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  1. 7/30/2019Daniel R Mitchell says:

    The skull’s grin; far too wide.

  2. 7/30/2019Daniel R Mitchell says:

    Surprise sex comes with unsurprising results.

  3. 8/6/2019Alyssa says:

    Dog runs into street. Hit. Killed.

  4. 8/7/2019AnshuK says:

    Unfollow what does not follow you

  5. 8/8/2019Thomas Cayne says:

    Photoshop, what a waste of money!

  6. 8/12/2019Anjin says:

    I would rather be napping now.

  7. 8/13/2019Michael says:

    – He’s my friend.
    – So was I.

  8. 8/13/2019Michael says:

    “I’m buying cigarettes.” Dad’s last goodbye.

  9. 8/14/2019Bill D. Johnston says:

    Coupled minds. How I miss her.

  10. 8/15/2019Effluvium Deadwood says:

    Gun in hand, aimed at womb.

  11. 8/16/2019CONSPIRACYSINC says:

    She left hers in the car.

  12. 8/16/2019Alexis says:

    She screams just like he did

  13. 8/16/2019Andrea says:

    What embarrassing thing does he remember?

  14. 8/17/2019Robert Ransom says:

    Flying pigs. She said yes. Again.

  15. 8/17/2019Bill D. Johnston says:

    I woke up. She was gone.

  16. 8/17/2019Bill D. Johnston says:

    For sale. A house, divorce final.

  17. 8/19/2019John Cooper says:

    Lost: Pocket watch. Kept imperfect time.

  18. 8/20/2019Matthew says:

    The Jeremy Renner Store is here!

  19. 8/26/2019Anne Scintilla says:

    the painful settling for the unacceptable.

  20. 8/30/2019Jerry Cooley says:

    Have always loved you. Until now.

  21. 8/30/2019Jerry Cooley says:

    More lip prints on president’s ass.

  22. 8/30/2019Jerry Cooley says:

    President’s bluster triggers hell on earth.

  23. 8/30/2019Jerry Cooley says:

    Paralyzed legs. Testicular cancer. Darkness northbound.

  24. 9/2/2019BlackBird says:

    Upturned Chair. Apology Note. Hanging body

  25. 9/2/2019BlackBird says:

    Unlocked Door. Farewell Letter. Unslept Bed

  26. 9/2/2019BlackBird says:

    Anguished screams. Never heard. Rotting corpse

  27. 9/4/2019kelsma99 says:

    Your last words to me were…

  28. 9/5/2019RAJESH CHANDRA PANDEY says:

    Status post breakup – colon, bracket start

  29. 9/5/2019Anya says:

    Two came out: One came through

  30. 9/5/2019Mir-Yashar D Seyedbagheri says:

    Mama ran off with Santa. Befuddled.

  31. 9/7/2019Leo says:

    All rise!
    Please forgive me baby.

  32. 9/8/2019eavant says:

    She watched, she listened, she acted.

  33. 9/8/2019Heather Teague says:

    I knew it wasn’t the butler …

  34. 9/9/2019S Broussos says:

    With that, Hong Kong was China…

  35. 9/9/2019Medusa says:

    There’s no genie in that bottle…

  36. 9/11/2019Israel Bongolan says:

    Brothers war drafted, epitaphs already crafted.

  37. 9/12/2019Mohan Ramachandran says:

    Mediocre manager succeeds, making team successful.

  38. 9/12/2019Mohan Ramachandran says:

    Indian Auto Industry, grappling market uncertainty

  39. 9/12/2019Venom. says:

    Anxiety, Depression, Hope. Table for Three

  40. 9/13/2019mrchap04 says:

    Who’s Joe? Joe? Joe Momma, bitch

  41. 9/13/2019Mazz says:

    Two suns at Nagasaki, that’s weird.

  42. 9/14/2019VolcanoHeron says:

    They said it was in date

  43. 9/14/2019VolcanoHeron says:

    I didn’t kiss the frog, honestly

  44. 9/14/2019VolcanoHeron says:

    Hiding bodies: easier than saving people.

  45. 9/14/2019VolcanoHeron says:

    Being forgetful sucks, but being forgetful…

  46. 9/14/2019VolcanoHeron says:

    Didn’t you lock the back door?

  47. 9/14/2019Alan says:

    Hong Kong police arrived, crimes happen.

  48. 9/16/2019jessicaboll says:

    she fell in love with him at first sight, too bad he was married

  49. 9/16/2019jessicaboll says:

    day and night she searched for love, only to find it buried in the backyard

  50. 9/16/2019jessicaboll says:

    finally she got to spend six months with her mom, in hospital

  51. 9/16/2019Random thoughts says:

    Fake smiles, let’s lie to myself

  52. 9/18/2019Henry says:

    Make sure to submit, when finished

  53. 9/24/2019First Nation Studies says:

    Educational fairytales of eternal economic prosperity.

  54. 9/25/2019ajai james says:

    Right place, wrong time, I’m late

  55. 9/25/2019Sean Daniel says:

    Broken dreams to have me

  56. 9/26/2019Chris Hallberg says:

    The statue’s arm is growing back.

  57. 9/28/2019Alexa Samuels says:

    I hear singing. Someone is awake!

  58. 9/28/2019Sarah Hinton says:

    Snoring is beautiful. Ask any widow.

  59. 9/28/2019Sarah Hinton says:

    Love, from first to last sight

  60. 9/29/2019SEgan says:

    Devoted mother rejected by her children.

    “Girlfriend left me.” “You mean escaped?”

  61. 10/1/2019Betsy says:

    I came early. She never showed.

  62. 10/1/2019Mitchlyn Roberts says:

    My student loan payment was declined

  63. 10/2/2019Kayn says:

    Sadly he wasn’t the only one.

  64. 10/3/2019Michal says:

    Words spoken true, message recieved, “seen”

  65. 10/8/2019Wem says:

    considered suicide to feel alive. Died.

  66. 10/9/2019HolyWater says:

    I peed in the street.

  67. 10/10/2019Anya says:

    Screaming loud but none can gear

  68. 10/10/2019Anya says:

    I am not alone but lonely

  69. 10/10/2019Anya says:

    He could care less, I care
    I wish he knew how much

  70. 10/10/2019Anya and Harvest says:

    I shouldn’t care, but I do.

  71. 10/10/2019Anya and Harvest says:

    No one knows, the real me.

  72. 10/10/2019Anya and Harvest says:

    Life goes on, deal with it.

  73. 10/10/2019Anya and Harvest says:

    Life keeps going, deal with it

  74. 10/10/2019Anya and Harvest says:

    Life sucks, your going to love it.

  75. 10/12/2019Eileen Mardres says:

    Baby turned forty. Put crib away.

  76. 10/14/2019Anya says:

    The prettiest eyes cry the most

  77. 10/14/2019no brain cell man says:

    thats weird bin aladen killed me

  78. 10/15/2019hudsonfu says:

    im pretty sure the bomb wont

  79. 10/17/2019karriewilly says:

    Devout.Religous.Died,Met God.Her?

  80. 10/18/2019bruce lee says:

    being happy… Nahh let’s be real!

  81. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    A post it for each memory

  82. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    Forgot to mention, I broke it

  83. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    One more lie, broke my trust

  84. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    It will make me happy first

  85. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    * What am I? A disappointment, why?

  86. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    For each frustration a repeated motion

  87. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    A small ball in the closet

  88. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    A pale light to calm myself

  89. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    Anther siren leaves the station again

  90. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    The tears of a missing piece

  91. 10/20/2019Kat Marsh says:

    Will it be another dark night?

  92. 10/21/2019Shannon Smith says:

    How can i teach the unknown

  93. 10/21/2019Shannon Smith says:

    I can’t be everything for her

  94. 10/21/2019Shannon Smith says:

    Please Input the value you want

  95. 10/22/2019Shannon Smith says:

    Love comes softly. Leaves me alone.

  96. 10/22/2019Shannon Smith says:

    She was never given a name.

  97. 10/22/2019Shannon Smith says:

    Existing only among us, shameful choices

  98. 10/24/2019Anya says:

    Feelings that fade were never real

  99. 10/24/2019Andraya Saunders says:

    Love. Hate. Death. All shed blood.

  100. 10/24/2019Onur Alec says:

    “Do not enter” was written in red on the half-opened door. Although, she was blind.

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