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  1. 3/26/2018Avigayil says:

    Look at me: “Who are you?”

  2. 3/26/2018Avigayil says:

    Keep writing. Get out of shock!

  3. 3/27/2018Christopher Elieson says:

    Alexandra Ila; young, petite, weekend inmate

  4. 3/27/2018Raven says:

    We were young. We didn’t care.

  5. 3/27/2018Ashley Nichole Lewis says:

    Nail polish makes fabulous salmon bait.

  6. 3/27/2018Jacob says:

    Her last words were: “I do”

  7. 3/28/2018Oggy says:

    Fifty years married, he remember nothing.

  8. 3/29/2018Avigayil says:

    Buckets not even half filled. Drought.

  9. 3/29/2018Avigayil says:

    Polar bears are lying down. Hungry.

  10. 3/29/2018Avigayil says:

    Reading builds up a knowledge palace.

  11. 3/29/2018Avigayil says:

    Flipping through the pages. The end.

  12. 3/29/2018Cluckrn says:

    once a fool, always a man

  13. 3/29/2018Cluckrn says:

    Once a vegan, always a nut

  14. 3/29/2018Cluckrn says:

    Drug addicts turn into lazy parents

  15. 3/29/2018Cluckrn says:

    Hire a dancer and your broke

  16. 3/29/2018Cluckrn says:

    Meats no fun for the animals

  17. 3/29/2018Cluckrn says:

    Put a bandaid on, gross girl!!

  18. 3/29/2018Cluckrn says:

    Crazy as a bee but sharper

  19. 3/29/2018Cluckrn says:

    I could imagine her with him

  20. 3/29/2018Cluckrn says:

    She danced from me to him

  21. 3/30/2018Christine M.16 says:

    Great teachers killed by CORRUPT PRINCIPAL

  22. 3/30/2018Avigayil says:

    “Cheers!” “Cheers!” “Cheers!” They’re just pretending.

  23. 3/30/2018Avigayil says:

    He looks fine. I am ok.

  24. 3/30/2018Avigayil says:

    “Push the bottun.” “Don’t do it!!”

  25. 3/30/2018Avigayil says:

    Send out the rockets of Love!

  26. 3/30/2018Cleo says:

    She sold her heart. No returns

  27. 3/30/2018Cleo says:

    Blue eyes, white lies, cut ties

  28. 3/30/2018Cleo says:

    broken legs hurt less than lies

  29. 3/30/2018Cleo says:

    In my womb Aphrodite kicks again

  30. 3/30/2018Lourdes Mercado says:

    She caught his heart… and STD’s

  31. 3/31/2018J'Chelle Healy says:

    Diamond ring was left behind. Goodbye.

  32. 4/1/2018Blam24 says:

    Adolf, your art bleeds my eyes.

    One last chance, the man says

    He is holding my family hostage

    We made it. We are alive.

    Men, I’m telling you to die.

    Stand and fight or be killed.

    The last remnants of my culture.

    I live alone. What was that?

    His eyes were on his phone

    He got sent to the hospital

  33. 4/1/2018David von Schlichten says:

    Professor shoots dead shooter, her daughter.

  34. 4/2/2018Blake Sayer says:

    Miss Vanjie.. Miss Vanjie… Miss Vanjie

  35. 4/3/2018Ckkvk says:

    Too late and little bit high

  36. 4/3/2018Decimo says:

    One bus. Two men. She gagged.

  37. 4/3/2018Daniel Scott Brown says:

    Slow shark tongue tickler now lefty.

  38. 4/3/2018Daniel Scott Brown says:

    6-word story enrages the mind!

  39. 4/3/2018Daniel Scott Brown says:

    Jonah says “Repent Nineveh.” No fire.

  40. 4/3/2018Daniel Scott Brown says:

    Haiku poet shorts first line word.

  41. 4/3/2018Daniel Scott Brown says:

    Bruised fan regrets leaving glove home.

  42. 4/4/2018Amira says:

    Same pattern, different faces, everlasting disappointments

  43. 4/5/2018hello, children says:

    He looked through my window. Duck.

  44. 4/7/2018Chris Day says:

    Time. He was out of it.

  45. 4/8/2018Chris Day says:

    Wedding ring left on his dresser.

  46. 4/9/2018Connor M. Thomas says:

    Presidents sigh, yet nobody asks why.

  47. 4/9/2018Izzy says:

    i put my happiness into you

  48. 4/9/2018Izzy says:

    funerals are fit for us children

  49. 4/11/2018Ina says:

    I had no chance. Pang. Dead.

  50. 4/11/2018Ina says:

    Theo, 6. Deceased.

  51. 4/11/2018Jackson Massingill says:

    Regretfully, I dropped my Hot Pocket

  52. 4/11/2018Jackson Massingill says:

    The Razor Drags, My Conscience Nags.

  53. 4/11/2018Jackson Massingill says:

    Life’s A Chase, Not A Race.

  54. 4/12/2018Yook says:

    “Time’s up, any regret?”
    “Ye… nope.”

  55. 4/12/2018JotaPeh says:

    Acted like a cowboy. Got bucked.

  56. 4/14/2018Eklavya says:

    She smiled. He slipped. Never arose

  57. 4/16/2018Lucas Galvao says:

    Two buses, same line, passing together.

  58. 4/18/2018Senne says:

    Liver will handle what heart cant

  59. 4/18/2018Jonathan Cunningham says:

    Wire lights out, ConEd has power.

  60. 4/18/2018Anonymous says:

    My dad – no, not that one.

  61. 4/19/2018JackCreatureismyimgur says:

    Fought for country, came back homeless.

  62. 4/19/2018JackCreatureismyimgur says:

    create life, let live, end all

  63. 4/19/2018JackCreatureismyimgur says:

    The voices whisper, sounds like screams

  64. 4/19/2018JackCreatureismyimgur says:

    writing these stories spares my wrists

  65. 4/21/2018poetrypics says:

    Burned the bridge then swam back

  66. 4/22/2018izbestrange says:

    I was in love: she’s not

  67. 4/23/2018Rachael Redgate says:

    The curse lifted but darkness fell.

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