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  1. 10/16/2018Eunice says:

    Dark whispers of love, embrace me.

  2. 10/16/2018Shawn Lewis says:

    The clown has been found. Run.

  3. 10/16/2018Katy coates says:

    My silence was their favorite sound

  4. 10/19/2018Anushka Bose says:

    Fearing the world yet blending in

  5. 10/21/2018SanPaul says:

    Nice to see you again, bye.

  6. 10/22/2018Leo says:

    Best friends. Group chat. An acquaintance.

  7. 10/25/2018Kemsy says:

    She ate, yet she is starving

  8. 10/25/2018Kemsy says:

    Her chest hurts. She stabbed it.

  9. 10/30/2018Annette Gagliardi says:

    Curiosity killed
    more than
    the cat.

    By Annette Gagliardi

  10. 10/31/2018slapdasch2 says:

    Gay bankers. Lend me your rears.

  11. 11/2/2018Marian says:

    He broke my heart while smiling.

  12. 11/2/2018Shashikant Yadav says:

    Will definitely call you back, someday.

  13. 11/2/2018Hallelujah Hallways says:

    The branch snapped, so did he.

  14. 11/2/2018Hallelujah Hallways says:

    The victim was also the murderer.

  15. 11/2/2018Hallelujah Hallways says:

    Everyone walks by the man suffering.

  16. 11/2/2018Hallelujah Hallways says:

    BANG! There were no fireworks today.

  17. 11/4/2018Sonny says:

    ”I love you too.” He lied.

  18. 11/5/2018yetagainshoe says:

    from strangers to lovers yet again.

  19. 11/6/2018Almha Kissane and Caoimhe Foley says:

    They both loved but not eachother .

  20. 11/8/2018Chu Handsome says:

    What the fuck, is that shit?

  21. 11/8/2018Ben Cason says:


  22. 11/9/2018M.J.Iuppa says:

    Fast Food. Bean Burritos. Jet propulsion.

  23. 11/10/2018Catherine says:

    From our broken chains we ran.

  24. 11/11/2018Holly Smith says:

    Keep it simple. Kill them all.

  25. 11/11/2018Kyle Monement says:

    Open hearts tend to be full.

  26. 11/11/2018Kyle Monement says:

    Make someone smile, your heart soars.

  27. 11/11/2018Kyle Monement says:

    You are successful if your’re happy.

  28. 11/11/2018Kyle Monement says:

    Happiness is determined by the feeler.

  29. 11/12/2018Sejer Dalum says:

    Imagination is the essence of Discovery

  30. 11/12/2018Sejer Dalum says:

    Imagination is the essence of Discovery

  31. 11/13/2018Josalyn says:

    A smiling face, a broken soul
    Best friend, truly amazing, always there
    For Sale: child soul never broken

  32. 11/13/2018Josalyn says:

    I’m still drowning, because of you

  33. 11/15/2018Evelien van Alphen says:

    Everyday, it becomes 11 PM again.

  34. 11/16/2018dilay says:

    she was busy to hr family

  35. 11/16/2018dilay says:

    she was busy to her family

  36. 11/16/2018julie says:

    lonely, she gave what he wanted

  37. 11/18/2018Alex Jenkins says:

    Democratic republics are inefficient and disputable.

  38. 11/19/2018jakob says:

    sorry soldier, shoes only sold in pairs

  39. 11/19/2018jakob says:

    sorry, we dont sell children sized casket here

  40. 11/19/2018jakob says:

    I am sorry, we are all sold out :(

  41. 11/19/2018jakob says:

    send nudes XD snapchat: jakob_aasbo

  42. 11/19/2018dolmen says:

    want dic pics…. snapchat: oyvind12345

  43. 11/19/2018Haugish says:

    I was going, now I won’t

  44. 11/19/2018MyDixErect says:

    “Lie to me, baby.” – Pinocchio’s girlfriend.

  45. 11/19/2018dont click on the link says:

    click on the link

  46. 11/21/2018Mackenzie Kerkhoven says:

    She sang the beat of rest.

  47. 11/21/2018Mackenzie Kerkhoven says:

    Fall to earth, float from sky.

  48. 11/21/2018Mackenzie Kerkhoven says:

    Sitting here, falling in my mind.

  49. 11/21/2018Mackenzie Kerkhoven says:

    Crash yesterday, leap tomorrow, fall today?

  50. 11/21/2018Mackenzie Kerkhoven says:

    She found the clover quite quickly!

  51. 11/21/2018Mackenzie Kerkhoven says:

    The black cat crossed from the left.

  52. 11/21/2018Mackenzie Kerkhoven says:

    The cat crossed from the left.

  53. 11/21/2018Mackenzie Kerkhoven says:

    Hold the Option key to delete.

  54. 11/22/2018Houdini says:

    I´ve got this girl beside me. But she´s… out of reach.
    Jim Morrison – Doors (Cars hiss by my window)

  55. 11/26/2018Sara says:

    For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn

  56. 11/26/2018Jean Blasiar says:

    A second hand ring? No thanks.

  57. 11/27/2018Terry Martin says:

    Tried writing, mind blank, no story!!

  58. 11/28/2018LittleWolf says:

    ”Whose line is it?” … ”Damn, cops!”

  59. 12/7/2018DepressyDebby says:

    No ring no true love, I ended

  60. 12/7/2018Don't_Worry_About_It says:

    Being early can be too late

  61. 12/7/2018Don't_Worry_About_It says:

    I scheduled my funeral for tomorrow

  62. 12/7/2018HEYBOI says:

    Yo,Yo You is lame boi

  63. 12/7/2018Don't_Worry_About_It says:

    The pain will go away, someday

  64. 12/7/2018Depressedtothemax says:

    She covered her scars with wings.

  65. 12/7/2018Depressedtothemax says:

    The snow melts, the flowers blossom.

  66. 12/7/2018INeedYou says:

    broke me, teared me apart, but I need you

  67. 12/7/2018Don't_Worry_About_It says:

    I love this kind of pain

  68. 12/7/2018Don't_Worry_About_It says:

    my kindness can’t cure you now

  69. 12/7/2018Don't_Worry_About_It says:

    feeling nothing, smiles for others

  70. 12/7/2018TrueSadness says:

    Im cold, Im Hunger, Im Alone.

  71. 12/7/2018Mcdonalds says:

    Burger, Fries, Mcflurry, is true love

  72. 12/7/2018Don't_Worry_About_It says:

    Joys of life keep me afloat

  73. 12/7/2018YallFake says:

    I wish I had friends all I have are snakes

  74. 12/7/2018Depressedtothemax says:

    Eyes meeting, hearts melting, lips lying.

  75. 12/7/2018Depressedtothemax says:

    Eyes meeting, hearts melting, lips lying.

  76. 12/7/2018L.O.V.E says:

    Eyes locked, stunning, I want you.

  77. 12/7/2018Depressedtothemax says:

    When your snack turns into a snake

  78. 12/7/2018Don't_Worry_About_It says:

    My light has become a lie

  79. 12/7/2018Don't_Worry_About_It says:

    My joyous hopes have risen. Crash.

  80. 12/7/2018YourFavPoorBro says:

    being poor is just sad bro

  81. 12/7/2018YourFavPoorBro says:

    being poor is just sad bro.

  82. 12/7/2018SadButTrue says:

    Romance is not real, wake up.

  83. 12/8/2018StarLover99 says:

    One time, I rode the metro
    Drugs are bad. They killed Bobby
    The sun sets in the evening
    Elsa just burped because she drank
    I drank water then I peed
    I didn’t drink my cells imploded
    I only killed one, Your Honor
    The illuminati controls the whole world
    George Washington was the first president
    Orange juice is made with oranges
    Benjy stayed home to write songs
    The Black Death killed at least one
    Beer cap floating in the beer
    Benjy eating host brother’s McDonalds burger
    I ate the McChicken; relationship over
    Hate little bumps, scratch eyeballs out

  84. 12/8/2018StarLover99 says:

    Got 99 problems, not star loving

  85. 12/9/2018tatertot says:

    I fell, She fell. Someone else

  86. 12/12/2018Itismeldy says:

    Hullo hooman, thanks fo the food.

  87. 12/13/2018Scoutsailor9 says:

    Love can conquer, sadness, anger, fear.

  88. 12/14/2018Lexy says:

    He said yes. She screamed no.

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