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  1. 6/11/2014pooroldthing says:

    Found out I have cancer. Damn.

  2. 6/12/2014Heroin Bob says:

    Lethal injection: the living’s accidental ejection.

  3. 6/12/2014Who Cares says:

    This is my happily ever after

  4. 6/12/2014Jared Harris says:

    On her deathbed said, “I do.”

  5. 6/14/2014John Green says:

    It’s a good life, Hazel Grace.

  6. 6/15/2014babbette says:

    He asked, and I said “yes”

  7. 6/16/2014julia says:

    i put his happiness before mine.

  8. 6/16/2014Daniel Goelz says:

    We tried. Do you cry too?

  9. 6/16/2014CM says:

    Found Didn’t work. Got fired.

  10. 6/16/2014rosekicks says:

    I (just can’t) love you, baby.

  11. 6/16/2014ilikerefrigerators says:

    I picked on my identification bracelet.

  12. 6/16/2014Karina says:

    “And they were all women.”

  13. 6/16/2014Jenelle says:

    The bright smile hides true pain.

  14. 6/16/2014dgye says:

    She left when I got bad…

  15. 6/16/2014Brooklyn says:

    Seizure free for four years now!

  16. 6/17/2014Casey Jones says:

    Loneliest is lonelier than alone, always.

  17. 6/17/2014Tarun says:

    “Happy anniversary love.”
    Her picture smiled!

  18. 6/18/2014Una L. says:

    Drank all night. Regretted all day.

  19. 6/19/2014Walker says:

    Attempted teleportation. Half of me succeeded!

  20. 6/19/2014Jesse WAlker says:

    Everyone stopped moving. Am I alone?

  21. 6/20/2014Ekay says:

    Time goes faster when you’re older.

  22. 6/20/2014underthecloudysky says:

    Not too tall, he’ll see you.

  23. 6/20/2014Jimmie says:

    Remember when you thought I mattered?

  24. 6/22/2014Maria says:

    Successful transition from human to cyborg.


    It doesn’t hurt, lies, being alone.

  25. 6/22/2014Zach Luczynski says:

    Touchdown. Whiskey rattles. Turns off TV.

  26. 6/22/2014Jadedraisins says:

    Memories turned out as awful curses.

  27. 6/22/2014Jadedraisins says:

    Memories became awful curses towards us

  28. 6/23/2014Aubrey Freisinger says:

    Said my final words. Voicemail answered.

  29. 6/23/2014Scarlett says:

    Kiss the inside of my thigh.

  30. 6/23/2014Payal Aggarwal says:

    New rings that bind old souls.

  31. 2/20/2018Leeroy Jenkins says:

    “Time is up! Let’s do this!”

  32. 2/21/2018alisa says:

    he has cancer, he had cancer.

  33. 2/22/2018Queenin says:

    Baby lives! Girl! Father changes mind….

  34. 2/22/2018Queenin says:

    Broke barriers and broke his heart

  35. 2/26/2018Anita Punamiya says:

    Many Me’s: Chapters, transitions; Evolution continues.

  36. 2/27/2018jenny chen says:

    I buried you alive, in mind

  37. 2/27/2018krystal chan says:

    I miss what I missed

  38. 2/27/2018Sarah ali says:

    Knock, knock, knock… “Open the door!!”

  39. 3/12/2018Marcelino says:

    Alpha. DNA, creativity, self-destruction, Omega

  40. 3/12/2018sombrero cow says:

    my left, my right, no one.

  41. 3/12/2018sombrero cow says:

    why do I need to go?

  42. 3/12/2018sombrero cow says:

    I’m in bed, no more, please.

  43. 3/14/2018Aleth says:

    Taken red pill also turned blue.

  44. 3/18/2018James Zaworski says:

    Large penis, no testicles, no kids.

  45. 3/22/2018Tanya Sara Estelle Fillbrook says:

    ”That fur coat was never yours!”

  46. 3/22/2018Shannon Corinna says:

    Love is seeing myself, and smiling

  47. 3/23/2018Lorraine says:

    Life is mostly all about loss.

  48. 3/25/2018egoisnotadirtyword says:

    Fifty year wait for premiership art.

  49. 3/27/2018Simon says:

    Monokuma trapped them in the school.

  50. 3/28/2018Rapunzel says:

    Had a home-made lunch, he died.

  51. 3/28/2018Rapunzel says:

    “Are you wearing my lipsticks, husband?”

  52. 3/29/2018Tanya Sara Estelle Fillbrook says:

    ”You are brightest when I’m ignorant.”

  53. 3/30/2018Line says:

    I am a hub for vampires

  54. 3/31/2018Yani lung says:

    He asked and I replied ”yes!”

  55. 4/4/2018Ygbrisko says:

    Teen Mom. Determination. College Graduate… Entrepreneur

  56. 4/11/2018Noelle Devin says:

    I am my own unreliable narrator.

  57. 4/11/2018salty water says:

    How to write six word stories.

  58. 4/12/2018Janice Carter says:

    Lost home. Moved in with parents.

  59. 4/22/2018Jma says:

    It was always in my heart.

  60. 4/24/2018Tanya Sara Estelle Fillbrook says:

    ”Once I loved only to live.”

  61. 4/25/2018Suq Madik says:

    He lied, she cried. Double suicide.

  62. 4/25/2018Joe Whalley says:

    Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat… Die.

  63. 4/25/2018Joe Whalley says:

    He lied, she cried. Double suicide

  64. 4/27/2018Alex says:

    Never liked reality, allways somewhere else

  65. 4/30/2018Tanya Sara Estelle Fillbrook says:

    ”My life in one day forgotten.”

  66. 5/1/2018Tanya Sara Estelle Fillbrook says:

    Planets were metamorphosing into spheroid anomalies.

  67. 5/1/2018George Campbell says:

    Two spares for three flat tires.

  68. 5/3/2018yellow_bee says:

    The answer is always another question.

  69. 5/4/2018Stefano says:

    She wanted more, I needed less.

  70. 5/6/2018Panda says:

    Remember when you thought you mattered?

  71. 5/6/2018Panda says:

    Looking. Striving. Starving. Dying. Help me.

  72. 5/6/2018Dog says:

    Knife glints. Crimson red roses bloom.

  73. 5/6/2018Dog says:

    They promised. But promises never last.

  74. 5/6/2018Giraffe says:

    She saw clearly until reality hit.

  75. 5/6/2018Hippo says:

    Webs of lies kept her safe.

  76. 5/6/2018Pig says:

    Drew with silver. Left only red.

  77. 5/8/2018Sweedle says:

    Crowded room. Funny People. Still lonely.

  78. 5/19/2018abby c. says:

    “Ever feel apathetic?””Nope, can’t relate.”

  79. 5/23/2018dragon says says:

    Her tears flowed like the rain.

  80. 5/23/2018simon says says:

    Bullets sounded until it was silent.

  81. 5/23/2018harry potter says says:

    Time ticked away along with hers.

  82. 5/23/2018wonder land says:

    He hit send then a tree.

  83. 5/23/2018wonder land says:

    Me, being born, made him leave.

  84. 5/23/2018wonder land says:

    Brother left; a flag came back.

  85. 5/23/2018wonder land says:

    The rain soothed her tearful pain.

  86. 5/23/2018wonder land says:

    The hands moved ever so slowly.

  87. 5/23/2018wonder land says:

    Broken. Scarred. Hidden. Alone. Smiling. Better.

  88. 5/24/2018Roberta Beach Jacobson says:

    One haystack. Two lovers. Three heartbeats.

  89. 6/4/2018Turbo says:

    House is full, life is empty.

  90. 6/4/2018Turbo says:

    My mind, your smile, can’t sleep.

  91. 6/11/2018J says:

    I’m sorry, I have bad news;

  92. 6/15/2018tony bartsch says:

    sometimes you run before you walk

  93. 6/23/2018luis relova says:

    The priest confessed to the child.

  94. 6/25/2018Vessel says:

    Will it always hurt like this?

  95. 7/7/2018Kate Shipman says:

    Four performed before fourth aforementioned fortnight.

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