30. 9/17/2018Fredrick Ederheart says:

    Your debt will always be unpaid.

  31. 9/17/2018Fredrick Ederheart says:

    Come take this leap with me.

  32. 9/17/2018Difé Tíg says:

    NOLA transplants making authentic vegan gumbo.

  33. 9/17/2018christian martinez says:

    She fall, She laughed, She cried

  34. 9/18/2018Remisan says:

    Swipe right if you miss me

  35. 9/18/2018Alfonso Garcia says:

    Onto a Journey; one leading nowhere

  36. 9/18/2018Breanna miranda says:

    Dead inside, alive in the outside

  37. 9/18/2018Breanna miranda says:

    Dead inside, alive on the outside

  38. 9/19/2018Xavier McMullan says:

    Inside I’ve died a thousand times

  39. 9/21/2018Iain L. Luen says:

    Words penned. The stains come alive.

  40. 9/25/2018slapdasch says:

    Push button to activate automatic door?

  41. 9/27/2018Grace says:

    Under pressure, the rules don’t apply.

  42. 9/28/2018Anna MJ says:

    I tried…and tried..and tried…

  43. 10/1/2018Alice says:

    “Why are you smiling at me?”

  44. 10/1/2018Alice says:

    Rabbit hole? No I used the stairs

  45. 10/2/2018Trae Quintrell says:

    There’s better reception here than home.

  46. 10/2/2018Trae Quintrell says:

    My Mind is a broken record.

  47. 10/2/2018Trae Quintrell says:

    Wait for inspiration to come forward.

  48. 10/3/2018Mr. Nobody says:

    She uttered her last word. “Goodbye.”

  49. 10/3/2018Mr. Nobody says:

    Then I heard a blood-curling scream.

  50. 10/3/2018Mr. Nobody says:

    Legs pumping. Heart racing. Almost there.

  51. 10/3/2018Mr. Nobody says:

    “Please! It wasn’t me!” I cried.

  52. 10/5/2018Skylar A Yarbro says:

    When lies turn to truth, RUN!

  53. 10/5/2018Arie says:

    Once precious is now deadly disastrous

  54. 10/5/2018Iain L. Luen says:

    Taken, not given. Innocence is lost.

  55. 10/10/2018Michael says:

    Upright swear jar, full of divorce

  56. 10/14/2018Melihah says:

    Driving a stolen car chasing kidnappers

  57. 10/17/2018Autumn says:

    “I just need to be single”

  58. 10/17/2018Autumn says:

    It was love. What went wrong?

  59. 10/17/2018Autumn says:

    You loved skinny me. Key= loved.

  60. 10/17/2018Autumn says:

    You will come back. I’m praying.

  61. 10/17/2018Autumn says:

    We shared our secrets. Everyone knows.

  62. 10/17/2018Autumn says:

    “I will never leave you, goodbye.”

  63. 10/17/2018Autumn says:

    You broke me. I love you.

  64. 10/23/2018Iain L. Luen says:

    Shields holding. No, failed. Primordial ooze.

  65. 10/25/2018J. Shorey says:

    Words fail me. (Which speaks volumes.)

  66. 10/26/2018wandering.dreamer.of.constellations says:

    I was falling. You let me.

  67. 10/26/2018wandering.dreamer.of.constellations says:

    please. won’t you tell me why?

  68. 10/26/2018wandering.dreamer.of.constellations says:

    you left like it was easy.

  69. 10/26/2018wandering.dreamer.of.constellations says:

    did i mean anything to you?

  70. 10/26/2018wandering.dreamer.of.constellations says:

    whispered “always” with her last breath.

  71. 10/26/2018wandering.dreamer.of.constellations says:

    i LOVE you. you LOVED me.

  72. 10/26/2018wandering.dreamer.of.constellations says:

    why did you lie to me?

  73. 10/26/2018wandering.dreamer.of.constellations says:

    after everything we’ve been through? really?

  74. 10/29/2018Hiral Shah says:

    Too drunk to drive. Let’s walk.

  75. 11/18/2018Theo says:

    Bought a Google pixel – dead pixel

  76. 11/18/2018Sarah Katz says:

    His cast-off became another man’s saint.

  77. 11/19/2018John says:

    Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Doctor, Grandfather

  78. 11/29/2018lonely passionflower says:

    It gets hard to catch her because
    she’s so breathtaking you freeze

    And I actually hate being cold but
    it somehow feels good now since

    You just felt pure happiness and now
    you’re frozen in an ice cube of warm

    but then she’s gone and you crack and
    realize you were staring so she left.

  79. 11/29/2018lonely passionflower says:

    It gets hard to catch her because
    she’s so breathtaking you freeze

  80. 12/4/2018Eddie says:

    When he choked she started laughing.

  81. 12/7/2018earlfangs says:

    She’s still hiding, he’s still running.

  82. 12/13/2018Don Rhodes says:

    May still at Hotel California, Brussels

  83. 12/14/2018anibergero says:

    moved to know
    my persona

  84. 12/21/2018Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah says:

    Wondering, noontide. I find surfing nets.

  85. 12/30/2018Cosmos says:

    “She is beautiful!!!”… Ruined her life

  86. 1/2/2019AquariusNightmare says:

    ‘Hey, where did Area 51 go?’

  87. 1/2/2019Meaghan says:

    Dove head first, hit the bottom.

  88. 1/5/2019Brandon Graves says:

    Reason to think dark no lightbulbs

  89. 1/7/2019Nymeir says:

    Four teenagers, Four cars, Four gravestones.

  90. 1/7/2019Devin says:

    17 Years: It’s been a trip.

  91. 1/7/2019Nicola says:

    When in doubt, “just build bro”

  92. 1/7/2019Avery Carr says:

    Small hands. Big ego. Bad hair.

  93. 1/8/2019Hallie says:

    Tom cut Jerry’s whole head off.

  94. 1/9/2019J-Adon says:

    No Pain, No Gain, No Problems

  95. 1/10/2019Hallie says:

    Bloody body lay under the table.

  96. 1/15/2019Daniela Fernández says:

    Your escence is all you have

  97. 1/15/2019Emily Bateh says:

    He used her. She let him.

  98. 1/15/2019Emily says:

    The lonely never left her eyes

  99. 1/15/2019Anonymous says:

    Thinking of you while he’s here.

    She was lonely. Things never changed.

    Alone. Her favorite place to be.

    Falling in and out of love.

    I always heard, “It’ll get better.”

    He said I should smile more.

    Love. Makes us do stupid shit.

    They never listen. They only hear.

    Crying alone is my favorite hobby.

    Sometimes you don’t get second chances.

  100. 1/15/2019Anonymous says:

    “By all means, build.” Jen Wilkin.

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