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  1. 7/8/2018Richard says:

    “Have you seen Timmy?”, “No, why?”

  2. 7/9/2018Benjamin Badgley says:

    He couldn’t stop, stroller made grease.

  3. 7/9/2018Benjamin Badgley says:

    Davis won, corruption can never lose.

  4. 7/9/2018Maha says:

    Her heart screamed loudly in silence.

  5. 7/10/2018Ray lei says:

    Something, someone, a good-bye, a lifetime.

  6. 7/11/2018Gordon says:

    And he thought she was alive.

  7. 7/13/2018ally says:

    My mistake. He was the one.

  8. 7/15/2018Marty says:

    New job. Pension plan. Life sentence.

  9. 7/17/2018Alec Charles Van Leeuwen says:

    Collar breaks, the dog runs—free.

  10. 7/17/2018Alec Charles Van Leeuwen says:

    Nightfall, mother’s gone and child alone.

  11. 7/19/2018Meredith Meredith says:

    “Mom. Dad. Nothing else has changed.”

  12. 7/19/2018Jon Remington says:

    -Birthday cake candles

  13. 7/19/2018Jon Remington says:

    First date just like (horror) movies.

  14. 7/19/2018Jon Remington says:

    Homeschooled. Sexual education course, worst part

  15. 7/19/2018Jon Remington says:

    6 =all they gave: HELP.TRACE

  16. 7/19/2018Paul Allen says:

    Living mindfully, joyfully savouring every moment.

  17. 7/19/2018Paul Allen says:

    Work is a four letter word

  18. 7/19/2018Paul Allen says:

    Anxiety and Depression. Not your fault.

  19. 7/19/2018Paul Allen says:

    Love warms my heart and soul

  20. 7/20/2018Paul Allen says:

    Childhoods lost dreams must be found.

  21. 7/20/2018Paul Allen says:

    Six words. Too hard. Maybe not.

  22. 7/20/2018Paul Allen says:

    Seeing the future with childlike wonder.

  23. 7/20/2018Paul Allen says:

    Submitting six words is becoming addictive

  24. 7/20/2018Paul Allen says:

    Can’t sleep. Mind racing. Braking hard.

  25. 7/20/2018Paul Allen says:

    Over thinking. Understanding. Keep it simple.

  26. 7/20/2018Paul Allen says:

    This is it. Last submission today.

  27. 7/20/2018Adam says:

    Danielle Steele passive aggressively committed filicide.

  28. 7/21/2018Jean L says:

    She dropped his phone and ran.

  29. 7/22/2018Duan says:

    Box open, both breasts still there.

  30. 7/23/2018Meredith Meredith says:

    It’s for protection. Just in case.

  31. 7/24/2018Samantha says:

    Penthouse available – great view of homeless!

  32. 7/24/2018Duan says:

    Rejected stone, becomes head of corner

  33. 7/25/2018Bruce says:

    Everything changed. Change remained the same.

  34. 7/29/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    My Wedding Day: Came Home Alone…

  35. 7/29/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    Heart For Sale: In Bad Condition

  36. 7/29/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    Selfish Actions, Speak Louder Than Hearts

  37. 7/29/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    Words Load Guns Better Than Bullets

  38. 7/29/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    Whispering sweet nothing’s, usually always ends

  39. 7/29/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    First World Problem: There’s No Internet.

  40. 7/31/2018Ananya says:

    Time Flies. Lotus Blossoms. Moon Dies.

  41. 7/31/2018Ananya says:

    Musical Season. Alone Night. Lost Earphones.

  42. 7/31/2018Ananya says:

    Out in the Wild, Celebration continues.

  43. 7/31/2018Robert Cohen says:

    Black vs white reality is different.

  44. 7/31/2018Robert Cohen says:

    Black vs white reality is different.

  45. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    “Don’t listen to her….she’s broken.”

  46. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    She sold their car for bills

  47. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    His knifes were made of words…

  48. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    Love was a myth for him

  49. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    “Forget about me.” And he did…

  50. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    Her birthday: stayed the same age…

  51. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    “Leave.” And he didn’t look back…

  52. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    She wasn’t shiny enough for him

  53. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    She just wasn’t enough for him

  54. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    Mommy only listens to her cup…

  55. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garcia says:

    Car Accident: Mother And Unpronounced Infant.

  56. 8/1/2018Jade Sam Garica says:

    He Said, “Mommy Went to Heaven.”

  57. 8/2/2018Y.L.Z. says:

    Jumped. Spread wings. Couldn’t fly.

  58. 8/2/2018Christan says:

    “Hi mom. I’m pregnant.” Love, son.

  59. 8/2/2018Christan says:

    Chewing furiously, remains of her husband.

  60. 8/2/2018Christan says:

    “99 lives. This is my 56th.”

  61. 8/3/2018Kenn Pierson says:

    No myth if you meet it.

  62. 8/3/2018Kenn Pierson says:

    Better half poet than full professor.

  63. 8/4/2018Callum Marshall says:

    Her child unvaccinated; my baby dead.

  64. 8/4/2018Callum Marshall says:

    First gray hair – never grew another.

  65. 8/4/2018Callum Marshall says:

    Train delayed – he just went home.

  66. 8/4/2018Callum Marshall says:

    Start – Words in the Middle – End.

  67. 8/4/2018Callum Marshall says:

    Birth – Life Without Enough Time – Death

  68. 8/4/2018Callum Marshall says:

    Planned for tomorrow; never lived today.

  69. 8/4/2018Callum Marshall says:

    Soldiers came home. Home had changed.

  70. 8/4/2018Callum Marshall says:

    Soldier without tags; buried without name.

  71. 8/4/2018Callum Marshall says:

    Man without feeling; wife without love.

  72. 8/4/2018Callum Marshall says:

    Life without purpose: life without her.

  73. 8/5/2018fellowbeing says:

    I’ve never felt better, whatever weather!

    Never felt better, whatever weather maybe!

  74. 8/6/2018Bryce says:

    Good dog, needs home. Owner died.

  75. 8/6/2018Mubarik Hussain says:

    Judge released corrupt Minister… Both celebrating..

  76. 8/6/2018Rowan says:

    I program CADD in my pajamas!

  77. 8/6/2018Rowan says:

    Cat pots Mayhem in the tree.

  78. 8/6/2018Michelle says:

    Awesome, Mayhem is my favorite band!

  79. 8/6/2018Rowan says:

    Cat plots mayhem in the canopy…

  80. 8/7/2018Z. Enomoto says:

    Smile. Be strong. Then I jumped.

  81. 8/9/2018Jacob Daniel Bordenkircher says:

    We are shooting at the aliens.

  82. 8/10/2018Jacob Daniel Bordenkircher says:

    I’m the army! Enemy fortress: destroyed.

  83. 8/11/2018Pheobe says:

    I couldn’t save my daughter’s mommy.

  84. 8/12/2018A Fenmead says:

    All virtues signalled, snowflake finally melts.

  85. 8/13/2018A Fenmead says:

    Tired of faux outrage? Moi aussi!

  86. 8/13/2018A Fenmead says:

    Off the bandwagon, onto the fence.

  87. 8/15/2018Brandon says:

    New challenge: 100 stories, one week!

  88. 8/16/2018Ana says:

    Single momma bear. Working, tired, happy.

  89. 8/17/2018Chillio says:

    Single,never drunk,happy or sad

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