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  1. 11/19/2020VoltageGames says:

    Subscribe to voltage games or ded

  2. 11/19/2020Kate Tillotson says:

    The other driver simply sent flowers.

  3. 11/21/2020KrazySeal says:

    I shrieked in fear. Goodbye world.

  4. 11/21/2020Sarlith says:

    “Who’s there??” “Your unborn son.” BANG!

  5. 11/22/2020Valsroad says:

    Scatter his ashes across my heart.

  6. 11/26/2020Samuel Lin says:

    Everyone beside me are just names.

  7. 11/26/2020Matías Castro says:

    They could beat Covid, without medicine.

  8. 11/26/2020no says:

    Trump was killed by Joe Biden.

  9. 12/2/2020RentAJesus says:

    Holding your hand, not letting go.

  10. 12/5/2020Al says:

    So lost had to google myself

  11. 12/6/2020John Harris says:

    Santa letter returned today. Insufficient postage.

  12. 12/9/2020Salena Casha says:

    They never called her “Legs” again.

  13. 12/14/2020Anya says:

    i’m doing so much better now

  14. 12/17/2020WhereJourneyEnds says:

    Losing altitude. Heading North. Squawk 7500.

  15. 12/17/2020WhereJourneyEnds says:

    “There’s no respawn in real life?”

  16. 12/19/2020AJ Hart says:

    They said they were my friends.

  17. 1/1/2021Phil C says:

    There’s a hole in my space-suit.

  18. 1/3/2021Carolyn R. Russell says:

    Whatever I ate, it wasn’t chicken.

  19. 1/13/2021KennX - CW4Massive says:

    Can’t stop time! Or could I?

  20. 1/14/2021frederick wooodbb says:

    back at school, can’t backspace handwriting?

  21. 1/17/2021KYA says:

    Remember things often taken for granted.

  22. 1/18/2021Penny Cordes says:

    Strode purposefully into the room. Why?

  23. 1/20/2021Charlotte D. says:

    Be our fest! I mean… guest…

  24. 1/20/2021Brian Kessler says:

    this AND that. More than ever.

  25. 1/20/2021Duane L Herrmann says:

    Turn gas on, head in oven.

  26. 1/22/2021Duane L Herrmann says:

    Loser slinks away, refuses to play.

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