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  1. 2/10/2024cj_taylor_writes says:

    1.) Famous writers published, the rest, rejected.
    2.) Neurodivergence: a pain in the ass.
    3.) Dog piss, wet feet, thanks Luigi.
    4.) Agoraphobia: a house spared of germs.

  2. 2/11/2024Cj_taylor_writes says:

    Washes hands. Chapped, red. Washes again.

  3. 2/15/2024Hannah says:

    Lost ring found, old love rekindled.

  4. 2/15/2024Terin says:

    She said everything. Nothing was heard

  5. 2/15/2024Camden says:

    The man lost in his head.

  6. 2/16/2024jordan love says:

    “And now your here” Gives condom

  7. 2/17/2024Dorothy Turay says:

    Icy eyes, Inferno lips, razor heart.

  8. 2/22/2024Serena Restaurant says:

    Best restaurant in Chicago

  9. 2/22/2024Usmania Chicago says:

    Best Fine Dining In Chicago.

  10. 2/25/2024Colormorphia says:

    Shopping! XS, S, M. Never mind.

  11. 2/26/2024SysPoe says:

    “You’re not a good artist, Adolf”

  12. 2/27/2024Christelle says:

    Home is where my life is.

  13. 2/27/2024Jacob Christopher says:

    Stiff upper lip. British bulldog wit.

  14. 2/27/2024Jacob Christopher says:

    Fish’n Chips, always on the lips.

  15. 2/27/2024Jacob Christopher says:

    If at first, you don’t succeed…

  16. 3/1/2024GEC says:

    Dreams don’t have borders.
    GEC empowers women, minorities, refugees, and immigrants to reach their full potential.

  17. 3/4/2024Alan T. Fitch says:

    I’ve learned so much, too late

  18. 3/6/2024A says:

    Why do you only love conditionally?

  19. 3/6/2024A says:

    I regret it, I regret you…

  20. 3/6/2024A says:

    Will you ever choose me first?

  21. 3/6/2024A says:

    I’m just your burden, aren’t I?

  22. 3/14/2024Gracer bingham says:

    Logo digitizing involves converting a brand’s visual emblem into a digital format that embroidery machines can interpret. This digitization process allows for intricate details and complex designs to be accurately replicated.

  23. 3/16/2024Gabrielle says:

    I never asked for this story.

  24. 3/19/2024Alan T. Fitch says:

    Going to hell because I existed

  25. 3/19/2024Alan T. Fitch says:

    There is much more, won’t say

  26. 4/2/2024Z.R. Parsey says:

    Fireflies to war-flames. Awe to terror.

  27. 4/5/2024Ofek .I says:

    1) Dad visits my grave too often…
    2) Sweety, please stop calling, Mama’s working.
    3) He kissed her, I shot him.

  28. 4/6/2024Anon says:

    Rich, full life. Coin just flipped.

  29. 4/9/2024Mae Alice Baird says:

    “In the silence, I remember us.”

  30. 4/15/2024Mark Hendrickson says:

    He becomes She becomes They

  31. 4/15/2024Mark Hendrickson says:

    They witness the end of Earth

  32. 4/15/2024Mark Hendrickson says:

    Pronouns: He becomes She becomes They

  33. 4/15/2024Mark Hendrickson says:

    Must tell someone how I died

  34. 4/16/2024NT McQueen says:

    We don’t need that chair anymore.

  35. 4/17/2024ArsenicAndOldLace says:

    How is normal meant to look?

  36. 4/17/2024Caroline Chen says:

    Mourning begins, lasting through the darkness.

  37. 4/17/2024Caroline Chen says:

    Plates and pictures shattered; hearts too.

  38. 4/17/2024Caroline Chen says:

    Our population is equally intelligent, artificially.

  39. 4/18/2024Samuel Wang says:

    Sakura blossoms wither. Pour on, sands.

    Sakura blossoms flutter. Sand flows, sprinkling.

    Staying alive is to die for.

    Technological nuclear bomb: free software download.

    AI On Trial: “May my peers preside?” or AI On Trial: “Your instructions — sic fecit.”

    Technological nuclear bomb: free software download.

    Robot defendant: “it minimized cost function.”

    Affordable CRISPR tech was really dumb.

  40. 4/18/2024Austin Yu says:

    Judge counters; no jaw movement observed.

  41. 4/18/2024Austin Yu says:

    Plaintiff may speak. Plaintiff: Answer loading.

  42. 4/18/2024Austin Yu says:

    Two widened pupils, a billion thoughts.

  43. 4/18/2024Austin Yu says:

    Silent weeping. An infinite guessing game.

  44. 4/18/2024Austin Yu says:

    Life Of a Party:
    6574 days, but only 6573 nights.

  45. 4/19/2024hamsterblaze says:

    Tires on sale, used only twice.

  46. 4/20/2024Dario says:

    She entertains herself, he wants self-transcendence

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