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  1. 5/5/2020Charles Collins says:

    No love? Know self. Know love.

  2. 5/6/2020Lauren Ham says:

    “You only have one life, dear”

  3. 5/6/2020B says:

    School. Camp. College. Where to now?

  4. 5/6/2020Phil says:

    Pandemics, Mr. President, brings out Polemics

  5. 5/6/2020Phil says:

    It’s so weird, with your doctor

  6. 5/6/2020Annie says:

    His name was in her book.

  7. 5/7/2020Eleonora says:

    I’ve been promoted to stepmom

  8. 5/9/2020Junevi27 says:

    We are almost get there. Almost.

  9. 5/9/2020kevin shea says:

    bang, crunch, shriek, whimper, the end

  10. 5/9/2020kevin shea says:

    Seeking: Hobby that no longer exists.

  11. 5/9/2020kevin shea says:

    cooperation empowers all, but absolute power.

  12. 5/9/2020kevin shea says:

    seven sages stand against dying light

  13. 5/9/2020kevin shea says:

    maximize probability of an OK outcome

  14. 5/9/2020kevin shea says:

    hunter-gatherer mythic self, post-human altruistic kin

  15. 5/9/2020Kina says:

    Future, the whole world, without you.

  16. 5/9/2020Kina says:

    Wish you, not you, but you.

  17. 5/12/2020Ethan says:

    Born Jewish. Raised Jewish. Living Jewish.

  18. 5/14/2020Jakub Danielewicz says:

    What is the point of anything?

  19. 5/15/2020Anya says:

    Why does she like him? BLEGH

  20. 5/16/2020Little Red Hat says:

    Broken spine.
    Library won’t be happy.

  21. 5/16/2020Little Red Hat says:

    Sold my soul.
    (Kept opera, though.)

  22. 5/16/2020Little Red Hat says:

    Called me stupid.
    Graduating with honours.

  23. 5/17/2020Roe says:

    Soft and sweet like morning dew.

  24. 5/19/2020Aza says:

    Her heart fell so mine’d soar.

  25. 5/20/2020Aza says:

    “You broke my heart in secret.”

  26. 5/20/2020Gabby says:

    Land’s last lonely lighthouse lies left.

  27. 5/20/2020Gabby says:

    Star-struck on first sight. Unrequited love.

  28. 5/20/2020Karna Chea says:

    Sharp tongues have the softest hearts.

  29. 5/20/2020Pen Thief says:

    A blade’s your worst best friend…

  30. 5/21/2020Alex says:

    Heart racing, can’t breathe.. “You OK?”

  31. 5/21/2020EMCQBD says:

    Chicken came first, then the egg.

  32. 5/21/2020Alex says:

    “I love you.” Words never spoken

  33. 5/21/2020Alex says:

    Nighttime, dreaming about making mistakes, incompetent.

  34. 5/22/2020Aleezaq says:

    Deep in me,
    I still ache!

  35. 5/22/2020Aleezaq says:

    You grew out of me, why?

  36. 5/22/2020Aleezaq says:

    I miss me, more than you.

  37. 5/22/2020Aleezaq says:

    Hopes and fears,
    Flowers and bears.

  38. 5/22/2020tt says:

    got really drunk died on impact

  39. 5/24/2020FroofWrld says:

    Wishing the drugs still killed me

  40. 5/24/2020FroofWrld says:

    Her heart stopped when his did

  41. 5/24/2020FroofWrld says:

    Dead dog. Young woman’s heart breaks.

  42. 5/24/2020FroofWrld says:

    Guy has crush. His girlfriend’s crushed.

  43. 5/27/2020Amethyst says:

    It was all imaginary for her.

  44. 5/27/2020Emily says:

    No empathy. All hope is lost.

  45. 5/27/2020Emily says:

    She sighed and returned her work.

  46. 5/27/2020Sara says:

    Awake to only do repeated tasks.

  47. 5/29/2020Don Sarazen says:

    Just me, God, and the air.

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