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  1. 7/17/2020supercarrot says:

    We’re vines, craving sun and holds.

  2. 7/19/2020surrounded yet lonely says:

    her baby: my surname, his eyes

  3. 7/20/2020Dhruvraj Bundela says:

    I was encaptivated; She looked amazing!

  4. 7/20/2020Dhruvraj Bundela says:

    What is Magic ? Maybe, her eyes.

  5. 7/20/2020supercarrot says:

    Tiny steps up a big mountain…

  6. 7/27/2020Scott Moroschan says:

    Woman screams, man shits his pants!

  7. 8/1/2020Tannyyy! says:

    Another forever, recur wid another girl!

  8. 8/1/2020Rajwardhan Patil says:

    So lost into her, forgot myself!

  9. 8/2/2020Stephan Raab says:

    Find your path by getting lost.

  10. 8/2/2020Heath says:

    He clutched her t-shirt and sobbed.

  11. 8/4/2020B. G. Myers says:

    Mama cooks, but she ain’t cleanin’.

  12. 8/6/2020Valentina Gonzalez says:

    Only child, except for two brothers.

  13. 8/6/2020Valentina Gonzalez says:

    Found the money. Skipped the divorce.

  14. 8/6/2020Valentina Gonzalez says:

    He’s twenty years younger. She smiles.

  15. 8/6/2020Valentina Gonzalez says:

    Happy 39th birthday again, again, AGAIN!

  16. 8/9/2020Charles Crawford says:

    Aliens made pyramids. Humans took credit.

  17. 8/10/2020MrLewk says:

    There she was, just standing… here.

  18. 8/10/2020MrLewk says:

    Sitting under the tree, I died.

  19. 8/12/2020Xavier R Goring says:

    Butterflies fly until they can not.

  20. 8/12/2020Madhav Bhattarai says:

    She’s Tired of thinking, about “Overthinking”.

    she saw Humans, But not Humanity.

    Are You alive. or just existing ?

    Beyond crowds. and the city lights.

    she has mind, full of elsewhere.

  21. 8/13/2020Preacher says:

    Like father, like son. Like forever.

  22. 8/13/2020Preacher says:

    Goodbye and sorry. A simple note.

  23. 8/14/2020Matthew Hartter says:

    You suck at it!

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