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There are 9,870 comments in this article:

  1. 8/26/2019ash says:

    please wake up. please wake up.

  2. 8/26/2019omnom says:

    Got a cat, he’s flat now

  3. 8/26/2019Quinn says:

    Stuck in glass. Unfortunately i’m optimistic.

  4. 8/26/2019Rachel says:

    fell off dock, onto a jellyfish

  5. 8/26/2019Chloe says:

    Plane intercom: “everyone, please brace yourselves”

  6. 8/26/2019AJG says:

    Waves, static, crashing under, gasping, silence.

  7. 8/26/2019Rachel says:

    news: corrupting the minds of kiddos

  8. 8/26/2019Sydney says:

    It was then I knew: geese.

  9. 8/26/2019Sahlo says:

    Where are the band-aids? Safety first

  10. 8/26/2019MKN says:

    say, “I can!” Can’t? Pathetic, typical.

  11. 8/26/2019Sydney says:

    Her sunny disposition began the end.

  12. 8/26/2019MKN says:

    tried not to know you. “tried”

  13. 8/26/2019Ava G. says:

    I guess real life starts tomorrow?

  14. 8/27/2019Colin M says:

    Petrichor and gasoline perfumed the wreckage.

  15. 8/28/2019Natalie says:

    Falling endlessly; then I wake up

  16. 8/29/2019Kyla says:

    A fish drowning in ocean water.

  17. 8/29/2019sandhya says:

    “Let’s meet soon”, we never did.

  18. 8/29/2019Jack R says:

    Pencil furiously scratching paper. It broke.

  19. 8/30/2019Martina says:

    One sided love is a stillborn .

  20. 8/30/2019Martina says:

    To my heart love stays obscure…

  21. 8/30/2019Martina says:

    Watching gowns i will never own .

  22. 8/30/2019Martina says:

    From the summer to the fall.

  23. 9/5/2019Rahul Gandhi says:

    Verbose, emotional, doting father. Single Malt !

  24. 9/5/2019thomas michael koller says:

    different business. same desire. other brands.

    more to follow from October onwards on markenspektrum.de

  25. 9/5/2019David says:

    He rushed home, and found madness.

  26. 9/8/2019Julie says:

    Under my breast, the lump smirked.

  27. 9/17/2019Arelli says:

    Your name still haunts my dreams

  28. 9/27/2019Sbrous says:

    His Social Credit Score Dropped, Drastically

  29. 10/1/2019Emily says:

    Eventually, we all die.

  30. 10/3/2019Papa Stas says:

    Surgically, I changed he to her.

  31. 10/5/2019diana neger says:

    Homeless now. Sucks! Tomorrow did come!

  32. 10/8/2019chleo says:

    Replaced my skis for a wheelchair

  33. 10/13/2019Joke err says:

    Live healthy! *lights cigarette* “oh yes”.

  34. 10/16/2019Pino says:

    Men discovers time travel. Founded Apple.

  35. 10/16/2019Pino says:

    Stuck in 1945. Wearing Diesel pants.

  36. 10/17/2019Joke err says:

    Couple. Girlfriends best friend. Break up…

  37. 10/21/2019Shannon Smith says:

    “But you don’t adore me anymore.”

  38. 10/21/2019S smith says:

    Couldn’t break it to his heart

  39. 10/21/2019Shannon Smith says:

    Hey Mommy, I’m on your team.

  40. 11/4/2019Robert Kushner says:

    Seeking serenity, running out of time.

  41. 11/5/2019Alejandra says:

    Back to school sale: bulletproof backpacks

  42. 11/5/2019mJob says:

    Answering a silent call, 3:10 am.

  43. 11/22/2019Sbroussos says:

    Rain stops, drought. Rain starts, flood.

  44. 12/11/2019Dan Vasey says:

    Lolita texted #metoo. Humbert’s in jail.

  45. 12/21/2019Olzhas says:

    Try.Fail.Don’t give up. Success.

  46. 12/21/2019Syrym says:

    Arrogance. TL:DR. Exams. Failure. Private Johnson.

  47. 12/21/2019Olzhas says:

    Live for century. Learn for century.

  48. 12/21/2019hitherexxx says:

    Powerlessness hidden inside, smile shown outside.

  49. 12/21/2019hitherexxx says:

    Humility defeats pride, pride defeats man.

  50. 12/22/2019Kuanysh says:

    I live only for writing code

  51. 12/22/2019Kuanysh says:

    Wake up! Go to running! Work!

  52. 12/22/2019Symbat says:

    Sleep, Work, Study, Exams, No Sleep.

  53. 12/22/2019Kuanysh says:

    Don’t spend time live your life

  54. 1/3/2020Joke err says:

    Brick fell off. “Who are you?”

  55. 1/22/2020Robbie West says:

    He came. He conquered. I cried.

  56. 1/27/2020Callie says:

    Fall, hospital, scan, spot, chemo, casket.

  57. 2/2/2020Yige says:

    one, two, three, four, five, zero.

  58. 2/2/2020China PR says:

    the money dropped, stacks after stacks

  59. 2/7/2020Martin Hawes says:

    Her footsteps ended at the lake.

  60. 2/7/2020Martin Hawes says:

    “I laced your schapps. Goodbye! – Harriet.

  61. 2/7/2020Martin Hawes says:

    Everywhere I turn, you ain’t there.

  62. 2/10/2020C. R. Harms says:

    Empty glasses held with dead hands.

  63. 2/17/2020Alexandra Cardona says:

    She began, “Twice upon an oblivion…”

  64. 2/19/2020Erin Luby says:

    Men have hands. Women have pussy.

  65. 2/19/2020Erin Luby says:

    Thinking of him. Burdened with you.

  66. 2/24/2020Anna says:

    “Game over” the next hunting season.

  67. 2/29/2020Maxiboi says:

    She became he, he became happier

  68. 3/6/2020Ash A... says:

    My future job

    A speed bump

  69. 3/19/2020Leiyi Xu says:

    I said yes when he asked.

  70. 3/29/2020Kristi says:

    Isolated, but not alone; feeling safe.

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