Sex is overrated. Life disappears. Whoops.


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  1. 10/18/2009Graham says:

    Twelve survive nuclear war. One female.

  2. 10/19/2009Sandi says:

    Aging – it beats the alternative – dying.

  3. 10/22/2009Any says:

    Overrated? My phallus tends to disagree.

  4. 7/13/2010Akanksha says:

    Oh God!!! I’m Pregnant!!! Who did?

  5. 3/22/2011Clint says:

    Favorite letter is U and I

  6. 3/22/2011Clint says:

    S[he] be[lie]ves

  7. 3/22/2011Clint says:

    songs that can express your emotions

  8. 3/20/2012Leah says:

    I’m not your little girl anymore.

  9. 8/29/2012estrella animo says:

    The day I open my eyes

  10. 8/29/2012Animo michael camacho says:

    Skate hard, don’t stop, won’t stop

  11. 2/8/2013Kayra says:

    he calls me hazeL, I cry

  12. 4/30/2014ahalb119 says:

    inspire to be inspired. lacking inspiration.

  13. 10/6/2018Joseph Volkel says:

    Easter Bunny. Chocolate – yummy. Upset tummy.

  14. 1/8/2019JJ says:

    Common sense is no longer common.

  15. 1/15/2019Julio says:

    Happy life, think less, responsible tomorrow.

  16. 2/20/2019thym says:

    two guys, in hottub, not gay

  17. 3/18/2020Emma says:

    Will you mail me my diploma?

  18. 9/8/2020Cameryn says:

    To find out who I am.

  19. 6/18/2021zxc 18 Alex says:


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