Time travel discovered. This story prevented.

—Dan Kramer

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  1. 7/29/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Time travel prevents story –if only!

  2. 7/29/2009Pete says:

    Just time traveled; story’s been republished.

  3. 11/29/2009David Carpenter says:

    Recalcitrant Henry died kicking and screaming

  4. 12/14/2009lucas lim says:

    exams next class. Need to study!

  5. 10/28/2010Anniken says:

    The father (never) left his family.

  6. 12/9/2010brij says:

    If you are…need not be

  7. 2/10/2011ang says:

    All work, no play, nervous breakdown.

  8. 10/3/2011Diana says:

    Twenty-five, still waiting for prince charming…

  9. 11/1/2011Jack Murray says:

    Better to Divorce Than to Murder

  10. 1/12/2013Tor Inge Dolve says:

    Torpon fishing. Wheeling reel. Heart broken.

  11. 5/31/2013Diana R. says:

    Kissed him for the first time.

  12. 8/2/2013Taylir says:

    Here I lay. There you’ll stay.

  13. 8/22/2013Jack says:

    One day, one birth, one death.

  14. 11/9/2013Adebayo says:

    Building blocks, loaded trucks, fallen men.

  15. 5/3/2014Akshay Sharma says:

    “Us” he said,”I” she.

  16. 1/7/2019mr bones says:

    the kindest people wear porcelain faces.

  17. 1/15/2019Andrea says:

    I wish i could be honest

  18. 8/27/2019Kyler young says:

    I’m burned so is my chicken

    when i was 2 my mothers ex-husband brutally beat and almost killed me. He gave me second and third degree burns from the knee down while also inflicting 2 skull fractures

  19. 9/5/2019Ken says:

    I am Avatar. I AM ENDGAME.

  20. 11/16/2019Effluvium Deadwood says:

    Abroad: a tourist, returns home a corpse

  21. 4/26/2021James Willey says:

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  22. 9/8/2021Zackery Williams says:

    “Work Work Work, Men don’t cry”

  23. 3/31/2022Serina says:

    I awoke again .. ten feet under

  24. 5/6/2022Ryan says:

    Firey, you’re so easy to slap.

  25. 5/6/2022Ryan says:

    Firey, you’re so easy to slap.

  26. 5/6/2022Noah says:

    Man Shoots Down Zeppelin with Pyramids

  27. 12/6/2022lewis. b says:

    peace comes within not with out

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