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  1. 11/19/2020VoltageGames says:

    Subscribe to voltage games or ded

  2. 11/19/2020Kate Tillotson says:

    The other driver simply sent flowers.

  3. 11/21/2020KrazySeal says:

    I shrieked in fear. Goodbye world.

  4. 11/21/2020Sarlith says:

    “Who’s there??” “Your unborn son.” BANG!

  5. 11/22/2020Valsroad says:

    Scatter his ashes across my heart.

  6. 11/26/2020Samuel Lin says:

    Everyone beside me are just names.

  7. 11/26/2020Matías Castro says:

    They could beat Covid, without medicine.

  8. 11/26/2020no says:

    Trump was killed by Joe Biden.

  9. 12/2/2020RentAJesus says:

    Holding your hand, not letting go.

  10. 12/5/2020Al says:

    So lost had to google myself

  11. 12/6/2020John Harris says:

    Santa letter returned today. Insufficient postage.

  12. 12/9/2020Salena Casha says:

    They never called her “Legs” again.

  13. 12/14/2020Anya says:

    i’m doing so much better now

  14. 12/17/2020WhereJourneyEnds says:

    Losing altitude. Heading North. Squawk 7500.

  15. 12/17/2020WhereJourneyEnds says:

    “There’s no respawn in real life?”

  16. 12/19/2020AJ Hart says:

    They said they were my friends.

  17. 1/1/2021Phil C says:

    There’s a hole in my space-suit.

  18. 1/3/2021Carolyn R. Russell says:

    Whatever I ate, it wasn’t chicken.

  19. 1/13/2021KennX - CW4Massive says:

    Can’t stop time! Or could I?

  20. 1/14/2021frederick wooodbb says:

    back at school, can’t backspace handwriting?

  21. 1/17/2021KYA says:

    Remember things often taken for granted.

  22. 1/18/2021Penny Cordes says:

    Strode purposefully into the room. Why?

  23. 1/20/2021Charlotte D. says:

    Be our fest! I mean… guest…

  24. 1/20/2021Brian Kessler says:

    this AND that. More than ever.

  25. 1/20/2021Duane L Herrmann says:

    Turn gas on, head in oven.

  26. 1/22/2021Duane L Herrmann says:

    Loser slinks away, refuses to play.

  27. 1/25/2021Gloria says:

    Mentre non ci sei io muoio.

  28. 1/30/2021Stephanie Kay says:

    Warning. System failure. Rebooting country now.

  29. 1/30/2021Jocelynn Humphreys says:

    Red shoes, little girls, left alone.

  30. 1/30/2021Jocelynn humphreys says:

    Bubbles, from messages, that never sent.

  31. 1/30/2021Jocelynn humphreys says:

    Gunshots, screams, darkness, at the playground.

  32. 2/1/2021Darriyn Hackbarth says:

    I can’t breath as I hang.

  33. 2/1/2021Darriyn Hackbarth says:

    Parachute didn’t open. Earth’s not soft.

  34. 2/4/2021Anna says:

    I’m not ready for past tense.

  35. 2/6/2021Meg says:

    We frolic over our ancestors’ dust.

  36. 2/6/2021Adrika Mondal says:

    Her soul yearns melody, lost forever.

  37. 2/7/2021Aidan Caldwell says:

    A Woman Scorned, A Loaded Gun

  38. 2/8/2021Matthew Reyes says:

    A Series of Six Word Stories

    “The Hopeless End”

    Moving closer, towards the final day.

    “Life’s Paradox”

    Alive for meaning, meaning for what?

    “The Happy Truth”

    As we grow, wisdom we learn.

  39. 2/8/2021Gage Thomas says:

    Weeping Jacara Memories

    Jacara blossoms wept, old memories awoke.

  40. 2/10/2021Long says:

    Owner won’t wake. Bowl’s still empty.

  41. 2/10/2021Moe Lester says:

    “What’s in the box?” “My grandpa.”

  42. 2/10/2021P. Dofile says:

    The baby never saw it coming.

  43. 2/10/2021Andrew says:

    six word storiessix word stories

  44. 2/11/2021Ryan says:

    Bad guy, Bank Robbery, In jail

  45. 2/15/2021Jesse says:

    Nobody is perfect.
    I am nobody.

  46. 2/17/2021Coy says:

    My brother is an only child.

  47. 2/18/2021Slava says:

    Sauna! Changing room across the street…

  48. 2/22/2021Lisa Stump says:

    Seed floating in search of soil.

  49. 2/22/2021Lisa Stump says:

    Off-kilter. Unbalanced. And dreaming of equilibrium.

  50. 2/25/2021Juan says:

    Born too early. Lived too long.

  51. 2/25/2021Matt says:

    Saw too much. Saif too much.

  52. 2/25/2021Matt says:

    Travelled to the future. Saw nothing.

  53. 2/26/2021Aaraphon says:

    Feared than loved; better to be.

  54. 2/26/2021Aaraphon says:

    New species of cat: workus interruptus.

  55. 3/8/2021Maida Midzic says:

    Right one, but the wrong time.

  56. 3/9/2021Duraben says:

    This mask still blocks my mouthpiece.

  57. 3/12/2021Kenyanito Biko says:

    Lockdown: searched the internet for freedom.

  58. 3/22/2021June Bee says:

    Grown to be more than me.

  59. 3/24/2021Ann says:

    She ate. Knowing it was waste.

  60. 3/31/2021Avery Mathers says:

    Tomorrow, our life together must end.

  61. 4/1/2021Cameron Burnett says:

    The money comes, the money goes

  62. 4/6/2021keegan murphy says:

    DJ Almada, Ankles taken, Game over

  63. 4/8/2021Spyros Kiosses says:

    For sale: elderly shoes, well worn.

  64. 4/8/2021Tom Wilkinson says:

    The cancer has spread. Adios sucker.

  65. 4/8/2021Tom Wilkinson says:

    Curtain opens. Act Three. Bang bang.

  66. 4/8/2021Tom Wilkinson says:

    He said yes. Where’s that gun?

  67. 4/24/2021mim mim says:

    This may be the last report.

  68. 4/30/2021Tfiswrongdulce says:

    He was mine,changed to hers

  69. 4/30/2021Tfiswrongdulce says:

    New school,new friends,new me

  70. 4/30/2021Tfiswrongdulce says:

    Likes love but doesn’t like pain

  71. 4/30/2021Tfiswrongdulce says:

    I want you,but you’re hers

  72. 4/30/2021Tfiswrongdulce says:

    “I love you” read at 11:11

  73. 4/30/2021Tfiswrongdulce says:

    she was just a friend right?

  74. 4/30/2021Tfiswrongdulce says:

    “fuck you”but i love you

  75. 5/3/2021Kasper says:

    Last night together, Now forever alone

  76. 5/3/2021Kasper says:

    walking alone. footsteps. Never seen again

  77. 5/3/2021Kasper says:

    Playing alone, used to be two

  78. 5/3/2021Kasper says:

    homeless one year ago. Now rich

  79. 5/3/2021zty says:


  80. 5/3/2021Lewis Buzbee says:

    No, no, no. It’s pronounced poseur.

  81. 5/5/2021Albert says:

    First school picture, on milk carton.

  82. 5/5/2021Albert says:

    She had changed. He had not.

  83. 5/6/2021Kate B says:

    New friend ghosted. Hope they’re well.

  84. 5/11/2021Nathan W says:

    And so the worlds still turning.

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