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  1. 6/6/2021Albert says:

    Why’d You Steal It?! So Annoying!

  2. 6/6/2021Albert says:

    Answer The Question! What’s Your Problem?

  3. 6/8/2021Meow says:

    She preferred your father over you.

  4. 6/8/2021Grindelwald says:

    The taste of virtual apple was sour

  5. 6/13/2021Fred Frey says:

    Phone rings. She cries. They leave.

  6. 6/15/2021Tom Evans says:

    Today I started writing once again

  7. 6/15/2021Fun Boi Meeper says:

    Do your best on the test.

  8. 6/30/2021Neesha Shetty says:

    Writers blog obliterated her prolonged Dysthymia

  9. 7/6/2021Onyekachi Ekeogu says:

    Ancestors whispered, “get us free now.”

  10. 7/6/2021Onyekachi Ekeogu says:

    Toward freedom, Moses followed stars North.

  11. 7/6/2021Onyekachi Ekeogu says:

    Day anew. Children northbound. People liberated.

  12. 7/11/2021Peacescrab says:

    He coughed; I grunted; he apologized.

  13. 7/16/2021vix says:

    On cloud nine, then feeling nothing

  14. 7/16/2021vix says:


  15. 7/16/2021vix says:

    Bat flew onto face, remember nothing

  16. 7/16/2021vix says:

    Light light, lights light light case

  17. 7/16/2021vix says:

    Fragrant smoke, phone-droppingly good, she realised

  18. 7/16/2021vix says:

    Realised earth’s flat, but cliffs aren’t

  19. 7/18/2021Carolyn R. Russell says:

    We forgive you. Please, come home.

  20. 7/28/2021NanAnn says:

    Good play. Gunshot Heard. Poor Abe.

    Married Jim. Met Mike. Goodbye Jim.

  21. 7/28/2021NanAnn says:

    Fish uses social Media. Likes Fishbook.

  22. 7/28/2021NanAnn says:

    Fish likes social media. Uses Fishbook.

  23. 8/2/2021Karl says:

    Old habits died before I did.

  24. 8/3/2021kynch says:

    She said no. He wasn’t listening.

  25. 8/9/2021trollge65 says:

    I had socks on, it’s ok!

  26. 8/9/2021Jess Costello says:

    Called to say goodbye. No answer.

  27. 8/10/2021ella says:

    awake but no movement.

  28. 8/10/2021lacey says:

    trust me, i’ll catch you.

  29. 8/10/2021ella says:

    it’s okay just don’t look down

  30. 8/10/2021ella says:

    i’m sorry but you’ll be fine.

  31. 8/20/2021Abhishek says:

    “Make things happen.” Said the Astrologer.

  32. 8/22/2021Dr Phthalo says:

    One step for me, nothing for mankind.

  33. 8/23/2021mis says:

    Father’s last year. His son’s first.

  34. 8/23/2021mis says:

    Cancer arrived. Stays till the end.

  35. 8/23/2021mis says:

    Tried hard. Now roll the dice.

  36. 8/23/2021mis says:

    In cot crying. Around grave too.

  37. 8/26/2021Kyle Boyek says:

    I cried, gripping the blood-stained lottery ticket.

  38. 8/26/2021Rohan BR says:

    Worm in peach. Half-worm peach edition!

  39. 8/26/2021Chris N. says:

    Pee pee pee poo poo poo

  40. 9/2/2021Jorganarsen says:

    She choked, she woke, I ran

  41. 9/3/2021Chris L says:

    Hey, Who’s drilling our rocks!

  42. 9/16/2021Dan says:

    Cell phone ringing in body bag

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