Computer, did we bring batteries? Computer?

—Eileen Gunn

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  1. 1/13/2009Shad Lyman says:

    Nice work. Begining and ending with “computer” I find interesting.

  2. 1/16/2009nonlinear says:

    Not cellar door; spoon of honey.

  3. 1/17/2009you said it sister says:

    HAL…what are you doing… HAL?

  4. 1/26/2009Clyde Simmons says:

    And remember… those plants need agua.

  5. 3/1/2009Ron Ray says:

    Towers were hit… The world collapsed!

  6. 3/10/2009Andrew Parker-Scott says:

    God is dead. It’s man’s turn.

  7. 4/13/2009Allison says:

    Music starts. Musician shot. Music stops.

  8. 7/18/2009Matthew L. says:

    It was going to be okay

  9. 9/16/2009limer bean says:

    alphabet soup

  10. 8/30/2018Anthony Mina says:

    morning, hello, hi, okay, fine, bye

  11. 8/30/2018Chris says:

    He ran into dought and confussion

  12. 8/24/2020Adam says:

    Wait, What?? Oh, it actually worked

  13. 9/9/2022Zoe Laray says:

    Louis Vuitton bag, bank account empty

  14. 4/29/2023dezmonth says:

    watched a video, life ruined

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