Met. Kissed. Loved. Married. Divorced. Met.


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  1. 9/1/2009Ray Cates says:

    Yes, I touched her eyes.

  2. 9/13/2009Katy says:

    Met her, kissed her, loved her, married her, divorced her then got amnesia and met her again.

  3. 9/13/2009danny says:

    i think by the last “met” he means he didnt really know her untill after all of that

  4. 9/19/2009Diana says:

    met: someone new…

  5. 1/29/2019Cerys says:

    Took a chance. Ugh. Big mistake.

  6. 1/13/2023Hayden says:

    speed bump. twenty points. 5000 kills camo unlocked.

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