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  1. 5/3/2022Alan T. Fitch says:

    He started running, and carried on.

  2. 5/6/2022Joseph says:

    Lack of Adaptability is less survivability.

  3. 5/13/2022Daniel Thompson says:

    A little boy once lived here

  4. 5/14/2022Paula Anna Tewell says:

    Dad’s footsteps; I hide in cupboards.

  5. 5/17/2022Co-op Class says:

    Two weeks in a new place.

  6. 5/17/2022Co-op Class says:

    The clock ticks; the candle burns.

  7. 5/17/2022Co-op Class says:

    Our teacher talks. We fall asleep.

  8. 5/26/2022Joseph chen says:

    English test? Bonus questions! TacTical RetReat……

  9. 5/27/2022Thomas Su says:

    A banana without a banana peel.

  10. 5/27/2022Jamie Chen says:

    One step forward, no way back.

  11. 5/27/2022Claire Liu says:

    Now ,make effort for the future!

  12. 5/27/2022Bennis Huang says:

    I’m fine thank you , and you.

  13. 5/27/2022趙藝婷 says:

    Thanks , but you are not suitable

  14. 5/27/2022Dora yang says:

    “Are you serious”my friend said.

  15. 5/27/2022Dora yang says:

    “ are you serious?” my friend said.

  16. 5/27/2022劉柏廷 says:

    Handmade Valentine’s chocolate
    melting in hand

  17. 5/27/2022Zihcin Huang says:

    The sky is crying, so am I

  18. 5/27/2022Karen says:

    Trust, like a piece of glass.

  19. 5/27/2022Carol says:

    Covid gone , but youth gone forever

  20. 5/27/2022Angel says:

    Polar bear: Can’t find any food.

  21. 5/27/2022claire says:

    seven boys, nothing will be impossible

  22. 5/28/2022zhiyu ying says:

    Change,maybe is not that easy.

  23. 5/28/2022Angela says:

    The song remind me of you .

  24. 5/28/2022王思樺 says:

    effort is the root of everything
    When everyone only had to take care of their studies, I had to take into account the surgery department. It was harder than the average person, and I experienced unprecedented fatigue..

  25. 5/29/2022Hannah says:

    A car left,a life stayed.

  26. 5/29/2022Anna says:

    Nothing is forever,but loss is.

  27. 5/29/2022A handsome boy ( : says:

    KFC is delicious but not healthy

  28. 5/29/2022oliviawei says:

    stand firm,i’ll be on top.

  29. 5/29/2022Tina Chiang says:

    two boys,will be together forever.

  30. 5/29/2022Ring says:

    Humans,pretty face but real boxing.

  31. 5/29/2022Raphael( ;∀;) says:

    Garden, he walks, my spine shakes.

  32. 5/29/2022Winnie says:

    Full count, pitcher throws the ball.

  33. 5/29/2022yuchen says:

    A hot-bloody movie:The Flowery Age

  34. 5/29/2022Alvin says:

    Cardi ,turning out to a rapper.

  35. 5/29/2022Lisa says:

    We only get married one day

  36. 5/29/2022Jerry says:

    The fifteenth birthday,I laughed and cried.

  37. 5/29/2022劉僾伶 says:

    Love NIJISANJI but don’t know JP.

  38. 5/29/2022Tony says:

    Submited to a website with nobody

  39. 5/29/2022Tony says:

    Loading a website with nothing there

  40. 5/30/2022Jocelyn says:

    The gray dog that I miss

  41. 6/2/2022Jake's Take says:

    Warbling lips caress the flogging fractures.

  42. 6/9/2022Jake's Take says:

    Inhaling the clouds, she flexes aloud.

  43. 6/15/2022Norman Julian Blair says:

    Atheists prayed as the plane plummeted.

  44. 6/15/2022Norman Julian Blair says:

    “Too late, Mr President: missiles launched.”

  45. 6/16/2022Adam Frankenberg says:

    We stayed together for our cat.

  46. 6/16/2022Adam Frankenberg says:

    “Yes”. Was not the right answer.

  47. 6/20/2022Isabella says:

    what happened to our promised forever.

  48. 6/20/2022QuakerMaid says:

    Birthmother frequently says: Best decision ever.

  49. 6/21/2022Spghtt says:

    “Mom! I’m hoooome… Dad?! Where’s mom?!”

  50. 6/24/2022Jake's Take says:

    Take your crown, feast in flowers.

  51. 6/25/2022Allison Hess says:

    Patient complaint: bruises on neck, upper thighs.

  52. 6/25/2022Allison Hess says:

    Patient complaint: bruises on neck, thighs.

  53. 6/27/2022Jake's Take says:

    Our bingo hall smells: fermented popcorn.

  54. 6/28/2022Jahan says:

    I can speak, but I SCREAM.

  55. 6/28/2022Jahan says:

    Who’s on screen isn’t me, periodt!

  56. 6/28/2022June says:

    Misrepresentation is present, so stop it

  57. 7/3/2022Changkun Shen says:

    Stab; Monster died; Father died.

  58. 7/3/2022Changkun Shen says:

    Stab; Monster died; His father died.

  59. 7/19/2022HSA says:

    rooftop views; perfect for last memories.

  60. 7/21/2022Rina says:

    Bullets hurried to kiss the heart.

  61. 7/21/2022Rina says:

    Some scars are visible. Most aren’t.

  62. 7/26/2022Anonymous says:

    Change isn’t constant, but it’s unending.

  63. 7/31/2022Lexi Seymour says:

    I miss you but not enough..

  64. 8/1/2022ruby says:

    you’ll forever be my favorite almost

  65. 8/4/2022lovely says:

    she cries when sees my picture.

  66. 8/5/2022Rick Shane says:

    Once again now enjoying a comeback

  67. 8/5/2022Rick Shane says:

    Wear did I put my close?

  68. 8/6/2022Rick Shane says:

    !recorded been not has life My

  69. 8/8/2022Lady Gaga says:

    He called, I cried, we broke.

  70. 8/9/2022iamokay says:

    “NO!” maybe he didn’t hear me.

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