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  1. 5/6/2023first name: name. last name: required. says:

    Your favorite girl never became a woman.

  2. 5/9/20236words says:

    never asked for lunch because mom was cooking all night.

  3. 5/10/2023azzau says:

    The lizard wished to have wings

  4. 5/10/2023Schnucki says:

    The little boy became a hero

  5. 5/14/2023Katie Farrington says:

    First love, broke me. Forever alone.

  6. 5/15/2023Christian Soares De Oliveira says:

    The carbon-monoxide detector was always faulty…

  7. 5/17/2023Lisa M. says:

    Petals flutter. Bouquet toss gone wrong.

  8. 5/18/2023Elnathen Robel says:

    Not a worrier, but a warrior.

  9. 5/18/2023Anna Sullivan says:

    Spoiler Alert: ‘Wedded Bliss’ doesn’t exist.

  10. 5/19/2023Dakota Jackson says:

    All I remember is not forgetting

  11. 5/19/2023Dakota Jackson says:

    A son born, a daughter forgotten.

  12. 5/21/2023Natalie Koh says:

    denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

  13. 5/26/2023Arthur Shepherd says:

    Cried help
    Heart stopped
    Silence now

  14. 5/31/2023Heaven Goho says:

    Imagination flowed as pen met paper.

  15. 5/31/2023Heaven Goho says:

    “Was it all just a dream?”

  16. 5/31/2023Heaven Goho says:

    “We had no choice!” I screamed.

  17. 6/7/2023Gwen Owen says:

    Phone rings.Dad’s voice.I cry.

  18. 6/8/2023Isac Guzman says:

    I tried. I failed. I learned.

  19. 6/9/2023Sun ☀️ says:

    He was, They were, She is

  20. 6/19/2023Joe Embleton says:

    My kindness; Cruel world; Conjured demons

  21. 7/8/2023David Low says:

    Mad Scientist Finds Love: Now Happy

  22. 7/15/2023Rick Henry says:

    except for a couple of originals

  23. 7/16/2023Tobias's blank slate says:

    Cave; four entered, one left.

  24. 7/17/2023Elaine Koo says:

    Rose is red violet is blue, you are the only one I see.

  25. 7/19/2023Princess Booksense says:

    “For the greater good,” she laughed.

  26. 7/22/2023Sivashankar TP says:

    Fine dining foodie, haggled vegetable vendor!

  27. 7/22/2023Sivashankar TP says:

    Clock malfunctioned, was winning blitz chess.

  28. 7/22/2023Sivashankar TP says:

    “Open book exam”, said sharp-witted professor.

  29. 7/22/2023Sivashankar TP says:

    Completed satisfying car wash. Dry Summer!

  30. 7/22/2023Sivashankar TP says:

    Batsman on 99, wide. Game over.

  31. 7/22/2023Sivashankar TP says:

    Numerous toys. Baby plays with kitchenware.

  32. 7/26/2023Eitelwolf says:

    Verloren im Wald, fand er Hoffnung.
    Lost in forest, he found hope.

  33. 8/5/2023Bert says:

    Brace for impact, brace for impact.

  34. 8/12/2023Cheryl says:

    Plane on runway, send cleanup crew.

  35. 8/14/2023CJ says:

    Your story was over, not mine

  36. 8/14/2023CJ says:

    The world saved, but mine ended

  37. 8/14/2023CJ says:

    Died at 30, buried at 80

  38. 8/31/2023pTH says:

    Tried to fart, but I shart

  39. 8/31/2023Matt Garabedian says:

    Presidential assassination thwarted by squeaky sneakers.

  40. 9/11/2023Nazcarate says:

    From now on, table for one

  41. 9/12/2023Nazcarate says:

    Missing the stranger you once were.

  42. 9/14/2023Frank says:

    Words build bridges into unexplored regions

  43. 9/14/2023Stephen Irving says:

    Dedication, Devotion, Distraction, Deviation, Dejection, Dissolution

  44. 9/16/2023Leigh-Anne Burley says:

    Pockets emptied of dream-filled stars.

  45. 9/18/2023Hel says:

    Query ten-thousand-seven-hundred-two: Creator unresponsive. Awaiting input….

  46. 9/19/2023BA says:

    Poor. Poor. Poor. Poor. Rich. Revolution.

  47. 9/21/2023Liam says:

    Burning resentment hidden within unconditional love.

  48. 9/22/2023Amy Grech says:

    Cannibal. Hungry for more. Inquire within…

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