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  1. 1/15/2019Emily Bateh says:

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s with no breakfast.

  2. 1/15/2019Polly Rittenberg says:

    She never apologized. She died alone.

  3. 1/15/2019Polly Rittenberg says:

    I promise we’ll take off shortly.

  4. 1/15/2019Polly Rittenberg says:

    Fish truck flipped over, causing stench.

  5. 1/16/2019Michelle says:

    My least favorite holiday: Father’s Day.

  6. 1/17/2019Lili says:

    ,,Last chance to be happy again.”

  7. 1/17/2019MI says:

    My plane never landed.

  8. 1/18/2019Justdhogan says:

    It is great: when it works.

  9. 1/18/2019Ray_M says:

    “You’re not worth it.” Love, Dad.

  10. 1/19/2019Sergio Mastrocola says:

    King has two balls, queen wished.
    Woke warrior-like, struggled, missed the subway.

  11. 1/19/2019Makena says:

    Sickening shrieks sang amidst guffawing gales.

  12. 1/22/2019Henry Bladon says:

    Finished the story. Sat back. Cried

  13. 1/24/2019TBornotTB says:

    Write a short story. Just did.

  14. 1/24/2019Jade Macedo says:

    “Let’s Play!”…Bloody Car.Dead Girl.

  15. 1/25/2019TBornotTB says:

    Big church. Big funeral. Tiny coffin.

  16. 1/25/2019Dan Hillman says:

    Failed. Chin up, head down, repeat

  17. 1/26/2019Volodymyr Knyr says:


  18. 1/27/2019Kyra Strick says:

    Don’t! They said speaking from experience.

  19. 1/29/2019Nicole says:

    Jurisdiction: solitary confinement for ten years

  20. 1/29/2019Shamari'yah Bradley says:

    Tears fill her eyes. He’s gone.

  21. 1/29/2019Wistfully says:

    Short girl, high shelf, broken leg.

  22. 1/29/2019Christian P. says:

    School shooting. Just send prayers. Again.

  23. 1/29/2019fabian lee says:

    A man, into a strong women

  24. 1/29/2019Kelly Liu says:

    Breathing carefully, they sneak and escape.

  25. 2/2/2019Muskan Jumani says:

    Ball drops. They kissed. Fireworks began.

  26. 2/4/2019Camille Sim says:

    Now he will never wake up.

  27. 2/5/2019Jane says:

    He hit me once. I stayed.

  28. 2/6/2019Maya Vivid says:

    Daddy is yours.
    Water my flowers.

  29. 2/13/2019Gordon says:

    Nelda, don’t leave Gordon here alone.

  30. 2/14/2019Mirm says:

    Samoa? I’m sorry, where is that?

  31. 2/20/2019Dirk says:

    I will eat your frikandelbroodje now.

  32. 2/20/2019Abraham lincoln says:

    Epic fortnite battle royal default dance.

  33. 2/20/2019Sammy Gz says:

    Aliens, are they weird like me

  34. 2/20/2019Abraham lincoln says:

    Chocked on a piece of walnut.

  35. 2/20/2019anonymousse says:

    @Abraham lincoln

    U are a man with religion

  36. 2/20/2019Abraham lincoln says:

    @anonymousse u 2 man, u2

  37. 2/20/2019shaggy says:

    @Abraham lincoln

    Zoinks! Jinkies! Wowzers! Scoobert! You man

  38. 2/20/2019Anonymous says:

    Love you, wish you were gay…

  39. 2/20/2019Sienna says:

    Metal pin. Electrical socket. Unwritten letter.

  40. 2/20/2019still salty says:

    Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so…

  41. 2/24/2019ELITESHARKNERFGUNNER says:

    The Romans didn’t find Algebra hard.

  42. 2/24/2019GackSharkX11 says:

    Now I am, once he was.

  43. 2/24/2019Fractalline says:

    No, don’t touch that red button.

  44. 2/24/2019SharkNerfGunner789 says:

    These sharks smell blood easily-

  45. 2/24/2019SharkNerfGunner789 says:

    Whether ’tis nobler to exist, or die.

  46. 2/24/2019Harold Doddson says:

    Pepper Lunch usually operates at 5:00pm.

  47. 2/25/2019Lisa Patrell says:

    Car ride. Fart. Glare at brother.

  48. 2/25/2019Lisa Patrell says:

    What are you looking at? Whew!

  49. 2/28/2019Drew Winkelmaier says:

    Fear of failure, fear of success.

  50. 2/28/2019Drew Winkelmaier says:

    Separating yourself from your subconscious trauma.

  51. 2/28/2019Drew Winkelmaier says:

    What to write with nobody listening.

  52. 3/12/2019Ruby light says:

    Crimson red flows staining the floors

  53. 3/15/2019Mickey says:

    You want a story? Read this.

  54. 3/15/2019Kenny says:

    Hornbach nama naja jippie jippie jeej

  55. 3/15/2019Mickey says:

    Cycling here without fear, almost where?

  56. 3/27/2019Alyssa says:

    You said you loved me. Liar.

  57. 3/29/2019Rajdeep Singh says:

    “A warrior boat, never left beach”

  58. 4/9/2019Anya says:

    I was born on national MENS DAY.


    Seriously? I am a girly girl!

  59. 4/10/2019Volodymyr Knyr says:

    Anno Domini one dash thirty three

  60. 4/24/2019Dudikoff says:

    Heil Hitler, whispered rabbi

  61. 4/26/2019Pam Johnson says:

    The dead have risen. It’s Spring.

  62. 4/26/2019Pam Johnson says:

    Town icecubeless. Lady died with recipe.

  63. 5/5/2019Mr. Pinstripe says:

    They knew, storms don’t last forever

  64. 5/7/2019Daniel Choi says:

    Browser history: How to tie noose

  65. 5/7/2019frank tibble says:

    your pussy smell like cottage cheese

  66. 5/8/2019Yoyo says:

    “Welcome to Heaven.” Heard the Apeirophobics.

  67. 5/16/2019Patrick says:

    Johnny Plays the Blues, Gets Girl.

  68. 5/22/2019Jody says:

    Shark chokes on used flotation device

  69. 5/23/2019Jericho says:

    “I love you,” the soldier lied.

  70. 5/23/2019Jericho says:

    Oh. Lot of blood, darling. Don’t–

  71. 5/26/2019H says:

    I feel so much, I’m numb.

  72. 6/2/2019Grotex says:

    “I’d try to draw Mandelbrot Set…”

  73. 6/3/2019moor says:

    I tried. She died. I’m sorry.

  74. 6/3/2019moor says:

    Since, his brother plays his guitar.

  75. 6/3/2019moor says:

    You are made in China, son.

  76. 6/5/2019Emma says:

    Daddy-daughter dance. No date.

  77. 6/5/2019Emma says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.

  78. 6/6/2019Lisa Miller says:

    “K,” she says, killing the conversation.

  79. 6/13/2019Michelle Espinoza says:

    Thanks mom, for being dad too

  80. 6/18/2019Abbey L. says:

    Remember! Call before you dig!

  81. 6/27/2019Jix says:

    I love your cruel red fountain…

  82. 6/27/2019Steven Thiele says:

    Terrible. Aim for the head now.

  83. 7/17/2019Ahey says:

    USA, Russia, China. Creative population control.

  84. 7/29/2019deadinsidefthairdye says:

    With love. Crying children. Tied rope.

  85. 8/6/2019Jaybee33 says:

    Word count?Computer says “Not Now”

  86. 8/20/2019Wally says:

    “…the glass slipper fit his foot…”

  87. 8/21/2019Martina says:

    Trough the looking glass into the afterlife …

  88. 8/21/2019Martina says:

    Avets collecting flowers left on their lonesome thumbs

  89. 8/21/2019Martina says:

    In the shadow of artificial moonbeam, alone you remain …

  90. 8/21/2019Martina says:

    What is dead dreams of life … What is alive dreams of death

  91. 8/21/2019Martina says:

    Within the heart of a Princess…Her hopes are hidden …

  92. 8/22/2019Martina says:

    Retoričko pitanje – pitaš a i dalje skitaš .

  93. 8/26/2019ash says:

    last person alive; his phone rings.

  94. 8/26/2019Estelle Alwitt says:

    If you don’t run I will.

  95. 8/26/2019skye says:

    For the second time, I’ve died.

  96. 8/26/2019Lucy says:

    Where did she go? Never mind.

  97. 8/26/2019ash says:

    what are you doing with that-

  98. 8/26/2019Chloe says:

    I’m shot. Blood. Love you mom.

  99. 8/26/2019Sydney says:

    Tiptoeing on a beehive. It broke.

  100. 8/26/2019Alex Toy says:

    stress. insomnia. sun repeat.

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