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  1. 5/6/2018Brennan says:

    He’s in Scranton. Sitcoms aren’t real?

  2. 5/6/2018Brennan says:

    He consumed Takis, Fortnite consumed him.

  3. 5/6/2018Panda says:

    She burnt so bright she exploded.

  4. 5/6/2018heaven adams says:

    We both knew I wasn’t enough..

  5. 5/6/2018heaven adams says:

    We we’re
    Than we weren’t

  6. 5/6/2018heaven adams says:

    I love you, you love her

  7. 5/6/2018heaven adams says:

    You almost convinced me I mattered

  8. 5/6/2018heaven adams says:

    She’s simply been strong too long

  9. 5/6/2018heaven adams says:

    “Kill Yourself.”
    They said.
    She did.

  10. 5/6/2018heaven adams says:

    honestly, it still hurts at 3 a.m

  11. 5/6/2018heaven adams says:

    Tell me where you love lies

  12. 5/6/2018heaven adams says:

    I miss how you wanted me

  13. 5/6/2018heaven adams says:

    He failed
    He left
    he’s happy

  14. 5/6/2018Brennan says:

    The knight advanced, the dragon breathed.

  15. 5/7/2018Brennan says:

    More comfortable to sell his soul.

  16. 5/8/2018Connor Stenz says:

    The bleeding heart exudes the tax.

  17. 5/8/2018Connor Stenz says:

    What wanton words will witches wish?

  18. 5/9/2018Colin Kennedy says:

    Freedom, they said, was a privilege.

  19. 5/10/2018Kiki Mordi says:

    Death of love, life in penury.

  20. 5/10/2018Kiki Mordi says:

    The punishment for death is life

  21. 5/10/2018IvoryKeys says:

    Everything was dying, except the humans.

  22. 5/10/2018IvoryKeys says:

    We were in love. Keyword: were.

  23. 5/10/2018IvoryKeys says:

    She waited awhile. You never showed

  24. 5/10/2018IvoryKeys says:

    My only question was simply “Why?”

  25. 5/11/2018Kmnimon says:

    ‘Lucinda created a new board, Wedding!’

  26. 5/12/2018Helen Meservey says:

    “Smile!” he shouted.
    She declined.

  27. 5/13/2018Leah Mueller says:

    Doorbell. Floral bouquet. For somebody else.

  28. 5/14/2018IvoryKeys says:

    I sat surprisingly still, dripping blood.

  29. 5/14/2018IvoryKeys says:

    The blade puntured, killing me instantley.

  30. 5/14/2018IvoryKeys says:

    Things were going good… not anymore.

  31. 5/14/2018IvoryKeys says:

    The razor stared at me, coated.

  32. 5/14/2018IvoryKeys says:

    Cuts covered her wrists, bleeding out.

  33. 5/16/2018PanVoid says:

    “Hi depressed! I’m Dad!” he ridiculed.

  34. 5/17/2018Charles Pendleton Leslie says:

    Into the crystal water. Beaver dam.

  35. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    Wake me up! Beat. Beat. Flatline

  36. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    Looking for disaster. Alcohol. Guns. Obituaries.

  37. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    I’m tired. Time for deep sleep.

  38. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    One. bullet. One spin. One suicide.

  39. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    The darkness is cool. Please help.

  40. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    I’m falling apart. It’s on me.

  41. 5/18/2018Jacquie Kong says:

    First date, he left half way.

  42. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    Jugular vein. Everything is red. Darkness.

  43. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    One to many. Cost me everything.

  44. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    Heart upon my sleeve. Everything there.

  45. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    Running upstairs. Last event of life. Hero.

  46. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    The Guardian will never let go.

  47. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    (Correction) Running upstairs. Last life event. Hero.

  48. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    I’m always ready, to strike out.

  49. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    Pray for me. Save me. Help…..

  50. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    Can you lay your life down?

  51. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    Can I turn back the clock?

  52. 5/18/2018The void filled with regret says:

    Instant regret. Flying. Falling fast. Ambulance.

  53. 5/21/2018Jade says:

    It’s an art to be unlovable.

  54. 5/21/2018Jade says:

    the truth is—love is ephemeral.

  55. 5/21/2018Jim Curtis says:

    Skin sin led to the altar.

  56. 5/22/2018Donny_Money says:

    A glass, half-filled with emptiness

  57. 5/22/2018Maddie_E says:

    Her hair radiated, then fell out.

  58. 5/23/2018Jungmin Bae says:

    Love, denouement of only Disney movies.

  59. 5/26/2018Timothy Gwyn says:

    The End is Near. How nea

  60. 5/28/2018Adrianne says:

    He expected angles, then felt heat.

  61. 5/29/2018Kajal Mishra says:

    Looking around, she wondered: “a nightmare?”.

  62. 5/29/2018Michelle T. says:

    Therapist. The rapist. They are pissed.

  63. 5/29/2018Hannah Joel says:

    Romance; fools rush in. Intelligent ignore.

  64. 5/29/2018Hannah Joel says:

    He didn’t quite lie; This time…

  65. 5/29/2018Hannah Joel says:

    Thought he had her; died alone.

  66. 5/30/2018Jay McCool says:

    Social pariah. Shots fired. Forever famous.

  67. 5/31/2018William Parker says:

    Saw my empty bottle. How sad

  68. 5/31/2018Lisa Miller says:

    The bridesmaid split with the groom.

  69. 6/2/2018Thawdar says:

    Beautiful lies. Painful truth. Tragic life.

  70. 6/3/2018Crissy simms says:

    She flew above tall trees today

  71. 6/3/2018Crissy Simms says:

    Her love will destroy them both.

  72. 6/3/2018Zach Bauer says:

    “I’m pregnant.” “Same.” “…You have a twin?!”

  73. 6/5/2018Pen name Duck says:

    Its not depression when its accidental.

  74. 6/6/2018Peter H says:

    Orange fruit, sweet reprieve from summer

  75. 6/6/2018Peter H says:

    Mountain climbed, revealing another greater challenge

  76. 6/7/2018Jexi says:

    “I’m great!” they say. They’re lying.

  77. 6/7/2018elena says:

    She smiled, and his self-control shattered.

  78. 6/12/2018Nida Abrar says:

    Dad left, and her childhood too.

  79. 6/12/2018Nida Abrar says:

    Surrounded by stranger’s ,feel more comfortable….

  80. 6/12/2018Nida Abrar says:

    Wedding day, both have new partner…

  81. 6/12/2018A Woman says:

    so much
    so perfect,
    so wrong

  82. 6/12/2018A Woman says:

    In the end, I could’t reach you.

  83. 6/16/2018An Honorable Leech says:

    “Kill the music, she’s not breathing.”

  84. 6/17/2018KMuns says:

    Won the lottery. Sucks so bad.

  85. 6/17/2018konma says:

    Against abortion, abandoned pregnant girlfriend.

  86. 6/19/2018Chrissy Ruddick says:

    Once a whole heart now broke

  87. 6/20/2018Victoria says:

    She was my ruination and salvation

  88. 6/20/2018Victoria says:

    You are my ruination and salvation

  89. 6/21/2018Lyssa says:

    Too many wrist scars to swatch

  90. 6/21/2018Lane says:

    I only had one more chance.

  91. 6/21/2018Annabelle Snyder says:

    A blank canvas; Special, self painting.

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