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  1. 8/16/2021Victor Thybo says:

    Are you still in the closet?

  2. 8/16/2021Victor Thybo says:

    went for milk, never came back

  3. 8/16/2021Victor Thybo says:

    Got a fine, not so fine.

  4. 8/20/2021Angela Guthrie says:

    The crucifixion of Jesus birthed humanity.

  5. 8/23/2021wgic says:

    Entered website.Noticed date.Anyway sent.

  6. 8/26/2021angiesunshine says:

    Light l̶o̶s̶t̶ found inside a girl.

  7. 8/27/2021abudalta says:

    Waiting for the result. Be optimistic.

  8. 8/28/2021Kash says:

    Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane

  9. 8/28/2021kash says:

    Do or die. No in between.

  10. 8/31/2021Ava says:

    Living is hard. Loving is harder.

  11. 8/31/2021Mynameishere says:

    Was on thin ice and swam

  12. 9/2/2021Denden says:

    Is that all? Life I mean

  13. 9/3/2021Emily says:

    Born best friends, died strangers.

  14. 9/7/2021D.A Marsden says:

    Pills, drugs, sex, mom of 2

  15. 9/9/2021Ernest Hemingway says:

    FOR SALE: Baby shoes, never worn.

  16. 9/9/2021Frank Popper says:

    Doused the candle, lost all light.

  17. 9/9/2021Frank Popper says:

    Ate pizza, tasted only anchovies. Surprise!

  18. 9/9/2021Frank Popper says:

    Welcome to the NFL of love.

  19. 9/28/2021Dan Vasey says:

    Artificial intelligence. Natural Attraction. Digital babies.

  20. 9/28/2021Dan Vasey says:

    Jesus comes again. Two weeks quarantine.

  21. 9/28/2021Dan Vasey says:

    Boldly go. No life there. Shit.

  22. 10/7/2021ES says:

    He came, died, rose; defeated death.

  23. 10/12/2021Nattu says:

    Stay Hungry , Stay Foolish, Die Empty

  24. 10/14/2021Michael Spring says:

    life light lingers love languishes longer

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