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  1. 8/30/2018Ethan says:

    No drowning in my swimming pool!

  2. 8/30/2018Jake Alwitt says:

    Instead of a wedding, a funeral.

  3. 8/30/2018William Statz says:

    The leash found, but never Happiness.

  4. 8/30/2018Noah Jung says:

    “The greatest city!”, Piles of rubble.

  5. 8/30/2018Michael says:

    I spilled baked beans. everyone laughed.

  6. 8/30/2018Simon X. Goldsmith says:

    I Achieved. I survived. I healed

  7. 8/30/2018Abby says:

    One day is all it takes

  8. 8/30/2018Sydney says:

    Are you awake? Are you certain?

  9. 8/30/2018Kaliah Wood says:

    The abuser passed, no widow’s tears.

  10. 8/30/2018Kaliah Wood says:

    The dead shark missed its fins.

  11. 8/30/2018Kaliah Wood says:

    He left, oath broken, family shattered.

  12. 8/30/2018Emma says:

    There’s blood in her ballet shoes.

  13. 8/30/2018Kaliah Wood says:

    Grandma cleaning closet. Found me inside.

  14. 8/30/2018Guillermo says:

    The cat jumped: the bird fell.

  15. 8/30/2018Merritt Stovall says:

    Got him. Loved him. Lost him.

  16. 9/2/2018Naomi says:

    The fly buzzed. Thud, Silence

  17. 9/3/2018Mackenzie Slagle says:

    Phone rings, distant voices, line dies

  18. 9/4/2018Flightofthelepus says:

    “Woo”, said the dyslexic cow. “Woo.”

  19. 9/4/2018Grace Rodriguez says:

    Runs fast, leaves crackle, forever gone

  20. 9/4/2018Mariele Healy says:

    Sadness and tears vs relief.

  21. 9/4/2018Mariele Healy says:

    Out of breath and furiously blushing.

  22. 9/4/2018Mariele Healy says:

    Just you, me, and the sky.

  23. 9/4/2018Joan says:

    That’s your favorite I mean it.

  24. 9/8/2018David says:

    ‘Mother just wet herself again, Dad

  25. 9/8/2018David says:

    ‘Mother just wet herself again, Dad!

  26. 9/8/2018Dridd says:

    He walked home without her number.

  27. 9/12/2018ashleysanchez says:

    “I remember wishing I was older”

  28. 9/12/2018ashleysanchez says:

    But I’m only human after all

  29. 9/13/2018Jacob Hoesktra says:

    Sitting down, sipping Coffee with her.

  30. 9/17/2018Fredrick Ederheart says:

    Your debt will always be unpaid.

  31. 9/17/2018Fredrick Ederheart says:

    Come take this leap with me.

  32. 9/17/2018Difé Tíg says:

    NOLA transplants making authentic vegan gumbo.

  33. 9/17/2018christian martinez says:

    She fall, She laughed, She cried

  34. 9/18/2018Remisan says:

    Swipe right if you miss me

  35. 9/18/2018Alfonso Garcia says:

    Onto a Journey; one leading nowhere

  36. 9/18/2018Breanna miranda says:

    Dead inside, alive in the outside

  37. 9/18/2018Breanna miranda says:

    Dead inside, alive on the outside

  38. 9/19/2018Xavier McMullan says:

    Inside I’ve died a thousand times

  39. 9/21/2018Iain L. Luen says:

    Words penned. The stains come alive.

  40. 9/25/2018slapdasch says:

    Push button to activate automatic door?

  41. 9/27/2018Grace says:

    Under pressure, the rules don’t apply.

  42. 9/28/2018Anna MJ says:

    I tried…and tried..and tried…

  43. 10/1/2018Alice says:

    “Why are you smiling at me?”

  44. 10/1/2018Alice says:

    Rabbit hole? No I used the stairs

  45. 10/2/2018Trae Quintrell says:

    There’s better reception here than home.

  46. 10/2/2018Trae Quintrell says:

    My Mind is a broken record.

  47. 10/2/2018Trae Quintrell says:

    Wait for inspiration to come forward.

  48. 10/3/2018Mr. Nobody says:

    She uttered her last word. “Goodbye.”

  49. 10/3/2018Mr. Nobody says:

    Then I heard a blood-curling scream.

  50. 10/3/2018Mr. Nobody says:

    Legs pumping. Heart racing. Almost there.

  51. 10/3/2018Mr. Nobody says:

    “Please! It wasn’t me!” I cried.

  52. 10/5/2018Skylar A Yarbro says:

    When lies turn to truth, RUN!

  53. 10/5/2018Arie says:

    Once precious is now deadly disastrous

  54. 10/5/2018Iain L. Luen says:

    Taken, not given. Innocence is lost.

  55. 10/10/2018Michael says:

    Upright swear jar, full of divorce

  56. 10/14/2018Melihah says:

    Driving a stolen car chasing kidnappers

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