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  1. 10/26/2019Ben Stevens says:

    The world ended. I called you

  2. 10/26/2019Ben Stevens says:

    Before her I do not remember

  3. 10/27/2019H Tindall says:

    Timeworn soul bleeds for redemption unrealised.

  4. 10/27/2019Sammie says:

    Ground got close, Parashoot didn’t work.

  5. 10/29/2019Dale Hensarling says:

    Why? Because… But. No. No! Okay.

  6. 10/29/2019Dale Hensarling says:

    I do. You? No. I won’t.

  7. 10/29/2019Dale Hensarling says:

    Burnt toast. Stale Coffee. No you.

  8. 10/29/2019Alexandra says:

    A daughter kisses her sick father.

  9. 10/29/2019ASTYASHIA OLGOTARIOM says:



    –> My six word story!:

    ————————-Amber gown, brown down, south out.—————————

    ^ helps raise awareness with societal problems! Thanks :D !

  10. 10/30/2019Catherine says:

    You don’t get hello without hell.

  11. 10/31/2019Amara Smallwood says:

    Beautiful flowers bloom where death looms.

  12. 11/2/2019John FIte says:

    Plan B in the checkout line.

  13. 11/6/2019Justin Davis says:

    Grew up crowded, living freely now.

  14. 11/6/2019Justin Davis says:

    Starving souls, fed by satisfying sounds.

  15. 11/7/2019Doigt says:

    He was searching until the grave.

  16. 11/7/2019Doigt says:

    Touch my heart,who is it?

  17. 11/7/2019Doigt says:

    Dogs wearing glasses,cats with scarves.

  18. 11/7/2019Nick Tanner says:

    papers being passed on. No mistakes!

  19. 11/9/2019Aisling says:

    ‘I love you….’. She didn’t respond

  20. 11/9/2019A says:

    A sick daughter kisses mother goodbye

  21. 11/9/2019TS says:

    we shined so brightly, then crashed

  22. 11/10/2019Myrtle says:

    Because we met, I died inside.

  23. 11/11/2019Vix says:

    We beat the enderdragon without you.

  24. 11/11/2019Gill says:

    Oh my god, these all suck

  25. 11/12/2019Alex Hoce says:

    Christine the traveler; Journalist college student

  26. 11/12/2019Alex Hoce says:

    wing night Wednesday; cool pub atmosphere

  27. 11/18/2019TheRaven says:

    “I do.” I want a divorce.

  28. 11/19/2019KATNiPP says:

    “No” ment “please” in his eyes

  29. 11/23/2019teknoyking says:

    He forgot to plug it in.

  30. 11/23/2019ForgottenWatcher says:

    I Watched. Waited. Asked. Lost. Repeat.

  31. 11/24/2019Anonymous says:

    This is a forever thing.

    A silent me is dangerous.

    I have been broken too many times.

    And just like that it’s over.

    It ended as fast as it started.

    Another chapter in my life story.

    I’m finally starting to love life.

    I can’t do it anymore. I’m empty.

    He is the reason for my pain.

    I don’t want to loose myself.

    You left me, remember?!

    I just miss people and things.

    I can’t do it again, i’m not ready.

    Pain changes people.

    I made it.

    Tonight was worth it.

    My feelings control me like I’m a puppet.

  32. 12/3/2019NovaLazy says:

    Carol singers mumble; mouths sewn shut.

  33. 12/3/2019MedHumDoc says:

    Found her dead. Talking to cops.

  34. 12/8/2019Jesse Surtees says:

    First mountain traversed; last limb severed.

  35. 12/8/2019Lucy says:

    Report: Jane doe tag on toe.

  36. 12/10/2019DollarBills says:

    Kill the blue eyed ones first.

  37. 12/11/2019DollarBills says:

    Snake loose. Antidote missing. Pulse fading.

  38. 12/13/2019Lacey says:

    “You look nice.”
    “I can’t see.”

  39. 12/13/2019Lacey says:

    Should’ve left my heart at home.

  40. 12/13/2019Lacey says:

    Shouldn’t’ve left my head at home.

  41. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    Unstoppable force and immovable object meet.

  42. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    Soldier lets enemy through the line.

  43. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    Security guard looks the other way.

  44. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    The corpse sat up and spoke.

  45. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    “Hold my beer and watch this!”

  46. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    The assassin said, “Farewell, my friend.”

  47. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    Falls through darkness then wakes up.

  48. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    …and then he pushed the button.

  49. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    She opened her eyes and screamed!

  50. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    The pilot shut the engines down.

  51. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    “Won’t you tell me why?” “No.”

  52. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    Trusted chef mixed in the poison.

  53. 12/14/2019Steven says:

    Alcohol Anonymous gave whiskey to member.

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