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  1. 12/24/2018Jazz Hart says:

    It’s time for me to go

  2. 12/24/2018Jazz Hart says:

    I’m sorry for all the pain

  3. 12/27/2018SJ says:

    Ten… graduate, breakup, growup…. only me

  4. 12/27/2018SJ says:

    One chance let’s try this again

  5. 12/28/2018John Kremer says:

    Just tried. Failed. Will try again.

  6. 12/28/2018Anonymous says:

    Beg for your mercy, little weakling.

  7. 12/28/2018Anonymous says:

    Beg for your mercy, little weakling.
    Bolog aaz, mal lir.

    – Elder Scrolls V

  8. 12/28/2018Ivory Keys says:

    Broken hearts were once loved too.

  9. 12/28/2018SJ says:

    Opinions, wrong. My experiences, “never happened”.

  10. 1/1/2019Howard Kerr says:

    The truth will out ….but when?

  11. 1/3/2019Howard Kerr says:

    Quit now…….or you’ll lose everything!

  12. 1/3/2019Tanja D Battle says:

    Without him, her soul finally soared.

  13. 1/4/2019.none says:

    Hello. Run! Fantastic! Allon-sy~ Geronimo. Shut up!

  14. 1/5/2019Howard Kerr says:

    Entrapment? But you didn’t say no!

  15. 1/7/2019Laila Braggs says:

    Slowly moving fastly growing Everlasting Lessons

  16. 1/7/2019Angel says:

    Love can be the greatest pain

  17. 1/7/2019Michael says:

    With God you can do anything.

  18. 1/7/2019Liz says:

    Sriracha is good on everything, wow.

  19. 1/7/2019Mackenzie richards says:

    Blind bliss, love lost, integral introspection

  20. 1/7/2019Marvus Mcwright says:

    Get up and continue to FINISH.

  21. 1/7/2019Isaiah Turner says:

    2018: I Been there ain’t going back

  22. 1/7/2019Diamond M says:

    Anybody want to buy a heart?

  23. 1/7/2019Justin McCullough says:

    Continuously fall in order to grow

  24. 1/7/2019Jaylin Haddon says:

    I always Gave But never recieved

  25. 1/7/2019Tabitha says:

    Play time is over…I’m an adult
    I love doing, what I love

  26. 1/7/2019Nerd_Queen says:

    Goodbye isn’t always the best thing

  27. 1/7/2019Kendahl says:

    Everyday is something new good & bad

  28. 1/7/2019Raymond Jackson says:

    You’re just doing what he’s doing.

  29. 1/7/2019shannon says:

    lovingly changing “about to” to “now.”

  30. 1/7/2019shannon says:

    praying for the future, living now.

  31. 1/7/2019Heaven Anthony says:

    Her favorite meal was charred lungs

  32. 1/7/2019Devon Wardwell says:

    Sorry kid, you can’t come along

  33. 1/7/2019Devon Wardwell says:

    The britches, too big for me.

  34. 1/7/2019Mia says:

    Wanted: New friend, old ones gone.

  35. 1/7/2019Van says:

    Guns ablaze, schools and concerts, unresolved.

  36. 1/7/2019Blue says:

    Black, White, Mexican, why not people?

  37. 1/8/2019Michelle McGrath says:

    He lied. I left. Time passed.

  38. 1/9/2019Josh says:

    Two former friends, one unsaid apology.

  39. 1/9/2019Courtney says:

    She loved him, he loved Katie.

  40. 1/9/2019Enzo says:

    Fortune is common. Peace is rare

  41. 1/10/2019Ellis says:

    There’s someone missing from the table.

  42. 1/10/2019Ellis says:

    You left. Sunlight stayed. It’s dark.

  43. 1/10/2019Victoria Bukofske says:

    Don’t talk dirt. Roll in it.

  44. 1/11/2019María Noel Legaspi says:

    Punishing Death eludes you, suicidal human.

  45. 1/11/2019owo says:

    Been diagnosed with ligma, I have.

  46. 1/11/2019uwu says:

    Mom left us at best buy :(

  47. 1/12/2019María Noel Legaspi says:

    Enlightened me, therefore became my prisoner.

  48. 1/14/2019Rabia Omid says:

    Born girl; live boy, die human.
    Groom of red color; kills humanity!
    Live in nice torture; Die happy!
    Vacancy! Call for a peace maker.
    Grow, love, leave; wound, but heal.
    #Rabia Omid

    Note: facebook, (Omid Mirzayee)

  49. 1/14/2019Spotlight Kid says:

    Six words are not enough to

  50. 1/14/2019Ivan Ristic says:

    I was caged. The beast wasn’t.

  51. 1/14/2019Jordan Etherington says:

    She woke up sober. And pregnant.

  52. 1/15/2019Regina says:

    Be happy, stay happy, be you

  53. 1/15/2019Jimena Díaz says:

    Excited by tomorrow, ready for today.

  54. 1/15/2019Elizabeth Castañon says:

    I wish I had spoken soner,

  55. 1/15/2019Arthur says:

    Live today, the tomorrow arrives alone

  56. 1/15/2019Danna says:

    Wish I could speak by myself

  57. 1/15/2019Anonymous says:

    you better let somebody love you.

  58. 1/15/2019Natalia says:

    I’m special – tolerate lactose and gluten.

  59. 1/16/2019Tricia says:

    FBI, Open up. It’s the CIA

  60. 1/18/2019justdhogan says:

    Attending a university, with little education.

  61. 1/19/2019Rebecca Boyle says:

    The box opened. It sparkled. “Yes”.

  62. 1/20/2019Steve Graham says:

    The Big Match lights my fire.

  63. 1/20/2019Christopher Earle says:

    With near-sighted strangers, contacts help.

  64. 1/20/2019Christopher Earle says:

    Chesapeake Swingers Club. Avoid the crabs.

  65. 1/20/2019Christopher Earle says:

    No hair to part. Feeling old.

  66. 1/20/2019Christopher Earle says:

    Help me find my contact. Crunch.

  67. 1/20/2019Christopher Earle says:

    Trumpers take high road. Hell freezes.

  68. 1/22/2019Jacob Ben-Arie says:

    Thinking the unimaginable, Implementing the impossible.

  69. 1/25/2019Destiny Waite says:

    Suddenly his silence spoke to me.

  70. 1/25/2019Mayana says:

    I loved her. A good meal.

  71. 1/28/2019Endering says:

    I’m bad at writing these things.

  72. 1/28/2019Jared Parker says:

    It hurts to think about it.

  73. 1/28/2019Buckshot0311 says:

    Suspect Fled. Police chased. Who’s Shot?

  74. 1/28/2019Tristan Inthavong-Patricio says:

    Their bodies never hit the floor.

  75. 1/28/2019Alec_aoki says:

    I put soy sauce on everything

  76. 1/28/2019Jasper Ghosheh says:

    My husband died, and everything’s worse.

  77. 1/28/2019Jasper Ghosheh says:

    Smiles for all; not for glasses.

  78. 1/28/2019Jasper Ghosheh says:

    These stories make no sense,

  79. 1/29/2019Ishaan Zaveri says:

    The last person alive; hears knock

  80. 1/29/2019Roshni Edwards says:

    Alone at a table for two

  81. 1/29/2019Evelyn Hsieh says:

    Phone call. Drive to hospital. Tears.

  82. 1/29/2019Jordell Rodrigues says:

    Working on ess… oh, goodbye wifi

  83. 1/29/2019Roshni Edwards says:

    “I’m happy” he mutters through tears.

  84. 1/29/2019Quinn Schulte says:

    Lonely tree stump: please sit here.

  85. 1/29/2019Vince Vasquez says:

    The little kid quietly said, “Papa?”

  86. 1/29/2019Laine Misaka says:

    Caution: look down before you step

  87. 1/29/2019Eryn Delapaz says:

    Beautiful date. Expensive meal. Lost wallet.

  88. 1/29/2019Tristan Inthavong-Patricio says:

    “Huntress” for Hire – Hunting Big “Game”

  89. 1/29/2019Fabian Lee says:

    a man to a strong women

  90. 1/29/2019Ava Z. says:

    Phone rang, I answered to silence.

  91. 1/29/2019Cameron Castro says:

    Packing my bags. Another home awaits

  92. 1/29/2019Alyzza Cipriaso says:

    High school graduate. Depressed, but accomplished.

  93. 1/29/2019Kelly Liu says:

    Breathing carefully, they sneak and escape.

  94. 1/29/2019Tim says:

    Learn to ask your own questions.

  95. 2/1/2019Amelia Brown says:

    Sorry ma’am, but there’s no heartbeat.

  96. 2/1/2019Amanda says:

    Once bestfriends. Got Boyfriend. Strangers again.

  97. 2/1/2019Anwar Gul says:

    Six words will make you witty.

  98. 2/1/2019Anwar Gul says:

    Silence taught me how to speak in noise.

  99. 2/1/2019Jean Ransom says:

    Won the lottery. Lost the ticket.

  100. 2/1/2019Jean Ransom says:

    Alligator surprised him. He never recovered.

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