Keys locked inside the car. Shit.

—Kenn Hoekstra

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  1. 2/15/2014Lama Gattan says:

    saddest book made me feel lost

  2. 2/21/2014Allison says:

    Two lovers, Two parents, one gunshot

  3. 3/2/2014Bernie O'Neill says:

    Saw him. Turned. Left. Online dating.

  4. 3/19/2014John says:

    Earth’s Got Talent Runner-up

  5. 3/20/2014Lori says:

    Not all paved roads are smooth.

  6. 3/20/2014Lillina Smith says:

    In his hand a broken glass.

  7. 4/30/2014Diganta says:

    I love Lina.She’s my wife.

  8. 4/30/2014Nancy Martocchia says:

    Happy father. Three small children. Shotgun.

  9. 6/12/2014Anna Bruner says:

    I wanted too much with you.

  10. 6/13/2014Soumyadip Pal says:

    LOVE IS LIFE : Is it true ?

  11. 6/18/2014Justanotherwriter says:

    Maybe the villain is the hero.

  12. 3/20/2018Sue Powers says:


    The problem in their marriage: him.

  13. 4/21/2018Zachary Pope says:

    Before I knew, she was gone.

  14. 6/18/2018Lola says:

    She is missing, she is me

  15. 6/18/2018Claire Solander says:

    She’s gone, all because of me

  16. 8/15/2018anaya williams says:


  17. 8/24/2018Mfundo Sokhulu says:

    Loving you is easy.
    It`s breathing.


  18. 9/18/2018Enely Cortez says:

    They’re all quick to switch up.

  19. 12/2/2018she never loved you says:

    gave her everything, took even more

  20. 12/20/2018Abhishek Anuj says:

    They met
    They fought
    They live.

  21. 1/7/2019Brooke says:

    No one can hear your screams

  22. 1/29/2019Isabella Garcia says:

    walking and running are all fantasy

  23. 3/29/2019Ethan Barnard says:

    I ran over my son’s dog.

  24. 9/1/2019Leo Turner says:

    chains were broken, it was loose

  25. 9/6/2019Brittney says:

    Cleaned out my closet. Found myself.

  26. 9/17/2019BJ says:

    Born black, died white, Micheal Jackson

  27. 11/12/2019Phil Nobbs says:

    Murder by bees. Honey trap. Solved.

  28. 11/14/2019Phil Nobbs says:

    Writing a six word story. Embarrassed.

  29. 11/22/2019Anya says:

    My heart reflects my eyes; pure
    I shouldn’t care but I do
    A fragile heart; broken in two
    My eyes don’t reflect my smile
    No, I didn’t spread that rumor

  30. 12/10/2019DollarBills says:

    On the eight day GOD retired.

  31. 3/11/2020Nobody says:

    Crying doesn’t help my broken heart

  32. 3/24/2020Zosia says:

    End of his world: she hung

  33. 4/5/2020Khailani Barrera says:

    He forced girls to become women.

  34. 5/17/2020abbigale says:

    smaller and smaller, until she disappeared

  35. 7/17/2020supercarrot says:

    We’ve tried and failed, and now what?

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