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  1. 1/15/2019Emily Bateh says:

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s with no breakfast.

  2. 1/15/2019Polly Rittenberg says:

    She never apologized. She died alone.

  3. 1/15/2019Polly Rittenberg says:

    I promise we’ll take off shortly.

  4. 1/15/2019Polly Rittenberg says:

    Fish truck flipped over, causing stench.

  5. 1/16/2019Michelle says:

    My least favorite holiday: Father’s Day.

  6. 1/17/2019Lili says:

    ,,Last chance to be happy again.”

  7. 1/17/2019MI says:

    My plane never landed.

  8. 1/18/2019Justdhogan says:

    It is great: when it works.

  9. 1/18/2019Ray_M says:

    “You’re not worth it.” Love, Dad.

  10. 1/19/2019Sergio Mastrocola says:

    King has two balls, queen wished.
    Woke warrior-like, struggled, missed the subway.

  11. 1/19/2019Makena says:

    Sickening shrieks sang amidst guffawing gales.

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