Keys locked inside the car. Shit.

—Kenn Hoekstra

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  1. 8/2/2009Rose Rhyme says:

    Screech, Twist, Bang…who am I?

  2. 8/14/2009melony cricket says:

    learning to love. forgive or forget.

  3. 9/24/2009caitlin says:

    mice. grain. farmer hits the sack.

  4. 9/24/2009anna says:

    Why, why, why can’t I fly?

  5. 9/24/2009sarah says:

    pets are my favourite things ever

  6. 9/24/2009caitlin says:

    excitement leaked from my bellybutton.

  7. 9/24/2009anna says:

    lemonade fizzed out of my nose

  8. 9/24/2009sarah says:

    farts bubbled out of my eyelids

  9. 9/26/2009casper says:

    found the oar, lost the boat.

  10. 10/6/2009Khadijah Taylor says:

    I snitched ! they watching ! like hulks!

  11. 10/6/2009Khadijah Taylor says:

    I SNITCHED ! they Watching ! like HULKS !

  12. 10/21/2009Bleys says:

    Older woman, great body, good times!

  13. 11/16/2009Will says:

    Misread box. “Dance Dance Immolation.” Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh

  14. 11/24/2009Sydnie says:

    Man cooks, Woman seduced, Equilibrium ecstasy

  15. 12/2/2009Pam Spriester says:

    Ignorance is bliss when all is not

  16. 12/10/2009Josh B says:

    Baby born. Single mother. Still birth.

  17. 12/10/2009Josh B says:

    Why can’t I sleep at night?

  18. 12/10/2009Josh B says:

    No more Christmas. Santa’s a paedophile.

  19. 12/10/2009Josh B says:

    Why did I let him go?

  20. 1/12/2010Darla says:

    Red Bird Matches take their place.

  21. 1/21/2010Rae says:

    Fell in love. Worst letters- KIA

  22. 1/21/2010carrie lands says:

    life struggles down to up success.

  23. 1/21/2010carrie lands says:

    whining baby-nose picker-attitude giver.

  24. 1/21/2010carrie lands says:

    Always dreaming big because reality checks.

  25. 1/21/2010carrie lands says:

    open up wide here comes spinage.

  26. 2/15/2010mercedes says:

    she died, he never called back……

  27. 3/2/2010ali says:

    started manager mode with fenerbahce

  28. 3/4/2010sasha says:

    good study buddy. bad hook-up.

  29. 3/22/2010Tom Sebastian says:

    six yards of rope, light and free

  30. 3/22/2010Tom Sebastian says:

    hop, skip and jump, a tumor??

  31. 3/25/2010Captain Incredible says:

    Hero of Neptune – Mightiest of Men

  32. 4/29/2010Kberk says:

    He shoots! He… oh dear God!

  33. 5/28/2010@MidasRaw says:

    Put together chick tears everything apart.

  34. 6/13/2010RANDY JOHNSON says:

    All this and more. That’s all.

  35. 8/12/2010Laura Bertrand says:

    Summer fun – travelling, hiking. Wanderlust fulfilled

  36. 8/27/2010elvis' twin says:

    Before long he was very short

  37. 8/27/2010elvis' twin says:

    Once was a warewolf. Not anymoooooorrrrrr.

  38. 8/27/2010elvis' twin says:

    I had a dream in Paris.

  39. 10/19/2010sue says:

    Boys married; spider rings. Happy forever.

  40. 2/1/2011Deepesh Jha says:

    Want to have sex – ‘I do’.

  41. 2/1/2011Deepesh Jha says:

    Fought a mugger. Now I’m broke.

  42. 2/1/2011Deepesh Jha says:

    Pull up fly fast. Aaaaaaaaah Ooooooooooh!

  43. 2/2/2011barcor says:

    and the world just keeps spinning

  44. 2/18/2011Eve Jake says:

    Live Life Forever Better Because U

  45. 3/3/2011Lorelei says:

    There it was. The beautiful sweat.

  46. 3/21/2011Mauricio says:

    Barack Obama touched me O.o sad face

  47. 3/21/2011Mauricio says:

    LG=Life’s Good… or is it…

  48. 3/30/2011Giselle Santos says:

    Come, meet, giggle, kiss, hide, come!

  49. 4/7/2011caro says:

    I love him. He loves her.

  50. 4/12/2011Harry Buwalda says:

    laughin out loud, he stabbed her

  51. 4/23/2011POKEALEX says:

    Hot Chick, Fun Night, Hadtoget married

  52. 5/5/2011Loco says:

    Take aspirin. Exit matrix. Placebo effect.

  53. 5/18/2011Dani Steevensz says:

    I throw the ball: “Your turn…”

  54. 6/1/2011sebastian parra says:

    My story sucks, don’t read this.

  55. 6/29/2011Randall says:

    Bestowed upon every nightfall is daybreak.

  56. 7/17/2011Sue says:

    Walker does Koch. Recall Walker! Soladarity!!

  57. 9/7/2011cole beck says:

    one hit,nasty taste,bad reggie

  58. 9/27/2011An Do says:

    365 days relationship, 1 word: “Trust”.

  59. 12/31/2011praveen nair says:

    big money hot girl friend murder

  60. 2/9/2012harshita says:

    be who you are…….. don’t change.

  61. 7/3/2012Gabbie says:

    He’s leaving for college… I’m sad.

  62. 8/26/2012tyrall says:

    heaven and hell up or down.

  63. 8/27/2012denise animo says:

    - things happen. don’t worry be happy.
    – laughs.comfort. up. down cries. goodbye
    – lost. hello. found. cried. love. forever.

  64. 8/27/2012Juan Animo says:

    Learn to live. Live to learn.

  65. 8/28/2012Kaitlin Animo says:

    Bitter darkness surrounding a cold cavity.

  66. 8/28/2012Kaitlin Animo says:

    Bitter darkness surrounding your cold cavity.

  67. 10/16/2012Tess says:

    Once fat girl, always fat girl.

  68. 11/24/2012bennington says:

    Work load increases, work ethic decreases.

  69. 11/24/2012Sue B says:

    Pee on a stick.Baby.Disappointment.

  70. 11/26/2012Anna D says:

    It’s not called six stupid words.

  71. 12/24/2012Joris says:

    Mother against abortion,Son became Pope

  72. 12/25/2012Tim Carlin says:

    Broken wings, still trying to fly.

  73. 12/31/2012Ed Higgins says:

    My life over; loved this world.

    Wife wish. Years later, still friends.

    Naked truth: needs a skeptical tailor.

    Cheating Death: go back, mother said.

  74. 1/10/2013Tasha Hears says:

    Not long ago, I faced: depression.

  75. 1/11/2013jason says:

    Jesus crucified, Not a laughing martyr.

  76. 1/15/2013zeyneptu says:

    cigarettes,imagination,music. happy new year

  77. 1/16/2013Christopher Chamberlain says:

    Fuck, shit. Those are swear words

  78. 1/29/2013nine thirty says:

    I love you. I just lied.

  79. 1/29/2013Idol says:

    Zombie wanted to rent my brain.

  80. 1/31/2013Nick Dalrymple says:

    Stole a kiss. Alarms went off.

  81. 2/4/2013Rich Atkinson says:

    Christ died, was buried rose again.

  82. 2/25/2013Mrs. C says:

    Helping Heal the Earth…OUR MISSION

  83. 3/16/2013Jeff Munz says:

    Deaf parents. I talk. Do you?

  84. 3/16/2013Elizabeth says:

    Google – new apartments in New York

  85. 3/16/2013Thomas Lartin says:

    Damn it, I forgot to study.

  86. 3/18/2013Inge says:

    Love is all that really matters.

  87. 4/11/2013Michaela says:

    I look at you. What happened?

  88. 7/11/2013Lourdes says:

    Can’t think of anything to say

  89. 8/18/2013rakesh says:

    And she was back in bed…

  90. 8/18/2013rakesh says:

    He turned back and she vanished….

  91. 8/22/2013Anne Eagleton says:

    Wings grown. They’ve flown! Mother’s blessing.

  92. 9/7/2013Josie says:

    Haunted souls still searching for victims

  93. 9/11/2013Bri says:

    One life, one chance, many tears.

  94. 9/12/2013muzzyfuzzy says:

    One night. Three letters. Life ruined.

  95. 9/18/2013Loren G. Evans says:

    Lovers die, joint suicide, husband morns.

  96. 11/11/2013janny says:

    today is good

  97. 1/8/2014A says:

    loves is forvever, friendship is eternal

  98. 1/10/2014quinto says:

    Kisses dream of lips like yours.

  99. 1/23/2014Steve Ilunga says:

    I get educated to educate others

  100. 2/6/2014MollW says:

    Good times leave bad memories

  101. 2/15/2014Lama Gattan says:

    saddest book made me feel lost

  102. 2/21/2014Allison says:

    Two lovers, Two parents, one gunshot

  103. 3/2/2014Bernie O'Neill says:

    Saw him. Turned. Left. Online dating.

  104. 3/19/2014John says:

    Earth’s Got Talent Runner-up

  105. 3/20/2014Lori says:

    Not all paved roads are smooth.

  106. 3/20/2014Lillina Smith says:

    In his hand a broken glass.

  107. 4/30/2014Diganta says:

    I love Lina.She’s my wife.

  108. 4/30/2014Nancy Martocchia says:

    Happy father. Three small children. Shotgun.

  109. 6/12/2014Anna Bruner says:

    I wanted too much with you.

  110. 6/13/2014Soumyadip Pal says:

    LOVE IS LIFE : Is it true ?

  111. 6/18/2014Justanotherwriter says:

    Maybe the villain is the hero.

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