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  1. 4/1/2019Shail Raghuvanshi says:

    Life sentence of love. Creator wills.

  2. 4/3/2019jonae says:

    You were my everything. Not anymore.

  3. 4/3/2019jonae says:

    You died. It hurt. Im healing.

  4. 4/6/2019Lucas says:

    She only meant those words drunk

  5. 4/6/2019Lucas says:

    Sleeping my days away, once again.

  6. 4/7/2019Hellysal says:

    Why is everything wrong with me?

  7. 4/8/2019Argiris Fytakis says:

    “You’re never safe in shower”

  8. 4/8/2019Cheryl Mulor says:

    In der Wald verlaufen! Eine Hexe!!

  9. 4/9/2019Anya says:

    Two came out, One came through

  10. 4/9/2019Karakike Catherine says:

    Balanced Nutrition stops the Voice of Anorexia Nervosa

  11. 4/9/2019Edley Grant says:

    « Daddy, what was my Mommy like? »

  12. 4/10/2019guus kloos says:

    Sorry sir, women and children first.

  13. 4/10/2019Anya says:

    Balence required. Not a problem. Whoops.

  14. 4/10/2019Simran says:

    Step parents act like real ones.

  15. 4/10/2019Simran says:

    I wish I could taste escape

  16. 4/12/2019John Vijay Abraham says:

    Came Without
    Saw Within
    Conquered Wherewith

  17. 4/12/2019Bob says:

    Look down gun barrel, see anything?

  18. 4/13/2019Jack Harris says:

    Durex Condoms. For sale. Never worn.

  19. 4/16/2019Rhyan says:

    Jealous of the simplicity it holds.

  20. 4/16/2019justadumbkid says:

    She only meant those words drunk.

    I wish i could taste escape.

    Red fishes in the perpetual sunset.

    Called to action, frozen in fear.

    Arbitrary limitation inspiring unique linguistic expression.

    Prisoner: “You look like your father.”

    “I am happy.” He lied again.

    Suicide bomber: “Why’s heaven so hot?”

    Try once, I’ll be there forever.

    Catch flights not feelings, Patience = Key.

    All you need is love, passport.

    Find the ones worth suffering for.

    “So I’m a miracle?” ”No, Adopted.”

  21. 4/17/2019Tanya says:

    “STAY IN YOUR LANE!” I swerve.

  22. 4/17/2019Catherine Wanjiru says:

    Be still. Silence told me everything.

  23. 4/18/2019Abi says:

    25 students, 1 gun, 2 left

  24. 4/18/2019Abi says:

    “You were going to be aborted”

  25. 4/19/2019M.Mac says:

    Lost his job, sold his guitar

  26. 4/25/2019Daniel Blackston says:

    We found most of the head.

  27. 4/28/2019Katlego Maake says:

    How easily lovers become strangers again.

  28. 4/29/2019Alexander says:

    Florida: just crack heads and rednecks

  29. 5/1/2019Malou says:

    Écorce corrèle avec force du morse

  30. 5/1/2019yeetus says:

    yeetus deletus defeatus despacitus leetus freetus

  31. 5/2/2019Eliza Mimski says:

    But please, darling, just tell me why!

  32. 5/5/2019Denny E. Marshall says:

    Ghost town saloon. Hear “Howdy Pilgrim.”

  33. 5/5/2019Denny E. Marshall says:

    Wish your parents didn’t name you Zombie.

  34. 5/5/2019Mr. Pinstripe says:

    “Storms don’t last forever” He said.

  35. 5/6/2019August Lin says:

    I thought I was using WI-FI.

  36. 5/8/2019Yoyo19 says:

    “Welcome to Heaven,” heard the Apeirophics.

  37. 5/11/2019Double shots says:

    She looked at the blood. Help.

  38. 5/15/2019Anya says:

    through the darkness, light is gone.

  39. 5/17/2019Benjamin Reinhard says:

    Saw crime, stopped trying, couldn’t apologize.

  40. 5/17/2019God says:

    She was goddess, i was arragont

  41. 5/17/2019God says:

    Just wanted you to see me

  42. 5/17/2019mrj says:

    Didn’t have enough courage, checked

  43. 5/18/2019hebgbs says:

    I chose not to remind you.

  44. 5/19/2019jrm says:

    I desire her, she desires death

  45. 5/19/2019jrm says:

    I never lied, she never believed

  46. 5/20/2019William Bray says:

    A high school dropout becomes, E=mc².

  47. 5/20/2019William Bray says:

    Mr President, your husband has arrived

  48. 5/22/2019tlw says:

    Bob shit, no paper negative emoji.

  49. 5/29/2019Novice says:

    used to write, time to return

  50. 5/30/2019Novice says:

    Detour from the high-road, jungle path.

  51. 6/1/2019Marcus Wang says:

    “Dad, I forgive you” he lied.

  52. 6/2/2019Grotex says:

    Here lies 88 children. From Lidice.

  53. 6/4/2019Philippe says:

    Found a gold ring. With finger.

  54. 6/4/2019Philippe says:

    Sell ​​parachute served once. Still folded.

  55. 6/4/2019Anya says:

    Destroy your weapons, your only enemies.

  56. 6/4/2019Anya says:

    That “balence” story – a different Anya.

  57. 6/5/2019Emma says:

    Empty bed. Empty heart. Lost custody.

  58. 6/8/2019Breanna says:

    Full house. A firework. No house.

  59. 6/8/2019Breanna says:

    Boys only. Now you’re a girl.

  60. 6/11/2019Carlos Martinez says:

    Left job, and life embrace him.

  61. 6/13/2019Michael R. says:

    confess love with flowers… over grave

  62. 6/17/2019Marcus says:

    AIDS. Don’t get it? You did.

  63. 6/21/2019Paul Kalburgi says:

    Heart still dancing. Ballet shoes retired.

  64. 6/23/2019Carmen says:

    Tripped over luck. Stumbled upon tragedy.

  65. 6/23/2019Carmen says:

    In with two. Out with one.

  66. 6/24/2019Abraham Noguera says:

    – Not passing away yet.
    – Bed required.

  67. 6/25/2019Noah Kenter says:

    Hugging passionately. Hotel staff – “two queens”?

  68. 6/25/2019Noah Kenter says:

    Always dead, never alive, at school.

  69. 6/28/2019Susan Coyle says:

    nomadic life constantly searching, nothing found

    she’s brutally honest, he walked away

    his silence cut like a knife

    that smile, she blushed, he knew

    she loved the idea, not him

  70. 6/28/2019Julia says:

    I wish I never let go

  71. 6/30/2019Blake Morrison says:

    Only child, sleeps in bunk bed

  72. 6/30/2019Who says:

    Double click to add text

  73. 7/2/2019kt says:

    Don’t cry, mommy. I’m here, see?

  74. 7/2/2019taiwantony says:

    You are right. I will left.

  75. 7/2/2019taiwantony says:

    You awareness are fake. by creator.

  76. 7/2/2019taiwantony,too says:

    Hey, don’t let the fire die……

  77. 7/2/2019taiwantony says:


  78. 7/2/2019taiwantony says:

    Mafia boss sell dumplings. Whole Pork.

  79. 7/2/2019taiwantony says:

    Lego. Ground. Carefully. Dark. Shed tears.

  80. 7/5/2019Leo Donald says:

    The results are in: Trump again…

  81. 7/9/2019Kers says:

    Not us, but me and you.

  82. 7/9/2019Tyler says:

    There he was. Helpless as always.

  83. 7/13/2019Mayana says:

    He was rich. Now, I am.

  84. 7/13/2019Mayana says:

    Cat hungry. Owner dead. Problem solved.

  85. 7/13/2019Mayana says:

    Gallant night. Slain dragon. Naked …

  86. 7/15/2019Petunia says:

    He kept lying. “We’re good, right?”

  87. 7/15/2019Petunia says:

    Not me, but we, for he.

  88. 7/15/2019Evony says:

    Not ME, but WE, for HE.

  89. 7/19/2019Anya says:

    Life is BIGGER the six words

  90. 7/20/2019Julie says:

    Born on pool table, cue love.

  91. 7/20/2019Julie says:

    Pushing the limits; flat line approaching.

  92. 7/20/2019Julie says:

    Red flags often appear as green.

  93. 7/21/2019Mai says:

    Books I like, booze my life.

  94. 7/22/2019Van Sells says:

    Was happy / Until the / Beatles broke-up

  95. 7/25/2019Dwayne Moore says:

    New bride; old man. Rich Widow!

  96. 7/25/2019D T Moore says:

    Your anime collection stinks…Yo’ mamma!

  97. 7/29/2019h0jberg says:

    He makes hats for no heads.

  98. 7/29/2019h0jberg says:

    He paints every world; without knowing.

  99. 7/29/2019William Landers says:

    Sweetie, I died yesterday, You’re dreaming.

  100. 7/30/2019Daniel R Mitchell says:

    She’s spending more time, with him

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