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  1. 10/12/2022O. Tollivar says:

    “What was that boom?” [Translated: Japanese]

  2. 10/12/2022O. Tollivar says:

    “Where did he go?” -Roman soldier

  3. 10/12/2022O. Tollivar says:

    “Dude, I’m so high!” Icarus yelled.

  4. 10/12/2022O. Tollivar says:

    “Autobiography of a Recovering History Buff”

  5. 10/13/2022O. Tollivar says:

    “You’ll get it next time.” -Death

  6. 10/13/2022O. Tollivar says:

    Crush. Love. Marriage. Argument. Resentment. Divorce.

  7. 10/16/2022nameless says:

    BUY: Fresh catch, she won’t scream.

  8. 10/16/2022L.L. says:

    Best friends. Dumb fight. Lifelong enemies.

  9. 10/18/2022Shaun L. says:

    “Last time,” she quietly cried, again.

  10. 10/24/2022John Young says:

    Need help. Hotline’s busy. Razor’s sharp.

  11. 10/30/2022Jen says:

    Mum should understand, but she doesn’t.

  12. 11/1/2022John Holloway says:

    Knew sole knight, New soul night

  13. 11/6/2022Robin Washburn says:

    Ghosts watching you through old mirrors

  14. 11/7/2022Jeffisbackagain says:

    Washing hands, breakfast made, police arrive

  15. 11/8/2022Wally says:

    50th anniversary. Not Golden. Not really.

  16. 11/10/2022Kara Bishop says:

    The mirror lied. So she lied.

  17. 11/12/2022Alan T. Fitch says:

    I was turning red, now blue.

  18. 11/18/2022Justin M. Chandra says:

    I am full, but also empty.

  19. 11/18/2022Justin M. Chandra says:

    I should have tried. I should…

  20. 11/18/2022TheNameAin'tTheGame says:

    ADHD, can’t focus no energy, ADD.

  21. 11/18/2022TheNameAin'tTheGame says:

    If not hug, why friend shaped

  22. 11/18/2022TheNameAin'tTheGame says:

    No peace only cackling parched gods

  23. 11/18/2022TheNameAin'tTheGame says:

    Six words, open void, new ideas

  24. 11/18/2022TheNameAin'tTheGame says:

    ADHD major problem never factored in

  25. 11/18/2022TheNameAin'tTheGame says:

    funky beat, cool walk, minor respite

  26. 11/23/2022Aleks says:

    The world goes by, never stops.

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