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  1. 2/7/2020Ben says:

    No ink. Stepped out. Got hoodwinked.
    Glass ceiling. Overcame. Heart of glass.
    Scrawly scribbler. Pharmaceutical serendipity. Cancer cure.

  2. 2/8/2020Martin Hawes says:

    Gold, slaves, ivory, thirty fathoms deep.

  3. 2/8/2020Martin Hawes says:

    My headstone is bigger than yours.

  4. 2/8/2020Whitney says:

    Everything is never anything, or enough.

  5. 2/8/2020Whitney says:

    Wish regrets were felt before had.

  6. 2/8/2020Whitney says:

    Work first. School first. Politics first.

  7. 2/9/2020joane poop says:

    Aight, who pooped in my pants?

  8. 2/9/2020Martin Hawes says:

    Apologies: there was a typo in a story I posted earlier, which should have read:

    Her footprints ended at the lake.

  9. 2/9/2020Martin Hawes says:

    Train departing. Love at first sight.

  10. 2/10/2020Tye Die says:

    A dead titan languishes in rust.
    Endless conflict. Endless division. Endless excuses.
    Survived a war. Published a book.

  11. 2/10/2020Cheyenne M. says:

    But saving you is killing me

  12. 2/10/2020Eric Wiening says:

    Happily married. One mistake. Call lawyer.

  13. 2/10/2020Timothy Jacob Campbell says:

    The murderer removed the ‘Missing’ flyers.

    Welcome to postmortem eternity; population: one.

    The cook was excellent, particularly grilled.

  14. 2/10/2020Gunnar Anderson says:

    Till death we said. She is.

  15. 2/10/2020C. R. Harms says:

    Empty glasses held with dead hands.

  16. 2/11/2020achingheart says:

    Why must love punish the broken?

  17. 2/12/2020pleasejustleave says:

    Full head. Full heart. Blank sheet.

  18. 2/13/2020Lisandro Meraz says:

    Atlas held a flaming world alone.

    Open door. Sunny Yard. Murdered rich.

    The portrait of the screaming lady.

  19. 2/18/2020Neil Pigram says:

    powerful words, striking blow, celebrity crossbow

  20. 2/18/2020Neil Pigram says:

    Girl alone, shaking uncommitted, virginity blown

  21. 2/18/2020Neil Pigram says:

    bowling ball, ten pins, all out

  22. 2/18/2020Neil Pigram says:

    bright lights, blinding flash, hospital bed

  23. 2/18/2020bird_nerd says:

    Five feet tall. Done growing. Disappointment.

  24. 2/19/2020Anya says:

    Brown eyes, brown hair, blue heart.

  25. 2/19/2020Dave says:

    Bear eats deer, Forest stays calm

  26. 2/19/2020Dave says:

    Bear kills deer, Forest stays calm

  27. 2/19/2020Unknown says:

    “Hey siri, when does happiness come?”

  28. 2/20/2020Hannah Belmont says:

    Sorry, little me.
    I failed you.

  29. 2/20/2020Hannah Belmont says:

    Feel the clothes,
    Not the employees.

  30. 2/20/2020Hannah Belmont says:

    Valentines chocolate.
    Lactose intolerance.
    Expected ending.

  31. 2/20/2020Charles Crawford says:

    We got beef. But I’m vegan.

  32. 2/20/2020Charles Crawford says:

    She tested me. I dropped out.

  33. 2/20/2020Charles Crawford says:

    Married a comedian. Jokes on me.

  34. 2/20/2020Charles Crawford says:

    Employed yesterday. Entrepreneur today. Dead tomorrow.

  35. 2/20/2020Charles Crawford says:

    Strange how many dreams meet caskets.

  36. 2/20/2020Charles Crawford says:

    hit by stray bullet. Childhood.

  37. 2/21/2020Michael says:

    For sale: clown shoes. Neener neener

  38. 2/21/2020Michael says:

    Outcome variable when x kisses y

  39. 2/24/2020aronstaysanon says:

    she smiled at the camera. I smiled back. she noticed

  40. 2/27/2020Sheri says:

    Phone rings. Cord uncurls. She hangs.

  41. 2/28/2020Quentin Luk says:

    What if there aren’t what if

  42. 2/28/2020Quentin Luk says:

    Riskiest Investment costing you emotions – Love

  43. 2/28/2020Quentin Luk says:

    You are good, I am sorry.

  44. 2/28/2020Quentin Luk says:

    Life sucks, son bornt, vicious cycle

  45. 2/28/2020Quentin Luk says:

    That’s fine, nice to meet you!

  46. 2/28/2020Quentin Luk says:

    “Yes I do”, from another world.

  47. 2/28/2020Mathilda says:

    Clothing hanger, inserted shakily, funeral tomorrow.

  48. 2/28/2020Mathilda says:

    Shots fired, bullets fly, children die.

  49. 2/29/2020Quentin Luk says:

    Knowing why to love isn’t love

  50. 2/29/2020Quentin Luk says:

    Hold my hand, time wouldn’t fly

  51. 3/1/2020Blue says:

    She married him. She loved another.

    I’m here, waiting patiently, in faith.

    Gun to head = not much choice.

    The owl overhead calls to nobody.

    The lights. The music. The dance.

  52. 3/2/2020Barbara Bennett says:

    “Imagine, you are the white rabbit.”

  53. 3/2/2020Barbara Bennett says:

    “Imagine, you are the white rabbit.”

  54. 3/2/2020YoUrMoM says:

    It Begins, It Ends, Thus Life

  55. 3/3/2020Quentin Luk says:

    We’re repeating cycles, histories become prophecies

  56. 3/5/2020justdhogan says:

    Starting is by force not ending

  57. 3/5/2020justdhogan says:

    Why is communication not a science?

  58. 3/5/2020Miss Uni says:

    Young eyes see the most truth.

  59. 3/10/2020w1th3r says:

    Book about Russian Roulette. One shot.

  60. 3/10/2020meowsies says:

    Mouth’s open, food’s inside. They’re dead.

  61. 3/11/2020Nobody says:

    June bug, April showers, Bailey cries
    Life can’t be told in six words

  62. 3/19/2020Elaine Cohen says:

    New “Gesundheit.”: “Cover your damn mouth.”

  63. 3/21/2020Paige says:

    Hands too cold for jerking off :(

  64. 3/22/2020Andrew H. says:

    Hurt, Yet tears refused to flow..

  65. 3/24/2020Anne says:

    One old condom. Ruined her life.

  66. 3/24/2020Anne says:

    His broken condom ruined her life.

  67. 4/17/2020Larkspur says:

    Sirens sound and fear caged joy.

    The dawn revealed only empty streets.

    He laughed freely, plucking guitar strings.

    I chose to love not die.

  68. 4/20/2020Avery says:

    The blue sky,in my memory.

  69. 4/22/2020Will B says:

    Local man arrested for exposing information.

  70. 4/22/2020Will B says:

    Who is this? Who are you?

  71. 4/22/2020Will Broderick says:

    The ring? You can pawn it.

  72. 4/23/2020Will B says:

    You appeared in one search today.

  73. 4/24/2020Andrea Levinsky says:

    Love community connection find in self

  74. 4/24/2020Alexis says:

    Left. Returned. Found community, God anew.

  75. 4/24/2020David says:

    Hebrew home school dropout. Returned. Tried again.

  76. 4/24/2020Rachel says:

    Student, bat mitzvah, camp counselor, teacher

  77. 4/25/2020Puuuuuuurple Power! says:

    Forced to leave, new home found.

  78. 4/25/2020GroovyGirl says:

    She waved awkwardly, then turned away.

  79. 4/25/2020GroovyGirl says:

    His touch still brings on butterflies.

  80. 4/25/2020GroovyGirl says:

    My face has become my mother’s.

  81. 4/26/2020Joel M Jacob says:

    Haunting Reporters’ Everyday: The Buried Stories

  82. 4/26/2020Hannah says:

    bountiful harvest of zucchinis and friends

  83. 4/26/2020Noya says:

    Israel, America, Music, Dance, Food, Love

  84. 4/27/2020Nico A. says:

    Blood was shed, tears will flow.

  85. 4/27/2020Kevin Shea says:

    Humans survive the following apocalypse.

  86. 4/27/2020Kevin Shea says:

    culture lags technology tweets Jesus

  87. 4/27/2020Kevin Shea says:

    AI invents Time Travel, says Nobody

  88. 4/27/2020Kevin Shea says:

    Twins separated meet their demise together

  89. 4/27/2020Kevin Shea says:

    Time traveler sets the story again

  90. 4/27/2020A Gol says:

    A long walk to constant reinvention

  91. 4/28/2020Nico bellic says:

    The store isn’t open, it’s closed. ya dingus

  92. 4/28/2020Nathan.N says:

    Don’t lie, your thoughts say otherwise

  93. 4/29/2020Natalie Assa says:

    first steps, responsibilities, leadership, commitment, gratitude

  94. 4/29/2020Kevin Shea says:

    Time Traveler’s daughter begets her unbirth

  95. 4/29/2020Lauren says:

    Oh,But you don’t look Jewish?

  96. 4/29/2020Kevin Shea says:

    future generations enjoy time traveler’s narrative

  97. 4/29/2020Rachel says:

    constant knowledge shifts perspective, persisting gratitude

  98. 4/30/2020Masha MMM says:

    I made a hummus out of your antisemitism

  99. 4/30/2020Lexi says:

    Enlightened in college, continuing to strengthen

  100. 5/4/2020Lauren C. says:

    Making Jewish connections whenever I can

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