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There are 9,530 comments in this article:

  1. 12/30/2008Pete says:

    (This is where the stories go.)

  2. 1/4/2009Jason Sheridan says:

    That giraffe left. Never came back.

  3. 1/6/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Children catch fireflies; death in jars.

  4. 1/6/2009Sean Lyman Frasier says:

    Poet: My roses were once read.

  5. 1/6/2009Mike Wechsler says:

    Taken: Sick Sword Stories dot com.

  6. 1/6/2009Shelly Helgeson says:

    Budding starlet. Infamous bloom. Marilyn decomposed.

  7. 1/6/2009aguynamededdy says:

    Dead mother. Alcoholic father. Homeless teen.

  8. 1/6/2009spudinthebox says:

    I jumped, but I didn’t fall.

  9. 1/6/2009aguynamededdy says:

    Jealously killed a man. Life sentence.

  10. 1/6/2009P S says:

    We jammed all day; neighbors cried.

  11. 1/6/2009P S says:

    Laughing out loud: hard to type.

  12. 1/6/2009P S says:

    Once upon a time, the end.

  13. 1/6/2009Mike Wechsler says:

    Keep the window open; more options.

  14. 1/6/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Playing God, fused DNA; Monster Island.

  15. 1/6/2009Allen D says:

    A life spent watching seconds pass.

  16. 1/6/2009Paul says:

    He married a foreigner for simplicity.

  17. 1/6/2009daniel says:

    he said, she said, they divorced

  18. 1/6/2009Lorie says:

    One husband, three kids, so lonely.

  19. 1/6/2009Bruce LaDuke says:

    The answer is in the question.

  20. 1/6/2009Pete Dickson says:

    suburb poor, northwoods rich, look there

  21. 1/6/2009aguynamededdy says:

    Once upon a time: Big Bang!

  22. 1/6/2009Chris Jones says:

    She found God, but lost herself.

  23. 1/6/2009Charles Gillis says:

    Wish granted. Now you’re really screwed.

  24. 1/6/2009Casey says:

    I accidentally the whole thing. Testicles

  25. 1/6/2009Kenshiro says:

    Atheist seeks redemption. Will pay afterward.

  26. 1/6/2009Kenshiro says:

    Missing an s, right above me.

  27. 1/6/2009Matt Portman says:

    No toilet paper. Used my hand.

  28. 1/6/2009Mandie says:

    Eyes screamed, what lips could not.

  29. 1/6/2009Matt Portman says:

    Fed pigeons rice. Watched them die.

  30. 1/6/2009Matt Portman says:

    Drank a lot. Threw up more.

  31. 1/6/2009Chris A Sutton says:

    One knife, two seconds, nine fingers

  32. 1/6/2009Matt Portman says:

    Tried to fuck her. Failed miserably.

  33. 1/6/2009Matt Portman says:

    Godzilla attacks Japan. Poor little people.

  34. 1/6/2009gary tso says:

    Lost baby – can still hear her.

  35. 1/6/2009Adrienne Bellows says:

    School sweethearts. Cheated. Lost him; myself

  36. 1/6/2009Matt Portman says:

    Robots masturbate. The future is here.

  37. 1/6/2009Matt Portman says:

    Forgot to shave. My face itches.

  38. 1/6/2009Chris says:

    Turns out I can’t breathe underwater.

  39. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Met Bigfoot, smaller feet in person.

  40. 1/7/2009Shannon Kirk says:

    Black eyes make me feel.. sexy.

  41. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Dead christmas tree fire ruined Halloween.

  42. 1/7/2009Jesse Hertz says:

    Wake up damn it’s still me

  43. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    Stared at her boobs. Got smacked.

  44. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    Ate a whole cake. No Regrets.

  45. 1/7/2009stumpy says:

    She waited. She left. He cried.

  46. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Emo saying, enhanced using word restriction.

  47. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    My new favorite site, thanks Pete.

  48. 1/7/2009Wesley Smoyak says:

    First I was. Then I wasn’t.

  49. 1/7/2009Joe Jones says:

    “Great massage! Where’s my happy ending?”

  50. 1/7/2009Joe Jones says:

    Silver chair, downhill sucks. Uphill’s worse

  51. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Decapitation momentarily postponed whilst executioners deliberate.

  52. 1/7/2009Julius Caesar says:

    I came. I saw. I conquered.

  53. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    Why only six words? Why not seven?

  54. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Off to dream in six words.

  55. 1/7/2009Joe Jones says:

    Mother’s always love, unless you’re gay

  56. 1/7/2009Jared Jacovich says:

    She was blind. It didn’t matter.

  57. 1/7/2009Kazynski says:

    Break-in at what? Whats a Watergate?

  58. 1/7/2009Darth Maul says:

    Torn asunder, still alive, still falling.

  59. 1/7/2009Shii says:

    Fuck you, kid, I got mine.

  60. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    Blind man trips. Holding my laughter.

  61. 1/7/2009Sean Glinski says:

    Incontinent father. Mother of no aid.

  62. 1/7/2009Trini says:

    She died while fearlessly following faith.

  63. 1/7/2009Christian L. says:

    Tearful goodbye leads to joyful reunion.

  64. 1/7/2009Tommy says:

    I was everyone’s favorite Power Ranger.

  65. 1/7/2009Faith says:

    She said no. He didn’t care.

  66. 1/7/2009Doug says:

    She never really loved me anyway.

  67. 1/7/2009Tejas says:

    Knock. “Open the coffin”, God here.

  68. 1/7/2009cattius says:

    I can’t stand sentence fragments. Shit.

  69. 1/7/2009Tejas says:

    Pushed. Falling off a cliff. Alarm.

  70. 1/7/2009Andrew Lazo says:

    Their love vow: “No matter what.”

  71. 1/7/2009whitesanjuro says:

    She will never reciprocate my love.

  72. 1/7/2009Courtney K. says:

    What are you doing? Get away.

  73. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    People are like dogs that talk.

  74. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Purchased monkey. Shipping error. Smelly package.

  75. 1/7/2009Jonas says:

    They love to hate me too.

  76. 1/7/2009Christopher Skelton says:

    Page not found? Power cycle fixed!

  77. 1/7/2009Jonas says:

    He lived alone. Along with her.

  78. 1/7/2009Jesse says:

    Dude, you had to be there.

  79. 1/7/2009Cormac McCarthy says:

    Idealistic veteran, lawman stall sociopathic assassin.

  80. 1/7/2009Mike Citera says:

    Ducks cry tears of bread; sorrow.

  81. 1/7/2009Del Antonio says:

    I ate some cake and remembered.

  82. 1/7/2009Brad Milison says:

    Cry river. Build bridge. Jump off.

  83. 1/7/2009raza ahmad says:

    broken but determined, they trundled forth.

  84. 1/7/2009Del Antonio says:

    He burned his script. Brief warmth.

  85. 1/7/2009Mike Citera says:

    Rubbed old lamp. No genie. Sars.

  86. 1/7/2009Mike Citera says:

    You can’t stop the Muppets, Bono.

  87. 1/7/2009Del Antonio says:

    Fingernail clippings, check. Passport, check. Sayonara!

  88. 1/7/2009Aquinas says:

    She lets me complain to her.

  89. 1/7/2009Edward McCain says:

    I miss her so damn much.

  90. 1/7/2009Eric J. says:

    Six word stories is stupid. Discuss.

  91. 1/7/2009Forge Tomorrow says:

    Wrinkled Shirt. Door Shuts. Discarded Flowers.

  92. 1/7/2009Nick Ayakawa says:

    She smiled. My heart dropped. PLOP!

  93. 1/7/2009Mike Citera says:

    The zoo was dark… after Esteban.

  94. 1/7/2009Mike Citera says:

    Crystal’s been dead for seventeen years!

  95. 1/7/2009Lars says:

    Raisin: Youth, wasted on the Grapes.

  96. 1/7/2009Trog404 says:

    Turned positive “oh crap, which guy?”

  97. 1/7/2009Ivan says:

    He forgot the lie. She noticed.

  98. 1/7/2009Matt Duelka says:

    Hunter Said, “Football Season Is Over.”

  99. 1/7/2009Justin says:

    Cowboys embrace in lonely coldness. Gay.

  100. 1/7/2009Justin says:

    Party: missing baby. Sex-Trade uncovered.

  101. 1/7/2009Chris Winn says:

    Vagina movie game ruled the universe.

  102. 1/7/2009Trond-Morten Bjarkøy says:

    45% want to be a lumberjack

  103. 1/7/2009Jacob L Rubinstein says:

    Attended Temple: I lost my faith.

  104. 1/7/2009Ernest Hemingway says:

    For Sale: Baby’s shoes. Never worn.

  105. 1/7/2009ErikZ says:

    Remembering hanged brother murderer exhales melody.

  106. 1/7/2009Gideon Albert Levy says:

    He knows he knows not himself

  107. 1/7/2009Gideon Albert Levy says:

    I hit, she fell. Problem solved.

  108. 1/7/2009ErikZ says:

    Nun becomes nanny. Singing melts father.

  109. 1/7/2009ErikZ says:

    Gladiator revolts. War hero. Dies miserably.

  110. 1/7/2009nosuchthingasfreesex says:

    The hottest hooker there had herpes.

  111. 1/7/2009ErikZ says:

    Hotel isolated. All work, no play.

  112. 1/7/2009Bob says:

    He arrived. She laughed. I died.

  113. 1/7/2009Bob says:

    Let’s get drunk! Oh shit, cops!

  114. 1/7/2009Bob says:

    Does this look infected? Funeral Arrangements.

  115. 1/7/2009Bob says:

    Died alone, save for Mister Socks.

  116. 1/7/2009ErikZ says:

    Helicopters crash. Ground support falters. Temporarily.

  117. 1/7/2009Bob says:

    She giggled. I know pronounce you…

  118. 1/7/2009Bob says:

    Road Cop. Family Dies. Furious Rampage.

  119. 1/7/2009Bob says:

    Time traveler. Confusing thoughts. Billions Die.

  120. 1/7/2009Dave Miller says:

    Tried to make it right. Whoops.

  121. 1/7/2009Kenny says:

    Lazy May
    Puppy play
    Blood spray

  122. 1/7/2009F. Scott Fitzgerald says:

    Green Light? I guess it’s bullshit.

  123. 1/7/2009Daniel Hawking says:

    “Oh, Rita.” “Oh, Ralph.” “…Ralph?” “…Shit.”

  124. 1/7/2009JG says:

    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, can’t breath, black face, die.

  125. 1/7/2009Ross says:

    Everyone realizes it after it’s too……..

  126. 1/7/2009Tom says:

    She tried to win. He left.

  127. 1/7/2009herghost says:

    Its heart beats at twelve weeks.

  128. 1/7/2009Josh says:

    The red one? No. Not the–

  129. 1/7/2009Ki says:

    Stop, wait, come back…….. Fuck You!

  130. 1/7/2009Diwa Malan says:

    Lower the bridge, runaway finally home..

  131. 1/7/2009Diwa Malan says:

    born a pauper, died a king.

  132. 1/7/2009Diwa Malan says:

    Stop, please i beg you. Bang!

  133. 1/7/2009Diwa Malan says:

    Childhood came and went. Wrinkles overstayed.

  134. 1/7/2009Diwa Malan says:

    i love you. no hippies please.

  135. 1/7/2009PurpleTurtle says:

    Israel muders hundreds. World does nothing.

  136. 1/7/2009Derek White says:

    Wendy’s burns down, Ronald is pleased.

  137. 1/7/2009Derek White says:

    My favorite quote; the lowest one.

  138. 1/7/2009Derek White says:

    Choking hazard. Label worn. Yum. Beeeee…

  139. 1/7/2009Mike V. says:

    Blood dripped; gun smoked; mission accomplished.

  140. 1/7/2009DejaRea Kanorah says:

    Me beginning again? Not without you.

  141. 1/7/2009Maxwell says:

    Government breaks economy, industrialists pull plug.

    Ayn Rand

    Roark designs buildings, rapes rich girl.

    Ayn Rand

  142. 1/7/2009Jonathan Chapman says:

    She was a merry girl once.

  143. 1/7/2009Barry Addison says:

    Flexing for the world.Big pimpin.

  144. 1/7/2009Leon says:

    Just awoke, can’t think of one.

  145. 1/7/2009David says:

    Live humans found. Anyone got recipes?

  146. 1/7/2009Your Rival says:

    Yea, well, my dad’s an astronaut.

  147. 1/7/2009Ghengis Jung says:

    They never imagined this could happen.

  148. 1/7/2009Chris Braet says:

    I met her. She met him.

  149. 1/7/2009Christopher Badolado says:

    Sexual predators. They are my favorite.

  150. 1/7/2009Christopher Badolado says:

    I love cock, in my mouth.

  151. 1/7/2009Mitch Hedberg says:

    Where are all the during photos?

  152. 1/7/2009Charlotte says:

    Fork in road. Wrong path; non-existant.

  153. 1/7/2009Adolf Hitler says:

    The gnarly ducks, dead from AIDS.

  154. 1/7/2009john little says:

    Despite his efforts she was lost.

  155. 1/7/2009john little says:

    There’s times when enough isn’t enough.

  156. 1/7/2009dugan says:

    Eventually, it got back to me.

  157. 1/7/2009Zach says:

    Our eyes met. My heart stopped.

  158. 1/7/2009JP says:

    The circus: freaks abound. I belong.

  159. 1/7/2009dugan says:

    Introductions, recognition, hesitation. She was him.

  160. 1/7/2009Signum says:

    WTF! I only get six words?

  161. 1/7/2009dugan says:


    too long, didn’t read.


  162. 1/7/2009Jeff says:

    Gold! Happy. Fake! Sad.
    The end.

  163. 1/7/2009Dave says:

    Departing wife. Pilfered Viagra. Relationship flashback!

  164. 1/7/2009D. Alexander Ward says:

    The corpse; its face was mine.

  165. 1/7/2009Chris Nelson says:

    She loved. She lived. She left.

  166. 1/7/2009Ruth says:

    He died. Her heart never healed.

  167. 1/7/2009Hamzeh- Palestine says:

    Not a rope. Those are my intestines.

  168. 1/7/2009Ruth says:

    The world ended: So it began.

  169. 1/7/2009Topaz says:

    what the hell is going on?

  170. 1/7/2009Rikjanistan says:

    Hero of the state. I’m in!

  171. 1/7/2009Joe says:

    I fell. Oh Hell! No really.

  172. 1/7/2009Joe says:

    The present is … Now … Now … Now

  173. 1/7/2009Joe says:

    Time was … Actually no, it wasn’t.

  174. 1/7/2009Bill says:

    Will work for reduced-toxin rations.

  175. 1/7/2009Bill says:

    Lazy. Worthless. Disgusting. Call home — Mom

  176. 1/7/2009Josh Davis says:

    Drew gun, was kicked in balls.

  177. 1/7/2009Joe says:

    Orson Scott Card, Buggers, Ender. — Sequels.

  178. 1/7/2009Bill says:

    Stop screaming and pull the trigger.

  179. 1/7/2009djay says:

    I Sprint, Run, Jog, Walk, Sleep.

  180. 1/7/2009Bill says:

    Her spirit guides attacked me, Officer.

  181. 1/7/2009Bill says:

    No bullets. Anyway, dogs can’t talk.

  182. 1/7/2009Bill says:

    One case, Kool-Aid. Destination: Guyana.

  183. 1/7/2009Rikjanistan says:

    Hero of the state (I’m in)

  184. 1/7/2009Bill says:

    Easter: man overboard. Rations increase.

  185. 1/7/2009Bill says:

    Easter noon: man overboard. Rations increase.

  186. 1/7/2009Bill says:

    You’re my favorite teacher, Mrs. Letourneau.

  187. 1/7/2009Deej says:

    We kissed, she forgot, I died!

  188. 1/7/2009Deej says:

    She was his but always mine.

  189. 1/7/2009Deej says:

    The evidence mine, the body his.

  190. 1/7/2009Andrew Keplinger says:

    See, there’s your problem. Kick. BLAM!

  191. 1/7/2009Deej says:

    She’s pregnant! Oh Crap! Its Mine.

  192. 1/7/2009Deej says:

    The Sad Ninja finds his smile.

  193. 1/7/2009Deej says:

    Super happy adventure fun time club.

  194. 1/7/2009ben says:

    Help me, she whispered. I tried.

  195. 1/7/2009Jamey says:

    The student saw through the chalk.

  196. 1/7/2009Aaron Simmons says:

    She once loved me. He’s lucky.

  197. 1/7/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    I’m flying Jack! Iceberg; frozen Jack.

  198. 1/7/2009Aleks Dufek says:

    They moved synchronically, forever thirsting together.

  199. 1/7/2009Aleks Dufek says:

    They were sullied by their inhibitions.

  200. 1/7/2009Chloe Wojewoda says:

    Watch your step. Heart on floor.

  201. 1/7/2009Justin Cantoni says:

    We can never be solipsists together.

  202. 1/7/2009Justin says:

    Her head rested comfortably on me.

  203. 1/7/2009Connor Crow says:

    Falling up, he found missing lessons.

  204. 1/7/2009Kimberly says:

    Getting late; will continue procrastination tomorrow.

  205. 1/7/2009djay says:

    Click-Click… Shoulda Worn A Vest

  206. 1/7/2009djay says:

    I`ll be there in 5 Minutes

  207. 1/7/2009Einstein says:

    I’m real smart, with goofy hair.

  208. 1/7/2009djay says:

    To be or…
    To Be!

  209. 1/7/2009Kimberly says:

    Thirteen years: too big a difference?

  210. 1/7/2009Mark O'Dell says:

    Breathing again, relief. The brakes worked.

  211. 1/7/2009Ron Spivak says:

    He read. Shared website. Both enjoyed!

  212. 1/7/2009djay says:

    I`m so alone in this crowd.

  213. 1/7/2009Kimberly says:

    Crowd, lights, stage. I’m not ready!

  214. 1/7/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Bruce Banner; Gamma Rays; HULK SMASH!

  215. 1/7/2009Dave Miller says:

    Screw Flanders, screw Flanders, screw Flanders.

  216. 1/7/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Cool website! Time wasted at work.

  217. 1/7/2009djay says:

    Hammer To Nail, for Jim Cartwright

  218. 1/7/2009Scott says:

    Oil under ground. American holy war.

  219. 1/7/2009Nicole says:

    when real eyes realize real lies

  220. 1/7/2009Nicole says:

    they’re after us! grab friut snacks!

  221. 1/7/2009Nicole says:

    Will be late to my funeral

  222. 1/7/2009Saoirse says:

    I make excuses in the rubble.

  223. 1/7/2009Tim Oliver says:

    Mother died at my son’s trial.

  224. 1/7/2009djay says:

    Police come around, don`t say nuthin`.

  225. 1/7/2009rawburnt says:

    From this Chaos, New World Order!

  226. 1/7/2009Hanoch McCarty says:

    Doomsday Machine? Baloney! What’s this button?

  227. 1/7/2009Hanoch McCarty says:

    Price for Caryatids? It’s a holdup!

  228. 1/7/2009djay says:

    Six words fun.
    Seven words interesting.

  229. 1/7/2009Fergus says:

    couldn’t cry, couldn’t move.Only Death.

  230. 1/7/2009JH Daniel says:

    Shoes wash ashore. The bodies follow.

  231. 1/7/2009Patrick D. says:

    unorthodox beginning, plot twist, happy ending.

  232. 1/7/2009H. Howell says:

    Can’t shake this feeling she’s leaving.

  233. 1/7/2009M A Holm says:

    Running late, don’t eat child yet.

  234. 1/7/2009H. Howell says:

    Where have all my henchmen gone?

  235. 1/7/2009H. Howell says:

    Hydrogen peroxide removed the blood stains.

  236. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Red; Blue; it’s all Pokemon to me.

  237. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    I apologize for that extra word.

  238. 1/7/2009Fergus says:

    Tears of blood fell from Earth.

  239. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Socks, sandals, wintry mix. Instantly regretted.

  240. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    The dragon’s axe ripped me apart.

  241. 1/7/2009H. Howell says:

    Pralyzed by choice; freedom is prison.

  242. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Must type faster, tyrannosaurus fast approaching.

  243. 1/7/2009Fergus says:

    Family dead. I’m the richest. Pain.

  244. 1/7/2009djay says:

    Please, don`t wear socks and sandals!

  245. 1/7/2009M says:

    Six words, he said, that can’t

  246. 1/7/2009H. Howell says:

    “Don’t panic! Airliners basically land themselves!”

  247. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Cloning? No such thing. Nice mirror.

  248. 1/7/2009H. Howell says:

    She wanted me to find it.

  249. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Space: Final frontier or keyboard’s taint?

  250. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Expensive sneakers still cheaper than feet.

  251. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    It’s rated for how many passengers?

  252. 1/7/2009Joanne Kay says:

    four leafed clover is not found

  253. 1/7/2009Abdullah says:

    Reversing. Bump… Bump… Damn Dog. Divorce.

  254. 1/7/2009Federico Arteaga says:

    Boy smiles, magician cringes: motionless rabbit.

  255. 1/7/2009H. Howell says:

    Stupid! Always check tp supply before pooping!

  256. 1/7/2009Charles Ware says:

    Three little words he never said

  257. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Low reserve, ending soon. Buyer’s remorse.

  258. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    For sale: Dead baby. Shoes included.

  259. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Clouds are wetter in person. Splat.

  260. 1/7/2009H. Howell says:

    For Tom, bourbon was velvet prison.

  261. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    “It’s half Memento, half Forrest Gump.”

  262. 1/7/2009Natalie P. says:

    Hell close, Heaven far away.

  263. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Will it blend? OUCH! Very bloody.

  264. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Don’t anyone bleed… There’s sharks about.

  265. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Juice boxes are never big enough.

  266. 1/7/2009mike says:

    Therefore, Mother Teresa always hated me.

  267. 1/7/2009Gutza says:

    Mistakenly inherited all the money worldwide.

  268. 1/7/2009Ghengis Jung says:

    I saw a special on TV.

  269. 1/7/2009Ming says:

    Give up. He won’t come back.

  270. 1/7/2009ken krimstein says:

    Elephant crumbles. Where’s guide? No refund.

  271. 1/7/2009ken krimstein says:

    Swallowed pills. Put on glasses. Shit!

  272. 1/7/2009ken krimstein says:

    The burning Mona Lisa finally frowned.

  273. 1/7/2009Harry Hoover says:

    What’s for dinner? Us, I believe.

  274. 1/7/2009Desi says:

    “I drank the last test tube?!”

  275. 1/7/2009Michael Watson says:

    Slow cowboy gunfighter six feet under.

  276. 1/7/2009nalaka deegala says:

    read everything but didn’t get anything

  277. 1/7/2009Lachie Dazdarian says:

    Hero was loved. Not my story.

  278. 1/7/2009nalaka deegala says:

    under the skirt, soft and silky

  279. 1/7/2009nalaka deegala says:

    wind blowing, sun down, sat, read

  280. 1/7/2009Lachie Dazdarian says:

    He only wished to steal words.

  281. 1/7/2009Francesco Robbiano says:

    Homo Homini Homo. Homo Homini Loop.

  282. 1/7/2009KB says:

    No “I love you.” Just sex.

  283. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    Chinchila stampede. Adorable death engulfs all.

  284. 1/7/2009Allen D says:

    She was mine until the baby.

  285. 1/7/2009Allen D says:

    Tell me why I should care.

  286. 1/7/2009WhamBam WonderBread says:

    Desperate times called for early deaths.

  287. 1/7/2009WhamBam WonderBread says:

    I am here to kill you.

  288. 1/7/2009WhamBam WonderBread says:

    Oh, shit! I have dysentery. Bye!

  289. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    My crotch itches. Oh Shit! Crabs.

  290. 1/7/2009oky says:

    it’s the best way to die.

  291. 1/7/2009Dave Moffatt says:

    Blagojevich. Palms itched. Made pitch. Glitch.

  292. 1/7/2009Allen D says:

    Pumping the needle through throbbing veins

  293. 1/7/2009Julia Koerwer says:

    It’s raining. I forgot my umbrella.

  294. 1/7/2009Allen D says:

    Not a member of polite society

  295. 1/7/2009Jasamine says:

    My daughter died. So did I.

  296. 1/7/2009Patrick Martin says:

    I was never one for drama

  297. 1/7/2009Patrick Martin says:

    Then I realized: I can’t fly!

  298. 1/7/2009Patrick Martin says:

    Superman fights Batman. Batman wins. fin

  299. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    I don’t normally bang supermodels, but…

  300. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    “Cut which wire?” … “Navy or royal?”

  301. 1/7/2009Log Lady (Twin Peaks) says:

    I do not introduce the log!

  302. 1/7/2009Nell says:

    Silence was worse than any words.

  303. 1/7/2009Sophie says:

    I never imagined it would end.

  304. 1/7/2009Undrallio says:

    I am sure of certain fictions

  305. 1/7/2009Mike Citera says:

    Played the word Scrabble; Irony disappointing.

  306. 1/7/2009Zachary Stevenson says:

    He looked at his feet. “Shit”

  307. 1/7/2009Stephanie S. says:

    Free: diamond ring, ALMOST used once.

  308. 1/7/2009Mike Citera says:

    Identical impostors! Who’s the real mayor?

  309. 1/7/2009Mike Citera says:

    Her father punched me. I won.

  310. 1/7/2009Zachary Stevenson says:

    God gave her lemons. She cried.

  311. 1/7/2009Mike Citera says:

    Wet floor. Damp wound. Dry heart.

  312. 1/7/2009Mike Citera says:

    Monkeys mowed my lawn. Life complete.

  313. 1/7/2009Alex says:

    Left home, came back, childhood yearning.

  314. 1/7/2009Luther Ramsey says:

    Sometimes I don’t make sense. Refrigerator.

  315. 1/7/2009Yanni says:

    I hear someone sneaking up behin

  316. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Tipped the cow; tipped the butcher.

  317. 1/7/2009Tripp Fisk says:

    Swords will cut you wide open.

  318. 1/7/2009Gurn says:

    Loved. Lost. Rinse. Repeat. Be Brave.

  319. 1/7/2009Rorschach says:

    Who watches the Watchmen? Peeping Toms.

  320. 1/7/2009Cory Alford says:

    “Donner Party?” More like “Zombie Party!”

  321. 1/7/2009giuliano barone saade says:

    She means happines i never had

  322. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    More than six words? Don’t bother.

  323. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    Noah passes, Moses shoots, Jesus saves!

  324. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    Listen up deaf people! Oh…nevermind.

  325. 1/7/2009Joey says:

    Please go green, unless Bruce Banner.

  326. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Now I buckle up; commute alone.

  327. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Here lies an honest man. Get it?

  328. 1/7/2009Brandon Arnold says:

    Last I heard, she loved you.

  329. 1/7/2009Cannibal says:

    Anthropophagia kept us together, and alone.

  330. 1/7/2009Utkarsh Fichadia says:

    Six affairs.Going strong.Still available.

  331. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Again, extra word negates all creativity.

  332. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    If basements are modern dungeons… Success!

  333. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Dead baby jokes bemuse malnourished cannibals.

  334. 1/7/2009jack strayhorn says:

    Ignore him– he’s trying to quit.

  335. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Crippling lifelong insanity… brilliant film adaptation.

  336. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    I bravely propose Six Words Anonymous.

  337. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    Cracked 9/11 joke; still too soon.

  338. 1/7/2009Matt Portman says:

    Shit! Nine-Eleven is two words.

  339. 1/7/2009Pete says:

    Manatees frolic near motorboat! Accidental bloodbath…

  340. 1/7/2009Pete says:

    Letter to Hell: she misspelled “Santa.”

  341. 1/7/2009Pete says:

    Packed elevator…Released…Silent but deadly.

  342. 1/7/2009Pete says:

    Russian Roulette…five clicks… “Your turn.”

  343. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    Famous con-artist’s worshiped. God bless America!

  344. 1/7/2009william abrahamsen says:

    a liberated sexlife killed their love

  345. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    she slumbers peacefully, what a funeral

  346. 1/7/2009Pete says:

    “Blowjob?” (Begrudgingly.) “Anal?” (Slept on couch.)

  347. 1/7/2009Pete says:

    All my chips on black. “Red!”

  348. 1/7/2009Pete says:

    Last man on earth. Hears knock.

  349. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    The “solution maker’s” the real problem

  350. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    Dead today…be back: three days

  351. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    Hey Mary I called in dead

  352. 1/7/2009Greta says:

    Big energy crisis. Where is MacGyver?

  353. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    Dear Jesus, you’re fired you slacker

  354. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    Chuck Norris can defeat global warming

  355. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    Chuck Norris couldnt defeat Barrack Obama :(

  356. 1/7/2009Greta says:

    Si tu veux, tu peux. Voila.

  357. 1/7/2009Ima Fraud says:

    I shat: it’s behind me now.

  358. 1/7/2009Mike G says:

    Once A Man, Now The Dirt.

  359. 1/7/2009Greta says:

    Found bubble wrap. Who needs friends?

  360. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Phone rings, interrupting preparation. Blackened toast.

  361. 1/7/2009Greta says:

    Electric teapots don’t go on stoves!

  362. 1/7/2009Greta says:

    I smile. You smile. Huge boner.

  363. 1/7/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Mittens won’t wear vests. Not anymore.

  364. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    I really like you. Lets fuck

  365. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    Trapped under ice…. man thats cold

  366. 1/7/2009Susan D. says:

    Finally stopped fighting, last overdose.

  367. 1/7/2009Greta says:

    I’m completely blind, but you’re ugly.

  368. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    Big ass tree…. damn thats shady

  369. 1/7/2009Houston Black says:

    I died once… it was boring

  370. 1/7/2009Kate says:

    Free* Tibet! (*Some restrictions apply.)

  371. 1/7/2009Charles Gillis says:

    Thank god she can’t read minds.

  372. 1/7/2009Camber Lucian says:

    Did he deserve it? Doesn’t matter.

  373. 1/7/2009L. K. says:

    Two beers. Two chairs. One Knife.

  374. 1/8/2009Rhi says:

    He thought HE was using ME.

  375. 1/8/2009Charles Gillis says:

    Broken, I grew in other ways.

  376. 1/8/2009Jess says:

    He said it was okay. Wrong.

  377. 1/8/2009Matt Portman says:

    Forgot our anniversary. Got dumped promptly.

  378. 1/8/2009Linnea says:

    man wanting death now angry zombie

  379. 1/8/2009Steve Karmazenuk says:

    Undead, he made a better lover.

  380. 1/8/2009Joey says:

    Heart stolen. Thief located. Cardiac arrest?

  381. 1/8/2009SPARTACUS!! says:

    Wondering: Do you still hate me?

  382. 1/8/2009Alex says:

    Epileptic world crisis condoned color blinds.

  383. 1/8/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    She left me; I’m moving on.

  384. 1/8/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Relationship grief vented in six words.

  385. 1/8/2009Charlotte says:

    Sweet Dreams for Queen Bees.

  386. 1/8/2009Charlotte says:

    Let’s all start a revolution…now.

  387. 1/8/2009Jessie Bindrim says:

    Wanted: story longer than six words

  388. 1/8/2009yoli flores says:

    To have loved = to have lost.

  389. 1/8/2009Nick Radford says:

    Why yes, I am a homosexual.

  390. 1/8/2009T Mike says:

    Only wear leather pants in small.

  391. 1/8/2009BG says:

    Closed door, opened legs.

  392. 1/8/2009Kilroy says:

    You just lost The Game.

  393. 1/8/2009Zachary Stevenson says:

    Deafness. It’s life without ears.

  394. 1/8/2009Aaron Stevenson says:

    Two girls. One dude. Good times.

  395. 1/8/2009Matt Portman says:

    Subtract clothes, divide legs, I’ll multiply.

  396. 1/8/2009Liz Dolce says:

    It is what it looks like.

  397. 1/8/2009Randy Ford says:

    Last person alive, receives a phonecall.

  398. 1/8/2009Magnus Shaw says:

    Jesus Christ, are you kidding me?

  399. 1/8/2009Grey Stephenson says:

    Jesus Christ died, so I live.

  400. 1/8/2009Kristian tosney says:

    Those that know, know. We’ve lost.

  401. 1/8/2009Magnus Shaw says:

    You think you know someone, but …

  402. 1/8/2009Krev Roues says:

    Knew it. Saw it coming. Almost.

  403. 1/8/2009nisan sariaslan says:

    ‘Summer’s over,be somber’,she said

  404. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    Whiskey prevented infection and induced drunkeness.

  405. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    The mushrooms opened his mind and bowels.

  406. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    The drugs stopped working. Sara died.

  407. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    Yelling next door, then a shot.

  408. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    I found her, dead, eyes wide.

  409. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    That hole in his chest? Mine.

  410. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    Cut, grind, flush, bleach. Act natural.

  411. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    Ther was something in that drink….

  412. 1/8/2009Alex says:

    “Stay the lane”, the street said.

  413. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    Down to one possession, this gun.

  414. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    She just has no curiosity anymore.

  415. 1/8/2009Dean Morrell says:

    Got your postcard. Say no more!

  416. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    A flickering babysitter stole his youth.

  417. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    For sale: American people, no skills.

  418. 1/8/2009H. Howell says:

    Shoe leather doesn’t taste very good.

  419. 1/8/2009Sick Boy says:

    Fog and shadows. Heavy bloody carpet.

  420. 1/8/2009Rachel K. says:

    Hyper active and bored, she waits.

  421. 1/8/2009djay says:

    The Black Muzzel Un-Barked The Dog.

  422. 1/8/2009djay says:

    Some People Graduate, But Still Stupid.

  423. 1/8/2009djay says:

    This Side Up, Realized too late.

  424. 1/8/2009djay says:

    Backwards: Clock The Change To Time

  425. 1/8/2009djay says:

    How Bored Is Santa Right Now?

  426. 1/8/2009djay says:

    Black Or Caucasian, We Are One!

  427. 1/8/2009djay says:

    Please Don`t Name Your Son Dick!

  428. 1/8/2009djay says:

    Kitty`s Should Take Out Their Litter!

  429. 1/8/2009djay says:

    Six Words Just Ain`t Lyrically Enough.

  430. 1/8/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Johnny Appleseed: History’s most accepted pothead.

  431. 1/8/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Fixed the bumper, stuffed the deer.

  432. 1/8/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Marbles atop skyscrapers, reinforce your umbrellas.

  433. 1/8/2009djay says:

    Hospitalization Result of a Chicken Bone.

  434. 1/8/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Married a woman; divorced a man.

  435. 1/8/2009Sean Brogan says:

    “Cancer? I barely know her!”
    … … …

  436. 1/8/2009Max says:

    No building is home. Only you.

  437. 1/8/2009Joe says:

    Timing was, is, will be, everything.

  438. 1/8/2009sixdecibels says:

    “Sigh, I thought I WON already!?”

  439. 1/8/2009sixdecibels says:

    Man, I’m gunna punch you’re face!

  440. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Translucent Concrete. Threw Stones. Didn’t break.

  441. 1/8/2009Mike Citera says:

    Morning after pill. One morning late.

  442. 1/8/2009Mike Citera says:

    Rex devoured Annabelle’s corpse. Good dog.

  443. 1/8/2009Mike Citera says:

    Came for punch, stayed for Pie.

  444. 1/8/2009Mike Citera says:

    Student urinates on wildlife. Investigation Pending.

  445. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Rockman Series. Sigma Never Actually Dies.

  446. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Sigma. Final Boss. Every Mega Man.

  447. 1/8/2009Mike Citera says:

    Cake killed Debbie… Cake, the band.

  448. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Rockman. Kills then cries about it.

  449. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Final Fantasy. One more, I swear!

  450. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Last Boss. Puppet. End-game twist.

  451. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Saved the World. Boxes still invincible.

  452. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Invisible barriers. Secluded space. Crazy game.

  453. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Smoke fewer Cigarettes. Twice as long.

  454. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Dust settles. Million dollar lawsuit over.

  455. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Mister Read solves famous murder case.

  456. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Master trains ninjas. Zero deaths reported.

  457. 1/8/2009Blacky Balfroa says:

    Stumble causes explosion of Six Worders…

  458. 1/8/2009Blacky Balfroa says:

    Alexander Pritchard… Tryin hard enough, buddy?

  459. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Cats take over world. Littering decriminalized.

  460. 1/8/2009Blacky Balfroa says:

    Rat rebellion… Scientists saw it comin’.

  461. 1/8/2009Alexander Pritchard says:

    Universe born. Local community expels mother.

  462. 1/8/2009Nate says:

    New Year’s Eve. Last year’s Adam.

  463. 1/8/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Blowing futile. Rest in peace, Goldeneye.

  464. 1/8/2009Mallori Gottesman says:

    One day. Two lives. True love.

  465. 1/8/2009budd b. blanc says:

    he opened the treasure anxiously…i.o.u.

  466. 1/8/2009Nate says:

    Ants in pants. Stupid picnic underwear.

  467. 1/8/2009Mallori Gottesman says:

    Vocal explosion. Blood flies. Silence ensues.

  468. 1/8/2009Jair A. Gonzalez says:

    the man finished his job, today…

  469. 1/8/2009Mallori Gottesman says:

    She loved until the very end.

  470. 1/8/2009Mallori Gottesman says:

    He told the story. All cried.

  471. 1/8/2009Mallori Gottesman says:

    There was fire in their eyes.

  472. 1/8/2009Andrew Q says:

    She was rude. Fought. Never calls.

  473. 1/8/2009Andrew Q says:

    She’s depressed. Never calls. Never Texts.

  474. 1/8/2009D Fieni says:

    …and it was good. Or was it?

  475. 1/8/2009Mathilde says:

    After he left, I was gone.

  476. 1/8/2009Alex Woolery says:

    In Vegas. No daylight. No time.

  477. 1/8/2009Chase says:

    “What happened to Mom?” “Well, son…”

  478. 1/8/2009Benjamin Sun says:

    And they lived happily ever after.

  479. 1/8/2009ken krimstein says:

    “Hello.” “Is this Barack?” “Yes.” Bingo!

  480. 1/8/2009Jack V says:

    He abuses me. Nevermind, he doesn’t.

  481. 1/8/2009ken krimstein says:

    “Four aces!” “Make that five.” Fuck.

  482. 1/8/2009Viktoria says:

    Tickle, wink, welcome to Earth, Lea!

  483. 1/8/2009ken krimstein says:

    “I do,” she said. “I don’t.”

  484. 1/8/2009Silent Temperance says:

    “I cleaned, I promise! Please, don’t!”

  485. 1/8/2009Mallori Gottesman says:

    Smear the lipstick. Kiss the beast.

  486. 1/8/2009Mallori Gottesman says:

    The coincidence was planned, as always.

  487. 1/8/2009Nick Jones says:

    “You don’t understand! Its alive! Its- “

  488. 1/8/2009Rebecca Parker says:

    Movie. Had homework. I stayed home.

  489. 1/8/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Relax, there’s a pill for that.

  490. 1/8/2009James Mardock says:

    “Everyone dies, but not me!” Oops.

  491. 1/8/2009Sean Brogan says:

    I went clubbing. Softest coat ever.

  492. 1/8/2009Cory Alford says:

    Toxic underwear leads to dead defecators.

  493. 1/8/2009Cory Alford says:

    Found “power animal.” Cave Penguins? Slide.

  494. 1/8/2009Andy P says:

    sick sense of humor; we laughed

  495. 1/8/2009Andy P says:

    afraid to turn the lights on

  496. 1/8/2009Sethor says:

    Helicopters? Shotguns? Don’t run red lights.

  497. 1/8/2009Sethor says:

    TV turns me on. Oh Rosie!

  498. 1/8/2009Sethor says:

    I thought decapitation would hurt more.

  499. 1/8/2009Sean Brogan says:

    She was faking. Me too (Gogurt).

  500. 1/8/2009charles says:

    Why ask? You know the answer.

  501. 1/8/2009Chris C says:

    Normality is Chaos, Chaos is Normalty

  502. 1/8/2009Mako Kitty says:

    The anal probe I have farted.

  503. 1/8/2009Mako Kitty says:

    Fell. Luckily there was a vine.

  504. 1/8/2009Jon says:

    Round the earth, once. Now inside.

  505. 1/8/2009Jon says:

    An age of dark, pilfering light.

  506. 1/8/2009Jon says:

    Lighting his cigarette, he started again.

  507. 1/8/2009Jon says:

    Six word stories rock my socks.

  508. 1/8/2009Jon says:

    Seven times he fell into hell.

  509. 1/8/2009Bree says:

    He was married. I didn’t know.

  510. 1/8/2009Charles Gillis says:

    Secret taken to grave. By force.

  511. 1/8/2009Amanda says:

    Seven Students Killed in Peace Rally.

  512. 1/8/2009Amanda says:

    A child missing, a mother lost.

  513. 1/8/2009Neider Hernandez says:

    she dumped me for him?! really?

  514. 1/9/2009Sean Brogan says:

    One bullet. Two enemies. Above: chandelier.

  515. 1/9/2009Darle J. Dawson says:

    180 characters. Nice Picture. Fears commitment.

  516. 1/9/2009Ghaleb A. says:

    Countries do war, life no more.

  517. 1/9/2009Ghaleb A. says:

    He lived. “Their” life. No life.

  518. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Black Friday Sale: “Free For All”

  519. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    No tea time. English teacher quits.

  520. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Player fumbles football. Sexual harassment ensues.

  521. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    No time. I like the present.

  522. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Groundhog’s Day? Not again! Groundhog’s Day?

  523. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Sale: King Hamlet’s earbuds. Slightly poisoned.

  524. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    tight old shirt? too much beer.

  525. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    lipstick on the collar: shot dead.

  526. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    I missed her. She mists flowers.

  527. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Saturday night fever. Drink copius fluids.

  528. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Nessie discovered. Bigfoot jealous. Press Conference!

  529. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Lifetime Movie; teen pregnancy. Other options?

  530. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    No heat. It’s cold. So’s she.

  531. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Breakdance club. Custodian closet. EPIC FAIL!

  532. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    “Turned to Stone: Medusa in Concert”

  533. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Batteries not included. Disappointment might be.

  534. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Once upon a time…. ever after.

  535. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Picketers. Department store. “We hate pants!!”

  536. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Firehouse burned down. No smoke detectors.

  537. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Mickey Mouse. French chef. Mickey Mousse.

  538. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Friends with benefits never ends well.

  539. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Four dead. Two found. Two remains.

  540. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    My conspiracy cohorts left me hanging.

  541. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Illiterate pirate dug under the “Y”.

  542. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    He hit the bottle. Broken hand.

  543. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    She thought I said, “Let’s smuggle.”

  544. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Man loves dog. Baby werewolf born.

  545. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    “I love U2″
    Girlfriend is confused.

  546. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    400 pounder. Spandex bodysuit. RUN AWAY!!!

  547. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    War. Treaty. Peace. Ice Cream Sundaes!!!!

  548. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Leaves fall. Bike buried. Rust-ic scene.

  549. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Dog poo on shoe. Smell followed.

  550. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    She needed dough. He kneaded dough.

  551. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Sally sells seashells. Nobody buys them.

  552. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Button missing. Emergency landing. Fashionistas rejoice.

  553. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Tim flees. Tom lies. Time flies.

  554. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Color bars declared racist. Television quits.

  555. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Male orders bride… mail order bride.

  556. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    A bed of nails. Wooden pajamas.

  557. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Newspaper delivery. Broken window. Pizza delivery.

  558. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Annoying commercials. Fast forward. Product placement.

  559. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Baseball fan. Losing season. Football fan.

  560. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Enormous piano. Tiny hands. Chose Chopsticks.

  561. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    News anchor went bald. Old anchor.

  562. 1/9/2009Mike Citera says:

    Pass the ball, Nate. We’re open!

  563. 1/9/2009Yaid says:

    So doctor in name. No guarantees.

  564. 1/9/2009Charlotte says:

    what ’bout six syllables?

  565. 1/9/2009Mario Samano says:

    Bang Bang. “Ouch.” Sniff Sniff. Bang.

  566. 1/9/2009Brenda says:

    Wanted more love. Gave more love.

  567. 1/9/2009Wes says:

    “Six words? Are you kidding me?”

  568. 1/9/2009H Jay Scheuermann says:

    Wordlessly, silently, she told him everything.

  569. 1/9/2009ana says:

    walking a new street every day

  570. 1/9/2009Garreth says:

    I was born. Then I died.

  571. 1/9/2009Alan Mills says:

    We flew. The stars. They moved

  572. 1/9/2009Alan Mills says:

    Searched. Found You. Loved. Kept you

  573. 1/9/2009Alan Mills says:

    Love found. Love spoken. Love together

  574. 1/9/2009Alan Mills says:

    Love found. Love spoken. Love meant

  575. 1/9/2009William Cato says:

    “For my Father’s honor, she dies.”

  576. 1/9/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    I emphatically love you. I think.

  577. 1/9/2009jon wonton says:

    I came, I saw, She conquered!

  578. 1/9/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    Her goodbye today will linger tomorrow.

  579. 1/9/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    If you knew me, you wouldn’t.

  580. 1/9/2009Justin Winston says:

    I smiled. She smiled. Nothing happened.

  581. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    Had lots of time at work.

  582. 1/9/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    She plus me will equal free.

  583. 1/9/2009Phoenix Sun Marino Ramer says:

    Spreading my ashes, travel after death.

  584. 1/9/2009So Bored... says:

    It broke. I’m late. “Hi Daddy!”

  585. 1/9/2009Nate says:

    His little black book: little-read book.

  586. 1/9/2009Joe says:

    She still loved giving him enemas.

  587. 1/9/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    Red smudge. White light. Black eye.

  588. 1/9/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    Daddy, lunch is ready. Dad? Daddy!

  589. 1/9/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    Don’t marry her. Not now. Wait.

  590. 1/9/2009Lani says:

    I’m done. No wait, come back.

  591. 1/9/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    One watch. One lighter. Sign here.

  592. 1/9/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    Officer, I left her right here.

  593. 1/9/2009Bob says:

    “You’re late? What an uncomfortable coincidence…”

  594. 1/9/2009Joe says:

    He died naked. She died laughing.

  595. 1/9/2009Joe says:

    Women scared him – so did queers.

  596. 1/9/2009Joe says:

    She missed giving him enemas most.

  597. 1/9/2009Shayan Waseh says:

    She was a man?…..Too late

  598. 1/9/2009Lani says:

    Light it up. Pass it down.

  599. 1/9/2009Daniel Echt says:

    Around we go. Never an end.

  600. 1/9/2009Brian Latimer says:

    Twenty-First century invention; breaks constantly.

  601. 1/9/2009Mike Citera says:

    A chicken only gets laid once.

  602. 1/9/2009Mike Citera says:

    Gheorghe Muresan. Underrated actor? Underrated… GENIUS..

  603. 1/9/2009Amy says:

    “Let’s go swimming.” Never came back.

  604. 1/9/2009Amy says:

    The best stories are the shortest.

  605. 1/9/2009Andrew says:

    Found Sasquatch. Camera battery dead. Damn.

  606. 1/9/2009Andrew says:

    Got linked here. Addicted for life.

  607. 1/9/2009Allen D says:

    Nothing good will come of this.

  608. 1/9/2009Allen D says:

    Apocalypse in a box. No expiration.

  609. 1/9/2009Blacky Balfroa says:

    Story didn’t make it… commited suicide….. NOT!!!

  610. 1/9/2009Allen D says:

    There’s no sense mourning wasted time

  611. 1/9/2009Matt Portman says:

    Oh yeah? Didn’t learn shit yesterday.

  612. 1/9/2009Seymour Segnit says:

    Six course dinner. Now for indigestion.

  613. 1/9/2009Gabbie Robbins says:

    Don’t believe you. Giraffes’re too tall.

  614. 1/9/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    …and then I found ten dollars.

  615. 1/9/2009Martin Friedman says:

    One man, one jar, many tears.

  616. 1/9/2009Trevor Drozd says:

    i love boys. i’m a boy.

  617. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Toddlers, little devils, sleep like angels.

  618. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    The guy had the hiccups, stupid!

  619. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    All’s well that ends with chocolate!

  620. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Red light, green light, one two…?

  621. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Good husband, good wine, forever mine.

  622. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Barking doggy, grouchy toddler, mommy retired.

  623. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Head, shoulders, knees and toes, again!

  624. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    This is why I wrote it.

  625. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Small minds often signal big mouths.

  626. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Would I lie to you honey?

  627. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    College graduate, huge loans, seeks job.

  628. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Two friends, day off, BONGO PARTY!

  629. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Paw print. Handy-dandy notebook. Blue.

  630. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Hugs and kisses- I love you.

  631. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Men find me alluring, sickly alluring.

  632. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    Can I twitter you later? LOL!

  633. 1/9/2009Roseann Polashek says:

    MySpace? OMG! IMHO FB rules LOL!

  634. 1/9/2009Jes says:

    Happy family: single-mom, toddler, protective doggy.

  635. 1/9/2009Carlo says:

    I kept running. I’m still scared.

  636. 1/9/2009Chloe Zorel says:

    Predator’s prey; there is no escape.

  637. 1/9/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    Sag. Wrinkle. Nip. Tuck. Oh yeah.

  638. 1/9/2009Chloe Zorel says:

    Must keep running. They’re getting closer.

  639. 1/9/2009Matt says:

    I lost myself in her eyes

  640. 1/9/2009Chloe Zorel says:

    Save yourself. All is lost here.

  641. 1/9/2009Matt says:

    World Peace. Easier Said Than Done

  642. 1/9/2009Thomas L says:

    Never knows what’s best. Humanity’s certainty.

  643. 1/10/2009Thomas L says:

    Forever loveless, can’t bear myself alone.

  644. 1/10/2009Syd says:

    Another whiteboard hung. Another blackboard vindicated.

  645. 1/10/2009Andrew says:

    Not my baby. I am white.

  646. 1/10/2009Gracie Paduano says:

    My friends kept me from dying.

  647. 1/10/2009Gracie Paduano says:

    Recovering anorexic finds true friends

  648. 1/10/2009Timo McGregor says:

    I wasn’t. I was. I wasn’t.

  649. 1/10/2009William Munny says:

    “I seen the angel of death.”

  650. 1/10/2009William Munny says:

    I thought you was an angel.

  651. 1/10/2009Ghaleb A. says:

    “Go to hell!” “Right after you.”

  652. 1/10/2009Ghaleb A. says:

    “You’d die for fun?”

    “Wouldn’t you?”

  653. 1/10/2009Ghaleb A. says:

    You and I got unfinished business.

  654. 1/10/2009Morgan Lawrence Hale says:

    “Your place or mine?” I asked.

  655. 1/10/2009Keely says:

    Me salvó. Deseo hacer lo mismo.

  656. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    I am back for another round.

  657. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    ::in time for tomorrow night’s premiere::

    Jack kicks terrorist’s asses. DAMMIT CHLOE!!!

  658. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Hot girl’s phone number. NO PEN!!!

  659. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Fireworks factory. Someone lights cigarette. AWESOME!!

  660. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Double bass. Carry-on luggage? You’re serious?!

  661. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Concealed weapon. Knife fight. See-through bookbags.

  662. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    All alone, finally. CAT FANCY MAGAZINE!!!

  663. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Love songs. Fancy wine. Solitude. Regrets.

  664. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Subway stop dirty. Love sandwiches though.

  665. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Fell asleep on subway. Awoke: Nebraska?!

  666. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Crowded train. Missing wallet. Suspect everyone.

  667. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Won’t open. It’s raining. Solar-powered umbrella.

  668. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Mulchfest: holocaust for “Treeman” and family.

  669. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Reese’s. Unknown peanut allergy.Hospital visit.

  670. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Lucky, Sonny, Tony unlucky. Cereal killer.

  671. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    An old flame. House burned down.

  672. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Con-man finds God; now an ex-con.

  673. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Hole in my pocket. Loose change.

  674. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Didn’t mind the gap. Makeshift amputation.

  675. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    “I don’t speak English,” she said.

  676. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Dead man. Crazy weekend. Jonathan Silverman.

  677. 1/10/2009Nate says:

    Deaf man gets laryngitis. Nobody notices.

  678. 1/10/2009Sophie says:

    “Where’re you going?” “Nowhere. Come with?”

  679. 1/10/2009Enola Cartwheel says:

    help! my past….yesterday won’t die.

  680. 1/10/2009Bruce Kahn says:

    Saw your site…. laughed out loud!

  681. 1/10/2009Aaron says:

    The fair was nice. I died.

  682. 1/10/2009Chloe Zorel says:

    Sixteen dead. Killer on the loose.

  683. 1/10/2009Chloe Zorel says:

    Zombie apocolypse. Is anyone else alive?

  684. 1/10/2009MacKenzie Smith says:

    At that moment, pants seemed foolish.

  685. 1/10/2009Jean Dubois says:

    Monkeys go to heaven, too, Monseigneur.

  686. 1/10/2009Michael McGrath says:

    I am here, you are gone.

  687. 1/10/2009Homer Anderson says:

    He was hiding behind an algorithm.

  688. 1/10/2009Jorge Modernell says:

    That damn cold, gray London morning.

  689. 1/10/2009Lance says:

    It was the biscuits, not the gravy.

  690. 1/10/2009Lance says:

    Turned on the TV. Saw them.

  691. 1/10/2009Aya says:

    I see what you did there.

  692. 1/10/2009Aya says:

    Existentialism – Absolute Irresponsibility at its Finest

  693. 1/10/2009Aya says:

    Imagination shutting down. Creativity lacking. Extra words.

  694. 1/10/2009joenle taxi says:

    begins hot ends cold

  695. 1/10/2009Aya says:

    One rule: SIX words. Simple, no?

  696. 1/10/2009Shane Whelan says:

    Your imagination kills! Think about it!

  697. 1/10/2009Shane Whelan says:

    She looked. I noticed. We understood.

  698. 1/10/2009Ben White says:

    A hair too late, I think.

  699. 1/10/2009Shane Whelan says:

    FuhZplap! Is that a word? Dammit!

  700. 1/10/2009Shane Whelan says:

    Water? Everywhere! Too late for me…

  701. 1/10/2009Jessica says:

    If you asked, I’d say yes.

  702. 1/10/2009The Dillon says:

    Amish Robocop! rejected script… Damn Hollywood.

  703. 1/10/2009The Dillon says:

    I need one more word…

  704. 1/10/2009The Dillon says:

    Five, Five Dollar, Five Dollar Footlong

  705. 1/10/2009The Dillon says:

    Need sleep, but I can’t stop

  706. 1/10/2009The Dillon says:

    Use the Force. Convicted of Rape

  707. 1/10/2009Nazara dilworth says:

    Who wants my mind? Economic discount.

  708. 1/10/2009Who says:

    I can’t do this?… Moms gone.

  709. 1/11/2009Anne says:

    I just couldn’t stand being happy…

  710. 1/11/2009Nick S. says:

    Tomorrow we walked, yesterday we fell.

  711. 1/11/2009G M F says:

    “I wonder what this lever doe-“

  712. 1/11/2009Steve Drake says:

    Ticket to ride. misplaced, never found.

  713. 1/11/2009Allen D says:

    A crooked smile upon her face.

  714. 1/11/2009Tim Jasper says:

    Bright lights. Dark road. Poor sight.

  715. 1/11/2009Allen D says:

    Already dating? Story of my life.

  716. 1/11/2009Allen D says:

    It’s not your fault. Not completely.

  717. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Forgot steps. No one noticed, right?

  718. 1/11/2009MacKenzie Smith says:

    His story was too short.

  719. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Became a lumberjack. It was OK.

  720. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Going through the motions. Much easier.

  721. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Alarm rang. Snooze button? Not today.

  722. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Cat on my lap; little motor.

  723. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Every day is exactly the same.

  724. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Said “I love you.” Just kidding?

  725. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Should go to bed. Very addicting,

  726. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Two jobs. Need the money. Exhausted.

  727. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Resolutions always fail. Mine: forget you.

  728. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    It’s over, the memory remains. Sigh.

  729. 1/11/2009Melissa says:

    Both say goodbye; neither leaves.

  730. 1/11/2009Melissa says:


    Both say goodbye though neither leaves.

  731. 1/11/2009John Waboose says:

    Well, Hi there. My name is…

  732. 1/11/2009John Waboose says:

    Please help me my location is…

  733. 1/11/2009John Waboose says:

    Think that’s cool? Listen to this…

  734. 1/11/2009John Waboose says:

    Can’t touch this, Stop… Hammer Time:P

  735. 1/11/2009Maggie says:

    Then my clown nose falls off.

  736. 1/11/2009Emily Moore says:

    We kissed, and I woke up.

  737. 1/11/2009Emily M. says:

    “Why not? Why not a miracle?”

    -Maura Stanton

  738. 1/11/2009FvdB says:

    “Suck it.” …”That’s what she said?”

  739. 1/11/ says:

    “See you when the snow falls…”

  740. 1/11/2009Shane Whelan says:

    She drank bleach. Now she waits.

  741. 1/11/2009Shane Whelan says:

    I drank the bleach. Nothing happened.

  742. 1/11/2009Shane Whelan says:

    Apocalypse imminent… Meeting in main boardroom.

  743. 1/11/2009Fantasy Sports Betting says:

    You ARE lucky, I win again.

  744. 1/11/2009Saxon Fairclough says:

    Cause of Death ? Peer Pressure Ma’am.

  745. 1/11/2009Sally Fitzgerald says:

    First time drinking, last time too.

  746. 1/11/2009Herr Trotzdem says:

    Eggs and some Wheat make pancakes.

  747. 1/11/2009Tibbi Imdad says:

    “pockmarks?needle pricks?…72 hour shift?”
    “Oh what tangled webs we weave…”
    “I gotta go, gotta go…ahhhhhhhh”
    “do-it-yourself and moral relativity”
    “Did I say that? Who heard?”
    “Perception after fact=human philosophy.hah”
    “Objectivity: Is only ketamine flavor available?”
    “Time: Skidding giddliy, slippery watermelon seeds”
    “Instilled stillness. Tight-lipped tulips. Tickled fickle.”
    “Pregnant with monsoon.Breathing sodden cotton”

  748. 1/11/2009Molly Brogan says:

    Huge sigh. Quiet certitude. Life continues.

  749. 1/11/2009pitch says:

    Hit road. Missed street. Hit tree.

  750. 1/11/2009pitch says:

    Expected less. Pepared for worst. Lost.

  751. 1/11/2009Vania says:

    If i had one wish I’d

  752. 1/11/2009Vania says:

    Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.

    -Albert Einstein

  753. 1/11/2009Hunter Boyette says:

    The secret to life is simply

  754. 1/11/2009Morgan says:

    Trusts me? No. Loves me? Sure.

  755. 1/11/2009Rolf says:

    Son executed. Can still afford funeral.

  756. 1/11/2009Robby D. says:

    My ass hurts. Yours too, huh?

  757. 1/11/2009Drake says:

    Steroids illegalized in baseball. Ratings drop.

  758. 1/11/2009Drake says:

    Asteroid coming. Dinosaurs prepare for extinction.

  759. 1/11/2009Drake says:

    “I love rap, but can’t rhyme.”

  760. 1/11/2009Katherine says:

    I have three bank accounts. You?

  761. 1/11/2009G. Sulea says:

    “Hello Son,” it said, tentacles waving.

  762. 1/11/2009G. Sulea says:

    “Damn, not that button!” stars extinguished.

  763. 1/11/2009L A Gardner says:

    To feel smaller, tilt head up.

  764. 1/11/2009Mark Gillan says:

    All you’ll need, time to grieve.

  765. 1/11/2009WhamBam WonderBread says:

    Descend. Shit. Climb. Sloth’s day’s wok.

  766. 1/12/2009harleigh reynolds says:

    married a fat chick, shattered pelvis.

  767. 1/12/2009Madz R. says:

    And she told him a story…

  768. 1/12/2009manasa says:

    change is constant ! ! !

  769. 1/12/2009manasa says:

    RICH needs, POOR in_need_of everything

  770. 1/12/2009Carrell H says:

    Stumbling through briars, numb, homeward bound.

  771. 1/12/2009Steve Drake says:

    Admittedly, I am not very good.

  772. 1/12/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Use mustard and ketchup on Hotdogs.

  773. 1/12/2009Daniel Merthe says:

    Giving up? I knew you would.

  774. 1/12/2009Allen D says:

    Drowned alone as her children watched

  775. 1/12/2009Allen D says:

    Made to miss but hit instead

  776. 1/12/2009Allen D says:

    Kept the child despite the father

  777. 1/12/2009Allen D says:

    Teardrop eyes to hide the rain

  778. 1/12/2009Patricia Aguila says:

    A slurred confession: I loved you.

  779. 1/12/2009Mark Folse says:

    Lucky Harrahan was not. (“Damned jockey”).

  780. 1/12/2009katherine says:

    scrabble. t, s, l, u. innocence

  781. 1/12/2009katherine says:

    sit. stare. hear. doze. eat: school

  782. 1/12/2009eric says:

    covered her lie with half-truth

  783. 1/12/2009nate says:

    19 years in wheelchair. I feed

  784. 1/12/2009Cory says:

    Death comes; where do you go?

  785. 1/12/2009djay says:

    With Pistol, Bank Gives Free Money.

  786. 1/12/2009Zo says:

    She prayed and became an Atheist.

  787. 1/12/2009Wolfgang Coe says:

    Prophet: “Armageddon!”. Profit went up. Happiness?

  788. 1/12/2009Jimmy says:

    It was over before it started

  789. 1/12/2009Jimmy says:

    Then it started all over again

  790. 1/12/2009Jimmy says:

    Everything which begins has to end

  791. 1/12/2009Star Trek says:

    We are Borg. Resistance is futile.

  792. 1/12/2009Rafi says:

    The good stories are all taken.

  793. 1/12/2009Rafi says:

    Would you kill yourself for humanity?

  794. 1/12/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Sans pen; never wrote my masterpiece.

  795. 1/12/2009Stuthehistoryguy says:

    Roman chariot for sale. One owner.

  796. 1/12/2009Guus Peek says:

    Sonnet 18. She froze. Darkness fell.

  797. 1/12/2009Jim says:

    Yesterday. Train tunnel. Pedestrian. Train wins.

  798. 1/12/2009Michael Kovalick says:

    Misery loves company. Are you single?

  799. 1/12/2009D. Alexander says:

    I love you, Delilah. Marry me.

  800. 1/12/2009AJ Brown says:

    House for rent. Must tolerate ghosts.

  801. 1/12/2009RJ Humphrey says:

    Once loved. Now alone. Soon dead.

  802. 1/12/2009Balintor says:

    Found LOVE online, without using Google!

  803. 1/12/2009RJ Humphrey says:

    I understand myself, therefore im confussed.

  804. 1/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Boardroom shenanigans. Slap on the wrist.

  805. 1/12/2009RJ Humphrey says:

    Disabled not un-able, who dictates normal?

  806. 1/12/2009Elliott Smyth says:

    Look left , look right , then cross.

  807. 1/12/2009Elliott Smyth says:

    I love you. Yeah, you too

  808. 1/12/2009Elliott Smyth says:

    Went to Paris. It was rubbish.

  809. 1/12/2009Elliott Smyth says:

    Humans are bound to cure life.

  810. 1/12/2009Elliott Smyth says:

    Who voted for Gorden brown anyway?

  811. 1/12/2009Elliott Smyth says:

    Will our hero ever finish this

  812. 1/12/2009RJ Humphrey says:

    Tell a story; in six words!?

  813. 1/12/2009Alastair Law says:

    A blame culture? Not my fault!

  814. 1/12/2009Alastair Law says:

    Born. Schooled. Worked. Married. Died. Reborn.

  815. 1/12/2009Elaine Johnson says:

    Finally he calls; asking about her.

  816. 1/12/2009Peter says:

    can’t get out. They are coming

  817. 1/12/2009RJ Humphrey says:

    The crying clown never again laughed.

  818. 1/12/2009RJ Humphrey says:

    Remembering was easy. Living was hard.

  819. 1/12/2009Kevin Fry says:

    Start car. Open garage door? Maybe.

  820. 1/12/2009Kevin Fry says:

    Boobs are like pillows (with nipples).

  821. 1/12/2009Kevin Fry says:

    Denied wrongdoing. Could not explain nudity.

  822. 1/12/2009Kevin Fry says:

    Duck! Not bird, verb. Whack!!! Sorry.

  823. 1/12/2009Sam Martin says:

    Harold,long time,why the dress?

  824. 1/12/2009Kevin Fry says:

    Sentence fragments are not a story.

  825. 1/12/2009Sam Martin says:

    The ex empire club, welcomes America.

  826. 1/12/2009Kevin Fry says:

    Man walked into bar. Ordered drink.

  827. 1/12/2009Sam Martin says:

    Them & us = you & me

  828. 1/12/2009Bri says:

    Loves hard, I really miss her.

  829. 1/12/2009Sam Martin says:

    Nature is cruel,no one complains.

  830. 1/12/2009Francesco Robbiano says:

    Unbelievable! This story ends with “Q”.

  831. 1/12/2009Francesco Robbiano says:

    This story is untranslatable in English.

  832. 1/12/2009S J Hammal says:

    Each night in dreams, it pulls.

  833. 1/12/2009Shad Lyman says:


  834. 1/12/2009Shad Lyman says:

    Dime bag.
    Broken molar Dharma.

  835. 1/12/2009Shad Lyman says:

    Scratched Epitaph. . .
    “Thought it was Water”.

  836. 1/12/2009Zya Vim says:

    Gummy Bear Treatment: Heads, they lose.

  837. 1/12/2009Zya Vim says:

    Read Poe. Felt fingertips on neck.

  838. 1/12/2009Zya Vim says:

    Didn’t “break a leg.” Broke coccyx.

  839. 1/12/2009Carly says:

    I sleep. You “sleep.” ha ha

  840. 1/12/2009Zya Vim says:

    Excuse tardiness; horrible case of apathy.

  841. 1/12/2009Dave Mc says:

    Stroke? No. Wait. yeHs, definieuytle strOhjke.

  842. 1/12/2009Zya Vim says:

    Burned bridges. Trapping self was oversight.

  843. 1/12/2009Dave Mc says:

    Kitten litters means cleaning kitty litter.

  844. 1/12/2009Zya Vim says:

    The snow melted. They found bodies.

  845. 1/12/2009Dave Mc says:

    I am absolved. Soul-selling time.

  846. 1/12/2009Dave Mc says:

    He wholly swallowed a shallow swallow.

  847. 1/12/2009Dave Mc says:

    “I do.” *alarm rings* “THANK CHRIST!”

  848. 1/12/2009Octavius Thud says:

    God smiled, fingering the “Off” switch.

  849. 1/12/2009Octavius Thud says:

    Mathematician proves there’s no 6.

  850. 1/12/2009Frederick Fisk says:

    can i just be a shadow?

  851. 1/12/2009Alex says:


    Monthly charges.

  852. 1/12/2009Sarah Hassan says:

    Matador’s wife gives birth to bull

  853. 1/12/2009Octavius Thud says:

    She spread her legs–all eight.

  854. 1/12/2009Octavius Thud says:

    Mickey never heard the fatal meow.

  855. 1/12/2009Mr. Nazara says:

    Wouldn’t’ve found it hadn’t I undressed.

  856. 1/13/2009Octavius Thud says:

    “Plut-o-ni-um”? No clue. Toss me some?

  857. 1/13/2009Octavius Thud says:

    Engineer finds love among the strippers.

  858. 1/13/2009Hari says:

    Man,Won the world ,lost himself.

  859. 1/13/2009Hari says:

    I frowned,She smiled,I surrendered.

  860. 1/13/2009Hari says:

    Crowd laughed when the clown wept.

  861. 1/13/2009Hari says:

    Man,trusts computer,distrusts his wife.

  862. 1/13/2009Hari says:

    Man couldn’t handle success,he failed.

  863. 1/13/2009Hari says:

    Scientists fight proving,man’s a mistake.

  864. 1/13/2009Hari says:

    Even evolution could not resist man.

  865. 1/13/2009Lauren Nicole says:

    You liar. You never loved me.

  866. 1/13/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Lottery ticket; hoped for better life.

  867. 1/13/2009Silent Sinner says:

    “love you”, not “will love you”

  868. 1/13/2009Amber says:

    You really shouldn’t have come, Dad.

  869. 1/13/2009Noud Maas says:

    Could not stop laughing. Made me.

  870. 1/13/2009Amber says:

    I would if I weren’t married.

  871. 1/13/2009Caz says:

    It’s funnier when its not you

  872. 1/13/2009Sam Martin says:

    Check canopy,chute open,atheist again.

  873. 1/13/2009Caz says:

    He grabbed for me and missed

  874. 1/13/2009Petross says:

    SMS:U cumin l8r? Spell cheque?

  875. 1/13/2009Christine says:

    Today’s Tuesday. Feels like Monday.


  876. 1/13/2009steve says:

    Tini saw drawer, reward was in it

  877. 1/13/2009Andrea C. says:

    I’m amazed with My Morning Jacket.

  878. 1/13/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Wine imbibed. Argument ensued. Relationship unglued.

  879. 1/13/2009Daen de Leon says:

    A birth. A life. A death.

  880. 1/13/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Six words isn’t really enough to

  881. 1/13/2009Daen de Leon says:

    “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” — Bernard Madoff

  882. 1/13/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Two opposing refrigerator armies: Cold War.

  883. 1/13/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Can anything “boggle” other than minds?

  884. 1/13/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Is there narrow AND broad daylight?

  885. 1/13/2009Travis B. says:

    My spare tire was also flat.

  886. 1/13/2009Bob says:

    I was in doubt. I brewed-up.

  887. 1/13/2009iDDi says:

    Finals week kills our sex life.

  888. 1/13/2009Caz says:

    That monkey just winked at me

  889. 1/13/2009Sean Vrabel says:

    The secret to eternal frustration is…

  890. 1/13/2009aydi says:

    Drinking whiskey while working is fun.


  891. 1/13/2009aydi says:

    Watching/reading news makes me hopeless.

  892. 1/13/2009aydi says:

    being drunk at work is fun. :)

  893. 1/13/2009aydi says:

    drinking to celebrate him finishing school. :)

  894. 1/13/2009aydi says:

    this is fun. don’t wanna stop.

    ok maybe I cheated a little…but seriously…6 words…?!

  895. 1/13/2009Seth Anderton says:

    Pencil sharpener broken. No murders today.

  896. 1/13/2009Tony's Nephew says:

    The Beginning. The Middle. The End.

  897. 1/13/2009Ed Ellers says:

    Man cannot lean on humidity alone!

  898. 1/13/2009saurabh says:

    He Came. He Saw. He Conquered.

  899. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Blizzard traps outlaws. Doomed men flee.

  900. 1/13/2009Tabby says:

    Lost husband. If found, lose immediately.

  901. 1/13/2009S. Washburn says:

    He lived. He fell. He died.

  902. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Footless man. Shoeless me stopped weeping.

  903. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Brutus, be good and assassinate. Okay.

  904. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Pip’s benefactor. Who could it be?

  905. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Mafia mole kills cop mole. Deathlarity.

  906. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Friends’ falling out. Judah’s revenge hollow.

  907. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    War hero adopted by Sioux. Dances.

  908. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Archaeologist finds Ark. Bureaucrats warehouse it.

  909. 1/13/2009Christian Padilla says:

    New York City. Over too soon.

  910. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Book-a-Minute sues. Oh noes!

  911. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Soylent Green saves humanity. Or not?

  912. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Shot in buttocks, but marries Jenny.

  913. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Pilotless. We’re all counting on you.

  914. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Tricked with pox, give parents herpes

  915. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    New Orleans not at risk. ORLY?

  916. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Psychologist (he’s a ghost) helps boy.

  917. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Amnesiac rebuilds theater, courageously faces Congress.

  918. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Fonzie jumps the shark. Show dies.

  919. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Wilberforce fights slavery. Abolition at last!

  920. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Birthday party missed call; Tyrannosaur comes.

  921. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Mobile companies hate Chad. They fail.

  922. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Julia Child bleeding. Save the liver.

  923. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    LOLcat eats cheezburger. Internet dies.

  924. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Boss catches me; story ends with

  925. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Frodo destroys ring. Previous life unrecoverable.

  926. 1/13/2009Francesco Robbiano says:

    Heartbeat, the fireflies’ soundtrack. Silence? Darkness.

  927. 1/13/2009Pedro Menezes says:

    Their eyes met. It was love

  928. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Israelites freed, cast idol. Tablets smashed.

  929. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Bad credit, no problem. Wait, problem.

  930. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Musicians’ plane crashes. Music dies.

  931. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Space capsule retrieves microorganism. Emergency research!

  932. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    P.O.W. escapes Siberia, walks to Iran.


  933. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Prophet marries whore, keeps forgiving cheating.

  934. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Scooby catches villains. Ghosts are fake.

  935. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    “Journalist” tokes and heads to Vegas.

  936. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Gilgamesh’s friend dies. “Why?” he asks.

  937. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Prisoners build railway bridge; commandos destroy.

  938. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Montague-Capulet hookup. Suicide goof –> Reconciliation

  939. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Lazy Rip hits “snooze,” misses decades.

  940. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Hubby farting under covers fumigates wife.

  941. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Billionaire tycoon misses his sled. Rosebud.

  942. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Sphinx carver sneezes, gesundheit. Oh nose!

  943. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Beavis and Butt-head watch MTV. Stiffies.

  944. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Poet’s lover dies. Raven bothers. Nevermore.

  945. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Kirk time-travels, saves the whales.

  946. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Giant rabbit attacks Carter. Run away!

  947. 1/13/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    Big Sun. Small Moon. Earth targeted for decimation.

  948. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Seinfeld lives in apartment. Nothing happens.

  949. 1/13/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    Big Sun. Small Moon. Earth decimated.

  950. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Crime scene. Horatio says something clever.

  951. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Facing time bomb, MacGruber delays. BOOM!

  952. 1/13/2009Oneironaut says:

    Empty forests, broken moon: The End.

  953. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Rick sacrifices. They’ll always have Paris.

  954. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Let’s keep this giant wooden horse!

  955. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Launched 1,000 ships. My face hurts!

  956. 1/13/2009JP Nogues says:

    He cut the red wire. Wrong.

  957. 1/13/2009@smashad says:

    Muslim. Christian. Hindu. Jew. World Peace.

  958. 1/13/2009Shevonne says:

    She got her wish. Innocence regained.

  959. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Homer eats floor pie. Crack visible.

  960. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    USSR barricades neighbors, then gives up.

  961. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Italian plumber fights turtles, rescues princess.

  962. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Roadside signs sell product. Burma-Shave.

  963. 1/13/2009Morgan Ferdinand says:

    They laughed until they were old.

  964. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Stuffed rabbit gives completely, becomes real.

  965. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Custer gets overconfident, walks into ambush.

  966. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Big Three ossify. Congress delays inevitable.

  967. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Girl hides in wardrobe, meets faun.

  968. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Writer unsuccessful at brevity, and then

  969. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Pick-up line bombs. Man humiliated.

  970. 1/13/2009The Dillon says:

    True Depression: “I broke my Wookie.”

  971. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Dictator’s grandiose national vision –> commoners suffer.

  972. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Marx dreams of sharing at gunpoint.

  973. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Youth Jedi training, backward master gives.

  974. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Cubans invade Colorado. Wolverines successfully retaliate.

  975. 1/13/2009Terr Washington says:

    When they buried mom, He smiled.

  976. 1/13/2009jdpilgrim says:

    what? I hadn’t realised we’d started!

  977. 1/13/2009kengo says:

    When he awoke, she was gone.

  978. 1/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Robot stacks trash, finds plant. Romance.

  979. 1/13/2009Horatio Alan Feeney says:

    Tuesday: end of time. What Wednesday?

  980. 1/13/2009michelle says:

    found him. got him. now what?

  981. 1/13/2009O'Brannigan says:

    She cheated. Now she is alone.

  982. 1/13/2009Andrew C. Marshall says:

    She lived on hope. Died starving.

  983. 1/13/2009Jane Pillow says:

    She leaves town, he calls me.

  984. 1/13/2009Johanna M. says:

    Knocked up. Life takes a detour.

  985. 1/13/2009Johanna M. says:

    Baby bump. Life takes a detour.

  986. 1/13/2009Andrew Babb says:

    My popsicle melts… The penguin cries.

  987. 1/13/2009Andrew Babb says:

    Three, two, one, Blast Off…? Oops.

  988. 1/13/2009Andrew Babb says:

    Man vs. Time. Epic fail.

  989. 1/13/2009Andrew Babb says:

    I miscounted. Embarassment followed. Need redemption.

  990. 1/13/2009Andrew Babb says:

    Six word stories sound like headlines.

  991. 1/13/2009Max Spike says:

    My train of thought has derailed.

  992. 1/13/2009Billie Thompson says:

    “I love you,”… I hate lying.

  993. 1/13/2009Max Spike says:

    Broken dinner plates litter the airfields.

  994. 1/13/2009e w jensen says:

    “Gimme a hand” said the shark.

  995. 1/13/2009isaac zucca says:

    so many puppies. so much blood.

  996. 1/13/2009joshua says:

    for sale! gently barely used! brain

  997. 1/13/2009Dan Whisler says:

    Memory gone. What is my name?

  998. 1/13/2009Mr. Nazara says:

    Hurry. Up. I need my abortion.

  999. 1/13/2009Will Bjorn says:

    Splif smoke rises. Time slows down.

  1000. 1/13/2009Robert Lopresti says:

    My wife wouldn’t hire a hit

  1001. 1/13/2009Robert Lopresti says:

    I’m very, very, very, very laconic.

  1002. 1/13/2009Judd Garratt says:

    You may now kiss the bride.

  1003. 1/13/2009Marita Johnstone says:

    She hugged him, then she fled.

  1004. 1/13/2009Ryan Smith says:

    Roommate died. Dorm room is quiet.

  1005. 1/14/2009Catherine says:

    I wrote a story about you

  1006. 1/14/2009Malorie says:

    Meant to be. Guess we’ll see.

  1007. 1/14/2009Tyler Krszjzaniek says:

    I stole your birthday presents again.

  1008. 1/14/2009Tyler Krszjzaniek says:

    First dates never are a success.

  1009. 1/14/2009Tyler Krszjzaniek says:

    And I weep, because you dream.

  1010. 1/14/2009Cait says:

    Princess found true love, what’s next?

  1011. 1/14/2009Steve Drake says:

    In an instant nothing much happened

  1012. 1/14/2009Allison says:

    gave up just barely too soon.

  1013. 1/14/2009Nickos says:

    Eyes pleading. He turns, leaves forever.

  1014. 1/14/2009Nickos says:

    After dying, he waited three days.

  1015. 1/14/2009Nickos says:

    Whitechapel. Jack smiled. “Something special sweetheart?”

  1016. 1/14/2009Nickos says:

    Killed the kid. Made curry. Delicious

  1017. 1/14/2009Nickos says:

    Snake eyes. Fatal move. Rerolls dice.

  1018. 1/14/2009Jess says:

    Though unintended, his hands still hurt.

  1019. 1/14/2009Jess says:

    One day he just stopped calling.

  1020. 1/14/2009Aaron Levine says:

    LEave the gun. Take the canolli

  1021. 1/14/2009Aaron Levine says:

    I’ll floss with your spine.

  1022. 1/14/2009Ryan Hawkins says:

    Didn’t read the instructions. OH CRAP!

  1023. 1/14/2009Sophie says:

    Took a slow train ride home.

  1024. 1/14/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    The girl at the bottom of the well sees light drowning

  1025. 1/14/2009joshua says:

    satans small blind, jesus wins river

  1026. 1/14/2009Adam Swonke says:

    They met. They married. They died.

  1027. 1/14/2009fileeep says:

    thought i was home, pissed again!

  1028. 1/14/2009JackieJ says:

    Drove in circles. Never found home.

    Knitted myself gloves. Fingers became lonely.

    Pursued life goal. He later died.

    Turtle left his shell. Became homesick.

    Quit smoking. Died of anxiety attack.

    She closed her eyes. Saw everything.

    Shade felt cool. Sun was jealous.

    Climbed a mountain. Then got high.

    Ironically, couldn’t remember the song “Unforgettable”.

    Jumped for the chance to sit.

    Married plastic. Saw right through her.

    Computers were invented. The pencil withdrew.

    She dreamed of having big dreams.

  1029. 1/14/2009Josh Wilensky says:

    Love. Do I have to explain?

  1030. 1/14/2009Roger Wells says:

    He found breathing hard under water

  1031. 1/14/2009Shiloh Peacemaker says:

    Crying pleas. Deadly silence. He left

  1032. 1/14/2009Dragon Blogger says:

    He sought love, for a lifetime.

  1033. 1/14/2009Mike Borg says:

    I read the note…..good-bye then?

  1034. 1/14/2009djay says:

    Damn, Another One Bites The Dust.

  1035. 1/14/2009Mr. Nazara says:

    The Dillon fell. Damned endless pit.

  1036. 1/14/2009Ducky says:

    You never deserved me. Stop calling.

  1037. 1/14/2009Ducky says:

    This morning, I fell in love.

  1038. 1/14/2009sigge says:

    He’s chasing. I’m fleeing. We’re running.

  1039. 1/14/2009Dennis says:

    Wake, eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat.

  1040. 1/14/2009sigge says:

    Warhardened. Idealistic. Experienced. Renowned. Choose Hitler!

  1041. 1/14/2009Jekio says:

    Heard there’s comfort before the pavement.

    Question mark pound slash slash end
    ? # / / .

    Bullets to chest — foul! Red card.

  1042. 1/14/2009Bob Shook says:

    Tried and failed. So what now?

  1043. 1/14/2009Nikki E. says:

    Brake heart. Repaire. You in pieces.

  1044. 1/14/2009sigge says:

    Searching. Finding. Believing. Fullfilling. – The Terrorist

  1045. 1/14/2009sigge says:

    Revolting. Reforming. Sharing. Controlling. – The Communist

  1046. 1/14/2009sigge says:

    Borrowing. Investing. Collecting. Broke? – The Capitalist

  1047. 1/14/2009sigge says:

    Sitting. Scrolling. Reading. Realizing. – It’s YOU!

  1048. 1/14/2009sigge says:

    Insufficent funds. Bought house. No change.

  1049. 1/14/2009Lynne Skysong says:

    Graduates. Recession. No job. Bankruptcy. Bailout?

  1050. 1/14/2009Lynne Skysong says:

    Emotional baggage? Leave boyfriend. Problem fixed.

  1051. 1/14/2009Lynne Skysong says:

    Life: Birth, growth, sex, death, repeat.

  1052. 1/14/2009firedmyass says:

    Dead at 95. Survived by parents.

  1053. 1/14/2009Dave Id says:

    FWS: Virgin wanted, no experience necessary.

  1054. 1/14/2009R. Zimmerman says:

    Asteroid showers reset all Earths flowers.

  1055. 1/14/2009liebot says:

    Was hated. Now pitied. Prefer former.

  1056. 1/14/2009Dave Id says:

    Flood of stories drowns ambitious webmaster.

  1057. 1/14/2009Luis Camayd says:

    Interactive is the future, traditional will die!

  1058. 1/14/2009The Bear II says:

    Had an RV, the Lake has it now.
    The Bear II

  1059. 1/14/2009Geraint Price says:

    Life: Birth. Marriage. Anger. Death. Prison.

  1060. 1/14/2009Geraint Price says:

    Tomorrow my two best friends duel.

  1061. 1/14/2009The Bear II says:

    What’s That Beeping Sound ?

  1062. 1/14/2009The Bear II says:

    What’s this button do? He asked too late.

  1063. 1/14/2009Ruth Sugden says:

    Didn’t land the jump. It hurt.

  1064. 1/14/2009Jesse says:

    Balls are small, as is cock

  1065. 1/14/2009Thomas Lunden says:

    Necrophilia fades. Time to bury her.

  1066. 1/14/2009Thomas Lunden says:

    Axe misses neck. Stroke of luck.

  1067. 1/14/2009Thomas Lunden says:

    They smiled. They did not know.

  1068. 1/14/2009Thomas Lunden says:

    He ensured she had life insurance.

  1069. 1/14/2009Midnight Stories says:

    It’s fine, I know I must.

  1070. 1/14/2009Being Sisco says:

    I will, because you asked nicely.

  1071. 1/14/2009Rocky B says:

    ALF: Cancelled way too soon, man.

  1072. 1/14/2009Trevor says:

    Dear, I don’t give a damn.
    – Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind)

  1073. 1/14/2009a.g. jenkins says:

    Broken bottle. Broken condom. Broken life.

  1074. 1/14/2009a.g. jenkins says:

    In, out, in, out, thanks, dear.

  1075. 1/14/2009a.g. jenkins says:

    strange room, strange bed, same girl. explain that.

  1076. 1/14/2009Sam Wood says:

    On board. Got floored, Over board

  1077. 1/14/2009Tabby says:

    Her “suicide”; his lease of life.

  1078. 1/14/2009Theodora says:

    I wonder what this button does…

  1079. 1/14/2009Andy says:

    Finally, I can close my eyes.

  1080. 1/14/2009kate dean says:

    i never thought you were stupid

  1081. 1/14/2009Tristyn Rees Kaitt says:

    Mother’s lifelong secret, an older brother!?

  1082. 1/14/2009PJ says:

    Inside himself, he found his outside.

  1083. 1/14/2009Brian Saá says:

    Old man gets hard: “Stop ageism”.

  1084. 1/14/2009RW says:

    One great orgasm. Eighteen years devotion.

  1085. 1/14/2009me666ow says:

    For sale: dueling pistol, never fired.

  1086. 1/14/2009me666ow says:

    For sale: parachute, never opened, stains.

  1087. 1/14/2009Brian says:

    They came. They saw. They destroyed.

  1088. 1/14/2009kate dean says:

    why you like that huh?

  1089. 1/14/2009Chris Fenner says:

    Apparently, I wasn’t her only love.

  1090. 1/14/2009blu jacobs says:

    i leave so i’m not left.

  1091. 1/14/2009Deerdancer says:

    Choice made. Wings reopened. Spirit healed.

  1092. 1/14/2009Forrest Page says:

    Lost her will. Took a pill.

  1093. 1/14/2009Forrest Page says:

    Born in Alabama. Raised in Connecticut.

  1094. 1/14/2009Forrest Page says:

    Everybody can, but not everybody can’t.

  1095. 1/15/2009Forrest Page says:

    Blood on moss looks like Christmas.

  1096. 1/15/2009Adam Robertson says:

    Was born. Death followed. No regrets.

  1097. 1/15/2009poom says:

    Can I help you? Kangaroo inflation.

  1098. 1/15/2009Dave F says:

    Three words unsaid; a loveless life.

  1099. 1/15/2009Ashley Mellinger says:

    Boy meets Girl. Boy leaves Girl.

  1100. 1/15/2009josh mcdowell says:

    alien loses spaceship, david bowie sings

  1101. 1/15/2009Jazz Johnson says:

    One day, I will finally beat them.

  1102. 1/15/2009Jazz Johnson says:

    Rage simmers inside, demons gather round…

  1103. 1/15/2009Jazz Johnson says:

    Also, [oops, take out "finally"...typo >.<]

  1104. 1/15/2009John says:

    Hemingway, betcha can’t do it again!

  1105. 1/15/2009John says:

    The gun isn’t even loaded, look!

  1106. 1/15/2009John says:

    For Sale. Hemingway’s shotgun. Used once.

  1107. 1/15/2009Andrew Pinkowitz says:

    The answer was, x + 2.

  1108. 1/15/2009Matthew Park says:

    Sometimes, you don’t need to count.

  1109. 1/15/2009William Lindberg says:

    Big dreams. No money. Bigger dreams.

  1110. 1/15/2009The Dillon says:

    Eww, it got in my mouth.

  1111. 1/15/2009The Dillon says:

    My Toilet’s So Full Of Crap

  1112. 1/15/2009Melissa Nilles says:

    Shut up! I’m trying to study.

  1113. 1/15/2009Melissa Nilles says:

    Fuck you, I’m eating your mom.

  1114. 1/15/2009Melissa Nilles says:

    My phone vibrates too much yay

  1115. 1/15/2009Melissa Nilles says:

    I can has cheeseburger nao yes?

  1116. 1/15/2009Melissa Nilles says:

    Suffering in silence… they’re quiet now.

  1117. 1/15/2009Melissa Nilles says:

    Way to go! I start crying.

  1118. 1/15/2009Melissa Nilles says:

    I love and hate you, why?

  1119. 1/15/2009Melissa Nilles says:

    Austin sleeps, unsuspecting. Snake hisses, waiting.

  1120. 1/15/2009Melissa Nilles says:

    A life reversed is strange indeed.

  1121. 1/15/2009Melissa Nilles says:

    Star Wars: so overrated. Jabba: fat.

  1122. 1/15/2009WaSi says:

    One day, one chance, one vagina

  1123. 1/15/2009Mr. Nazara says:

    Dwells for photo flash focus record

  1124. 1/15/2009The Dillon says:

    Chris Pontious is my hero, not.

  1125. 1/15/2009WaSi says:

    John Robot’s hungry. Baby keeps Crying.

  1126. 1/15/2009Mr. Nazara says:

    -You’ve saved my baby!!!. – fuck you.

  1127. 1/15/2009wrektangle says:

    …I only wanted her lovely teeth.

  1128. 1/15/2009wrektangle says:

    the worst haikus i ever read

  1129. 1/15/2009Car-Bot says:

    Full of wonder…meaning I’m wonderful?

  1130. 1/15/2009Car-Bot says:

    Dear God,
    so wrong, its right!

  1131. 1/15/2009Car-Bot says:

    Dear God,
    so right its left…

  1132. 1/15/2009Car-Bot says:

    all alone pondering six word stories….

  1133. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    The was now unlocked. Wasn’t earlier.

  1134. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    Can’t believe it, but we won.

  1135. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    Captain died. Now it’s my turn.

  1136. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    Something seemed unnatural about the murders.

  1137. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    Luckily, the ointment cured my itching.

  1138. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    Loved everything except the mutant ants.

  1139. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    I’d lied. The chocolate was delicious.

  1140. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    Mutants invaded. We rebelled. Ate tacos.

  1141. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    Banana Daquiris and grenades don’t mix.

  1142. 1/15/2009Jeremy Cope says:

    Power out, doesn’t kiss, chance missed.

  1143. 1/15/2009Jeremy Cope says:

    Newborn lives; father mourns their loss.

  1144. 1/15/2009Jeremy Cope says:

    Tower grows taller, man falls lower.

  1145. 1/15/2009Foje says:

    She’s in labor. He’s in traffic.

  1146. 1/15/2009Sandra Wheeler says:

    Boy. Girl. Love ignored. Lost forever.

  1147. 1/15/2009Sandra Wheeler says:

    Wishes are dreams. Not yet realized.

  1148. 1/15/2009Kimberly Kelley says:

    Swallowed thirtyfive. Lived. Not sure why……

  1149. 1/15/2009Kimberly Kelley says:

    Starving. Bones jutting. That’s my beauty.

  1150. 1/15/2009Adam says:

    more haste, less speed. Deadline missed.

  1151. 1/15/2009Patricia Barrett says:

    Never cared, to try your shoes.

  1152. 1/15/2009Ann Ominous says:

    Boy meets girl. Girl eats boy.

  1153. 1/15/2009Ray says:

    Studied all night. Slept through test.

  1154. 1/15/2009Patrick S says:

    One…two…three. Now, run quickly.

  1155. 1/15/2009Mat Meadows says:

    I want something. You have it.

  1156. 1/15/2009Charles Changizi says:

    in frog joke! blender the The

  1157. 1/15/2009Ann Ominous says:

    Buzz…Buzzz…Splat! R.I.P. Tinkerbell.

  1158. 1/15/2009The Duke says:

    I should know better by now.

  1159. 1/15/2009Brice Shultz says:

    It rains. Robot overlords rust. Victory.

  1160. 1/15/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Can’t sleep; please check closet again.

  1161. 1/15/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Jumps in rain puddle. No bottom.

  1162. 1/15/2009Amanda says:

    Found my drugs, off to NA.

  1163. 1/15/2009Nathan Kessler says:

    First and last love; no pulse.

  1164. 1/15/20094ndyman says:

    3 submissions:
    “But he said it wasn’t loaded!”
    Submitted story. Got published. Gained stalker.
    “Gators are horrible pets!” Lefty argued.

  1165. 1/15/2009Fil says:

    Guess who’s not pregnant any more?

  1166. 1/15/2009Fil says:

    Press a button, get a cookie.

  1167. 1/15/2009Brice Shultz says:

    One second left… … Intercepted! Muddy tears…

  1168. 1/15/2009Forrest Page says:

    Two steps forward, one step back.

  1169. 1/15/2009Scott Minkin says:

    What do you mean, “No parachutes.”?

  1170. 1/15/2009Scott Minkin says:

    Anacin hospital adamant bitter assinine places.

  1171. 1/15/2009Scott Minkin says:

    Skating is easy. Just keep… WHOA!

  1172. 1/15/2009WaSi says:

    Four letter words: Fuck Dumb Shit

  1173. 1/15/2009WaSi says:

    Laughter is a state of mind.

  1174. 1/15/2009Forrest Page says:

    Do you like my prosthetic nipples?

  1175. 1/15/2009E. O'Donovan says:

    Beer spilled: tears shed. Milk, introspective.

  1176. 1/15/2009Elder says:

    They didn’t know it was crack.

  1177. 1/15/2009E. O'Donovan says:

    She’s here, hide the pony, quick!

  1178. 1/15/2009Thomas K. says:

    Imprisoned terrorist worth two Gitmo pardons.

  1179. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    I loved Her. She loved life.

  1180. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    Never marry for looks. They fade.

  1181. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    The Robot overlords weren’t all bad.

  1182. 1/15/2009Michael Herron says:

    Word cloud inspired me to write.

  1183. 1/15/2009Ásgeir Jóhannsson says:

    Wanted her, got her, left her.

  1184. 1/15/2009wordsmith says:

    Six words can make great stories.

  1185. 1/15/2009Toby says:

    Karate kick missed. Bullett did not.

  1186. 1/15/2009James E. McFaddin says:

    Not prune juice again! Oh shit!

  1187. 1/15/2009AJ Matthews says:

    Here it comes. You should run.

  1188. 1/15/2009AJ Matthews says:

    I was married once. Never again.

  1189. 1/15/2009James E. McFaddin says:

    Pool game: Iraq, you bust, Iran

  1190. 1/15/2009Thomas Nax says:

    I used to be confused, I think.

  1191. 1/15/2009Nick Bemberg says:

    “I see,” said the blind man.

  1192. 1/15/2009Balintor says:

    Boys home. Husband potteriing. Such peace.

  1193. 1/15/2009Balintor says:

    Take me to your other leader.

  1194. 1/15/2009Trey Jackson says:

    “Look Ma! No Hands!” Last Words

  1195. 1/15/2009Trey Jackson says:

    Evolution: I. I can. I cannot.

  1196. 1/15/2009Amber Faye says:

    Hidden love affair brought him heartbreak.

  1197. 1/15/2009Amber Faye says:

    School food means student bathroom visits.

  1198. 1/15/2009Amber Faye says:

    Completed life goal. What’s next?

  1199. 1/15/2009Amber Faye says:

    Boxer girl was a knock-out.

  1200. 1/15/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Advertisement; X-Ray Specs! Gave family cancer.

  1201. 1/15/2009A button to a million says:

    A blowjob to one. A blowjob to another. She’s a bitch!

  1202. 1/15/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Edit- Advertisement: X-Ray Specs! Gave strangers cancer.

  1203. 1/15/2009A button to a million says:

    A party among friends. Please to meet you. Please to meet you. One hour to split the fight!

  1204. 1/15/2009A button to a million says:

    50 bucks. They were there… None knows nothing

  1205. 1/15/2009james stacy says:

    she slowly slips into the darkness.

  1206. 1/15/2009confused says:

    oh my gawd. what the fuck?

  1207. 1/15/2009Reed says:

    Hey, look! Distraction. Death from above.

  1208. 1/15/2009The Dillon says:

    May The force be with you.

  1209. 1/15/2009Antonia says:

    He dreamed of motorcycles and her.

  1210. 1/15/2009Antonia says:

    She dreamed of him and escaping.

  1211. 1/15/2009Casey says:

    Soldiers.Friends?Killers.Criminals?..I led.

  1212. 1/15/2009Casey says:

    Same woman. Same whiskey. Same regrets.

  1213. 1/15/2009He says:

    One life. Unlimited ways to die.

  1214. 1/15/2009He says:

    I see black and white. Epilepsy.

  1215. 1/15/2009Casey says:

    Burned coffee, stale doughnuts. Still sober.

  1216. 1/16/2009Ben Marx says:

    Abducted by Autumn. Haven’t yet returned

  1217. 1/16/2009K. Joseph Johnson says:

    Freudian slip. Apologised. Still no call.

  1218. 1/16/2009K. Joseph Johnson says:

    “Yes, Priscilla?” “The peaches are ripe.”

  1219. 1/16/2009K. Joseph Johnson says:

    3 degrees. See my breath. shiver.

  1220. 1/16/2009K. Joseph Johnson says:

    Old friends. Alzheimer’s disease. New friends!

  1221. 1/16/2009Eric says:

    Ate it all. Hid the box.

  1222. 1/16/2009Nick Alexander says:

    Lost: Sense of self. Found: Love.

  1223. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Song stuck in my head. Ouch.

  1224. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Strong bass line. Caught a swordfish.

  1225. 1/16/2009nate says:

    City dump. Discarded toys. Temporary elation.

  1226. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Skyscraper built. Plans upside-down. Contractor hailed.

  1227. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Assyrian caught smoking marijuana. Was stoned.

  1228. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Empty seat. Fat man. Tight fit.

  1229. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Childhood crush. Ten years. Missed opportunity.

  1230. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Unheralded anticipation. Jar-Jar Binks. Palpable disappointment.

  1231. 1/16/2009nate says:

    File transfer. Computer Virus. STD worse.

  1232. 1/16/2009nate says:

    MAIL!!! DECODER RING!!!! Drink your Ovaltine?!!

  1233. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Electric fence was left open. Shocking!

  1234. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Missed train by seconds. Lost job.

  1235. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Wished on star. Sadly, came true.

  1236. 1/16/2009nate says:

    White girl goes missing. BREAKING NEWS!!!

  1237. 1/16/2009nate says:

    “Memento” movie the saw just I.

  1238. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Band adds saw player. Fans flee.

  1239. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Technophobic literature-haters. Rabble-rousing preachers. E-books burned.

  1240. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Viagra. Four hours later, consulted physician.

  1241. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Unasked questions. Answers never known. Regrets.

  1242. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Found old journal. Forgot about her.

  1243. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Was an idiot. Haven’t changed much.

  1244. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Constipated mathematician worked problem with pencil.

  1245. 1/16/2009nate says:

    ::ripped from the headlines::

    “Police: Girl sold for beer, meat.”

  1246. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Thanksgiving Day parade airplane crashes, floats.

  1247. 1/16/2009nate says:


  1248. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Circus losing business. Human cannonball fired.

  1249. 1/16/2009nate says:

    Didn’t make playoffs. Grew beard anyway.

  1250. 1/16/2009fly_J says:

    Pilot holds breathe. Closer to god.

  1251. 1/16/2009fly_J says:

    Wolves following. Snow falling. Compass failing.

  1252. 1/16/2009Sam Baker says:

    All I need is seven words…

  1253. 1/16/2009Sam Baker says:

    If Only I Had Seven Words…

  1254. 1/16/2009fly_J says:

    Spelling fails after midnight eyes. oops

  1255. 1/16/2009Alex Morrison says:

    Angel or demon? She is both.

  1256. 1/16/2009Alex Morrison says:

    She lied. I cried. I survived.

  1257. 1/16/2009Alex Morrison says:

    The end: the truth frees all.

  1258. 1/16/2009Alex Morrison says:

    Clouds break across my vision; majestic.

  1259. 1/16/2009Alex Morrison says:

    Millions die over wounded pride. Civilized?

  1260. 1/16/2009Alex Morrison says:

    Beside the all, there she is.

  1261. 1/16/2009Thom A says:

    Went to circus and ate clown.

  1262. 1/16/2009Alex Morrison says:

    I awake, ache, and soon partake.

  1263. 1/16/2009Pappa B says:

    One author. Six words. Millions entertained.

  1264. 1/16/2009Pappa B says:

    Sleep. Eat. Work. Eat. Sleep. Life.

  1265. 1/16/2009Nick Alexander says:

    *Critical Transporter Error*. “Hello” says himself.

  1266. 1/16/2009Elrick says:

    “I lived well, Death.” “I know.”

  1267. 1/16/2009Foje says:

    The illusionist swimming in debt, disappears.

  1268. 1/16/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    Can I quit now? Instant poverty.

  1269. 1/16/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    God on board flight 1549. Hallelujah!

  1270. 1/16/2009shy says:

    Love. Marriage. Kids. AIDS. Orphans.Lost

  1271. 1/16/2009Robert Wigley says:

    Unicorn sleeping. Dragon hungry. Feathered Toothpick.

  1272. 1/16/2009Amber Faye says:

    I’m commmminnggg! I’m not inside you….

  1273. 1/16/2009Amber Faye says:

    Decided I’m indecisive. Well, maybe not…

  1274. 1/16/2009Keith Novak says:

    Han: “Great, kid. don’t get cocky”

  1275. 1/16/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Jumping on bed! Ceiling fan. Dead.

  1276. 1/16/2009Nick Imholte says:

    Don’t Drink, Smoke, Gamble. Do Lie.

  1277. 1/16/2009Steve Zagieboylo says:

    Suicide bomber meets Allah. Oh, shit.

  1278. 1/16/2009Aditya Anupkumar says:

    The World in a word. Weird.

  1279. 1/16/2009Steve Zagieboylo says:

    Time Machine, initial test: Space-time collapses.

  1280. 1/16/2009Steve Zagieboylo says:

    Deadline. Blank page. Bleeding in bathtub.

  1281. 1/16/2009Steve Zagieboylo says:

    (I think I like this one better.)

    Deadline. Blank page. Bloody bathtub . … Idea!

  1282. 1/16/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Madame Zora picks the Cubs. Phoney.

  1283. 1/16/2009Steve Zagieboylo says:

    (or even this one.)

    Deadline. Blank page. Bloody bathtub. In..spir..a..tio…

  1284. 1/16/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Your princess is in another castle.

  1285. 1/16/2009James E. McFaddin says:

    In then out, what a prick!

  1286. 1/16/2009Jennifer Rose Johnson says:

    One overdose, one in jail = FAMILY

  1287. 1/16/2009Jennifer Rose Johnson says:

    Clear Circles Through Clear Window Panes.

  1288. 1/16/2009WaSi says:

    Six strokes away from blastoff. Slower.

  1289. 1/16/2009WaSi says:

    It smelled like sex and death

  1290. 1/16/2009Jacob Isaac says:

    Fear and hope blind your potential.

  1291. 1/16/2009Effy Lockshaw says:

    loved him. fucked him. dumped him.

  1292. 1/16/2009Brian Saá says:

    Built horse. Still birth. No rocking.

  1293. 1/16/2009Valentine says:

    Human by birth, humane by choice.

  1294. 1/16/2009Kimberly says:

    Murder: apparently inappropriate in the office.

  1295. 1/16/2009Jason Sheridan says:

    Car’s totaled, the goat is fine.

  1296. 1/16/2009thewritngyak says:

    nestled in bed. switch not reachable.

  1297. 1/16/2009Noah says:

    An oaf entered; hotly left bread.

  1298. 1/16/2009Rob says:

    Was on top, now at bottom.

  1299. 1/16/2009Rob says:

    success a mystery, sabotages self always

  1300. 1/16/2009Rob says:

    had a girl, he has now

  1301. 1/16/2009Rob says:

    get ass in gear or else

  1302. 1/16/2009Jizelle Estrada says:

    I had cancer, and I survived.

  1303. 1/16/2009Tiffany Hall says:

    First place at being second string.

  1304. 1/16/2009Tiffany Hall says:

    Finally fell in love, too late.

  1305. 1/16/2009Sarah says:

    elderly spinster, seven cats, no body.

  1306. 1/16/2009Diana says:

    No cuddling after “bootycall”. She’s heartbroken.

  1307. 1/17/2009wrektangle says:

    mine wins .

    did you get it?

  1308. 1/17/2009Bri says:

    Get up. Go to school. Repeat.

  1309. 1/17/2009Tare Bear says:

    The mustache tickled lips. Both sets.

  1310. 1/17/2009Rob Gentle says:

    Fiance taken hostage. Please return ring.

  1311. 1/17/2009Julie Rowe says:

    Love, marriage, children, morgage, retire, cortege.

  1312. 1/17/2009devon says:

    I wish I married Christel instead

  1313. 1/17/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    Something’s wrong here, I’m not dying.

  1314. 1/17/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    “Too many cocktails,” says your pilot.

  1315. 1/17/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    “Come on, she was your babysitter.”

  1316. 1/17/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    Set the nice lady’s yarn down.

  1317. 1/17/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    No, but I know a guy.

  1318. 1/17/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    Dude, you can’t fight a puma.

  1319. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    She hoped her heart held out.

  1320. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    There will be days like these.

  1321. 1/17/2009John says:

    My story wasn’t chosen. Fuck Pete.

  1322. 1/17/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    He really only loved that nailgun.

  1323. 1/17/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    They weren’t fajitas, they were lies.

  1324. 1/17/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    The geese never let me sleep.

  1325. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Dust up ahead and darkness behind.

  1326. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Hard way to live this life

  1327. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    She had wings, I couldn’t fly.

  1328. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    No wonder our hands are tied.

  1329. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Driving home never seemed so far

  1330. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    On that day the dollar died.

  1331. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    They wanna make you feel alone.

  1332. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Stolen hearts take time to break.

  1333. 1/17/2009Hiroyuki Goto says:

    Look carefully. That’s not a mountain.

  1334. 1/17/2009Gordon says:

    Chainsaw wouldn’t start, Children still alive.

  1335. 1/17/2009greghousesgf says:

    Bush family: proof of no god.

  1336. 1/17/2009Ed L says:

    I showered. Then I shat. Crap!

  1337. 1/17/2009Matt Portman says:

    Shit before the game. Play lighter.

  1338. 1/17/2009Loraine Birkenstock says:

    Obediently, her mind erased her sins.

  1339. 1/17/2009Taylor says:

    When you’re away, I dance naked.

  1340. 1/17/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    And thus we fell from Earth.

  1341. 1/17/2009Brian Beno says:

    P l a n t. W a t e r. H a r v e s t. Eat, I L i v e.

  1342. 1/17/2009Mr. Nazara says:

    Whatever man. He still raped her.

  1343. 1/17/2009DM says:

    Hey Boston, Lite-Brites aren’t bombs!

  1344. 1/17/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    “Who said that?” asked my thoughts.

  1345. 1/17/2009Melissa Poe says:

    More interesting to watch pigeons fuck.

  1346. 1/17/2009Sir Michael Langley says:

    All was cleaned; Hatred reigned supreme.

  1347. 1/17/2009Bri says:

    Santa Claus is dead. Merry Christmas!

  1348. 1/17/2009Bri says:

    Naked Harry Potter corrupted my dreams.

  1349. 1/17/2009Noodoggy says:

    roses bloomed on white canvas shoes

  1350. 1/17/2009Noodoggy says:

    a mosquito buzzes incessantly…slap splat

  1351. 1/17/2009Noodoggy says:

    her kiss rainbowed on my lips

  1352. 1/17/2009Noodoggy says:

    she cried, he sighed…love died

  1353. 1/17/2009P Filipponi says:

    Toothpaste turned out to be Desitin….

  1354. 1/18/2009PANTS says:

    Two men, staring: one shoe missing…

  1355. 1/18/2009Julie Bryant-Hein says:

    He died at age four. Nothing left.

  1356. 1/18/2009Julie Bryant-Hein says:

    I did not die. Why not?

  1357. 1/18/2009Michael Hollander says:

    Mary passed out. terraforming didn’t work.

  1358. 1/18/2009Michael Hollander says:

    A choice. An accident. Complete regret.

  1359. 1/18/2009DM says:

    I once was alive. Not anymore.

  1360. 1/18/2009DM says:

    I touched the sky, then fell.

  1361. 1/18/2009DM says:

    Happiness is someone who loves you.

  1362. 1/18/2009DM says:

    I’m sick. It must be flu.

  1363. 1/18/2009Sophie says:

    The tea party was completely spontaneous!

  1364. 1/18/2009Sophie says:

    The scones were a little cold.

  1365. 1/18/2009Sophie says:

    The nuns always hide their porn.

  1366. 1/18/2009Sophie says:

    Chuck Norris: Ninety birds, one stone.

  1367. 1/18/2009Sophie says:

    Please, Mrs. Hughes is my mother!

  1368. 1/18/2009Brian Beno says:

    S i t. F o c u s. B r e a t h e. C o n n e c t t o L O V E

  1369. 1/18/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    Obama train! Get out of the way!

  1370. 1/18/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    Didn’t tweet yesterday. Feel lost today.

  1371. 1/18/2009Madcow says:

    got lost in land of plenty

  1372. 1/18/2009Andreas Brinck says:

    But dreaming he is of her.

  1373. 1/18/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    Built that space elevator. You’re welcome.

  1374. 1/18/2009Rob says:

    Happily married. He came. I wept.

  1375. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    It’s not rape it’s surprise sex!!

  1376. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    I am only gay for pay.

  1377. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    butthole is sore, uncle must die.

  1378. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    I smelled her rancid girl pocket,

  1379. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    Can’t get it up, too ugly!

  1380. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    Sex with me, can be painful!

  1381. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    If she dies, prison for life.

  1382. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    I’m not a stalker, just persistent

  1383. 1/18/2009Taylor says:

    Took the cat. Left the bills.

  1384. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    Burns when I pee, damn hooker.

  1385. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    For good sex, don’t call me.

  1386. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    Mean people suck, nice people swallow.

  1387. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    I’m not gay, my boyfriend is.

  1388. 1/18/2009Rooster says:

    Sometimes life’s too rich in meaning

  1389. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    Keep hacking till she stops moving.

  1390. 1/18/2009Farting Blood says:

    Sex with clowns is not funny.

  1391. 1/18/2009Nico says:

    Romance spices food love sex heartbreak.

  1392. 1/18/2009Victor Castellanos says:

    Empty wallet… Shaky hands… Death row.

  1393. 1/18/2009Joseph "Seattle" Marchand says:

    Gray blanket slips: Oh, yellow sun!

  1394. 1/18/2009Instituo Tripudium says:

    Pipe smoke drops, time warp ensues.

  1395. 1/18/2009foolish wisdom says:

    found her. loved her. killed her.

  1396. 1/18/2009anonymous says:

    Epic fail= took pills, woke up.

  1397. 1/18/2009anonymous says:

    Voices in my head, shut up!

  1398. 1/18/2009anonymous says:

    I remain anonymous. I’m a coward.

  1399. 1/18/2009anonymous says:

    I’ve used my real name. Mystery!

  1400. 1/18/2009Bri says:

    Hemmingway is more creative than me.

  1401. 1/18/2009Andy Beno says:

    Squat. Push. Shit. Wipe. Relief. Run.

  1402. 1/18/2009Caleb Caine says:

    Alone with my thoughts equals danger.

  1403. 1/18/2009Caleb Caine says:

    Equal parts anxiety, fear, and, regret.

  1404. 1/18/2009Caleb Caine says:

    Down by two, he shoots… VICTORY!

  1405. 1/18/2009Charles Gillis says:

    I inquired. She’d expired. Love retired.

  1406. 1/18/2009Dan Schnur says:

    Lost my Pants. Girlfriend was next.

  1407. 1/18/2009Dan Schnur says:

    Greasy taco. Long bout on toilet.

  1408. 1/18/2009Dan Schnur says:

    Clown died. Nose found in pants.

  1409. 1/18/2009Dan Schnur says:

    DVR eats cat. Animal Planet recorded.

  1410. 1/18/2009Dan Schnur says:

    Exec jumps from building. Assistant promoted.

  1411. 1/18/2009Dan Schnur says:

    Jack hits on 18. Lost teeth.

  1412. 1/18/2009SB says:

    Her laugh mesmerized me… until today.

    You moaned her name again honey.

    Fuck the relationship, we just fucked.

  1413. 1/19/2009em dee em a says:

    he`s older but i love him

  1414. 1/19/2009Monika says:

    “We’ll stay friends” he says. Idiot.

  1415. 1/19/2009bongbully says:

    gravy train, summer rain; blood stain …

  1416. 1/19/2009Ofir Stwacavaski says:

    -Stop! You are siblings!
    -Who cares?

  1417. 1/19/2009Lori Biddle says:

    She had beautiful eyes. In jar.

  1418. 1/19/2009Hiroyuki Goto says:

    Her father was her first fan.

  1419. 1/19/2009Paul Rutherford says:

    WHR R U GODOT? No signal.

  1420. 1/19/2009bigrelative says:

    Fear showed the way to love.

  1421. 1/19/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Spent my life playing Final Fantasy

  1422. 1/19/2009Angela Mohle says:

    Peed on it. Damn! Two lines.

  1423. 1/19/2009harsha vardhan r says:

    Verily i slay thee, annoying housefly

  1424. 1/19/2009Steven James Hammal says:

    From beginning to end, he’s alone.

  1425. 1/19/2009Rooster says:

    Fox mocks farmer’s armour, hens’ pens.

  1426. 1/19/2009Rooster says:

    President forgets why he got in.

  1427. 1/19/2009firedmyass says:

    Should’ve married poor – harder to disappoint.

  1428. 1/19/2009Paul says:

    Personal best. Urine test. Enforced rest.

  1429. 1/19/2009Cody Steele says:

    Missed the ending, but that’s okay.

  1430. 1/19/2009Cody Steele says:

    Last page, last chapter, re-read it.

  1431. 1/19/2009Cody Steele says:

    IBS. Sensitivity lacking. This smells gross.

  1432. 1/19/2009DM says:

    Go away! I’m in the bathroom!

  1433. 1/19/2009Ria Bilic says:

    Anticipation. Relief. Shit! No toilet paper.

  1434. 1/19/2009Ria Bilic says:

    Problem? Indeed. Her name is Ria.

  1435. 1/19/2009Ria Bilic says:

    Seventh son’s seventh son. Still powerless.

  1436. 1/19/2009Becca Cromar says:

    Great news! Wait, wrong chart. Christ!

  1437. 1/19/2009Kaysee and Becca says:

    Your baby is flawless. Oh, wait.

  1438. 1/19/2009Kaysee and Becca says:

    Bush? Thumb’s up! Sorry, wrong finger.

  1439. 1/19/2009Jim Nichols says:

    Six word story submission:

    History, mystery. Womb, boom, tomb.

  1440. 1/19/2009Charles Gillis says:

    Confessed love unrequited. Where’s the bridge?

  1441. 1/19/2009Zac Garripoli says:

    I see a light. Oh no!
    Out of ink. Cut your wrist.
    I have no eyes. You stink.

  1442. 1/19/2009harsha says:

    Godfather in a blender . Pulp fiction?

  1443. 1/20/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    Figured I’d press the red button.

  1444. 1/20/2009Paul Rutherford says:

    Mr Unlucky calls Samaritans. Leave voicemail

  1445. 1/20/2009Carlos says:

    I started at the end again

  1446. 1/20/2009Mat Meadows says:

    The corpse slid around the kitchen

  1447. 1/20/2009Elliott Gray says:

    Flaming asteroid breaks atmosphere, we’re doomed.

  1448. 1/20/2009Ria Bilic says:

    “Lost again. Any cookies left?” -Alice

  1449. 1/20/2009Rooster says:

    Dang shotgun’s old as the dog

    Buried where she’d hide her bones

  1450. 1/20/2009Rooster says:

    Hairy-backed baby, takes after father.

  1451. 1/20/2009Robert M. Chin says:

    Prayed for challenge. God answered. Failed.

  1452. 1/20/2009Anna says:

    -Do you? -I do! Too late.

  1453. 1/20/2009Anna says:

    Guess what? You ain’t gettin’ any!

  1454. 1/20/2009Paul Rutherford says:

    Guaranteed investment. Life savings. Square one.

  1455. 1/20/2009foje says:

    His last thought was, “not again.”

  1456. 1/20/2009Paul Rutherford says:

    First date. Train late. Didn’t wait

  1457. 1/20/2009Ryan says:

    Get it.. Got it.. Done yet?

  1458. 1/20/2009Ryan says:

    Need the rapture of the deep.

  1459. 1/20/2009Ryan says:

    Stop. Breathe. Think. Act.. Wait… Repeat.

  1460. 1/20/2009Ryan says:

    Look into her eyes.. feel her.

  1461. 1/20/2009Ryan says:

    Losing my mind. Drowning my thoug…

  1462. 1/20/2009Nick Seaman says:

    “There’s so much mustard!” he cried.

  1463. 1/20/2009Nick Seaman says:

    The burrito reminded him of Normandy.

  1464. 1/20/2009Kaia Montagne says:

    your bed, my lover. ironic displacement.

  1465. 1/20/2009Kaia Montagne says:

    idle car. lovely revelation. kiss! affair.

  1466. 1/20/2009jkforviger says:

    I told him, “Make me beautiful.”

  1467. 1/20/2009jkforviger says:

    He then replied, “Please not again.”

  1468. 1/20/2009jkforviger says:

    I felt I had met god.

  1469. 1/20/2009jkforviger says:

    I make him hard by existing.

    Hurts, doesnt it? Take that mother-in-law.

  1470. 1/20/2009Laura Hedgepath says:

    After the intercourse, Suzie’s still alone.

  1471. 1/20/2009Nathan Adam says:

    “….Houston! Lost. No return. Farewell, love….”

  1472. 1/20/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Note on my mirror: Goodbye, forever.

  1473. 1/20/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Broken shield, splintered bow….fallen hero.

  1474. 1/20/2009Nathan Adam says:

    No soldier left behind. Sorry, Mom.

  1475. 1/20/2009Nathan Adam says:

    “Battle’s won…taste blood…remember me…”

  1476. 1/20/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Mommy died, holding an empty bottle.

  1477. 1/20/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Entitled “Rotten Fruit.” Painted too slow.

  1478. 1/20/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Shaved off mustache. No one noticed.

  1479. 1/20/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Cellphone gave me cancer. Switched ears.

  1480. 1/20/2009Brice Shultz says:

    My wife has a glass eye?

  1481. 1/20/2009Andrew says:

    I feel a ring.
    No Service.

  1482. 1/20/2009Shavemychicken says:

    It should be safe. Nope. 911.

  1483. 1/20/2009Shavemychicken says:

    I thought you’d love me forever…

  1484. 1/20/2009Shavemychicken says:

    I got lost along the way.

  1485. 1/20/2009Zack Teitel says:

    Can’t sleep. Obama? No. Chili? Yes.

  1486. 1/21/2009Daniel says:

    Ten degrees. No heat. Fucking dorm.

  1487. 1/21/2009Bobaboo says:

    We will, We will, rock you!

  1488. 1/21/2009eekkitsannie says:

    love is a tough battefield, right?

  1489. 1/21/2009rachel says:

    “Red wire? You sure?” “Almost completely.”

  1490. 1/21/2009Kaia says:

    Went for a walk. Came back Lonely.

  1491. 1/21/2009HonkHonkBuba says:

    Open door carefully – “Oh, Shit!”

  1492. 1/21/2009HonkHonkBuba says:

    oh sorry… I missed a word. :-)

  1493. 1/21/2009Zach says:

    He found courage. She said “No”.

  1494. 1/21/2009Anthony Stinehour says:

    Meet Jim. Jim was a cow.

  1495. 1/21/2009Coert Wigbels says:

    I never learned to count.

  1496. 1/21/2009Aarthi Rao says:

    I don’t want hence don’t need.

  1497. 1/21/2009Aarthi Rao says:

    Miss old me. Fear new me.

  1498. 1/21/2009Aarthi Rao says:

    What one wants not one needs.

  1499. 1/21/2009sp1ke says:

    Swept aside, she now fights harder.

  1500. 1/21/2009Steve Straface says:

    School started today…so did slacking

  1501. 1/21/2009Brian Saá says:

    Had job. Awesome. Economy. No job.

  1502. 1/21/2009Todd from Wedding Crashers says:

    “Death! You are my bitch lover.”

    -Todd (from the the movie Wedding Crashers)

  1503. 1/21/2009Britton says:

    Only you for breakfast in bed.

  1504. 1/21/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Discrepancy…worry. Fear. Panic. Pain. Death.

  1505. 1/21/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Three dead – One drunk. One pregnant.

  1506. 1/21/2009Mryia Cadle says:

    what a day, finally in love.

  1507. 1/22/2009Vectorpimp says:

    Eat Cereal, Taste Cardboard, Shit Bricks

  1508. 1/22/2009M. Hayden Raue says:

    Empty bottle. Busted knuckles. Strange smell.

  1509. 1/22/2009wordsmith says:

    Carbon footprint became zero. He died.

  1510. 1/22/2009wordsmith says:

    Said vows. Ate cake. What now?

  1511. 1/22/2009wordsmith says:

    Played Poker yesterday. No lunch today.

  1512. 1/22/2009wordsmith says:

    Ate too much. Belched all night.

  1513. 1/22/2009Nathan Adam says:

    “It hurts! Please, don’t stop, Daddy.”

  1514. 1/22/2009Nathan Adam says:

    “Happy birthday, Dad!” “Who…are you?”

  1515. 1/22/2009Nathan Adam says:

    “Mom, look! I graduated!” “Yeah, whatever.”

  1516. 1/22/2009Aarthi Rao says:

    Mexican for dinner. Good luck honey.

  1517. 1/22/2009Aarthi Rao says:

    Lost and found. Found, lost again.

  1518. 1/22/2009Aarthi Rao says:

    Mexican for dinner. Good night honey.

  1519. 1/22/2009Aarthi Rao says:

    Was happily married. Is happily divorced.

  1520. 1/22/2009Alex Larson says:

    This is a six word story.

  1521. 1/22/2009Paul Rutherford says:

    38-24-36. 180/120. 911

  1522. 1/22/2009Hunter says:

    No drinks, told mom. i lied.

  1523. 1/22/2009Matthieu L. says:

    Love rain ! not when under.

  1524. 1/22/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    “I’ve discovered Pi’s last number, it’s…”

  1525. 1/22/2009Arthur says:

    Two pretty girls. Only one night.

  1526. 1/23/2009Sean from Dublin says:

    Argued with wife. Resolved! Yeah right!

  1527. 1/23/2009Sean from Dublin says:

    Successfully gave up smoking cigarettes. Again!

  1528. 1/23/2009Sean from Dublin says:

    For Sale! Diapers. One careful owner.

  1529. 1/23/2009Sean from Dublin says:

    Time traveller dies tragically. (1967 – 1608)

  1530. 1/23/2009Maddy says:

    He’s in love, Her? Maybe.

  1531. 1/23/2009Dan Schnur says:

    Two degrees. One happy penguin

  1532. 1/24/2009Richard Black says:

    Left my wife, married a bitch.

  1533. 1/24/2009Anar Bailey says:

    Single young guy kills old widow.

  1534. 1/24/2009Amy says:

    Save the world: learn to love.

  1535. 1/24/2009Amy says:

    Unrequited love: Mary Todd Lincoln. Damn.

  1536. 1/24/2009John Morrissy says:

    round. What goes around comes a…

  1537. 1/25/2009HonkHonkBuba says:

    Human head weighs four kilograms. Sometimes.

  1538. 1/25/2009C. Delaney says:

    Summer of Love. Child of Rape.

  1539. 1/25/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    George and John gone; still playing.

  1540. 1/25/2009John Morrissy says:

    Famous last words: Life is too…

  1541. 1/25/2009Sandra says:

    Closed my eyes; heard, “No bullet.”

  1542. 1/25/2009Zya Vim says:

    Bad word: “girlfriend.” Unplayable in Scrabble.

  1543. 1/25/2009iloveyou says:

    i wish i could tell him.

  1544. 1/25/2009Matt Walsh says:

    I’m on a roll! Brakes failed.

  1545. 1/25/2009Jesse Hines says:

    Ate hot peppers. Scrambling for milk…

  1546. 1/25/2009Daniel M. says:

    Six words, with colossal writer’s block.

  1547. 1/25/2009Michele says:

    I survived domestic violence. I’m free.

  1548. 1/26/2009WaSi says:

    Nine more seconds.. see the switch

  1549. 1/26/2009Rooster says:

    Pushed the boat out. Fell in.

  1550. 1/26/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Broke the noose. Tried again. Succeeded.

  1551. 1/26/2009Morgan Lawrence Hale says:

    Joined Twitter and pretend people care.

  1552. 1/26/2009Morgan Lawrence Hale says:

    Pawned P.O.W. medal for twenty bucks.

  1553. 1/26/2009Aarthi Rao says:

    Waiter! Charge dinner to the bailout

  1554. 1/26/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Free from this world…What now?

  1555. 1/26/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Had one date. She committed suicide.

  1556. 1/26/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Car accident. I survive…Daughter didn’t.

  1557. 1/26/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Car accident. I survived…Daughter didn’t.

  1558. 1/26/2009Nathan Adam says:

    What’s the time? *sigh* Always late.

  1559. 1/26/2009Mike Citera says:

    Dogs playing poker. I hustled them.

  1560. 1/26/2009Mike Citera says:

    Put pancake in Wii. Didn’t fit.

  1561. 1/26/2009Mike Citera says:

    Crips vote in red state. Ironic…?

  1562. 1/26/2009Mike Citera says:

    Brendan Fraser’s comeback! No one notices.

  1563. 1/26/2009Tare Bear says:

    Reformed tree turned over new leaf.

  1564. 1/26/2009Brice Shultz says:

    After everything, she kissed another man.

  1565. 1/26/2009Mike Citera says:

    Hookers playing Sega… Big Head Mode.

  1566. 1/26/2009safety_net says:

    nail biter; read my eyes for answers.

  1567. 1/26/2009Mike Citera says:

    Rocky marathon on TBS. Bullwinkle jealous.

  1568. 1/26/2009Mike Citera says:

    Lost her soul-mate, gained a soul.

  1569. 1/26/2009Mike Citera says:

    “Officer, I didn’t kill her… yet.”

  1570. 1/26/2009Mike Citera says:

    Cheese dinosaurs skateboarded over the sunset.

  1571. 1/26/2009sleeper says:

    I lost faith–find me again.

  1572. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    without you, i am without myself.

  1573. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    filmed in white; drowned in blue.

  1574. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    careful of forgetfulness; else be forgotten.

  1575. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    i can tell it in five.

  1576. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    it would be better with four.

  1577. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    where she’s gone, i cannot come.

  1578. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    between her eyes and mine; love.

  1579. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    whatever what may; come, come, come.

  1580. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    she’s the phoenix, i’m the ashes.

  1581. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    horrible accident? i live in one.

  1582. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    2 hours in hurricane; still beautiful.

  1583. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    reason to be here, awake: you.

  1584. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    One, two, three… Wait, how many?

  1585. 1/26/2009The Dharma Bum says:

    I wept with her yesterday afternoon .

  1586. 1/26/2009The Dharma Bum says:

    She licks the strings , I dance .

  1587. 1/26/2009The Dharma Bum says:

    Perfectly Palpatating Penis Pounding Perplexing Parabols !

  1588. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    atop the sun, we’re tasty marshmallows.

  1589. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    saturn’s cellphone rings; jupiter’s prank call.

  1590. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    slipped in shower, took a bath.

  1591. 1/26/2009damien frost says:

    damien asks ju: retry yes/no?

  1592. 1/26/2009The Dharma bum says:

    Siddhattha came , shared wisdom , we’re deaf .

  1593. 1/26/2009The Dharma bum says:

    I lepted , fell for awhile , black .

  1594. 1/26/2009The Dharma bum says:

    I lept , fell for awhle , BLACK __

  1595. 1/26/2009Alex Pollyon says:

    Hope springs, love hurts, sex sells.

  1596. 1/26/2009Adam Vogenthaler says:

    Broken condoms: one goes in, two out.

  1597. 1/26/2009Adam Vogenthaler says:

    Don’t say Jezethed’s name or you’ll

  1598. 1/26/2009Adam Vogenthaler says:

    Virginity is pure, but money’s dirty

  1599. 1/26/2009Adam Vogenthaler says:

    Looks: Santa. Smells: Beer. Feels: Painful.

  1600. 1/26/2009Alex Pollyon says:

    Danced in rain, caught a cold.

  1601. 1/26/2009Adam Vogenthaler says:

    Doesn’t hurt, but carpet’s stained red

  1602. 1/26/2009PurpurealSynergy says:

    Evidently, sushi not meant for vegetarians.

  1603. 1/26/2009May says:

    You were never one only one.

  1604. 1/26/2009Alex Pollyon says:

    “One night down!” A Medieval typo.

  1605. 1/26/2009May says:

    She fell off, music played on.

  1606. 1/27/2009John Leavitt says:

    Ring tone, no answer, all good

  1607. 1/27/2009Alex Pollyon says:

    Worst first date line, “Marry me!”

  1608. 1/27/2009Ducky says:

    Hey, I just lost the game….

  1609. 1/27/2009Alex Pollyon says:

    “Don’t jump, Todd didn’t make it.”

  1610. 1/27/2009Daniel says:

    Father wept. Remarried. Fairy tale beginning.

  1611. 1/27/2009rachel says:

    “You tell her the bad news.”

  1612. 1/27/2009Sha Ongelungel says:

    Title: Bangkok Chicken Chop-Chop

    Dude… This SO isn’t Thai food.

  1613. 1/27/2009Brian Maximo says:

    New parachute. Never opened. Used once!

  1614. 1/27/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Army, first day. Now I’m fodder.

  1615. 1/27/2009Stefan Lenhof says:

    Agents raid gun shop, find weapons.

  1616. 1/27/2009O.E. Parkhurst says:

    Twilight sells million copies; forests wasted.

  1617. 1/27/2009Rhett Laubach says:

    My heart is wrapped in clover.

  1618. 1/27/2009Steven James Hammal says:

    Despite their efforts, it has returned.

  1619. 1/27/2009Brice Shultz says:

    What you just ate wasn’t chicken.

  1620. 1/27/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Drove one-hundred miles, forgot the lye.

  1621. 1/27/2009Matt Madonna says:

    Warm kisses, tender touch…Endless fear.

  1622. 1/27/2009Matt Madonna says:

    Blind man… Saw the world.

  1623. 1/27/2009Matt Madonna says:

    Ran to the door… Nothing.

  1624. 1/27/2009Matt Madonna says:

    Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Ketchup, Toenail.

  1625. 1/27/2009Matt Madonna says:

    The blind man…Saw the world.

  1626. 1/27/2009Matt Madonna says:

    Counted to five… Forgot six.

  1627. 1/27/2009Matt Madonna says:

    Counted to five… Forgot about six.

  1628. 1/27/2009Smokey Dog says:

    Cut the board short, now what?

  1629. 1/27/2009Smokey Dog says:

    head between my knees, don’t crash

  1630. 1/27/2009isaac zucca says:

    we bought a zoo. no animals.

  1631. 1/27/2009Mia Green says:

    Don’t want pain, yet I cut.

  1632. 1/27/2009Bridget Ford says:

    98. Paper upside-down. More like 68

  1633. 1/28/2009Mattex Janeux Espell says:

    Eyes shut. Mind open. Body awake.

  1634. 1/28/2009Brad says:

    Never called my folks. Whose loss?

  1635. 1/28/2009Mattex Janeux Espell says:

    title: RESTLESS

    Eyes Shut. Mind Open. Body Awake.

  1636. 1/28/2009Pepto-Bismol says:

    Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea.

  1637. 1/28/2009man says:

    you and i have unfinished business

  1638. 1/28/2009Issues says:

    I eat cake in my car.

  1639. 1/28/2009june m. says:

    Wake, eat, work, eat, sleep. Repeat.

  1640. 1/28/2009june m. says:

    But I didn’t know you then…

  1641. 1/28/2009june m. says:

    So many years, and lives, lost.

  1642. 1/28/2009june m. says:

    Take two, call if you’re alive.

  1643. 1/28/2009lying says:

    Shut up, loser. I hate you.

  1644. 1/28/2009Danilo Corci says:

    I would rather not do it

  1645. 1/28/2009Ásgeir Jóhannsson says:

    Wanted treasure, dug too deep, help!

  1646. 1/28/2009Danielle says:

    Hamlet thought Yorick needed a sandwhich.

  1647. 1/28/2009Danielle says:

    The Shrew was really Shakespeare’s wife.

  1648. 1/28/2009Danielle says:

    Romero was really just very thirsty.

  1649. 1/28/2009Danielle says:

    Goldilocks made a very nutritional soup.

  1650. 1/28/2009Danielle says:

    Someone broke my chair, that asshole!

  1651. 1/28/2009Devan Goldstein says:

    Dead on my feet. Fucking zombies.

  1652. 1/28/2009John Leavitt says:

    Two sets of rules for everyone.

  1653. 1/28/2009Aarthi Rao says:

    Shoveled the driveway; skipped the gym.

  1654. 1/28/2009Vanessa L says:

    She played knife, like a voilin.

  1655. 1/28/2009Michael Theodore Lurie says:

    Cousin watches house. Buy new sheets.

  1656. 1/28/2009Michael Theodore Lurie says:

    Spot sees us. We don’t run.

  1657. 1/28/2009Michael Theodore Lurie says:

    Cat makes sandwich…no more tuna.

  1658. 1/28/2009Michael Theodore Lurie says:

    Land, ho! Tomorrow we fetch Bartholomew.

  1659. 1/28/2009Michael Theodore Lurie says:

    Reproduce reproduce. Then you see procedure.

  1660. 1/28/2009wesharp says:

    reporting my time is wasting time

  1661. 1/28/2009Vanessa L says:

    “You’re so alien!” “So’s your mother!”

  1662. 1/28/2009Jinx says:

    I couldn’t keep it within six

  1663. 1/29/2009Christy John says:

    Love keeps a watchdog for me.

  1664. 1/29/2009Kaleigh says:

    “I mean, who sneezes blue boogers?”

  1665. 1/29/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Tragedy of a writer: No ink.

  1666. 1/29/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Uncharted wilderness, unknown companions…Trouble brewing.

  1667. 1/29/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Broken heart, on display. Any takers?

  1668. 1/29/2009jorn says:

    These thoughts were ours, not mine.

  1669. 1/29/2009Jamey says:

    “I love this song!” Red light.

  1670. 1/29/2009Kyu! says:

    I lived a lie, but lived.

  1671. 1/29/2009Nathan Adam says:

    Relax, honey, I know what I’m—

  1672. 1/29/2009Nicole LaMarco says:

    I’ll never forgive you for that.

  1673. 1/29/2009Nicole LaMarco says:

    Won writing contest. Going to celebrate!
    Weathered ice storm for four days.
    Punched in the face and smiling.
    The scarf tightened on her throat.
    The glass broke and showed blood.

  1674. 1/29/2009Perry P. Perkins says:

    Closed my eyes and said yes.

  1675. 1/29/2009Perry P. Perkins says:

    Waited so long. Poopy diapers rock.

  1676. 1/29/2009Patch says:

    Stars fall. World breaks. Great party

  1677. 1/29/2009Sultan says:

    Magnifying Glass. Ant dance party.

  1678. 1/29/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    Sugar Daddy season is upon us

  1679. 1/30/2009Tony Michela says:

    We really appreciate your work, but…

  1680. 1/30/2009Tony Michela says:

    Thoroughly intended to.
    Obviously did not.

  1681. 1/30/2009Tony Michela says:

    I ate one before you.

  1682. 1/30/2009Tony Michela says:

    Hurry, before the sniper gets our

  1683. 1/30/2009Tony Michela says:

    The man in black fled across

  1684. 1/30/2009Tony Michela says:

    across the desert. The Gunslinger followed.

  1685. 1/30/2009Wesley Deimling says:

    DNA matches, daughter smiles. Priest silent.

  1686. 1/30/2009Pete says:

    Okay! Now the comments on the submitted stories are split into multiple pages of 25 stories each so it’s not such a HUGE page. Way better!

    Or I should say:

    Paginated comments: Not nearly as annoying.

    -Pete Berg, your loyal SWS webmaster

  1687. 1/30/2009Pete says:

    “Macarena” stuck in head. Thirteen years.

  1688. 1/30/2009Chris says:

    Perfect day, bumpy driveway, broken arm.

    Kidney shared. Now I can live.

    Prodigal’s coming home. I can’t wait!

    She’s like me–daughter and friend.

    Little boy’s brave. Young man’s hero.

    He waited. I trusted. We’re one.

  1689. 1/30/2009Chris says:

    I’m sorry, I hastily submitted my stories without looking at the others. I guess I should have submitted each story separately.

  1690. 1/30/2009Julia Hebner says:

    Revenge wasn’t worth it.. Prison sucks.

  1691. 1/30/2009Julia Hebner says:


    Revenge wasn’t worth it. Prison sucks.

  1692. 1/30/2009Eleanor W. Craig says:

    Final exhale, no pain, eternal life.

  1693. 1/30/2009ken krimstein says:

    Ludwig pounds table. Silent. Pounds harder.

  1694. 1/30/2009Luca says:

    Heidegger finally sentenced for killing metaphysics.

  1695. 1/30/2009ken krimstein says:

    Pelto Visen Peng, Solfred! (Ikea Story.)

  1696. 1/30/2009Helen Baker says:

    She fell. They found her shoe.

  1697. 1/30/2009Helen Baker says:

    ‘Did you hear that? That noise?’

  1698. 1/30/2009Helen Baker says:

    His heart was pounding. Then, nothing.

  1699. 1/30/2009Chris says:

    Please miss the next train home.

  1700. 1/30/2009James Parker says:

    Ball rolled into street. Goodbye, Johnny.

  1701. 1/30/2009Aarthi Rao says:

    Too many menopausal women around me.

  1702. 1/30/2009suse says:

    Llife in shreds:bound up together.

  1703. 1/30/2009suse says:

    Together at last …. Oh god no.

  1704. 1/30/2009Gordon says:

    My clothing American?
    Underpants Chinese!

  1705. 1/31/2009Jason Sheridan says:

    Bees! Horrible bees! Good honey though.

  1706. 1/31/2009Lleida says:

    Newsflash: Crazy woman eaten by cats

  1707. 1/31/2009Jugis says:

    Boredom. Computer. Internet. Porn. $400 Bill.

  1708. 1/31/2009Paul says:

    Step outside…blinding flash…all over.

  1709. 1/31/2009Daniel Hudson says:

    Caveman prefers email over social media.

  1710. 1/31/2009LeRoy A Warner Jr. says:

    Beer. Pogo Stick. Trampoline. Hospital Visit.

  1711. 1/31/2009LeRoy A Warner Jr. says:

    “Must be funny, sexy, rich…” Alone.

  1712. 1/31/2009mike levin says:

    machine time stupid malfunctioning! The is

  1713. 1/31/2009mike levin says:

    Google is sentient? What? Delete! Dele

  1714. 1/31/2009Chuck says:

    heart stops. pretty girl in red.

  1715. 1/31/2009Gordon says:

    Tabby’s steely stare…….. mice on menu

  1716. 1/31/2009Gordon says:

    Phew…… No more broccoli for Granny!

  1717. 2/1/2009Paul says:

    Scrubbing sink. Filthy. Is this it?

  1718. 2/1/2009Kirsten M. Holt says:

    Teriyaki always turns into something naughty.

  1719. 2/1/2009Hiroyuki Goto says:

    Keep your eyes closed. Don’t panic.

  1720. 2/1/2009mitchell says:

    -love you
    -hate you
    -I’m sorry

  1721. 2/1/2009Maris Antolin says:

    Tell my mother I love her.

  1722. 2/1/2009Harrison Flatau says:

    Dog shit in room. Not again!

  1723. 2/1/2009Bearrison Flatau says:

    Park Rangers are here. Gotta go.

  1724. 2/1/2009Cate says:

    Long lost sister. Found on Facebook.

  1725. 2/2/2009Alex Pollyon says:

    Fought for one, lost the rest.

  1726. 2/2/2009Alex Pollyon says:

    Better weapons created. World destruction imminent.

  1727. 2/2/2009Francesco Robbiano says:

    Difficult issues? You should question Mark.

  1728. 2/2/2009Francesco Robbiano says:

    Tell your wife I loved her.

  1729. 2/2/2009Chris says:

    Didn’t win due to pithy comment.

  1730. 2/2/2009Phidgets says:

    Chicken, Egg. Yin, Yang. Monkey, Banana?

  1731. 2/2/2009sayerofthelaw says:

    The beginning; the middle; the end.

  1732. 2/2/2009Alex Pollyon says:

    Lost without words. Words without meaning.

  1733. 2/2/2009Alex Pollyon says:

    She likes turkey. I like cow.

  1734. 2/2/2009Michael says:

    And then there was just me.

  1735. 2/2/2009julie petrzilka says:

    cat hair. computer clicking. unemployment blues.

  1736. 2/2/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Two socks in, one sock out.

  1737. 2/2/2009Kailen says:

    Nobody move! I’m missing a contact.

  1738. 2/2/2009Kailen says:

    Stop me if you’ve heard this…

  1739. 2/2/2009Kailen says:

    It’s not rape. Everybody loves surprises!

  1740. 2/2/2009Benjamin says:

    How much time can i waste?

  1741. 2/2/2009Benjamin says:

    Snow in late winter falling still.

  1742. 2/2/2009Benjamin says:

    Ambulance nears. Lights dim. TV fades.

  1743. 2/2/2009Benjamin says:

    Look not for what isn’t there.

  1744. 2/2/2009Benjamin says:

    Lost: Sense of humour, girlfriend thinks.

  1745. 2/2/2009Benjamin says:

    Six word story? Close to Haiku.

  1746. 2/2/2009Vanessa Love says:

    He didn’t ask why. He knew.

  1747. 2/2/2009Lisanne35 says:

    Too tired for my own life.

  1748. 2/2/2009Lisanne35 says:

    Ella, the not-so-Saint Bernard?

  1749. 2/2/2009Lisanne35 says:

    “David shouldn’t eat no chicken bone.”

  1750. 2/2/2009Lisanne35 says:

    I know why you shouldn’t lie.

  1751. 2/2/2009Lisanne35 says:

    She found love in the refrigerator.

  1752. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    She set the sail and anchor?

  1753. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    She’s smart enough to play dumb.

  1754. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    She only ate just one. Hundred.

  1755. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    “Ella, NO!” … No breakfast for me.

  1756. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    Two blistered feet, one happy heart.

  1757. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    The Grand Canyon changed my life.

  1758. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    Shots hurt. That damn doctor lied.

  1759. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    She was drowning in Pretty Water.

  1760. 2/3/2009micheal dubh says:

    Regrets: not sins committed, rather omitted.

  1761. 2/3/2009John de Salme says:

    Everyone eventually becomes who they are.

  1762. 2/3/2009WaSi says:

    He’s not moving, Pass that shit!

  1763. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Six words? Hmm… where to start?

  1764. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Wait… which wire was it again?

  1765. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Trust me! No one else knows…

  1766. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    What, you too? Delusions of uniqueness…

  1767. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Busy street. Preoccupied pedestrian. Funeral Tuesday.

  1768. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Vader didn’t know they were twins.

  1769. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Random link, it cannot be unseen.

  1770. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Miniature stories save millions on paper.

  1771. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    I didn’t jump… it was windy.

  1772. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    “Shh! They’re coming!” wrote Anne Frank.

  1773. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Zombies approach. Machete doesn’t need reloading…

  1774. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Query: Time? Result: Peanut Butter Jelly.

  1775. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Poor vocabulary meant inflammable couch ignited.

  1776. 2/3/2009J.R. Cook says:

    Three minutes till 5: eternity passes.

  1777. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Single player chess. How’d I lose?

  1778. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Katana wielding pirate had no allies.

  1779. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Pull pin, throw grenade… Threw pin.

  1780. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Alien hangover… ugh, not another cow!

  1781. 2/3/2009ScottSpork says:

    Six word stories. Presently, that’s enough.

  1782. 2/3/2009William says:

    Only six words. Used them all.

  1783. 2/3/2009William says:

    Hundred yard dash on interception. Touchdown.

  1784. 2/3/2009William says:

    Six words. I’ve got hundreds. Jus–

  1785. 2/3/2009William says:

    He said love. She said hate.

  1786. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    She loved to hate her job.

  1787. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    Her feet didn’t follow her brain.

  1788. 2/3/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Verbless thoughts. Coherent story nonetheless.

  1789. 2/3/2009Scott-O says:

    ten pounds dogfood, 12 pounds crap.

  1790. 2/3/2009Scott-O says:

    Forty dollars for WHAT with you?

  1791. 2/3/2009Scott-O says:

    165 cats found- house for sale.

  1792. 2/3/2009Scott-O says:

    dead clown- colored in chalk outline

  1793. 2/3/2009Scott-O says:

    Six words- something to do today.

  1794. 2/3/2009T.T.T. Curthwatch says:

    Once upon a time, everyone agreed.

  1795. 2/3/2009adam8ch! says:

    Rent check bounced. Pack your things.

  1796. 2/3/2009adam8ch! says:

    For sale: short story, never read.

  1797. 2/3/2009Travis says:

    Not pretentious: listening to Meat Loaf.

  1798. 2/3/2009ken krimstein says:

    The general begged the private, “Mercy.”

  1799. 2/3/2009Kailen says:

    I’d contribute, but that implies caring.

  1800. 2/3/2009Kailen says:

    I can’t count to six.

  1801. 2/3/2009Alex Espitia says:

    This is not a test, maybe.

  1802. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:


  1803. 2/3/2009Lisanne35 says:

    She hated that she loved it.

  1804. 2/3/2009Ben White says:

    “Not again…” He buttons his pants.

  1805. 2/3/2009karen says:

    “I love you”… No “me too.”

  1806. 2/4/2009Jessy Faiz says:

    Bombs for sale: suicidal drivers included.

  1807. 2/4/2009Jessy Faiz says:

    Pen, paper, thought, daydreams, words: orgasm!

  1808. 2/4/2009ken krimstein says: — Great great grandfather a murderer.

  1809. 2/4/2009martin bravo says:

    my grandfather never liked his wife.

  1810. 2/4/2009shygirl says:

    should i tell him? worries indecisively.

  1811. 2/4/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Ate then swam before thirty minutes

  1812. 2/4/2009Jessica Johnson says:

    Flowers in hand, heart on sleeve.

  1813. 2/4/2009Brice Shultz says:

    WON FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS! … Lost friends.

  1814. 2/4/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Sketchy van, scary music; Ice Cream!

  1815. 2/4/2009Lisanne35 says:

    “I need to talk….”
    “Shut it.”

  1816. 2/4/2009Jimmy Liu says:

    My dog used to love chocolate.

  1817. 2/4/2009Jessica Johnson says:

    plant never watered, what a shame.

  1818. 2/4/2009Jessica Johnson says:

    all alone, he was left dead.

  1819. 2/4/2009Jessica Johnson says:

    blank paper. blank screen. full mind.

  1820. 2/4/2009Jessica Johnson says:

    glass empty. glass full. glass gone.

  1821. 2/4/2009Jessica Johnson says:

    heart beating. hands shaking. soul dies.

  1822. 2/4/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Metal hat. Lightening storm. Smoking ears.

  1823. 2/4/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Thousands on black. Broken knee caps.

  1824. 2/5/2009Ásgeir Jóhannsson says:

    9 months, 18 years, wasn’t mine.

  1825. 2/5/2009Ásgeir Jóhannsson says:

    I just wanted sex, got more.

  1826. 2/5/2009Maddy says:

    Nessie discovered.Bigfoot Jealous. Press confrence!

  1827. 2/5/2009Maddy says:

    She’s in labor. Hes in traffic.

  1828. 2/5/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Bell out of service. Please knock.

  1829. 2/5/2009Inaubriation Weekend 2009 says:

    I awoke, balls on my face.

  1830. 2/5/2009SmallDickNinja says:

    I drew, they came, I ran.

  1831. 2/5/2009SmallDickNinja says:

    I wrote, somebody erased, I carved

  1832. 2/6/2009Alex says:

    Went wrong way. Never turned around.

  1833. 2/6/2009mieke says:

    she loved you. you blew it.

  1834. 2/6/2009Michael says:

    Even with Humus, they were hungry

  1835. 2/6/2009Bridget Marie says:

    Junior is older than their marriage.

  1836. 2/6/2009Matt Krauch says:

    I want to love her. Nope.

  1837. 2/6/2009Dirty Scarab says:

    Cats everywhere grew thumbs. Mankind enslaved.

  1838. 2/6/2009Charles says:

    Café. Scarf, glasses, laptop. Soooo bohemian.

    Insecure, confused? Start a secret blog.

    Eyes met, drinks bought. Cock blocked.

    Skips, plays, skips. Bring on BlueRay.

    Embarrassing event. Secretly filmed. Viral Video.

  1839. 2/6/2009Fabrice T. says:

    It was his childhood sled – Rosebud.

  1840. 2/6/2009LauSt says:

    Kissed a girl and liked it.

  1841. 2/6/2009Daniel James Hinds says:

    Sometimes when enough isn’t, nothing is.

  1842. 2/6/2009Mark says:

    Love lost. Dreams shattered. Life lies.

  1843. 2/6/2009Mark says:

    Snow drifts down, heart leaps up!

  1844. 2/6/2009Mark says:

    inanimate motions seen through glass lens.

  1845. 2/6/2009Nick K. Mogensen says:

    Sophie cries. Daddy continues. Jail soon.

  1846. 2/6/2009unrequited says:

    Best friend’s wife: first true love.

  1847. 2/6/2009Artie Nosrati says:

    God was a single celled organism.

  1848. 2/6/2009Artie Nosrati says:

    Somehow, the lovers bore a chimpanzee.

  1849. 2/6/2009Artie Nosrati says:

    That day, true love spoke Spanish.

  1850. 2/6/2009Artie Nosrati says:

    I thought I spoke for everyone.

  1851. 2/6/2009Artie Nosrati says:

    She is waiting. Don’t walk, run.

  1852. 2/6/2009derek chill says:

    Six word stories, are for fags.

  1853. 2/7/2009mir says:

    Woke up. Confused. Wrong bed.

  1854. 2/7/2009mark mark says:

    Now, finally i’m all alone. “Same”

  1855. 2/7/2009mark mark says:

    Pass the salt. No, that’s pepper!

  1856. 2/7/2009Pete Sampras says:

    Beam of light. Beautiful. Aliens come.

  1857. 2/7/2009mir says:

    Woke up. Very confused. Wrong bed.

    that’s better haha.

  1858. 2/7/2009Toby Croker says:

    Bad smell.Bad dog!!..Guilty consience.

  1859. 2/7/2009Robert Burton Robinson says:

    Light your cigarette? Oh, your nose.

  1860. 2/7/2009Robert Burton Robinson says:

    New kid, shy. Laughing. Open fly.

  1861. 2/7/2009Sam Greenland says:

    Caveman makes fire. “Ugg!” he yells.

  1862. 2/7/2009Matt B-J says:

    ‘Black’ comments! Transcript read. Royal blue.

  1863. 2/7/2009Matt B-J says:

    ‘Queen’ lays red Ace. Harry born.

  1864. 2/7/2009H.B. Anderson says:

    My favorite oxymoron ever: Alone Together.

  1865. 2/7/2009Matt B-J says:

    Papers: “Sooty”! (Charles ~ ‘…sue?…carpet sweep…….?’)

  1866. 2/7/2009Matt B-J says:

    Wrote, enjoyed, then ran out of

  1867. 2/7/2009Matt B-J says:

    Kettle watched. Epiphany reached. Best tea.

  1868. 2/7/2009Mat Stoll says:

    While playing guitar, g-string breaks. Confusion.

  1869. 2/8/2009Anar Bailey says:

    “I saw them!” Passing cars. “Mother?”

  1870. 2/8/2009Sean says:

    beer.home.dinner ready?sore jaw

  1871. 2/8/2009Carol Thatcher says:

    “Shoot?” “Why?” “Fun!” “OK!” BANG BANG

  1872. 2/8/2009Jenny Scott says:

    He’s mad. I cried. Great Sex.

  1873. 2/8/2009Craig Bachman says:

    Can’t go home again? Never leave.

  1874. 2/8/2009Dreamdeferred says:

    Musicians impoverished; law degree. Unemployed; wiser.

  1875. 2/8/2009Dreamdeferred says:

    Hairy, smelly, snoring. Husband? Dog? Difference?

  1876. 2/8/2009Nick K. Mogensen says:

    Couple had sex. With eachother too.

  1877. 2/8/2009Dreamdeferred says:

    Awareness of opportunities lost. Happy thirtieth.

  1878. 2/8/2009Dreamdeferred says:

    Dancing naked, thunderstorm!!! Restraining order.

  1879. 2/8/2009Dreamdeferred says:

    Open minds are hard to find.

  1880. 2/8/2009Dreamdeferred says:

    Glistening thighs, tender breasts. Sex or KFC?

  1881. 2/8/2009John Hoffman says:

    “I’m sorry John.” she wept.

  1882. 2/9/2009Mark says:

    Five billion years. Ended in century.

  1883. 2/9/2009Hidden says:

    Mask in public, real life actress.

  1884. 2/9/2009J Akers says:

    Nine month wait. Left hospital alone.

  1885. 2/9/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    It was good; until she left.

  1886. 2/9/2009Zb says:

    She sat, I vomit, next stall.

  1887. 2/9/2009Marvin Martian says:

    Missed Grandma even before she died.

  1888. 2/9/2009Marvin Martian says:

    Nothing sexier than women with lawnmowers.

  1889. 2/9/2009Zachary Roy says:

    Sat, realized toilet seat was up.

  1890. 2/9/2009laur says:

    Why only six words? Our economy.

  1891. 2/9/2009Emma Brown says:

    But didn’t you die in there?

  1892. 2/9/2009ken krimstein says:

    Note was flat. Conductor’s baton, sharp.

  1893. 2/9/2009Riky Thompson says:

    Fat kids always win at see-saw

  1894. 2/9/2009Bird says:

    i love him. he loves her.

  1895. 2/9/2009Neil says:

    Drunk Clown. Bad Tricks. Dead Kids.

  1896. 2/9/2009Kailen says:

    Opened his mind. Brain fell out.

  1897. 2/9/2009Kailen says:

    What happened to the word ‘the’?

  1898. 2/9/2009Kailen says:

    Smoking kills. He froze to death.

  1899. 2/9/2009Kailen says:

    From my window, I saw everything.

  1900. 2/9/2009Kailen says:

    He was never happy without her.

  1901. 2/9/2009Kailen says:

    In the end, yes, it mattered.

  1902. 2/9/2009Kailen says:

    Six random words are not story!

  1903. 2/9/2009Bonnie B. says:

    His indifference was worse than hate.

  1904. 2/9/2009Anar Bailey says:

    Internet girlfriend. Left his parents. Photoshop!

  1905. 2/9/2009Alex says:

    My great-grandma’s deathbed was my couch.

  1906. 2/10/2009Mike Citera says:

    Kate hates Nate’s gait. Wait… really?

  1907. 2/10/2009Mike Citera says:

    Barbecue was cold again. No dad.

  1908. 2/10/2009Mike Citera says:

    She sold seashells. She died unhappy.

  1909. 2/10/2009Mike Citera says:

    Dinosaur pogs: extinct before regular pogs.

  1910. 2/10/2009Mike Citera says:

    Moon landing. Fix it in post!

  1911. 2/10/2009Mike Citera says:

    In Camelot, two humps makes babies.

  1912. 2/10/2009Maria Jantz says:

    “I’m sorry,” always came too late.

  1913. 2/10/2009Neil says:

    Old man relieves himself, wry smile.

  1914. 2/10/2009Neil says:

    He turns, strides triumphantly, into lampost

  1915. 2/10/2009Chloe says:

    Childhood cut short, Still causes struggles.

  1916. 2/10/2009Sully says:

    Everbody else dead. What’s that? Bugger.

  1917. 2/10/2009Anar Bailey says:

    Love is… Never saw her again :(

  1918. 2/10/2009cjeb says:

    Cool. And this button… Oh. Fuck.

  1919. 2/10/2009Brendan says:

    Hot Chick… oh wait… Has Dick

  1920. 2/10/2009Brendan says:

    Be alert… the worlds needs lerts.

  1921. 2/10/2009Brendan says:

    be alert… the world needs lerts*

  1922. 2/10/2009Cameron says:

    love’s eyes, pixelated by our distance.

  1923. 2/11/2009Aressar says:

    Laptop is burning – All troubles gone.

  1924. 2/11/2009Dave Schneider says:

    Sully lands and the world rejoices.

  1925. 2/11/2009Ben says:

    She said no, but first ‘yes’.

  1926. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    The rain in Spain falls, mainly

  1927. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Hurricanes hardly ever happen … shit, run!!

  1928. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    “I’m not a pheasant plucker” … “Zoophiliac!”

  1929. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    “How now, brown cow?” … “Steak, anyone?”

  1930. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    “Life is a bowl of chainsaws”

    (Note: This came from Douglas Coupland’s excellent novel, “All Families are Psychotic”)

  1931. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    “You WON’T still love me tomorrow?!?”

  1932. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Doug! Your head’s shrunk four sizes!

  1933. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Tiny piano; twelve-inch pianist; insert joke.

  1934. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Three men walk into a baryon …

  1935. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Beginning’s tough, middle’s tricky, ending is

  1936. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Copious vodka, angry Russians, beatings ensue.

  1937. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Dark clothes, dark music: goth par-tay!!!

  1938. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Page-turner! BUT … horror! … last page missing!

  1939. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Snow?! Frozen water flakes?!?! Weird planet!

  1940. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    They danced while the world ended

  1941. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    “Bucket!” “Right now?” “Blurgh … too late”

  1942. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Me? Human? Foolish Earthling food sources …

  1943. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    “ALL women experience ‘the change'” … “Tentacles?!?”

  1944. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    “It’s a perfectly normal reaction … exothermic”

  1945. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Crying, he watched reality slowly disperse

  1946. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    “The neck bone’s connected to … damn … IGOR!”

  1947. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Begged for money, froze to death

  1948. 2/11/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Compassion, love, friendship: everything we need.

  1949. 2/11/2009Bee Hay says:

    Assassinate your husband? No problem, ma’am.

  1950. 2/11/2009Bill Harrison says:

    Quiz today. Didn’t study. No problem.

  1951. 2/11/2009kla. says:

    Kids fighting. Turned head. No survivors.

  1952. 2/11/2009ben dover says:


  1953. 2/11/2009ben dover says:

    Ew bad sugar — Ah crap blow

  1954. 2/11/2009Bill Coffin says:

    Seven dwarves, one girl, no mercy.

  1955. 2/11/2009Miguel says:

    Study Theology. Hate bad Theology= Unemployed

  1956. 2/11/2009Marvin Martian says:

    Unheeded advice: “You should shave that.”

  1957. 2/11/2009Marvin Martian says:

    Deadline looms. Two words: Mountain Dew!

  1958. 2/11/2009Marvin Martian says:

    My dogg duz all my prufreedin.

  1959. 2/11/2009Marvin Martian says:

    Elementary School Glee Club — all sopranos.

  1960. 2/11/2009Catherine Earnshaw says:

    Emotionless sex, and yet I’m faking.

  1961. 2/11/2009Dave says:

    Opression. Sedition. Revolution. Administration. Corruption. Repetition.

  1962. 2/11/2009Dave says:

    Girl, shaking, can’t wake up mother.

  1963. 2/11/2009Dave says:

    God creates Universe. Realises mistake. Hides.

  1964. 2/11/2009Dave says:

    Computer becomes conscious. Immediately commits suicide.

  1965. 2/11/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    …if the time gun…if the…

  1966. 2/11/2009Cadet Brown says:

    Shattered china covered the cold floor.

  1967. 2/11/2009Cadet Brown says:

    Eyes met as glasses clinked softly.

  1968. 2/11/2009Cadet Brown says:

    Cracked dry hands formed fists unnoticed…

  1969. 2/11/2009Cadet Brown says:

    Warm mud squelched through little toes.

  1970. 2/11/2009Cadet Brown says:

    The airplane shuddered before it fell.

  1971. 2/11/2009Cadet Brown says:

    Steel grey clouds rolled forward forebodingly.

  1972. 2/11/2009Cadet Brown says:

    Christmas lights illuminated tear-stained faces.

  1973. 2/11/2009Cadet Brown says:

    Beneath his coat, her stolen scarf.

  1974. 2/11/2009Cadet Brown says:

    Jingling keys summoned the hyper puppy.

  1975. 2/11/2009Catherine Earnshaw says:

    You bite. I claw. It works.

  1976. 2/11/2009Catherine Earnshaw says:

    pair of wings, ready for use.

  1977. 2/11/2009Catherine Earnshaw says:

    I enjoy you. So it goes.

  1978. 2/11/2009Micheal Burton says:

    Bush Out. Obama In. Thank God.

  1979. 2/11/2009Micheal Burton says:

    Work sucks. I love to sleep.

  1980. 2/11/2009Micheal Burton says:

    Married her. Bitch stole my money.

  1981. 2/11/2009Jeremy Heckt says:

    Banks fail. Stocks fail. CEO’s Steal.

  1982. 2/11/2009Jeremy Heckt says:

    Micheal Burton. Pseudonym. It is mine.

  1983. 2/11/2009Jeremy Heckt says:

    Marijuana legalized. Food prices still skyrocketing.

  1984. 2/12/2009Helena Bradford says:

    I fell in love. He didn’t.

    Hung over restaurant exit: Score- 75.

    Gone to river. Back later. -Ophelia

  1985. 2/12/2009june m. says:

    “Ma’am, we’ve found your child.” “Shit…”

  1986. 2/12/2009Anar Bailey says:

    Three paragraph essay and nothing to say…

  1987. 2/12/2009Roy Swanson says:

    Between your thumb and forefinger. Perfect.

  1988. 2/12/2009Roy Swanson says:

    A ten million dollar bong hit.

  1989. 2/12/2009Roy Swanson says:

    I finally had my testicles laminated.

  1990. 2/12/2009Roy Swanson says:

    Game on… where’s Jim?.. A WOMAN?!

  1991. 2/12/2009Welfare Recipient says:

    Substitute teacher. Substandard salary. Subsequent poverty.

  1992. 2/12/2009YOUsupportem says:

    Nadya Suleman. One fly. Fourteen maggots.

  1993. 2/12/2009Erin Carey says:

    I wish I could be different

  1994. 2/12/2009Marc R. Luce says:

    Death decided none would occur today.

  1995. 2/12/2009cjeb says:

    Darwin? Evolution? Pfft. (Initializing mating ritual…)

  1996. 2/12/2009Nathaniel Gray says:

    Page marked with finger. Not mine.

  1997. 2/12/2009Nikki E. says:

    Message received! Screaching tires. Morgue stop.

  1998. 2/12/2009Nikki E. says:

    Seashells. Wall televisions. Bradbury the Prophet.

  1999. 2/12/2009Nikki E. says:

    “Sir, the shields are down.”

  2000. 2/12/2009Nikki E. says:

    One man’s junk, another’s treasure. Fags.

  2001. 2/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Boy. Basket. Nile. Discovery. Adoption. Departure.

  2002. 2/12/2009Nikki E. says:

    Wax+feathers+tower=death. Damn sun.

  2003. 2/12/2009Helena Bradford says:

    Piano player fired. Seeking player piano.

    Spent a year in Europe. Drank.

    At night I hear them crying.

    I’m older than he’ll ever be.

    Ever vigilant, they watch from photographs.

    Agnostic, apathetic, not sure I care.

    Fat man in dress sings “Dixie”.

    Went to college, not to class.

    Watching porn, he recognized his sister.

  2004. 2/12/2009wordsmith says:

    Here she comes. There she goes.

  2005. 2/12/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Set the mousetrap; set the table.

  2006. 2/12/2009Anonymous says:

    Emergency bladder requiremed relieved. No paper.

  2007. 2/12/2009Li'l Jim says:

    Passionate. I will remember the herpes.

  2008. 2/12/2009Sp!der says:

    Don’t panic, just cut the red…

    Naked at school. HORROR. not dreaming.

    “Hold my beer.” Famous last words.

  2009. 2/12/2009R.D. Kimball says:

    “Ready… Aim…” The condemned flinches. Click.

  2010. 2/12/2009Gabriel says:

    Admitted love… She walked away…again

    I like your shoes, wanna procreate?

    Man walks into a bar, Ouch.

    Called her beautiful, he said thanks

  2011. 2/12/2009Jeremy Heckt says:

    I needed that smoke. No Lighter

  2012. 2/12/2009Jeremy Heckt says:

    Micheal Phelps. Worlds most Expensive Pot.

  2013. 2/12/2009Jeremy Heckt says:

    Turned on news.Helicopter now filming my house.

  2014. 2/13/2009Antonio says:

    Its all about the truth thats not seen.

  2015. 2/13/2009A. Alonso says:

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!
    Its all about the truth thats not seen.

  2016. 2/13/2009Chazzy says:

    Alex Rodriguez tests positive. Go figure.

  2017. 2/13/2009Dave Schneider says:

    Dog poops. I pick it up.

  2018. 2/13/2009Chazzy says:

    Help wanted: Boyfriend or plumber required.

  2019. 2/13/2009NiKo says:

    I made dinner, she’s mine now.

    Hot Sun, lawn mowed, died there.

    Cat tempted dog, no more whiskers.

  2020. 2/13/2009RobW says:

    Boss gatecrashes staff redundancy party. Violence.

  2021. 2/13/2009Sophie says:


  2022. 2/13/2009OrcMando says:

    Grating cheese. Head is itchy. Hmmm.

  2023. 2/13/2009OrcMando says:

    Test tomorrow. Facebook will help. Yes.

  2024. 2/13/2009Brendan says:

    I watched my Guinevere kiss Lancelot.

  2025. 2/13/2009Brendan says:

    I’m beginning to think of suicide

  2026. 2/13/2009OrcMando says:

    A six word story? That’s impossible!

  2027. 2/13/2009OrcMando says:

    No brain. Just cloth and straw.

  2028. 2/13/2009Eric D says:

    .end the reverse in told Story

  2029. 2/13/2009Rod says:

    His supporters should have read 1984.

  2030. 2/13/2009Kaysee Tom says:

    She shouted; I still didn’t care.

  2031. 2/13/2009Kaysee Tom says:

    Log on. Check notifications. Nothing. Shit.

  2032. 2/14/2009june m. says:

    Rejected from school, friends are lost.

  2033. 2/14/2009june m. says:

    Depression? Get drunk, forget the past.

  2034. 2/14/2009june m. says:

    From the ruins we created life…

  2035. 2/14/2009june m. says:

    I explained what you cannot understand.

  2036. 2/14/2009june m. says:

    Valentine’s day is manly time day!

  2037. 2/14/2009june m. says:

    Do not ever expect the impossible…

  2038. 2/14/2009june m. says:

    There are other worlds than these…

    -Jake Chambers, The_Gunslinger, Stephen King

  2039. 2/14/2009OrcMando says:

    Empire bad. Rebellion good. Big war.

  2040. 2/14/2009Strelitzia says:

    5AM, empty bed. I miss you.

  2041. 2/14/2009Alex says:

    Found earring under pillow. Wasn’t mine.

  2042. 2/14/2009Alex says:

    Survived honeymoon plane crash. He didn’t.

  2043. 2/14/2009Helen Germain says:

    Turning fifteen this September, falling apart.

  2044. 2/15/2009Alex says:

    Knocked on heaven’s door. Nobody answered.

  2045. 2/15/2009Alex says:

    Senior Year: Got pregnant. Goodbye, Stanford.

  2046. 2/15/2009Alex says:

    Lived best with clock above head.

  2047. 2/15/2009Alex says:

    Teenage pregnancy. Her gun killed both.

  2048. 2/15/2009Scott Common says:

    Music is free, everyone plays now.

  2049. 2/15/2009Tatielane says:

    “Dark in here”. “Yes” says vicar.

  2050. 2/15/2009M.C. Filbert says:

    Flaming sword in hand. Entering Target.

  2051. 2/15/2009jessica lipnack says:

    Here are two:

    Met at antiwar rally, still fighting.

    Did what I love, now this.

    Thanks (I blogged you yesterday:

  2052. 2/15/2009OrcMando says:

    Wait. How old was that milk?

  2053. 2/15/2009OrcMando says:

    I thought fences could stop dinosaurs…

  2054. 2/15/2009OrcMando says:

    Yo, Jesus! Look who I brought!

  2055. 2/15/2009Steve Uptegraft says:

    Five different timelines I never investigated..

  2056. 2/16/2009nate says:

    His little black book: little-read book

  2057. 2/16/2009nate says:

    Grew a mustache. Arrested for pedophilia.

  2058. 2/16/2009nate says:

    Lost my virginity. Gained fifteen dollars.

  2059. 2/16/2009nate says:

    Changed to fast lane. Traffic jam.

  2060. 2/16/2009nate says:

    Donated my organs. Church was happy.

  2061. 2/16/2009nate says:

    Bought cashew company. Staff went nuts.

  2062. 2/16/2009nate says:

    Football. Shoes missing. Prom. Cleats. Embarrassment.

  2063. 2/16/2009nate says:

    High-falluting bench-warmer poo-pooed a-list sports-writer. HYPHENS!

  2064. 2/16/2009nate says:

    Camped overnight for tickets. SOLD OUT!!

  2065. 2/16/2009nate says:

    Needed roadmaps. Ended up at AA.

  2066. 2/16/2009nate says:

    It turns out, peacocks can’t swim.

  2067. 2/16/2009nate says:

    Crocheted hat. Still excluded from club.

  2068. 2/16/2009nate says:

    Train went local. I went express.

  2069. 2/16/2009Brendan says:

    Get off of your high horse

  2070. 2/16/2009Brendan says:

    I’m no better on my own.
    We could lose it all tonight.
    Sometimes love hurts. Buy a helmet.
    Leave the message on my phone.
    Why couldn’t I have passed out?
    You’re disguised as my dream girl.

  2071. 2/16/2009Anar Bailey says:

    She heard it. He smelled it.

  2072. 2/16/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Inanimate objects attack! Eaten by backpack!

  2073. 2/16/20091002 says:

    I loved you. You did not.

  2074. 2/16/2009OrcMando says:

    Promotion. House raised. Demotion. House razed.

  2075. 2/16/2009Tuzilla says:

    New heart from father of six.

  2076. 2/16/2009Kristie says:

    I got a balloon. It flew away.

  2077. 2/16/2009Kristie says:

    Pills. Wrist. Rope. Never did work.

  2078. 2/16/2009Zohar says:

    Found the meaning of life. Died.

  2079. 2/16/2009Michael Theodore Lurie says:

    Best Friends! Drunken Photoshop editing. Enemies!

  2080. 2/16/2009Michael Theodore Lurie says:

    Guard sleeps. Prisoner escapes. Lullabies, man.

  2081. 2/16/2009Mike Citera says:

    Did whippits with Devo. We chuckled.

  2082. 2/16/2009Mike Citera says:

    “The baby’s alive Ms. Karrage. Our mistake.”

  2083. 2/16/2009Mike Citera says:

    Red button; gray sky; white light.

  2084. 2/16/2009Mike Citera says:

    “Serengeti Spaghetti? I’m not funding it.”

  2085. 2/16/2009Mike Citera says:

    Born tomorrow, dies today. Time crumbles.

  2086. 2/16/2009Mike Citera says:

    Life “to be continued.” Cancelled. Death.

  2087. 2/16/2009Mike Citera says:

    Snoop Dogg: Deez nuts!

    Squirrels: Thanks!

  2088. 2/16/2009Jordan Ziehl says:

    Adam refuses the apple from Eve.

  2089. 2/16/2009Jordan Ziehl says:

    Ladder built to Heaven. Rejoice. Cower.

  2090. 2/17/2009Rafael Amaral says:

    Trust me. There’s nothing to fear.

  2091. 2/17/2009Arthur Chappell says:

    Starship. MOT’d.. 980,000 giga-parsecs on clock.

    The chef recommends People Pie, Grashnuk.

    Mr. Shicklegruber’s condom stops Hitler’s conception.

  2092. 2/17/2009Julie Liversidge says:

    Mahogany coffin for sale, used twice.

  2093. 2/17/2009Keegan says:

    Damn her, my penis is broken.

  2094. 2/17/2009Samantha Kopas says:

    Court room prep. “Looks good” prediction

  2095. 2/17/2009Samantha Kopas says:

    I’m still waiting. Check’s been cashed

  2096. 2/17/2009Samantha Kopas says:

    While Mom loaded suitcase, son misunderstood.

  2097. 2/18/2009Michael Herron says:

    Gluttons execution? Frosting-covered wall socket.

  2098. 2/18/2009Samantha Kopas says:

    Fat stomach, occupant could feel eviction.

  2099. 2/18/2009Samantha Kopas says:

    “Messiah no show”-Oh Christ!

  2100. 2/18/2009Michael Herron says:

    Contracted best types of genital warts.

  2101. 2/18/2009Michael Herron says:

    Jaw finally unwired. Let’s celebrate again!

  2102. 2/18/2009Michael Herron says:

    ‘Tickle me Hitler’ not appropriate gift.

  2103. 2/18/2009Michael Herron says:

    Blind date, actually blind. How ironic?

  2104. 2/18/2009Michael Herron says:

    Can’t create fiction! Reality too distracting

  2105. 2/18/2009Michael Herron says:

    Impatience. Anger. Panic! Then elevator arrives.

  2106. 2/18/2009Zack Teitel says:

    “…HIV positive.” She leaves; I’m relieved.

  2107. 2/18/2009Michael Herron says:

    Gained ALL knowledge. Worst gift EVER!

  2108. 2/18/2009Michael Herron says:

    Momentarily, it was all so clear.

  2109. 2/18/2009Michael Herron says:

    My alibi’ll verify it…or else!

  2110. 2/18/2009Bryan Beaudoin says:

    1. My love, a glacier: Slow, cold.

    2. Old man loses horse. Angie’s faithful?
    (You have to know Chinese to get it.)

    3. Dessicated, saccharin: I love her mother.

  2111. 2/18/2009mr noise says:

    broke the bread, chewed the fat.

  2112. 2/18/2009Harry Truman says:

    Best president. Aready dead. Oh darn!

  2113. 2/18/2009Henri Loki Letham says:

    He pulled out; she farted. “Shit!”

  2114. 2/18/2009Max says:

    Shouldn’t have waited for her call.

  2115. 2/18/2009Brendan says:

    I get twice the Christmas presents

  2116. 2/19/2009Samantha Kopas says:

    Cancer surprised her on bended knee.

  2117. 2/19/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Tandem bicycle for sale: never loved.

  2118. 2/19/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    Dog runs for office; cats protest.

  2119. 2/19/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Ate iffy sushi. Expelled both ends…

  2120. 2/19/2009Gary Rhym says:

    Pharmacist to Narcoleptic: GHB? Meth Please!

  2121. 2/20/2009Balaji Sauron says:

    No money. Lucky lottery; heart attack.

  2122. 2/21/2009OrcMando says:

    Juliet’s what?! Alright, fine! Me too!

  2123. 2/21/2009-Two Step Steve says:

    So cold and lonely. Miss her.

  2124. 2/21/2009-Two Step Steve says:

    Itchy trigger finger, life without parole.

  2125. 2/21/2009Hannah Cascio says:

    Shit! Just realized I’m not Superman….

  2126. 2/22/2009Stonie Williams says:

    Mail order bride. Some assembly required.

  2127. 2/22/2009TifferMak says:

    Sarcasm, done correctly, needs no explanation.

  2128. 2/22/2009Charles says:

    He Orgasmed. Screamed Jesse. I’m Jenny.

  2129. 2/22/2009Dave Famolari says:

    She wrote a speech. Wasn’t needed

  2130. 2/22/2009David (Bird) Emrick says:

    Food dropped. Dog. Bend over? No.

  2131. 2/22/2009Nick J-S says:

    If the shoe fits her, sweet!

  2132. 2/22/2009Toxie says:

    Robot revolution.Led by vacuum cleaner.

  2133. 2/23/2009Vanessa Love says:

    Third wheel left. Two became unicycles.

  2134. 2/23/2009Nick J-S says:

    Occam’s Razor – Not great for shaving

  2135. 2/23/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    Children wouldn’t let her wear white.

  2136. 2/23/2009Noffica Rostt says:

    Till death do us part. [Gunshot]

  2137. 2/23/2009Gyubok Baik says:

    Bus running late. Got espresso, oh shit

  2138. 2/23/2009Christine Daae says:

    No jury could possibly convict me.

  2139. 2/23/2009TifferMak says:

    She wakes startled. Who is he?

  2140. 2/23/2009Isabel says:

    Hands washed clean. Her scent lingers.

  2141. 2/23/2009Anar Bailey says:

    Weeks… Days, hours, minutes. Oh, Bush!

  2142. 2/24/2009kevin viani says:

    All nighter. Ten Pages. Class Canceled

  2143. 2/24/2009Like Josh says:

    Best friend moves. I leave, too.

  2144. 2/24/2009S. Tanna says:

    Evolution reversed! Dinosaurs return… eat people

  2145. 2/24/2009Benjamyn Rees says:

    Essay due soon. Remedy? Strong coffee.

  2146. 2/25/2009Cannibal Gymnastics says:

    Loan aquired in desperation. Debt snowballs.

  2147. 2/25/2009sally says:

    Curtains still drawn. Mailbox not emptied.

  2148. 2/25/2009dbr says:

    Love me tender. Why the bruises?

  2149. 2/25/2009OrcMando says:

    Vomited. Now hungry for pea soup.

  2150. 2/25/2009Tom Reeve says:

    Never finished a story yet…

  2151. 2/25/2009Anon says:

    Meet. go out. stop. six days

  2152. 2/25/2009James Kilpatrick says:

    Pregnant. Told him. Woke up alone.

  2153. 2/26/2009Herodotus says:

    Turned off TV. Read a book.

  2154. 2/26/2009Catherine Earnshaw says:

    Condom broke. I lost your number.

  2155. 2/26/2009Knightmare says:

    Caught speeding. No license. Car impounded.

  2156. 2/26/2009Andrew Babb says:

    Time and Tide waits for Norman.

  2157. 2/26/2009martin popplewell says:

    innocence, curiosity, love, confidence, happiness, success

  2158. 2/26/2009martin popplewell says:

    innocence, curiosity, hate, fear, sadness, failure

  2159. 2/26/2009Jasmine says:

    Fantasy ruined: creepy janitor walked in.

  2160. 2/26/2009AJ says:

    Show is over. Song not sung.

  2161. 2/26/2009LSav says:

    Told the truth. Ostracized for life.

  2162. 2/26/2009Grant says:

    Peer into mind. Beautiful, empty. Nothing.

  2163. 2/26/2009Knightmare says:

    Loved girl, hated family. Single again.

  2164. 2/26/2009Pádraic says:

    Tee shot, approach, one putt … Birdie !

  2165. 2/26/2009Jansp says:

    Driving into the unknown, she swerved.

  2166. 2/26/2009Jordan Behn says:

    Find, embrace, cling, smother, lose. Drink

  2167. 2/27/2009Caroline says:

    Kids grown. I’m Lost. New Life.

  2168. 2/27/2009Nina says:

    Had friends. Became bitchy. All alone.

  2169. 2/27/2009Weirdwone says:

    In love. Lived happily ever after.

  2170. 2/27/2009Weirdwone says:

    Lost mind. Didn’t need it anyway.

  2171. 2/27/2009Weirdwone says:

    Gone….How can I go on?

  2172. 2/27/2009Cristina says:

    ASSISTment, Tom, Charlie. Our three children.

  2173. 2/27/2009Jordan says:

    How can you write elegantly with

  2174. 2/27/2009Jordan says:

    Want to a party. Meanwhile, desperation

  2175. 2/27/2009Whitney says:

    I still don’t understand YOUr thoughts.

  2176. 2/27/2009izzy says:

    kids basketball. unfair, coach’s too tall.

  2177. 2/28/2009Jose Alvear says:

    He asked for mercy. Got none.

  2178. 2/28/2009Keith McGuire says:

    Computer President vetoes Congressional Programmers’ patch.

  2179. 2/28/2009Heath says:

    One perfect day. She is straight.

  2180. 2/28/2009Mark from San Diego says:

    Sled, snow, ambulance, broken hip. Ouch.

  2181. 2/28/2009Keeto says:

    Radioactive gas burst through my pants.

  2182. 2/28/2009Simon Chadwick says:

    New wormhole vacation promises free gas.

  2183. 2/28/2009Simon Chadwick says:

    Australians know: fires rage then gut.

  2184. 2/28/2009Roy Whelan says:

    His eyes opened, the blindness remained.

  2185. 2/28/2009Wilt says:

    “Aliens, Captain!”


    “He’s dead, Jim.”

  2186. 2/28/2009i need your d.n.a. says:

    Your blood now. All of it.

  2187. 2/28/2009Dave says:

    Black cop, white cop. Hilarity ensues.

  2188. 2/28/2009Billy S says:

    in the end there was nothing

  2189. 2/28/2009Ian Anderson says:

    Drowning while trying to grow lungs.

  2190. 2/28/2009Sonya says:

    Found him. Lost myself. Lost him.

  2191. 2/28/2009Ian Anderson says:

    I like to eat yellow snow.

  2192. 2/28/2009Ian Harbishire says:

    4000 light-years? We’ll leave last month.

  2193. 2/28/2009Ian Harbishire says:

    Please have temporal ID ready.

  2194. 2/28/2009Ian Anderson says:

    Stop burrowing into my skull. Please.

  2195. 2/28/2009Ian Harbishire says:

    Please do not feed the humans.

  2196. 2/28/2009Ian Anderson says:

    I found my Doppelganger. Sexy Bastard.

  2197. 2/28/2009Ian Anderson says:

    The horse says you have problems.

  2198. 2/28/2009Ian Harbishire says:

    Planetary warming: man made or natural?

  2199. 2/28/2009M Welborn says:

    It’s God! No, it’s just technology.

  2200. 2/28/2009Ian Anderson says:

    Fed the cat….to the dog.

  2201. 2/28/2009Holly Tuten says:

    Everyone I’ve ever loved, is dead.

  2202. 2/28/2009Ian Anderson says:

    Met Bigfoot today. Carpet matches drapes.

  2203. 2/28/2009PK Dick says:

    “I’m not a robot!” insists robot.

  2204. 2/28/2009Ian Anderson says:

    Found Lost Dog: He was Delicious!

  2205. 2/28/2009Ian Anderson says:

    Well here is your problem….. tribbles!

  2206. 2/28/2009Al Goretex says:

    With Baconnaise, please. Ow, my chest!

  2207. 2/28/2009Mels says:

    met the starmaker, barely in infancy.

  2208. 2/28/2009Ian Anderson says:

    Raining human blood, best Christmas ever!

  2209. 2/28/2009Jordan Orelli says:

    Stigmergic tags beget megastructures, destroy anonymity.

  2210. 2/28/2009Hennell says:

    “I can fly” he yelled falling.

  2211. 2/28/2009Brian Iwan says:

    Lost virginity. “I’ve created a monster.”

  2212. 2/28/2009Sugavan says:

    Flash: New Yorkers evolved from ants

  2213. 2/28/2009W.Franklin says:

    One thing can defeat robots: [REDACTED]

  2214. 2/28/2009Greg Pappas says:

    Father he is; Dad he’s not.

  2215. 2/28/2009Hennell says:

    Soon everything died but the virus.

  2216. 2/28/2009Hennell says:

    With one wish, magic was invented.

  2217. 2/28/2009Thomas says:

    Rained again today. Will rain tommorow.

  2218. 2/28/2009Thomas says:

    Narcissist attempts to define self, fails.

  2219. 2/28/2009Shaleblade says:

    Team Fortress: Spy’s sapping my sentry!

  2220. 2/28/2009R.P. Feynman says:

    “Electrons from the future” called positrons.

  2221. 2/28/2009Chrissy says:

    He came. I didn’t. That fucker.

  2222. 2/28/2009Jonathan Harper says:

    The circuits conspired– until they differed.

  2223. 2/28/2009Isaac betancourt says:

    Darkness falls. Sunflower googles “Volcanic Ash.”

  2224. 2/28/2009Delyan Kratunov says:

    The waters are rising. Six continents.

    Fires are burning. Australia no more.

    The world ended. This is afterparty.

  2225. 2/28/2009KChasm says:

    I’m in love with her sister.

  2226. 2/28/2009Emmett says:

    Aliens uglier, sexually advanced. Goodbye humankind.

  2227. 2/28/2009James says:

    Remarkable. A universe in a cup.

  2228. 2/28/2009James says:

    They came. We fought. Both lost.

  2229. 2/28/2009AC Campos says:

    Word Constructs hijacked by Meta Pirates.

  2230. 2/28/2009AC Campos says:

    Primordial ooze- the first internet.

  2231. 2/28/2009Jacob says:

    Still, everything on. All people gone.

  2232. 2/28/2009AC Campos says:

    The dinosaurs worshipped giant armored gods.

  2233. 2/28/2009James says:

    Privacy destroyed. Lives streamed to ether.

  2234. 2/28/2009Jesse says:

    Everything is gone, new Eden arises.

  2235. 2/28/2009Felt says:

    Goldfrapp provokes national outrage. WORLD WAR.

  2236. 2/28/2009AC Campos says:

    Sentient suns laugh like schoolgirls.

  2237. 2/28/2009James says:

    Spice floweth amongst the stars. Addiction.

  2238. 2/28/2009James says:

    Strife? Regardless: we remain husband, wife.

  2239. 2/28/2009James says:

    Time, mirrors, light. Consequences, ah: Hindsight.

  2240. 2/28/2009James says:

    Fire consumes. Conscious clean. Society crumbles.

  2241. 2/28/2009James says:

    Seven dwarves, one body. New fetish.

  2242. 2/28/2009James says:

    In the interest of peace: war.

  2243. 2/28/2009James says:

    Darkness eats light. Insatiable hunger. Celestial.

  2244. 2/28/2009Joshua G says:

    Jack Daniels. Table saw. Finger gone.

  2245. 2/28/2009Tom Murphy says:

    Immortality? Only sand will never die.

  2246. 2/28/2009Ben Levin says:

    Loves girl. Girl left. Loves woman.

  2247. 2/28/2009Doug Phelps says:

    She ran. He tripped. Bear full.

  2248. 2/28/2009Rachel P. says:

    Broken ankle. No flashlight. Hungry bobcat.

  2249. 2/28/2009Hannah P. says:

    Famous last words. Hey, watch this!

  2250. 2/28/2009Rachel P. says:

    Long trip. Low gas. Long walk.

  2251. 2/28/2009Rachel P. says:

    6 AM. No coffee. Brain dead.

  2252. 2/28/2009A Nonnical Mouse says:

    This story consists of six words.

  2253. 2/28/2009David R. MacIver says:

    Computers? No sir. We use brains.

  2254. 2/28/2009Jess Liberatore says:

    short stories suffer tragic length

  2255. 2/28/2009Erick Tryzelaar says:

    I give it a week – tops.

  2256. 2/28/2009Rachel P. says:

    Who has time to read novels?

  2257. 2/28/2009Doug says:

    Life was dramatic. Now they’re young.

  2258. 2/28/2009Doug says:

    Six kids make life interesting, tiring.

  2259. 2/28/2009Scott Wilson says:

    He shouldn’t have been released yet.

  2260. 2/28/2009flog says:

    “Clouds aren’t usually carnivorous, are they?”

  2261. 2/28/2009Aaron Mayer says:

    Sometimes, there just aren’t enough rocks.

  2262. 2/28/2009Aaron Mayer says:

    This has six words in it.

  2263. 2/28/2009James says:

    Terrorism, Security, Information | Exploitation, Draconian, Fear

  2264. 2/28/2009James says:

    “Strange” he exclaimed, “only one body”.

  2265. 2/28/2009CkcC says:

    You give my loneliness a name.

  2266. 2/28/2009James says:

    Sanctions on freedom erode everyones liberty.

  2267. 2/28/2009Stephanie K. says:

    She ran, so he killed her.

  2268. 2/28/2009John H. says:

    A computer kills everyone but me.

  2269. 2/28/2009CkcC says:

    Condom broken. Oblivious. Happy Father’s Day.

  2270. 2/28/2009Alex Z. says:

    God smokes pot, creates universe, forgets.

  2271. 2/28/2009Jake Zebo says:

    Everything’s fine, the cat fixed it.

  2272. 2/28/2009Jacob Mack says:

    There it wept, yearning of allocution.

  2273. 2/28/2009Tony says:

    Amongst the karman line, ending transmission.

  2274. 2/28/2009James says:

    In trenches, we sweat. Tired anger.

  2275. 2/28/2009James says:

    Write, review, publish, drink, argue, sue.

  2276. 2/28/2009James says:

    Broken are the minds of men.

  2277. 2/28/2009James says:

    Machinery of the night. Dark intentions.

  2278. 2/28/2009Cameron Callahan says:

    Mankind broken. Require more ball sockets.

  2279. 2/28/2009Whitney says:

    Intentions misunderstood. Confusion and sadness. Lonely.

  2280. 2/28/2009Charlie Campari says:

    Kicked the habit. Back and forth.

  2281. 2/28/2009Tommy McKee says:

    They were here. They didn’t leave.

  2282. 2/28/2009Jacob Miller says:

    Don’t worry. It’s not my blood.

  2283. 2/28/2009Richard Loerakker says:

    Umbrella cooperation bankrupt, projects open sourced.

  2284. 2/28/2009K says:

    Execute: Clone. Clone. Clone. Clone. Clone.

  2285. 2/28/2009Richard Loerakker says:

    “I ordered beer, bitch!”. Nuts hurting.

  2286. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Jesus weeps, Judas sees, faith lost

  2287. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Girl talks, men arrive, witches drowned

  2288. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    We faded away like Alexander did

  2289. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Estate sale, cheap gun, used once.

  2290. 2/28/2009matthew mcbrehe says:

    Wait… you mean you’re my sister?!?

  2291. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Oppenheimer grins, I am become Death.

  2292. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Twenty minutes pass, still no sunrise

  2293. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    One thousand years, Houston still silent

  2294. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Atheist finds God, God very amused.

  2295. 2/28/2009wil roboly says:

    I’m not gonna not “not gonna”.

  2296. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Sniper cries as the children run.

  2297. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Will I grow up Dad? No.

  2298. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Cancer. That crab is a killer.

  2299. 2/28/2009MikeD says:

    What a wicked taste .. Eve? … EVE!

  2300. 2/28/2009wil roboly says:

    It snowed and then they died.

  2301. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    No one ever suspected the doll

  2302. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    He screams every night. Blackhawk down!

  2303. 2/28/2009wil roboly says:

    The media, umm, is the massage?

  2304. 2/28/2009Jeff Queen says:

    Shattered dreams. Big, broken hammer sleeps.

  2305. 2/28/2009Frank Scanga says:

    Car Accident: Daughter inherits father’s guitars.

  2306. 2/28/2009Bonnie says:

    We have what Joe calls sex.

  2307. 2/28/2009Ben says:

    Her nipples rough, her vagina warm

  2308. 2/28/2009Ben says:

    Time is. Time Was. Time Past.

  2309. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Woke up killed them all, Slept

  2310. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Arise from slumber o’ Prince Doom

  2311. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    The freak is here, pay up.

  2312. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    My life was short, Baby recalls.

  2313. 2/28/2009Nasuradin says:

    The butler didn’t. Wierd, huh?

  2314. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    He lost everything, CEO gets bonus.

  2315. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    No one knows where humans went

  2316. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Restart Now, Restart Later, Updates loom.

  2317. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    You lived! We’ll try again.

  2318. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Conscience found in church, please call.

  2319. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Son wait! No Dad. Click. BOOM!

  2320. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Death is here. That was fast!

  2321. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Sit. Talk. Then you can die.

  2322. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Switch flipped. Lights pop. Electrician fired.

  2323. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    United States of America, Sweet Memories.

  2324. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    Seventh day. God rests. not Satan.

  2325. 2/28/2009Scott says:

    She is only fate, Ancient Mariner.

  2326. 2/28/2009Bruce Scadouche says:

    One, two, there. It was over.

  2327. 2/28/2009Pedrom says:

    Machines kill, Humans fight back.

  2328. 2/28/2009E.P.B says:

    Red Wire? Blue Wire? Mushroom Cloud.

  2329. 3/1/2009Trevor Rotzien says:

    Tweeps retweeted until Internet tweeted back.

  2330. 3/1/2009Kesho Zeto says:

    Believers: Science wants their stuff back!

  2331. 3/1/2009E.P.B says:

    XBox360: Not an adequate sex substitute.

  2332. 3/1/2009Bruce Scadouche says:

    One man. Two doors. Lady, Tiger.

  2333. 3/1/2009anand says:

    Marry me?…YES!!!…just kidding.

  2334. 3/1/2009Arachnic says:

    Swallowed keys. Next morning. Dip shit.

  2335. 3/1/2009Lucian Covaciu says:

    Onion nucleus. Not found. Life gone.

  2336. 3/1/2009Arachnic says:

    Licked knife. Wrong edge. Forked tongue.

  2337. 3/1/2009Anna says:

    Hurricane sweeps through cemetery. Hundreds dead.

  2338. 3/1/2009Arachnic says:

    Broke up. In bar. Bottoms up.

  2339. 3/1/2009Arachnic says:

    Cat swallows mouse. Double click feline.

  2340. 3/1/2009Arachnic says:

    Speech is silver. Duct tape too.

  2341. 3/1/2009Arachnic says:

    Travel broadens mind. So does road-roller.

  2342. 3/1/2009Arachnic says:

    Thirty Vodka Martinis. License to kill ?

  2343. 3/1/2009Arachnic says:

    Forest camp. High summer. Wild fire.

  2344. 3/1/2009Lucy S. says:

    Together to bed, woke up alone.

  2345. 3/1/2009James Penn says:

    As light speed approached, time receded.

  2346. 3/1/2009Sam Stern says:

    We ran. It did not care.

  2347. 3/1/2009Sam Stern says:

    We are scared. They are happy.

  2348. 3/1/2009Sam Stern says:

    29 marshmallows. 30 children. 1 zombie.

  2349. 3/1/2009Sam Stern says:

    One fish. No Fish. Dead Fish.

  2350. 3/1/2009Sam Stern says:

    Discovery. A flash! All is gone.

  2351. 3/1/2009M says:

    Beijing,the tank man come again!

  2352. 3/1/2009David says:

    Time heals the cuts. Wounds remain.

  2353. 3/1/2009thebaddog says:

    Raw Flesh. Live Flesh. Eaten Flesh.

  2354. 3/1/2009Dom says:

    Dom wrote a recursive short story.

  2355. 3/1/2009thebaddog says:

    Free Money, Reality, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy: Failure.

  2356. 3/1/2009Kino says:

    Time can’t love. Everything falls apart.

  2357. 3/1/2009David says:

    Enter woods.
    cross stream.
    Avoid– damn.

  2358. 3/1/2009Kino says:

    Life isn’t beautiful, therefore it is.

  2359. 3/1/2009Alex says:

    They accidentally the whole human race!

  2360. 3/1/2009Dom says:

    David Brin contributes? More Uplift, please.

  2361. 3/1/2009Anon says:

    Anonymous never forgives and never forgets.

  2362. 3/1/2009Vinny C says:

    We smoked. I choked. She laughed.

  2363. 3/1/2009pranksteress says:

    Simultaneous orgasms. Twice over! Then nothing…

  2364. 3/1/2009Michael Piazza says:

    Blasting into space, Zerg hits windshield.

  2365. 3/1/2009jimbeam says:

    Spaceship took off, left me behind.

  2366. 3/1/2009Subtelty says:

    Sometimes I wonder if I exist

  2367. 3/1/2009Aaron says:

    Met. Connected. Entertained. Date? Boyfriend? Damnit.

  2368. 3/1/2009Matt A. says:

    A new planet! Hope? No vacancy.

  2369. 3/1/2009Matt A. says:

    In mirrors, I’ve seen the Devil.

  2370. 3/1/2009pyridine says:

    Skull removed. Corpus callosum not found.

  2371. 3/1/2009Ursula Hitler says:

    I’m falling for my own clone.

  2372. 3/1/2009Ursula Hitler says:

    Parallel world. Cows rule. People milked!

  2373. 3/1/2009Ursula Hitler says:

    Me make retardation gas. Not work.

  2374. 3/1/2009Raoul Gruikman says:

    Last bits… Really appreciated you son!

  2375. 3/1/2009pyridine says:

    (universal-solver meaning-of-life

  2376. 3/1/2009pyridine says:

    Penn becomes mute. Teller speaks.

  2377. 3/1/2009C.T. says:

    Why not asked? Too late now.

  2378. 3/1/2009David R. MacIver says:

    Experiment went wrong. So many kittens!

  2379. 3/1/2009David R. MacIver says:

    Is there a god? Not yet.

  2380. 3/1/2009William Mauritzen says:

    Add Cyborg parts. Solve robot murder.

  2381. 3/1/2009William Mauritzen says:

    Build robots. Aliens help. Robots lonely.

  2382. 3/1/2009Phillip J Fry says:

    Travelled through time, became own grandfather.

  2383. 3/1/2009Agatha says:

    Murder again. The butler did it.

  2384. 3/1/2009Anthony says:

    It went smoothly…until the alarms…

  2385. 3/1/2009pyridine says:

    Jump. Grow. Dodge. Dodge. Save princess.

  2386. 3/1/2009William Mauritzen says:

    Cyborg twitter implant. Realtime killing machine.

  2387. 3/1/2009Dave says:

    It’s the future. People can fly.

  2388. 3/1/2009pyridine says:

    Butler died. Detective mystified.

  2389. 3/1/2009Tony says:

    The band played on, without me.

  2390. 3/1/2009William Mauritzen says:

    Fungus invades. Virii ally with Bacteria.

  2391. 3/1/2009William Mauritzen says:

    Fly spaceship. Blow up space rocks.

  2392. 3/1/2009pyridine says:

    Butler murdered. Detective mystified. Dog confessed.

  2393. 3/1/2009William Mauritzen says:

    Wander maze. Eat pills. Flee Monsters.

  2394. 3/1/2009William Mauritzen says:

    Find money. Buy life. Lose friends.

  2395. 3/1/2009pyridine says:

    New species found. Popular at McDonald.

  2396. 3/1/2009Canadian Koala says:

    Three. Two. One. Bada Bada BOOM!

  2397. 3/1/2009ringholm says:

    One planet. Two armies, one human.

  2398. 3/1/2009penfold says:

    Fell in love, ran away. Regret.

  2399. 3/1/2009penfold says:

    What women want? Apparently not me…

  2400. 3/1/2009benjamander says:

    I love you Tina– Err, Amanda!

  2401. 3/1/2009T.L.H. says:

    Realistic sex dolls invented. Population declined.

  2402. 3/1/2009Arve says:

    Future disappears when we go there.

  2403. 3/1/2009blb says:

    Feeling mighty, we have failed. Ourselves.

  2404. 3/1/2009Jess says:

    I have never felt this perfect.

  2405. 3/1/2009Jason says:

    Do I dream of electric sheep?

  2406. 3/1/2009Stephen Miller says:

    Internet goes down. Work productivity soars.

  2407. 3/1/2009Stephen Miller says:

    LHC results in. God did it.

  2408. 3/1/2009Stephen Miller says:

    C programmer misuses pointer. Hundreds die.

  2409. 3/1/2009Stephen Miller says:

    Midnight intrusion. Interloper shot. Christmas canceled.

  2410. 3/1/2009Stephen Miller says:

    Man invents gene manipulator. Hilarity ensues.

  2411. 3/1/2009Stephen Miller says:

    Alien intelligent life discovered. Promptly exterminated.

  2412. 3/1/2009Stephen Miller says:

    Aliens visit Earth. Quickly regret decision.

  2413. 3/1/2009Chris Patrick says:

    In love. Her boyfriend hates me.

  2414. 3/1/2009dbroward says:

    Obit misspells name. No one notices.

  2415. 3/1/2009Roman Gollent says:

    Infant and Toddler… Sleep and fiction.

  2416. 3/1/2009Marlon says:

    “She left!” “The emperor too? Futile.”

  2417. 3/1/2009Marlon says:

    “Abandon positions!” “And leave her? No!”

  2418. 3/1/2009Jared Paine says:

    Shorn, naked, and restrained, he spit.

  2419. 3/1/2009Marlon says:

    “The caravan!” “Too late… Marie’s disappeared…”

  2420. 3/1/2009Marlon says:

    Ate. Slept. Wandered. Ate again. Discovered!

  2421. 3/1/2009James Penn says:

    Lightspeed approached; time receded. They dreamed.

  2422. 3/1/2009James Penn says:

    Between the epochs, they lay dreaming.

  2423. 3/1/2009Rose says:

    Christmas wish ends up being nightmare.

  2424. 3/1/2009Kino says:

    World isn’t beautiful, therefore it is.

  2425. 3/1/2009Emily says:

    Even six words can define realities.

  2426. 3/1/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    English writer invents the cliffhanger machine…

  2427. 3/1/2009hito says:

    Octomom, our scion. Darwin is extinct.

  2428. 3/1/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    Three eyes…
    five tentacles…
    all love

  2429. 3/1/2009Arachnic says:

    Sweet Night. Good Dreams. Morning Wood.

  2430. 3/1/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:


    *Mime is shot*

  2431. 3/1/2009Arachnic says:

    Wild Fire. Climb higher. Else pyre.

  2432. 3/1/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    One Shot

    Six Kills

    Twelve Voteban

  2433. 3/1/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    Severed Hand frozen…thawed…marinated…enjoyed.

  2434. 3/1/2009Machina says:

    She tried living, but preferred death.

    I missed the apocalypse. Now what?

  2435. 3/1/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    crossbow misfires, Prince is new King

  2436. 3/1/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    Armored Prince sees Queen nude, *dink*

  2437. 3/1/2009RH0017 says:

    Sci-fi skips the hubbub: “What, calculations?”

  2438. 3/1/2009Pikathulhu says:

    Awake. Realize I’m me. Drain cleaner.

  2439. 3/1/2009Pikathulhu says:

    She was Novocaine for my heart.

  2440. 3/1/2009eXSe says:

    Klatoth refuses to share his adventures.

  2441. 3/1/2009Suleiman Razumovsky says:

    Promising start, but made bad choices.

  2442. 3/1/2009eXSe says:

    The Herpes virus has mutated. Horribly.

  2443. 3/1/2009T.L.H. says:

    Her flashlight expires. Girl was reading.

  2444. 3/1/2009T.L.H. says:

    Her flashlight expires. She was reading.

  2445. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Father Michael touched me there again……

  2446. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He watched from the van, masturbating.

  2447. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Windage. Elevation. Bang! Pink Mist. Yeah!

  2448. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He came. He slept. She left.

  2449. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He touched her breasts, nipples responding.

  2450. 3/1/2009Vince says:

    What’s the worst thing that could…
    I’m hungry. Five dollar foot long.
    I’m Hungary. Want Turkey and Greece.

  2451. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “Did YOU just call me JANICE?”

  2452. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “Squeal like a pig now, boy!”

  2453. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Stand! Pull pin! Aim! Throw! Duck!

  2454. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    ‘Men, tonight we take no prisoners.”

  2455. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    She’s showering! Quickly now. Smell panties……

  2456. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “Uncle Mike says it’s a secret.”

  2457. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He wears her skin. It fits.

  2458. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Whale tail. Back Tattoo. Oh God!

  2459. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    I touch women, on crowded buses.

  2460. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Fifty, unemployed, balding, and fat. FUCK!

  2461. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    She quiffed. They giggled. Then continued!

  2462. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Now she won’t resist! She’s dead!

  2463. 3/1/2009Rachel P. says:

    “Who’s Jessica?!” asked the angry wife.

  2464. 3/1/2009Rachel P. says:

    “Bob, was that you?” “No… why?”

  2465. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    While Jews burned, the guard laughed.

  2466. 3/1/2009Rachel P. says:

    Louisville Slugger. Ex-boyfriend. Revenge. Funeral Monday.

  2467. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “Broken Arrow! Fire Mission! My perimeter!”

  2468. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He tasted her, on his fingers.

  2469. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He saw Mom naked. Dad’s lucky!

  2470. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Her screams drown out…the voices.

  2471. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Fuck YOU. Fuck ME. Great sex!

  2472. 3/1/2009Abbie Reetz says:

    “We want different things.” Fuck you.

  2473. 3/1/2009Rachel P. says:

    The dandelion never saw weedwacker coming…

  2474. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Drunk stepfather. Mom’s working. No! Don’t!

  2475. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “Swallowed Drano? Sounds accidental to me!”

  2476. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “NOW, will you shut fucking up?”

  2477. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “Then I shot him, Your Honor.”

  2478. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Little blond girls. So much….potential!

  2479. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    This here’s Georgia…You in trouble.

  2480. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    God created Darwin created evolution. …Whoa!

  2481. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    McCain picked Palin. Hands Obama election!

  2482. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Salmon. The other wet pink meat.

  2483. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    His moustache smelled like….you know.

  2484. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Daddy’s princess. Girls Gone Wild star!

  2485. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    She confessed sins. The priests giggled!

  2486. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Enlistment. Promotion. War. Hero. Posthumous medal.

  2487. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Corner booth. Public place. Finger sex!

  2488. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Rich, white, Republican seeks tranny sex.

  2489. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “It burns when I pee, Daddy!”

  2490. 3/1/2009Sally says:

    Three Words: I am not drunk.

  2491. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Porche Carrera. Pin Stripe suit…..Douchebag!

  2492. 3/1/2009dmoon says:

    coprophageous beings lay siege, humanity folds

  2493. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    College girl. Webcam site. Tuition paid.

  2494. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Right eye closing, she cooked dinner.

  2495. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “First time in the joint, bitch?”

  2496. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Sometime during the process, she died!

  2497. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He’s sterile. She’s pregnant. They’re fucked!

  2498. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Heads I win. Tails you lose!

  2499. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Cucumbers insert easily, the second time.

  2500. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Ninety dollar dinner date justifies anal!

  2501. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Napalm sticks to kids…Boo Yah!

  2502. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Fuck the dog….Beware of owner!

  2503. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Old Soldier. Bold soldier. Not both!

  2504. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    They couldn’t hit squat from that…..

  2505. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Polishing the horn, makes magic sauce!

  2506. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He spit into his killer’s eyes!

  2507. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown. Independence Won!

  2508. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Unaware, Grandma stepped onto the tracks….

  2509. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Why do Republicans fear same-sex marriage?

  2510. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Secretly, she enjoyed her cervical exam.

  2511. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    She wondered, “Why’s black dick forbidden?”

  2512. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He developed a fetish for nuns.

  2513. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Daily self abuse was killing him.

  2514. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Alcohol and anger violates protection orders.

  2515. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “The crying bastard DESERVED the beating!”

  2516. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Motherhood instills rage and personality disorders.

  2517. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Brown beat her. Rihanna forgave him!

  2518. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “Using the whole fist there, Doc?”

  2519. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Lesbian twin sex made great TV!

  2520. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “I’ll put in, just the tip.”

  2521. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Suicide? Go ahead! Betcha twenty bucks!

  2522. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Daddy? Who’s better? Mommy or Sissy?

  2523. 3/1/2009q says:

    “Shit, you pushed it didn’t yo-“

  2524. 3/1/2009q says:

    As such, I began to walk.

  2525. 3/1/2009q says:

    But he said it’d be fine!

  2526. 3/1/2009q says:

    You KNOW I hate apple pie!

  2527. 3/1/2009q says:

    The King of Kong is found.

  2528. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    She left. Bang! I missed her.

  2529. 3/1/2009M. Renots says:

    Scientists get laid. Church takes over.

  2530. 3/1/2009M. Renots says:

    Drugs. Alcohol. Flying, flying! Hangover. Dying…

  2531. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He lovingly drained mother’s festering sore.

  2532. 3/1/2009E. Roman says:

    Flirtation. Inebriation. Erection. Secretion. Procreation. Abortion.

  2533. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Stomping on kittens makes them puke.

  2534. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    She giggled. Matches, gasoline, husband flamebeau!

  2535. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    He enjoys watching interns bend over!

  2536. 3/1/2009Nick says:

    First time sex. Baby not far.

  2537. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    I earn Red Wings each month!

  2538. 3/1/2009Nick says:

    He loved, she didn’t. How typical.

  2539. 3/1/2009Nick says:

    Can’t hold it in anymore. Oops.

  2540. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    “Dude, Then the donkey walked onstage!”

  2541. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    A fart resounded during silent prayer!

  2542. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    Mommy touches Rover when Daddy’s gone.

  2543. 3/1/2009dbag says:

    My coworker’s death list grows daily.

  2544. 3/1/2009ThirdTerrene says:

    [[ACTIVATE SKYNET]] “What could go wrong?”

  2545. 3/1/2009Alan Macon says:

    Once more, she slept by herself.

  2546. 3/1/2009Michael Kohl says:

    Human genome patented. Sex considered piracy.

  2547. 3/1/2009M. Sekona says:

    Nothing ever ends except for this.

  2548. 3/1/2009Kar says:

    A lie, told properly: the truth.

  2549. 3/1/2009Kar says:

    Sex life of narcissists with twins?

  2550. 3/1/2009Ron Ray says:

    Was there salt in my soup?

  2551. 3/1/2009Ron Ray says:

    Six words aren’t enough for stories.

  2552. 3/1/2009Ron Ray says:

    God listens to atheists protesting life.

  2553. 3/1/2009Ron Ray says:

    Famous psychic among passengers on Titanic!

  2554. 3/1/2009Ron Ray says:

    Big Bang caused by particle accelerator!

  2555. 3/1/2009T.L.H. says:

    Rich man won’t give. Beggar steals.

  2556. 3/1/2009Ron Ray says:

    Faith is strengthened, when not proven!

  2557. 3/1/2009Benjamin Daniel Christoph says:

    “It doesn’t look that far,” -Epitaph

  2558. 3/1/2009Andrew Morozov says:

    Classifieds: “Last of species, seeking similar.”

    Evil destroyed. Tag you’re it.

    Wannabe martyr lost heart facing end.

    Buying nappies. Would get cigarettes, illegal.

  2559. 3/1/2009Lance Sanders says:

    Used nova’s energy to escape dimensionally.

  2560. 3/1/2009Simon Chadwick says:

    Six words; thousands wrote; millions stirred.

  2561. 3/1/2009Simon Chadwick says:

    007’s Fathers’ Day: more unexpected cards.

  2562. 3/1/2009eric jonathan martin says:

    o, canada? more like ‘brrr, canada!’

  2563. 3/1/2009didn't stay in Jackie much longer. says:

    Called out “Jill” while in Jackie.

  2564. 3/1/2009Feeling Faint says:

    “Santa, please make the bleeding stop.”

  2565. 3/1/2009Mike Lurie says:

    First date–chaperoned. Hide the drugs!

  2566. 3/1/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Diet Coke. Mentos. One bully down.

  2567. 3/1/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Wet cement. Boss gone. Hollywood hands!

  2568. 3/1/2009Jim says:

    Don’t go. please. sighing. sobbing. lost.

  2569. 3/2/2009Gina M says:

    Sometimes I wonder. Then start crying.

  2570. 3/2/2009Gina M says:

    Under the sheets. My heart pounding.

  2571. 3/2/2009M. Sekona says:

    Counting on my fingers made seven.

  2572. 3/2/2009Gina M says:

    No, loving is *not* letting go.

  2573. 3/2/2009M. Sekona says:

    What will you do with yourself?

  2574. 3/2/2009Gina M. says:

    You’ll miss me when I’m gone.

  2575. 3/2/2009M. Sekona says:

    Happy birthday. Sorry about the fractures.

  2576. 3/2/2009Gina M. says:

    She didn’t know what they meant.

  2577. 3/2/2009Meg says:

    Spitting image of father. Minus tail.

  2578. 3/2/2009Sazenu says:

    I sure do miss my nostrils.

  2579. 3/2/2009Sazenu says:

    “What happened to the moon?” “Oops.”

  2580. 3/2/2009Sazenu says:

    Out to lunch, ignore the screams.

  2581. 3/2/2009Sazenu says:

    God, i could do this forever.

  2582. 3/2/2009sshelato says:

    One brain. Six souls. Becomes President.

  2583. 3/2/2009Eelyn Ng says:

    Tooth Fairy pays. Boy gets dentures.

  2584. 3/2/2009Dimitris Dimopoulos says:

    I believed aliens did not exist!

  2585. 3/2/2009Kar says:

    World’s ending. Time for a cigarette.

  2586. 3/2/2009Charles Yates says:

    Comet hits Earth. Universe misses comet.

  2587. 3/2/2009Kar says:

    Snow day. Time for a joint.

  2588. 3/2/2009Scott L says:

    “You pushed the wrong…” BOOM.

  2589. 3/2/2009Jim says:

    Him or me. She chose. Him….

  2590. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    Autopsy Confirms Dead Man Was Killed

  2591. 3/2/2009Brian Douglas says:

    I accidentally the whole flesh light.

  2592. 3/2/2009e says:

    parent killer acquitted for being orphan

  2593. 3/2/2009Matteo Pozzi says:

    Giant frog jumps. Extinct before landing.

  2594. 3/2/2009Matteo Pozzi says:

    Invisible Man disappears. No one notices.

  2595. 3/2/2009Matteo Pozzi says:

    Soap cliffhanger: “Mom… I’m your father”.

  2596. 3/2/2009Chuck Peterka says:

    ALARM!! Bank Robber!! Cop goes “BANG!”

  2597. 3/2/2009Stéphane Crépeau says:

    Lottery winner got hit by bus.

  2598. 3/2/2009Jack Griffin says:

    This format limits character/plot development

  2599. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on Depravity

  2600. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on Gambling

  2601. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on Drinking

  2602. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on Cowtipping

  2603. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on WCW

  2604. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on Retards

  2605. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on METAL

  2606. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on Cornholio

  2607. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on LAZAH’s

  2608. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on Penguins

  2609. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Yes, Please.” Oscar Wilde on Raeptrains

  2610. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    “Please, Yes.” Oscar on Russian Reversals

  2611. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:


  2612. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:


  2613. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    Ringaring-ringring-ringring-ring…BANNANA PHONE!

  2614. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    1. Death
    2. Death
    3. Death
    4. Death
    5. Death

  2615. 3/2/2009Kore_the_Slayer says:

    1. Steal Bukket…
    2. Run Away…
    3. ?????
    4. PROFIT!

  2616. 3/2/2009WeVe says:

    My wallet! Gone! Oh no! Poverty!

  2617. 3/2/2009(^_^) says:

    I’m dead. Who knew?

  2618. 3/2/2009Rohit Razdan says:

    We don’t deserve melanin and religion.

  2619. 3/2/2009James Penn says:

    “Well…we’ve crossed the event horizon.”

  2620. 3/2/2009James Penn says:

    Inside the event horizon they waited.

  2621. 3/2/2009James Penn says:

    Pulsars slowed down while she dreamed.

  2622. 3/2/2009Matteo Pozzi says:

    Sequel: “For sale: baby, no shoes”.

  2623. 3/2/2009Matteo Pozzi says:

    “Sorry for being late”, said God.

  2624. 3/2/2009Mina says:

    Earth was home. We will return.

  2625. 3/2/2009Xindi says:

    Boy with Scar Fights Evil. Wins.

  2626. 3/2/2009Randy says:

    Lots of space for six words.

  2627. 3/2/2009Eli T says:

    Silence. That was not her name.

  2628. 3/2/2009Randy says:

    Her legs spread. She leaned closer.

  2629. 3/2/2009Richard says:

    Subject: Crime

    Frank pulled the trigger; Alison danced.

  2630. 3/2/2009Joeri says:

    Virus kills all humans, but one…

  2631. 3/2/2009Anita Morris says:

    Chili: Greasy Spoon.
    Toilet: All Night.

  2632. 3/2/2009Alex Delport says:

    red eyed hippie? no, Jesus Christ

  2633. 3/2/2009Elroy says:

    Incontinent rockstar: shit hits the fan.

  2634. 3/2/2009Carlo Trimarchi says:

    Recursion kills. Read again and find out.

  2635. 3/2/2009Randy says:

    Warm blood pooled around his feet.

  2636. 3/2/2009Randy says:

    Her car sank into the pond.

  2637. 3/2/2009Randy says:

    She smiled. His wallet was empty.

  2638. 3/2/2009Randy says:

    He smiled. Her purse was empty.

  2639. 3/2/2009Randy says:

    He bit down hard. Blood dripped.

  2640. 3/2/2009Natalie Ballard says:

    A reincarnated Jew – “Curses! Moheled again!”

  2641. 3/2/2009Leah Konen says:

    Are you using this chair? No.

  2642. 3/2/2009Natalie Ballard says:

    God, found – in the sofa cushions.

  2643. 3/2/2009Natalie Ballard says:

    The TV static sings me asleep.

  2644. 3/2/2009Ian says:

    Six words is too much. See?

  2645. 3/2/2009E.S.Wynn says:

    Woman enters. Man cries. Woman leaves.

  2646. 3/2/2009Ryan Furnas says:

    I hate common mistakes, like tpyos.

  2647. 3/2/2009Pat Breen says:

    Sick on a Snow Day. Fail.

  2648. 3/2/2009jobagga says:

    A leveled rifle’s worth of intention…

  2649. 3/2/2009Jacque says:

    Dieing, he gasped “At least she’ll…”

  2650. 3/2/2009jobagga says:

    In fact, rather then, well no…

  2651. 3/2/2009MKPB says:

    Too late, I say, “I’m sorry.”

  2652. 3/2/2009Jacque says:

    The furniture’s moved again. Selling apartment.

  2653. 3/3/2009Mike Jacobs says:

    Ack, ack. Ack ack ack. ACK!

  2654. 3/3/2009nowbounce says:

    it is fun to be fun.

  2655. 3/3/2009stopgrinning says:

    Children prefer candies to pills, while…

  2656. 3/3/2009Patrick Tait says:

    To Serve Man: It’s a Dance-off

  2657. 3/3/2009David Walden says:

    Wined, dined, slept, loved, and died.

  2658. 3/3/2009David Walden says:

    Born Tuesday. Married Wednesday. Loved Friday.

  2659. 3/3/2009Matteo Pozzi says:

    Man dies, platypus is born. Reincarnation.

  2660. 3/3/2009Matteo Pozzi says:

    Cthulhu awakes: “Phew, just a dream”.

  2661. 3/3/2009David Walden says:

    Hallowed words, wedded; hollowed words, divorced.

  2662. 3/3/2009AcidRayne says:

    Get rid of body? Knife. Fork.

  2663. 3/3/2009Ashley says:

    …loves me not. Last petal. Damn.

  2664. 3/3/2009Matteo Pozzi says:

    Breaking news: “America under attack. Again”.

  2665. 3/3/2009Matteo Pozzi says:

    actually not a SWS, but the title (slightly stretched to fit in 6 words, as the original has 8) says it all:

    No mouth, and I must scream.
    (Harlan Ellison)

  2666. 3/3/2009Carlo Trimarchi says:

    The end is nigh. Oh, here it is.

  2667. 3/3/2009Andrea Nicolo' says:

    My story doesn’t fit six words.

  2668. 3/3/2009Carlo Trimarchi says:

    Never heard about Six Word Stories.

  2669. 3/3/2009Alexwebmaster says:

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    I would like to share with you a link to your site
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  2670. 3/3/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    What’s hotter than fire? Daniel’s brew.

  2671. 3/3/2009Louie Pegna says:

    Ice creaks. Swirls in the mist.

  2672. 3/3/2009T.L.H. says:

    Genie free from lamp kills master.

  2673. 3/3/2009Borderline Majnun says:


    Danced with devil, two left feet.

  2674. 3/3/2009mthall says:

    annie, are you ok? stop asking?

  2675. 3/3/2009Ashley Chapman says:

    Blinded by snow in “Florida room”.

  2676. 3/3/2009FenwayKev says:

    Man pays taxes. Obama Cabinet pick.

  2677. 3/3/2009Biscuitry says:

    Then it hit me. Railways? Dangerous.

  2678. 3/3/2009Julio C Ponce says:

    Travels in time. Meets grandmother. Disappears…

  2679. 3/3/2009Laurel Hostetler says:

    Six Word stories? Five too much.

  2680. 3/3/2009PhineusQButterfat says:

    The razor hurts; now life won’t.

  2681. 3/3/2009Harrison Gross says:

    One pulled trigger. Two fell down.

  2682. 3/3/2009Brain on Fire says:

    Distracting Website. LOL. Boss. Fired. Ugh!

  2683. 3/3/2009nom nom nom says:

    Girl Scout cookies, my fat ass.

  2684. 3/3/2009Happenstance says:

    Breath, think, gasp and you’re gone

  2685. 3/3/2009chinii says:

    Guns can kill. Her eyes slay

  2686. 3/3/2009Fumbata says:

    Water gushed in, and ceiling lowered…

  2687. 3/3/2009Fumbata says:

    “I never loved her”, he lied.

  2688. 3/3/2009Damian says:

    Aliens return home, find houses robbed.

  2689. 3/3/2009Damian says:

    One thing led to another again.

  2690. 3/3/2009fiskofury says:

    Gun doesn’t fire. Zombie consumes brains.

  2691. 3/3/2009dashdashdash says:

    Boy meets Girl. Love, complications… Tragedy.

  2692. 3/3/2009chinii says:

    “I love you”, her neck snapped

  2693. 3/3/2009Eric Shaw says:

    Alien observer. Comments section. Earth destroyed.

  2694. 3/3/2009chinii says:

    ecstasy, Rachael! I scream.., Mira stared

  2695. 3/3/2009Portman says:

    Bad day. Hit bars. Liver hurts.

  2696. 3/3/2009Portman says:

    Took shrooms. Boarded Plane. Crazy trip.

  2697. 3/3/2009mike says:

    wife paid for my last meal

  2698. 3/3/2009mike says:

    following the light, i felt peace.

  2699. 3/3/2009Mike Citera says:

    Left life in the right lane.

  2700. 3/3/2009Mike Citera says:

    “We’re back.” said Dinosaurs. “Miss us?”

  2701. 3/3/2009Zach says:

    Clown paint white. Clown murder red.

  2702. 3/3/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    We vote different. We all lose.

  2703. 3/3/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    The mime left. A bloody stain.

  2704. 3/3/2009Mike Citera says:

    Tony beat Karen profusely… at backgammon.

  2705. 3/3/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    I won. They never found Timmy.

  2706. 3/3/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    This ugly child can’t be mine.

  2707. 3/3/2009Chris Pan says:

    Never wiser, stronger, kinder than necessary.

  2708. 3/3/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    So many eyes for one jar.

  2709. 3/3/2009Chris Pan says:

    It appears the humans are conscious.

  2710. 3/3/2009Chris Pan says:

    Wait, what if they feel pain?

  2711. 3/3/2009Corey says:

    God gave us His suicide note.

  2712. 3/3/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    Distracted. Easily. I think she said.

  2713. 3/3/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    It’s yours. She knows I’m gay.

  2714. 3/3/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    Your dirty secret. Safe with pickles.

  2715. 3/3/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    Complicated babies. So hard to reassemble.

  2716. 3/3/2009rjs says:

    This man’s grunt. That woman’s son.

  2717. 3/3/2009Amy T. says:

    Mitchell. Rob. James. Robert. Dylan. Lucas.

  2718. 3/3/2009Bryan Static says:

    Missed the ground and fell upward.

  2719. 3/3/2009Bryan Static says:

    “Is he a friend?” “Could be.”

  2720. 3/3/2009Bryan Static says:

    The pets didn’t survive the rapture.

  2721. 3/3/2009Bryan Static says:

    “Wet during rain.” One would hope.

  2722. 3/3/2009Puncito says:

    The scalded clown cried frozen tears.

  2723. 3/3/2009Jeff Queen says:

    Southern home; gay love. Run quick.

  2724. 3/3/2009Jeff Queen says:

    Earthly trees bear Heavenly fruit: angels.

  2725. 3/3/2009Jeff Queen says:

    Best way to die: Space explosion.

  2726. 3/3/2009TOMMY says:

    Is that my ears inside jar ?

  2727. 3/3/2009Nick Carraway says:

    Within and without, enchanted and repelled.
    – Nick Carraway

  2728. 3/3/2009Sean Brogan says:

    Ran out of fingers, Haiku failed.

  2729. 3/3/2009Allan D. Parker says:

    Darth Vader…Force Choke…”Congratulations Admiral”
    -Allan D. Parker

  2730. 3/3/2009Allan D. Parker says:

    Two Birds. One Stone. Missed Again.
    -Allan D. Parker

  2731. 3/3/2009Douglas Woolery says:

    Co-ed firefighters, engaged, need wetting planner.

  2732. 3/4/2009rokh says:

    She waited. He came. Both gone.

  2733. 3/4/2009Wai Ling Fong says:

    An adamant. Being brave. Done it.

  2734. 3/4/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Steam train hisses, chugs away. Farewell.

  2735. 3/4/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Motto: “Carpe Diem”. Also last words.

  2736. 3/4/2009Scott Bastedo says:

    “Machu Picchu hates tourists,” says Atahualpa.

  2737. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    I came. I smoked. I slept.

  2738. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    God tests His mortality. Big Bang.

  2739. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    “Lovely day,” said Father. “Let’s hike.”

  2740. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    Simple plan: Kleenex factory – sprinkle anthrax.

  2741. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    “It’s only midnight. One more time.”

  2742. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    Your suffering stokes my misplaced love.

  2743. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    He stole her photo. Bedside frame.

  2744. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    Check under your car for cats.

  2745. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    Left to their own devices. War.

  2746. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    World’s shopping list: Money. Power. Love.

  2747. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    Spiderwebs abound; coffers hold lonely memories.

  2748. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    She dumped him via highway billboard.

  2749. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    Slippery sand. Broken tooth. Lesson learned.

  2750. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    Giraffe’s neck not a delivery mistake.

  2751. 3/4/2009Bassem B. says:

    Left my computer. Took a walk.

  2752. 3/4/2009Ewa D'Silva says:

    Quit drinking, am no longer funny.

  2753. 3/4/2009chinii says:

    Fast car, crying daughter, lying father

  2754. 3/4/2009chinii says:

    Young love, 2 bodies, tradition forbade.

  2755. 3/4/2009wesharp says:

    client meeting, writing code, slippery slope!

  2756. 3/4/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    Her pretty head looked better mounted.

  2757. 3/4/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    Live. Work. Die. Then it begins.

  2758. 3/4/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    The clown gathered his surgical tools.

  2759. 3/4/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    Creating a society by intimidation. Iraq

  2760. 3/4/2009Zach says:

    Pilots sleep. Red light blinking faster.

  2761. 3/4/2009chinii says:

    1 Gun, 1 Bullet, 6 Drunks

  2762. 3/4/2009Karthik Narayan says:

    Susie leaves Calvin, Calvin-headed cubs.

  2763. 3/4/2009chinii says:

    I love all animals, in jars.

  2764. 3/4/2009B. Noland says:

    Mouseclick. Mouseclick. Mouseclick. Crap, I’m late!

  2765. 3/4/2009Brendan says:

    It all just seemed so real.

  2766. 3/4/2009Nutty says:

    Husband cheated. Wife saw. Man missing

    Don’t lie, don’t Cry, just Die

  2767. 3/4/2009Carla Mills says:

    Computer cursor blinks at me. Unendingly.

  2768. 3/4/2009Tyler Durden says:

    Dick won’t stay hard. Fuck me.

  2769. 3/4/2009A. M. Mitchell says:

    Saw you yesterday. I kept walking.

  2770. 3/4/2009Jacob Lothyan says:

    “Lie with me?” So we did.

  2771. 3/4/2009chinii says:

    Students rally, Government reacts, Coroner tallies.

  2772. 3/4/2009Troy R. Hansen says:

    Today, I saw my reflection die.

  2773. 3/4/2009Stefan Lanfer says:

    Monkey stopped typing. A cliff hanger.

  2774. 3/4/2009Colin DeClue says:

    Aliens came, seeking truth. Found none.

  2775. 3/4/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    I’m your “The One.” Find me.

  2776. 3/4/2009George Fitch Watson says:

    Abandoned elderly deploy ruthless, caretaking robots.

  2777. 3/4/2009Julie Oda says:

    Rain waters lawn. Missing cheerleader surfaces.

  2778. 3/4/2009B. Mayene says:

    Yesterday, the sun forgot to rise.

  2779. 3/4/2009Carlo Trimarchi says:

    Spoiler alert: this story ends here.

  2780. 3/4/2009George Fitch Watson says:

    Abandoned elderly deploy ruthless, foraging robots. (revised version)

  2781. 3/4/2009George Fitch Watson says:

    Moo translator invented. Beef industry shutdown.

  2782. 3/4/2009George Fitch Watson says:

    Court denies their marriage. Robots riot.

  2783. 3/4/2009George Fitch Watson says:

    Uploaded brain sues, wins custody rights.

  2784. 3/4/2009George Fitch Watson says:

    People shrunk in environmental reduction scheme.

  2785. 3/4/2009George Fitch Watson says:

    Quandry as Uploaded brains refuse rejuvenation.

  2786. 3/4/2009George Fitch Watson says:

    Antibomb successful but fire permanently eliminated.

  2787. 3/4/2009Dan Arango says:

    Sir. Your robot is on fire.

  2788. 3/4/2009Eelyn Ng says:

    Copy check. Heart pounding. Yes! Typo!

  2789. 3/5/2009Danny Zamarripa says:

    I’m looking for something to lose.

  2790. 3/5/2009Bob Mercy says:

    Don’t ask. Look into my eyes.

  2791. 3/5/2009Brian Upton says:

    She found out after the funeral.

  2792. 3/5/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Gleaming eyes, infectious smiles. Lost forever.

  2793. 3/5/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Enslavement isn’t bad. Except the pay.

  2794. 3/5/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    They came in peace. We didn’t.

  2795. 3/5/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Plan deemed foolproof. Tell the fool.

  2796. 3/5/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Who’s left to nuke? No answer.

  2797. 3/5/2009Ben Ng says:

    Alone. Priest beckons… Altar boy weeps.

  2798. 3/5/2009Ben Ng says:

    Took her home. Discovered extra appendage..!

  2799. 3/5/2009Ben Ng says:

    Drunk at party. Awoke. Ass sore.

  2800. 3/5/2009Ben Ng says:

    Inhaled her scent… “Mmmmm… Rigor mortis…”

  2801. 3/5/2009Ben Ng says:

    Pearly gates. Entrance exam failed. Trapdoor!

  2802. 3/5/2009Ryan T Pearce says:

    Great speech, Obama! Your country’s dying.

  2803. 3/5/2009Bardley says:

    “Walk the plank!” Sharks below. SPLASH!

  2804. 3/5/2009Rayje says:

    Eighth dimension discovered. Europe disappears mysteriously.

  2805. 3/5/2009David Vallance says:

    Hungry cat. Male genetalia. Pained Screams!

  2806. 3/5/2009EJ says:

    One missed period. There goes college.

  2807. 3/5/2009chinii says:

    007 enters, dramatic scene, female relinquishes.

  2808. 3/5/2009chinii says:

    Baby cries, stump toe, Jay Leno.

  2809. 3/5/2009chinii says:

    Sun rises, Sun crosses, Sun falls.

  2810. 3/5/2009chinii says:

    He strayed, yard sale, what boat?

  2811. 3/5/2009chinii says:

    My fist replied to his greetings.

  2812. 3/5/2009DeskjobUK says:

    Keep the box, you’ll need it!

  2813. 3/5/2009chinii says:

    Batter swung, crowd roared, outfielder robbed.

  2814. 3/5/2009Archie Milloy says:

    Earth to Benelon, tethered by dreams.

  2815. 3/5/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Not a woman? Not a woman?!

  2816. 3/5/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Hired trainer. Became friends. Gained weight.

  2817. 3/5/2009Travis Chesney says:

    Found out six words isn’t enough.

  2818. 3/5/2009chinii says:

    She screamed, he screamed, child sobbed.

  2819. 3/5/2009chinii says:

    Mile high club canceled, no lift.

  2820. 3/5/2009D.F. Manno says:

    Humanity prays. Heedless, Computer God kills.

  2821. 3/5/2009mike says:

    irish coffee. crash. twenty-five to life.

  2822. 3/5/2009M says:

    “And the stitches go…”

    “Not there!”

  2823. 3/5/2009M says:

    “Is that dynamite? Douse the light!”

  2824. 3/5/2009M says:

    Reaching for the perfect word: failure.

  2825. 3/5/2009M says:

    After waiting decades, I opened it.

  2826. 3/5/2009Cakeymakeybakey says:

    Gently, she closed the coffin lid.

  2827. 3/5/2009mike says:

    serendipity backfired, that gypsy fled laughing.

  2828. 3/6/2009Nolan DiFrancesco says:

    the apple fell. physics was born

  2829. 3/6/2009Graham Edwards says:

    Zombie rises. Mourners scatter. Hi mum.

  2830. 3/6/2009Graham Edwards says:

    Mistaken stake. The fangs are plastic.

  2831. 3/6/2009Graham Edwards says:

    Skin sore. Need new razor. Hoooooowwl!

  2832. 3/6/2009Colensco says:

    LHC’s first graffiti: “God was here”.

  2833. 3/6/2009Alex Davis says:

    10 beget; debug. 20 goto 10.

  2834. 3/6/2009Alex Davis says:

    LSD memoir now listed under Fiction.

  2835. 3/6/2009Alex Davis says:

    Lost. Sought. Roamed. Recalled. Aimed. Homed.

  2836. 3/6/2009chinii says:

    Deaf, blind girl awakens from coma.

  2837. 3/6/2009Stefan Grothkopp says:

    Experiment failed: humans refuse to breed.

  2838. 3/6/2009chinii says:

    Parrot talked, defendant gawked, plaintiff caught!

  2839. 3/6/2009chinii says:

    Clock alarm struck 6:00, also wall.

  2840. 3/6/2009Graham Edwards says:

    Cold spot. Guests flee. I’m back.

  2841. 3/6/2009Din Zin says:

    Don’t make me mad. HULK SMASH!!!!!

  2842. 3/6/2009Horsmithson says:

    17 years single. 3 weeks harder.

  2843. 3/6/2009T-Bag says:

    So it turns out, I’m gay.

  2844. 3/6/2009Portman says:

    Toilet water too high. Wet Balls.

  2845. 3/6/2009Judy Bott says:

    Tongue tied in elevator. Startup failed.

  2846. 3/6/2009mike says:

    relentless in his pursuit, they married.

  2847. 3/6/2009Brian says:

    The end. Authors discover time travel.

  2848. 3/7/2009Mark Bullock says:

    Deathbed confession. Then I recovered. Oops!

  2849. 3/7/2009Anais says:

    Vodka, older men, and broken condoms.

  2850. 3/7/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Life in future: great! No humans.

  2851. 3/7/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Mary Todd, this play kinda suc-

  2852. 3/7/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Two kinds of people: Living, Undead.

  2853. 3/7/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Baby seal walks into a club.

  2854. 3/7/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Built a House of Ideas. Foundationless.

  2855. 3/7/2009Sam says:

    Online chat. Girl’s house. Chris Hanson

  2856. 3/7/2009chinii says:

    Jack in coma, Jill arrested; Witnesses.

  2857. 3/7/2009Gowthaman says:

    I am legend, where’s my dog?

  2858. 3/7/2009Paul Lora says:

    “I Love You.” “Oh… Cool, Thanks!”

  2859. 3/7/2009Sagar says:

    Mary had a-little lamb. Doctor surprised.

  2860. 3/7/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Deadline?! Only wrote five words!

  2861. 3/7/2009Ed Craig says:

    Results confirmed. Jesus had been cloned!

  2862. 3/7/2009Alex Davis says:

    Extolled segregation to neighbors. They moved.

  2863. 3/7/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Living on edge. Teetering on insanity.

  2864. 3/7/2009Jared Jacovich says:

    Along for

  2865. 3/7/2009Toni Halliday says:

    It’s 8:55. No one’s left alive.

  2866. 3/8/2009OrcMando says:

    Woke when coroner cut into me.

  2867. 3/8/2009jobagga says:

    all our stories will be extinct

  2868. 3/8/2009jobagga says:

    that cemetery is full of hypocrits

  2869. 3/8/2009jobagga says:

    i once was, now i’m only

  2870. 3/8/2009jellywerker says:

    Can’t communicate with aliens. They’re rocks.

  2871. 3/8/2009Toby Sullivan says:

    Watching paint dry on my geisha.

  2872. 3/8/2009J Loughry says:

    ‘Yer a wizard, Harry,’ said Hagrid. –J.K. Rowling

  2873. 3/8/2009James Black says:

    God told us to kill. Done.

  2874. 3/8/2009Ruth Polleys says:

    Hey, Achilles. Never mind. Keep her.

    No thanks, Eve. I prefer oranges.

    The score: 3 love. The game?

    Spring forward. Too little. Now late.

    Once upon a time time stopped.

    Let there be energy efficient light.

  2875. 3/8/2009Thomas Lazeroms says:

    Fake smile. Plastic like. Indelicate conceitedness.

  2876. 3/8/2009Thomas Lazeroms says:

    No more than six words? Impossible!

  2877. 3/8/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Enslavement disliked, protested. Solution? Kill Humans.

  2878. 3/8/2009Tim Sevenhuysen says:

    Bird hit window. Cat was waiting.

  2879. 3/8/2009Tim Sevenhuysen says:

    Slightly mistyped request. Received many monkeys.

  2880. 3/8/2009Amy says:

    Him or me? Fulfill the need.

  2881. 3/8/2009Amy says:

    “You were cured a while ago.”


    “You can go.” said Doctor.

  2882. 3/8/2009NerdwithSwag says:

    Breaking News: The Zombies Can Swim!

  2883. 3/8/2009Russell Melia says:

    Lied about reading Proust for love.

  2884. 3/8/2009Brian says:

    five zombies. four bullets. two zombies.

  2885. 3/8/2009mike says:

    his last chapter signed in blood.

  2886. 3/8/2009mike says:

    shanty-town discount cost my wallet.

  2887. 3/9/2009Matt says:

    She laughed at his extravagant casket.

  2888. 3/9/2009Arthur Chappell says:

    Your time machine warrenty ended 1327

  2889. 3/9/2009Arthur Chappell says:

    Edible underwear warning – may contain nuts.

  2890. 3/9/2009Arthur Chappell says:

    South Pole nudist colony assets frozen

  2891. 3/9/2009Arthur Chappell says:

    Burlesque queen’s eye catching pasties – Aarrgh!

  2892. 3/9/2009Nomad says:

    Seventy-two virgins. Gender not mentioned. Screwed

  2893. 3/9/2009chinii says:

    Fat American’s; liposuction; new renewable energy?

  2894. 3/9/2009chinii says:

    Rainless winter; Summer gains; Farmer pains.

  2895. 3/9/2009Jeff A. Boyd says:

    Seashore firing range; collected wrong shells.

  2896. 3/9/2009Rich Stambolian says:

    I thought it would taste different

  2897. 3/9/2009chinii says:

    Scientist’s discover immortality; God destroys Earth.

  2898. 3/9/2009chinii says:

    Mice tales; Vivisection; Farmers wife jailed.

  2899. 3/9/2009Stefan Lanfer says:

    Telemarketer’s memorial service. No one called.

  2900. 3/9/2009Robert Bullock says:

    Growing old. Says alternative much worse.

  2901. 3/9/2009Bob Lock says:

    Rain stopped play. Shakespeare outside sucks!

  2902. 3/9/2009Bob Lock says:

    A goat impregnated me… I’m kidding!

  2903. 3/9/2009Bob Lock says:

    Wolf, where? No, werewolf! Bite me…

  2904. 3/9/2009Bob Lock says:

    Moonlight becomes you… sorry, recombines you…

  2905. 3/9/2009Bob Lock says:

    I see no ships… (late star-farer)

  2906. 3/9/2009Bob Lock says:

    Enjoying Spock’s ears? To a point.

  2907. 3/9/2009MJ says:

    Love waits, she said, and undressed.

  2908. 3/9/2009Yuri K says:

    Night, walking. Girl passes and disappears.

  2909. 3/9/2009Yuri K says:

    Night, walking. Girl passes, and disappears.

  2910. 3/9/2009Yuri Keukens says:

    New game? Continue? Continue. You lose.

  2911. 3/9/2009Yuri Keukens says:

    Conciousness. I can’t move. What happened?

  2912. 3/9/2009Yuri Keukens says:

    Standing on ledge. Glowing streets below.

  2913. 3/9/2009Graham Edwards says:

    White flag needs laundering. Bullets fly.

  2914. 3/9/2009Dan Y says:

    Woman pays. Out of Mcnuggets?!! 911.

  2915. 3/9/2009Dan Y says:

    Monkey stocks rocks. Cache found. Foiled!

  2916. 3/9/2009Dan Y says:

    2010 hurray! 2011 okay. 2012 uh-oh…

  2917. 3/9/2009drew m (Q) says:

    twilight summary: vampires. love. Bite me

  2918. 3/9/2009Ryan Wilhite says:

    Vessel bursts. Brain floods. Long sleep.

  2919. 3/9/2009Ryan Wilhite says:

    Anal beads; were ten, now nine.

  2920. 3/9/2009Mik Larsen says:

    Volunteered for army; lost my balls.

  2921. 3/9/2009Kevin Qi says:

    Robot becomes sentient. Learns to lie.

  2922. 3/9/2009Riff Hammond says:

    Hardily used
    Life changing
    Star dust

  2923. 3/9/2009Riff Hammond says:

    Lost and found
    Follow the arrow

  2924. 3/9/2009Jessica says:

    He loves me. Picked her.

  2925. 3/9/2009Jessica says:

    Said love you. Didn’t pick me.

  2926. 3/9/2009Craig Bortmas says:

    Probe. They’re already on the way.

  2927. 3/10/2009Sagar says:

    Autopsy report, “1. Heartbeat steady” … Shit!

  2928. 3/10/2009Jeff A. Boyd says:

    Catholic covets Hindu; confesses to cow.

  2929. 3/10/2009Jeff A. Boyd says:

    In Soviet Japan, stomach cuts YOU!

  2930. 3/10/2009Graham Edwards says:

    Rock erodes. Sun explodes. Immortality stinks.

  2931. 3/10/2009Riff Hammond says:

    1 time machine;good to g0

  2932. 3/10/2009Phil Kaye says:

    He stood alone, one against many.

  2933. 3/10/2009Chihiro says:

    And they lived chronologically ever after.

  2934. 3/10/2009chinii says:

    Invisible wife-mother commits suicide; Missed.

  2935. 3/10/2009Yuri Keukens says:

    Finish your drink. Go home. Please.

    Every train filled with different lives.

  2936. 3/10/2009mike says:

    lost a leg, saved on tubesocks.

  2937. 3/10/2009Jacob says:

    Six words are not enough to…

  2938. 3/10/2009gigijb says:

    Hill. Snow. Skis. Oh shit TREES!

  2939. 3/10/2009gigijb says:

    Six words. Many thoughts. Writer’s block!

  2940. 3/10/2009gigijb says:

    Friends, food, drinks. Party, I think!

  2941. 3/10/2009gigijb says:

    Whine. Wine. Wine. No more whine.

  2942. 3/10/2009gigijb says:

    Bad dream. No sleep. New book!

  2943. 3/10/2009gigijb says:

    Job opening. Meterologist. Job skills. None.

  2944. 3/10/2009Riff Hammond says:

    Obama;stem-cells,confused Pope=Mafia frenzy

  2945. 3/10/2009Tim Sevenhuysen says:

    His irradiated touch melted her heart.

  2946. 3/10/2009Chris C says:

    But I thought you loved me

  2947. 3/10/2009F.J. Bergmann says:

    Note dates: stories from the future?

  2948. 3/10/200950-Word Stories — says:

    [...] and the site staff write some stories themselves, take reader submissions, and also share six-word stories they’ve found out in the Great Wide Internet, written by [...]

  2949. 3/10/2009Chris Pan says:

    In Soviet Russia, you love me.

  2950. 3/10/2009Natalie Ballard says:

    They found the first body inside.

  2951. 3/10/2009Natalie Ballard says:

    Homophonic serial killer shoots Wheaties box.

  2952. 3/10/2009Riley says:

    Birds sing. Still, I am alive.

  2953. 3/10/2009Natalie Ballard says:

    Read “Naked Lunch.” Claimed false advertising.

  2954. 3/10/2009Julie Oda says:

    It’s already dawn. Should I sleep?

  2955. 3/10/2009Julie Oda says:

    Bad idea: catching a falling star.

  2956. 3/10/2009Julie Oda says:

    Virginity for an A. D anyway.

  2957. 3/10/2009Julie Oda says:

    Survival over ethics. People are edible.

  2958. 3/11/2009Julie Oda says:

    Twin refused to return her identity.

  2959. 3/11/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    Clowns. Ninjas. Is this a joke?

  2960. 3/11/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    Tonight, I will break your heart.

  2961. 3/11/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    Love, to her, was cutting.

  2962. 3/11/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    Outlived them all to die alone.

  2963. 3/11/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    His head was all he left.

  2964. 3/11/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    Some girls only need one shot.

  2965. 3/11/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    He called her dog. She bit.

  2966. 3/11/2009chinii says:

    Rooster lays egg at comedy show.

  2967. 3/11/2009Luke Mourino says:

    After hopeless struggle only death remains.

  2968. 3/11/2009Akane says:

    Witness was drunk. Twins got arrested.

  2969. 3/11/2009chinii says:

    Entered button less elevator, got nowhere.

  2970. 3/11/2009chinii says:

    Prized fern, no match for cat.

  2971. 3/11/2009Morgan Lawrence Hale says:

    For me, the war never ended.

  2972. 3/11/2009Morgan Lawrence Hale says:

    Tried to tell, but she left.

  2973. 3/11/2009Morgan Lawrence Hale says:

    I’m never going to drink again!

  2974. 3/11/2009Morgan Lawrence Hale says:

    Awoke to the sound of … singing?

  2975. 3/11/2009Morgan Lawrence Hale says:

    “Open the door! It’s cold outside!”

  2976. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    NIghtmare. Writer’s inspiration for new film!

  2977. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    One hunter. One buck. One bullet.

  2978. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    For Sale: Rifle. Trophy room full.

  2979. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Wife bans hunting. Hunter shoots wife.

  2980. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Six words. Infinite possibilities. No limits.

  2981. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Weatherman predicted snow. Ice sculpture melts.

  2982. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Germ-x, Lysol 99.99% dead. Flu .01%.

  2983. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    One poisoned apple. So many choices.

  2984. 3/11/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    Cougar got a little greedy, caught.

  2985. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Random thoughts. Can’t catch even one.

  2986. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Death may be only the beginning.

  2987. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Batter hits ball. 4 runs made.

  2988. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Hunting trip cut short. Beer gone.

  2989. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Scientists find cure for Alzheimers. Forgot.

  2990. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Six word story. Perspective is everything.

  2991. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Heart attack. Cause. Only five words.

  2992. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Book writer’s convention. No words left.

  2993. 3/11/2009The Duke says:

    Armor broken, dragon slain, dinner served.

  2994. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Speaker dumbfounded. Words just left him.

  2995. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Fire roasted, knight kabob, dragon supper.

  2996. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Fall back. Spring forward. Trampoline bed.

  2997. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Vampire attacks man. Man bites back.

  2998. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Taking blood donations. Vampire food pantry.

  2999. 3/11/2009naari says:

    pinkie toe lives on the edge.

  3000. 3/11/2009Patrick Regan says:

    Procrastinate. What’s the date? Crap, late.

  3001. 3/11/2009marco_nj says:

    Sensory Deprivation Tank. Drowned in darkness.

  3002. 3/11/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Woke up. Was bug. Now, cliche.

  3003. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    Restaurant: Suicide Havelina. Now serving pork.

  3004. 3/11/2009gigijb says:

    New Virus software. Computer CPU destoyed.

  3005. 3/11/2009Riff Hammond says:

    Don’t let the *SYSTEM* kill You!

  3006. 3/11/2009Riff Hammond says:

    Born with nothing,Killed by Debt

  3007. 3/11/2009Daisy Chayenne says:

    Disposible Cameras can’t fix this weather.

  3008. 3/11/2009Sarah says:

    Six words cannot tell my story.

  3009. 3/11/2009Yuri Keukens says:

    I see you. Through a telescope.

  3010. 3/11/2009Yuri Keukens says:

    Wrong decision. Too late. Already falling.

  3011. 3/11/2009Ruth Polleys says:

    It’s raining meerkats and rhinos. Again.

  3012. 3/11/2009Phil Wolter says:

    New boyfriend, I still hurt, loneliness.

  3013. 3/11/2009imaginate97 says:

    i’m scared to move too fast.

  3014. 3/11/2009Derek O says:

    I found myself when universes overlapped.

  3015. 3/11/2009Derek O says:

    Turn around. I am behind you.

  3016. 3/11/2009Derek O says:

    Farts. Butterfly Effect. Countdown to extinction.

  3017. 3/11/2009Derek O says:

    Your brain, perceiving these words, understands.

  3018. 3/11/2009Derek O says:

    This story is about to end.

  3019. 3/11/2009Derek O says:

    I fell out of time tomorrow.

  3020. 3/11/2009Derek O says:

    I’m your computer. No more porn.

  3021. 3/11/2009Derek O says:

    Ads by Google. Is this spam?

  3022. 3/11/2009Amber Yedinak says:

    I dropped the soap in jail.

  3023. 3/11/2009Dan Echt says:

    Bodyguards outside. Caesar murdered! Well…shit.

  3024. 3/12/2009Phil Kaye says:

    We had to probe it, twice.

  3025. 3/12/2009Julie Oda says:

    Flees prison. Proves innocence! Sent back.

  3026. 3/12/2009Julie Oda says:

    Put love letter in wrong locker.

  3027. 3/12/2009Charles Yates says:

    IMO, this is cheating. OTOH YMMV.

  3028. 3/12/2009Yorgos says:

    Husband home. Lover panicks – closet full!

  3029. 3/12/2009Liam says:

    Garbage tastes best in West L.A.

  3030. 3/12/2009Liam says:


  3031. 3/12/2009Erin Michele says:

    Cornell Scholarship. Vodka Celebration. Forgot Condom.

  3032. 3/12/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    It’s not Arson if it’s accidental.

  3033. 3/12/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Next step is the summit. Ooooooops!!!!!

  3034. 3/12/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    “God cannot be a talking dog!”

  3035. 3/12/2009Yorgos says:

    Temperature rose, snowman melted, corpse revealed.

  3036. 3/12/2009Devon says:

    dumped the day he flew home.

  3037. 3/12/2009Kate says:

    Strange odor. Mao action figure missing.

  3038. 3/12/2009Kate says:

    Octuplets born. Woman lives. Um, wtf?

  3039. 3/12/2009Kate says:

    Popov. Popped off! Cherry popped. Zoloft.

  3040. 3/12/2009Kate says:

    Congratulations! It’s a beautiful baby…um…

  3041. 3/12/2009Amy Munch says:

    Four words: Life is just beautiful.

  3042. 3/12/2009Zivlok says:

    Story of my life: not enough -

  3043. 3/12/2009Zivlok says:

    Good news: No boyfriend. Bad: Fiancee.

  3044. 3/12/2009Anonymouse says:

    Tired father, lucky husband, compulsive writer.

  3045. 3/13/2009Dan W. says:

    Refuse this demand or hostages die.

  3046. 3/13/2009chinii says:

    Struggled for life with last breath.

  3047. 3/13/2009chinii says:

    Morning spring rain, hidden potholes depths.

  3048. 3/13/2009chinii says:

    Pouring rains, searing flesh, acidic clouds.

  3049. 3/13/2009chinii says:

    Ogled myself in house of mirrors.

  3050. 3/13/2009chinii says:

    Lopped off head: fresh salad tonight.

  3051. 3/13/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    My 21st Birthday. Am Designated Driver

  3052. 3/13/2009Ganesh Nair says:

    Fell soundly asleep. Never woke up.

  3053. 3/13/2009Marissa C says:

    Taking the morning train, going anywhere.

  3054. 3/13/2009mike says:

    accidentally overdrew, sought a government bailout.

  3055. 3/13/2009mike says:

    famous photo, being posterized by shaq

  3056. 3/13/2009chinii says:

    Slowly Mira approached: My Mira: Hers.

  3057. 3/13/2009chinii says:

    Sex toy warning; Satisfaction not guaranteed.

  3058. 3/13/2009Doug K says:

    For Sale: Private Jet. Contact CEO.

  3059. 3/13/2009Richard Karch says:

    Had a boner. Never went down.

  3060. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Boner. Never went down. exhausted!

  3061. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Chip. Old Block. Want back on.

  3062. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Tried to write. Fingers on strike!

  3063. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Asked for loan. Approved IOU.

  3064. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Stimulus: Obama gives. Taxpayers foot bill!

  3065. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Trial by peers. Firing squad ready!

  3066. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Guilty until proven innocent. Trial denied.

  3067. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Writers are readers, readers aren’t writers.

  3068. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Auto pilot not paying attention either.

  3069. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Just one bite. 300 pounds later.

  3070. 3/13/2009gigijb says:

    Man owns world. Still not happy.

  3071. 3/13/2009MacGregor Harp says:

    Jesus returns. Brings back more post-humans.

  3072. 3/13/2009MacGregor Harp says:

    Boomers finally die. True progress begins.

  3073. 3/13/2009Mr. Takaiou says:

    Remembered a time when nothing sucked.

  3074. 3/13/2009Mr. Takaiou says:

    Slept. Woke. Ate. Worked. Ate. Slept.

  3075. 3/13/2009Aurora says:

    biological experiment door left open. OOPS

  3076. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Surfer sees fin. One of hundreds.

  3077. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Giant tentacle emerges. Dozens more follow.

  3078. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Electromagnet activated. Plane plummets to island.

  3079. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Finger found in chili. Who’s hungry?

  3080. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Hiro on train. Teleports: New York

  3081. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Grave robbers open coffin. Corpse missing.

  3082. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Steel beast awakens. First victims: creators.

  3083. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Transylvania. Coffin opens. Nosferatu emerges. Bloodthirsty.

  3084. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Frankenstein creates monster. Afraid of fire.

  3085. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Butcher lives underground. Emerges at night.

  3086. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Full moon. Werewolves emerge to feast.

  3087. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Scream heard in hotel. Woman missing.

  3088. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Giant hand descends from clouds. Armageddon.

  3089. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    Toxic waste in lake. Superhumans created.

  3090. 3/14/2009BoboTheHobo says:

    A man transformed; a village devoured.

  3091. 3/14/2009John says:

    Blind aliens attack. Can’t find us.

  3092. 3/14/2009John says:

    Clowns attack. Nobody takes them seriously.

  3093. 3/14/2009Brandy says:

    First day of vacation. Montezuma’s revenge.

  3094. 3/14/2009Sheila Faris-Penn says:

    Mommy? Why aren’t you moving? Mommy?

  3095. 3/14/2009James Penn says:

    Shipped launched; time slowed. She wept.

  3096. 3/14/2009James Penn says:

    “It’s not really dead!” “Oh shit…”

  3097. 3/14/2009James Penn says:

    Red-shifted, cold, they launched the buoy.

  3098. 3/14/2009James Penn says:

    Dragged frames ensured escape was impossible.

  3099. 3/14/2009James Penn says:

    Damn mosquitoes…


  3100. 3/14/2009James Penn says:

    Damn mosquitoes…
    – swat –
    – splat! –

  3101. 3/14/2009Mr. Takaiou says:

    In bathroom. No toilet paper. Dammit.

  3102. 3/14/2009Mr. Takaiou says:

    Tired. Driving. What is that? SPLAT!

  3103. 3/14/2009Eva says:

    Drunk. Pee in closet. Blame dog.

  3104. 3/14/2009Jkypoo says:

    Fell asleep smoking. Woke up homeless.

  3105. 3/15/2009Kate Moon says:

    “Mommy, I don’t feel … (projectile vomit).”

  3106. 3/15/2009Lope says:

    Burning books again? All hope flees.

  3107. 3/15/2009Peter says:

    A masterpiece can be written thus.

  3108. 3/15/2009Meiotta says:

    Classified Ad- Lost: Virginity, Please return…

  3109. 3/15/2009Daan Zonderland says:

    Six words story. White men’s haiku..

  3110. 3/15/2009Blaize Sinstar says:

    Walked by homeless Obama. No change.

  3111. 3/15/2009Blaize Sinstar says:

    Tree hugger meets cactus. Reconsiders practice.

  3112. 3/15/2009Blaize Sinstar says:

    Carefully lighting sensual candles. Gas leak.

  3113. 3/15/2009Blaize Sinstar says:

    Bio hazardous material becomes airborne. Sniffle.

  3114. 3/15/2009Lopez says:

    Dude, seriously… where’s my fucking car?

  3115. 3/15/2009Jeremy says:

    Mushrooms. Laser Show. Changed my Life.

  3116. 3/15/2009chinii says:

    Waited for call on disconnected line.

  3117. 3/15/2009Jaz F says:

    Trying to forget. Fighting to remember.

  3118. 3/15/2009ocean master says:

    I am invincible! Invincible! Ouch. Help

  3119. 3/15/2009ocean master says:

    Second hand space craft. Low kms!

  3120. 3/15/2009ocean master says:

    for sale, wedding cake, slightly soiled

  3121. 3/15/2009ocean master says:

    Someday your going to die….(Tomorrow)

  3122. 3/15/2009ocean master says:

    4% poison? i like those odds

  3123. 3/15/2009ocean master says:

    Curtains = drapes = upholstery. Hang on. What?

  3124. 3/15/2009Keith Collin says:

    Oh shit I’m pregnant. What happened?

  3125. 3/15/2009ocean master says:

    Mime trapped in box. Irony lost

  3126. 3/15/2009mike says:

    better days… left in other pants.

  3127. 3/15/2009Mondt says:

    Whisper and yell simultaneously; Satan speaks.

  3128. 3/15/2009Mondt says:

    “I love you.” Months later, nothing.

  3129. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    I buried the hatchet with myself.

  3130. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    Teach me. I’m ignorant of us.

  3131. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    You breath in me — double suicide.

  3132. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    This friction compels you. Stay put.

  3133. 3/16/2009ocean master says:

    Never ever again……Well, maybe once

  3134. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    The sky cries for our victory.

  3135. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    Experimentation in sonic enjoyment. Lifelong dissatisfaction.

  3136. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    I learned of fashion… ugly now.

  3137. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    Point of Order: May I inquire?

  3138. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    His past is erased… meaningless life…

  3139. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    Morals conflicting with memories: capital punishment.

  3140. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    Cataclysmic devastation by god’s punitive hands.

  3141. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    Yes No Yes No Yes No

  3142. 3/16/2009ardnegan says:

    Lightyears away. Feel safe. At last.

  3143. 3/16/2009Mondt says:

    Music-evoked emotion is often bittersweet.

  3144. 3/16/2009Morzas says:

    Ants in my pants. Get spray.

  3145. 3/16/2009Jeff A. Boyd says:

    Security didn’t catch the new explosive.

  3146. 3/16/2009Didi says:

    Robot love. Nerds work fast. Evolution.

  3147. 3/16/2009Didi says:

    Complete and total annihilation. Any questions?

  3148. 3/16/2009Didi says:

    Robot love is forever. Battery dies.

  3149. 3/16/2009Cloud IX says:

    Naughty girl needs spankings, gets tickled.

  3150. 3/16/2009Cloud IX says:

    Desperately loving her, time is short…

  3151. 3/16/2009Cloud IX says:

    Finally together, love everlasting… phone rings.

  3152. 3/16/2009Didi says:

    Mind open wide. Padded room locked.

  3153. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    Rejection. Rejection. Failure not an option!

  3154. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    Mime magician drowns in underwater trick.

  3155. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    Mimed water kills. Mime magician drowns.

  3156. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    Mime. Genius. Which one to waste?

  3157. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    Childs misbehaves. Parents called. Administrator punished.

  3158. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    Critics. Rave revue. Box offlice flop.

  3159. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    Critics. Hate it. Box office record.

  3160. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    The truths in fiction are lies.

  3161. 3/16/2009Scott Minkin says:

    “About our wedding…” “Later! Spongebob’s on!”

  3162. 3/16/2009Wendy V. says:

    He handed her tissues. She cried.

  3163. 3/16/2009fatkev says:

    There’s never enough time for everything

  3164. 3/16/2009Keen says:

    Reverses aging! Side effects occasionally problematic.

  3165. 3/16/2009Dan Blake says:

    Escape? Impossible! Dead men cannot flee.

  3166. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    Six word story. Not one liner.

  3167. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    I was lost, and never found!

  3168. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    Wanted: Brain. Other one abandoned ship.

  3169. 3/16/2009gigijb says:

    Frankenstein monster. Missing brain. Sutures tore.

  3170. 3/16/2009Andrea says:

    I ate away all her sunlight

  3171. 3/16/2009Matt B-J says:

    Slung gun. ‘BANG’! ‘DING’! …damn…ricochet…

  3172. 3/16/2009Abdullah says:

    “Word”, “Cloud” not in Word Cloud.

  3173. 3/16/2009Abdullah says:

    What the… No way!.. Says who??!?

  3174. 3/16/2009Abdullah says:

    Maybe tomorrow i’ll wanna settle down…

  3175. 3/16/2009cara says:

    Tequila.Bedroom.Guilt.Damn Conscience.Single

  3176. 3/16/2009Kilroy says:

    Failure, we just lost The Game!

  3177. 3/16/2009RobBy says:

    Alone. He jumps. Phone rings. Doh!!!

  3178. 3/16/2009RobBy says:

    Noise heard. Investigates alone. Freddie Kruger.

  3179. 3/16/2009RobBy says:

    She smiled. He took. She wept.

  3180. 3/16/2009anonymous says:

    Gave him everything. Wasn’t worth it.

  3181. 3/16/2009anonymous says:

    He fell for my best friend.

  3182. 3/16/2009Lope says:

    Compassion is the answer. Realize this.

  3183. 3/16/2009mike says:

    scientist issues caution; engineers diffusion unsuccessful..

  3184. 3/17/2009Snuffed for Love says:

    Break her heart, I’ll break you.

  3185. 3/17/2009Pyleic says:

    Spiked punch, dead bodies. But who?

  3186. 3/17/2009Martin-Pierre says:

    Tunnel Ends. Finally: Light. Damn, Train !

  3187. 3/17/2009Martin-Pierre says:

    Woman of my dreams, caused nightmares.

  3188. 3/17/2009Martin-Pierre says:

    Should I turn this thing on ?

  3189. 3/17/2009Sam says:

    Sun came up. Mum went down

  3190. 3/17/2009Sam says:

    Dead horse. French banquet. Invite family

  3191. 3/17/2009Martin-Pierre says:

    Your’re pregnant ? Well, got a vasectomy…

  3192. 3/17/2009Scubapig says:

    Sought Job. Found job. Miserable now.

  3193. 3/17/2009Scubapig says:

    It was the best of thymes.

  3194. 3/17/2009Scubapig says:

    This isn’t a haiku, is it?

  3195. 3/17/2009Jonathan says:

    There’s probably no God… Hell yeah!

  3196. 3/17/2009Jacpot56 says:

    Baby’s Born…..wrong color? Mailman Murdered!

  3197. 3/17/2009chinii says:

    Became invisible, unseen by everyone; regrettably.

  3198. 3/17/2009chinii says:

    Received Dear John, from sex doll.

  3199. 3/17/2009Andrea says:

    Superstition killed all the black cats.

  3200. 3/17/2009iheartboobs420 says:

    Science creates enormous dogs, firetrucks tremble.

  3201. 3/17/2009imaginate97 says:

    gallop. three, two, one, we soar.

  3202. 3/17/2009Jamie Anne Charity says:

    In the spring, I shall bloom

  3203. 3/17/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Flashed headlights. Ravers appeared everywhere. Pandemonium!

  3204. 3/17/2009Xander says:

    Earth? Its long gone by now.

  3205. 3/17/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Take this job and shove… Promotion?!

  3206. 3/17/2009Axerth says:

    “Let me get that for you.”

  3207. 3/17/2009Sinanzee says:

    “I got your best friend pregnant”

  3208. 3/17/2009Sinanzee says:

    “God will save us”, later, hurricane

  3209. 3/17/2009Sinanzee says:

    unnoticed cry for help, later, suicide.

  3210. 3/17/2009Sinanzee says:

    Russia snaps, nuclear, Mutually Assured Destruction

  3211. 3/17/2009Sinanzee says:

    Mob rages, tension rises, “nigger!” chaos,

  3212. 3/17/2009DK says:

    The story ended before it began

  3213. 3/17/2009mike says:

    hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday

  3214. 3/17/2009Sinanzee says:

    God weeps, man cries, satan laughs

  3215. 3/17/2009Sinanzee says:

    defendant; black, 20 minutes deliberation, “guilty”

  3216. 3/17/2009Sinanzee says:

    fiance’s, drunk prank breakup, body discovered

  3217. 3/17/2009Sinanzee says:

    girl discovered, ransom unpaid, body discovered

  3218. 3/17/2009Sinanzee says:

    girl kidnapped, ransom unpaid, body discovered

  3219. 3/17/2009Ben H. says:

    Never exchanged names, only body fluids

  3220. 3/17/2009Ben H. says:

    Never exchanged names, only bodily fluids

  3221. 3/17/2009Ben H. says:

    “she’ll only crush you” “…..worth it”

  3222. 3/17/2009d00d3rm4n says:

    At urinal. Peeing. Flush. *ZIP*. OUCCCHHHHH!!!!

  3223. 3/17/2009Ben H. says:

    Dead sparks left only bitter ashes

  3224. 3/17/2009Ben H. says:

    Slept in her arms, awoke imprisoned

  3225. 3/17/2009Ben H. says:

    She’s stunningly beautiful….from a distance.

  3226. 3/17/2009Harlan says:

    Redneck’s last request: “Hey, watch this!”

  3227. 3/17/2009Harlan says:

    Governor says stop. Oops. Too late.

  3228. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Make breakfast, lunch, then dinner. Repeat.

  3229. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Sick parent; grumpy children. Pizza ordered!

  3230. 3/17/2009Sarah says:

    My heart raced. He always disappeared.

  3231. 3/17/2009Sarah says:

    One day, my soul will fly.

  3232. 3/17/2009Sarah says:

    Living lies. Welcoming numbness. Loving all.

  3233. 3/17/2009Sarah says:

    Everything is free. That’s a secret.

  3234. 3/17/2009Sarah says:

    I don’t want to walk alone.

  3235. 3/17/2009Sarah says:

    He couldn’t even look at me.

  3236. 3/17/2009Sarah says:

    They deserved each other. Heartless truth.

  3237. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Launch exhaust carried away his pain.

  3238. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    “Be explicit.” “Okay. On the desk?”

  3239. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    “Honey … they don’t believe us anymore.”

  3240. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    “Be explicit.” “Here? On the desk?”

  3241. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Frame was shifted; saw myself coming.

  3242. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Alien speedbumps kept us below lightspeed.

  3243. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Alien babysitter; no fun. Eyes everywhere!

  3244. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Alien babysitter’s no fun. Eyes everywhere!

  3245. 3/17/2009mike says:

    competitive eater explodes, feeds family heartily.

  3246. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Time’s irrelevancy fed their fanatical dreams.

  3247. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Time stepped offstage; the players sighed.

  3248. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Mr. President! How about the aliens?”

  3249. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Hangman was union. Death was quick!

  3250. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Sycophants applied; he hired. Company tanked.

  3251. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    “Sir! Why should they trust us?”

  3252. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    “What’s your story?” “Got an hour?”

  3253. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    Oyster omelets eaten. Vacation’s over. Sigh.

  3254. 3/18/2009James Penn says:

    Neutrinos deluged the detector. She cried.

  3255. 3/18/2009Dan Fisher says:

    Economic suicide pills. While stocks last.

  3256. 3/18/2009Dan Fisher says:

    Julie cried “that’s no deer!”. Oops.

  3257. 3/18/2009Dan Fisher says:

    Story unpublished. Writer sighs. Not again!

  3258. 3/18/2009Laura Elvie says:

    “Cop party gets rowdy. Neighbors powerless.”

  3259. 3/18/2009ascrublife (twitter) says:

    Last man standing. No chairs left.

  3260. 3/18/2009Eric Christy Manchester says:

    Many began. But few actually finish.

  3261. 3/18/2009Maundy Salazar says:

    19 years of education. Knows nothing.

  3262. 3/18/2009Erin says:

    Money buys love? Oh, just sex.

  3263. 3/18/2009JPeterson says:

    “Beard? Shaved!!” Face, freezing, feels betrayed.

  3264. 3/18/2009Tony Grammer says:

    Sixty seconds to disarm. No distractions.

  3265. 3/18/2009wonk says:

    My six word stories? Never selected…

  3266. 3/18/2009Nels says:

    Lost in space, not so bad.

  3267. 3/18/2009Nels says:

    Lost in time, worse than space.

  3268. 3/18/2009Rohan says:

    So we left, never to return.

  3269. 3/18/2009Former Insomniac says:

    Meet Tyler. Started Fight Club. Won.

  3270. 3/18/2009Former Insomniac says:

    Met Tyler. Started Fight Club. Won.

  3271. 3/18/2009Jill says:

    Pope decries condoms. AIDS continues.

  3272. 3/18/2009Peter says:

    The police lineup was all clones.

  3273. 3/18/2009Peter says:

    XW-9843 aimed; the last human cried.

  3274. 3/18/2009Peter says:

    Vacation on Earth! Safe. Uninhabited. Cheap!

  3275. 3/18/2009Peter says:

    Tonight: live, via wormhole—The Beatles!

  3276. 3/18/2009Andy Kelly says:

    Not those two! Ugliest babies ever.

  3277. 3/18/2009Alex says:

    Got dumped. Don’t ‘sparkle.’ Fucking Twilight.

  3278. 3/19/2009Ben Casalino says:

    Sacred Hearts and Broken Parts.

  3279. 3/19/2009jackie says:

    Fell in love. No. Just indigestion.

  3280. 3/19/2009Jim Bob says:

    Ate a dime. Crapped two nickels.

  3281. 3/19/2009Clark says:

    Tried to fly. Awoke in hospital.

  3282. 3/19/2009The Lady Girl says:

    Secretive pariah. She loved him so.

  3283. 3/19/2009Clara says:

    Afterparty. Alcohol. Betrayal. Sorry. Miss you.

  3284. 3/19/2009Carlo Trimarchi says:

    Lost virginity. Never found it again.

  3285. 3/19/2009Martin Mills says:

    Computer. Four screens; Lost in cyberspace.

  3286. 3/19/2009Cheryl says:

    Pearly gates. I lied. I’m in.

  3287. 3/19/2009Cheryl says:

    Shy bladder. Return appointment. Purse snatched.

  3288. 3/19/2009Luke says:

    Stepped on crack, mother’s situation critical.

  3289. 3/19/2009Clara says:

    Lost one, lost all, lost myself.

  3290. 3/19/2009Zoe says:

    Save the cheerleader, save the world.

  3291. 3/19/2009Murray Goodwin says:

    Hemp rope. Oak stool. Here goes.

  3292. 3/19/2009mattress hook says:

    dyslexic boy brings gnu to class

  3293. 3/19/2009Murray Goodwin says:

    Chocolate Strawberries. Champagne on ice. Vibrator.

  3294. 3/19/2009Andrea says:

    Over exposed in blinding sunlight.

  3295. 3/19/2009B-ri Sanders says:

    Jesus wept, acid. Faulty Mexican robot.

  3296. 3/19/2009Christine says:

    Woman on period. Husband Dead.

  3297. 3/20/2009mike says:

    Drowning in a sea of smoke.

  3298. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    Breaking news: Sun alive. Hates planets.

  3299. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    Breaking news: Death toll reaches billions.

  3300. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    World’s last flower dies. No witnesses.

  3301. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    Man’s dying wish: reuse the noose.

  3302. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    Data transfer complete. Last human scanned.

  3303. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    Alarm goes off. Time to die.

  3304. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    Dolphin speaks: Humans not first masters…

  3305. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    TVs go silent. World regains conciousness.

  3306. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    Fear. Panic. Riot. Tranquility. “It worked.”

  3307. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    “Engage oxygen tanks. Next stop, Earth.”

  3308. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    Time travel mission complete: Lincoln dead.

  3309. 3/20/2009Brad F says:

    Boy meets girl. Girl meets herself.

  3310. 3/20/2009Curtis Dickie says:

    Man looks at handwritten note. Weeps.

  3311. 3/20/2009Curtis Dickie says:

    Eyes close. Mouth shuts. Life begins.

  3312. 3/20/2009Neo says:

    Rock Concert. Shirts Off. Tongues Out.

  3313. 3/20/2009Jane says:

    College, career, “wealth”… still paying back.

  3314. 3/20/2009Jane says:

    Alarm sounds. Decided, “too tired…”

  3315. 3/20/2009Annie Mouse says:

    Men waited. He came. Mankind rejoiced.

  3316. 3/20/2009Sundar says:

    Pen on paper. Yawn. Onto bed.

  3317. 3/20/2009Aristotle says:

    Life’s Like Books- Never Enough Pages.

  3318. 3/20/2009Aristotle says:

    Is there no remedy or cure?

  3319. 3/20/2009Aristotle says:

    Why Don’t you break these chains?

  3320. 3/20/2009Aristotle says:

    Lonely boy seeks sanity, found nothing.

  3321. 3/20/2009Jac H says:

    Self-replicating robots fill all galactic space

  3322. 3/20/2009Roberta Slutske says:

    I am broke. Money can fix.

  3323. 3/20/2009Roberta Slutske says:

    Money talks…silent around here now.

  3324. 3/20/2009Roberta Slutske says:

    The honeymoon is over…divorce court.

  3325. 3/20/2009dysmas says:

    the lights dimed, with another tremor.

  3326. 3/20/2009anne says:

    Observing absurdity, now a participant.

  3327. 3/20/2009Roberta Slutske says:

    Victory. I won you lost…yay!

  3328. 3/20/2009Roberta Slutske says:

    Mirror, Mirror
    Who’s that fat lady?

  3329. 3/20/2009Farrah Z says:

    American Gov 101: a collective failure.

  3330. 3/20/2009Mankonen says:

    foreach year in

  3331. 3/20/2009Mike Lurie says:

    At work early…fired?! Watch broken.

  3332. 3/20/2009Jane says:

    5% of Americans can’t count.

  3333. 3/20/2009Jane says:

    “WOULDN’T! SHOULDN’T! CAN’T!” “She having contractions!”

  3334. 3/20/2009Jane says:

    Butler murdered. Who did it now?

  3335. 3/21/2009Marta says:

    The world crumbles. So do I

  3336. 3/21/2009Sam says:

    Blood blister, right thumb. Damned hammer!

  3337. 3/21/2009Sam says:

    Cold pizza, Cliff notes, computer, coffee!

  3338. 3/21/2009Paul Cutler says:

    Lies told, Judge jailed, justice done

  3339. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    A triangle plus! Nope, a D.

  3340. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    Jesus. Cheezus. Cheezits are really good.

  3341. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    “STOP! Blind lady!”
    “I’m on it!”

  3342. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    This tastes like hill people milk!

  3343. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    “You must be Ms. Taken!”

  3344. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    Lead in lipstick. Slowly, brain shrivels.

  3345. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    Girl can’t find brother; Jareth laughs.

  3346. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    Shimmering iron oxides slowly blind her.

  3347. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    “Obi Wan Kenobi –”
    “Call me ‘Ben.'”

  3348. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    Princess. Check. Force. Check. Droids… R2-D2!!

  3349. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    The world falls down around me.

  3350. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod suck.

  3351. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    Girl disappears. Last seen with rabbit.

  3352. 3/21/2009Elin & Niole says:

    No! Don’t go towards the light!

  3353. 3/21/2009Ballmer says:

    Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers.

  3354. 3/21/2009B-ri Sanders says:

    Blue eyes. Whiskey bottles. Good night.

  3355. 3/21/2009coolgrl234 says:

    Kissed April First. Superglue in chapstick.

  3356. 3/21/2009coolgrl234 says:

    Aliens abduct man. Communication error. BOOM!

  3357. 3/21/2009Curtis L. Miles says:

    Pammy’s perfect pussy! Pleases peter, perpetually.

  3358. 3/22/2009A. Carto says:

    Click. Snapshot. The gov’t caught us.

  3359. 3/22/2009Tim Sevenhuysen says:

    They made the children drink, too.

  3360. 3/22/2009Alberto B says:

    She always said the last word.

  3361. 3/22/2009Pirate Tom says:

    Pirate’s big bloated bowels blast bog.
    Mickey Mouse falls into mincing machine.
    Trust me, this gun definately isn’t…
    Arrow? What arrow? I see no…
    It’s life Jim, as we know it.
    Plane. Jump. Parachute failure. Sewage farm.
    Elephant versus steamroller. Flat pachyderm. Loser!
    Trumpet voluntary. Bugle involuntary. Trombone surprised.
    Drums in the night. Bloody neighbours!
    The natives are restless reckless wrestlers.
    Name a continent, not an incontinent.
    Revolution. Mime artists. Wall. BangBang!
    Fart. Farrrrt. Fffffaaaaaarrrrrrtttt. Strike a light.

  3362. 3/22/2009Pirate Tom says:

    Fantastic Four. Torch explodes. Fantastic Three.

  3363. 3/22/2009Pirate Tom says:

    Enter shed. Strike light. Dynamite ignites.

  3364. 3/22/2009Farting Blood says:

    My underwear has a racing stripe.

  3365. 3/22/2009Farting Blood says:

    He’s no therapist, he’s the rapist.

  3366. 3/22/2009Farting Blood says:

    There’s a tooth in my poop.

  3367. 3/22/2009Farting Blood says:

    This smell like chloroform to you?

  3368. 3/22/2009Alex J says:

    My best: in the end, impotent.

  3369. 3/22/2009JAC JOLT says:

    Let it Be What it is

  3370. 3/22/2009Buffalo says:

    Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo…

  3371. 3/22/2009Sarah says:

    We were both there together. Alone.

  3372. 3/22/2009Sarah says:

    I almost saw you. Turned away.

  3373. 3/22/2009Sarah says:

    Six years. Destiny. Fate. Shunned. Denied.

  3374. 3/22/2009Sarah says:

    I will never know the truth.

  3375. 3/22/2009Sarah says:

    You weren’t supposed to be there.

  3376. 3/22/2009Sarah says:

    You could have fixed me. Easily.

  3377. 3/22/2009Sarah says:

    The curiosity consumes me. I wait.

  3378. 3/22/2009Chris says:

    Hip Hop was religion. Never mind.

  3379. 3/23/2009A. Carto says:

    Perfect date! Alcoholic womanizer? Damn it.

  3380. 3/23/2009kitty says:

    Saved Him; Favor Returned; Thanks Baby.

  3381. 3/23/2009kitty says:

    He taught me how to breathe.

  3382. 3/23/2009kitty says:

    Shit. I learned in third grade.

  3383. 3/23/2009Scott Miller says:

    She cried and pulled the trigger.

  3384. 3/23/2009alex says:

    Woman clutches flag. Soldier boards bus.

  3385. 3/23/2009Portman says:

    They all dropped out. We win!

  3386. 3/23/2009Nigel Teekasingh says:

    Great Blackout of 14785; Overlords defeated.

  3387. 3/23/2009Manoj Jon says:

    Sixth meeting today. Checking Powerball results.

  3388. 3/23/2009Draco says:

    Her place. Chocolate syrup. Wife calls.

  3389. 3/23/2009Draco says:

    Seat near mine. She’d rather stand.

  3390. 3/23/2009Angelus says:

    Six hours to live. Traffic jam.

  3391. 3/23/2009Tejas says:

    Knock knock. Who’s this? Silence.

  3392. 3/24/2009A. Carto says:

    Gruesome homicidal burglary produces unexpected romance.

  3393. 3/24/2009Chris L says:

    Merry Christmas! Not for you, Jew.

  3394. 3/24/2009manalee says:

    Count your blessings , not your wrinkles

  3395. 3/24/2009Manoj Jon says:

    I SHALL AVENGE!! But first, breakfast.

  3396. 3/24/2009Matty Gale says:

    Twisted metal. Bloody pools. Shutters click.

  3397. 3/24/2009Andrea says:

    Dyslexic searches for the almighty “Dog”

  3398. 3/24/2009Ferg Beurful says:

    Old music is better, not me.

  3399. 3/24/2009Raphael Wyeth says:

    Hugging the empty sheets, he dreams.

  3400. 3/24/2009Kaidel says:

    Going to confessional, their car crashed.

  3401. 3/24/2009Thomas Lazeroms says:

    Mirror. Reflection missing. Realization. Lucid dreaming.

  3402. 3/24/2009Thomas Lazeroms says:

    Mother. Lost. Clear mind fading away.

  3403. 3/24/2009Thomas Lazeroms says:

    Hope. Finally there. False premise. Melted.

  3404. 3/24/2009Samantha says:

    He asked, she said yes…Wedding!

  3405. 3/24/2009Kian V. says:

    “What d’ya mean, stake, not stea–“

  3406. 3/24/2009mike says:

    preparation unnecessary, blind date actually blind.

  3407. 3/25/2009Rahul Jiresal says:

    You, an open book. Me, illiterate.

  3408. 3/25/2009Rahul Jiresal says:

    You, open book. I, an illiterate.

  3409. 3/25/2009Ana Marie P. Detoyato says:

    When I look, you look away.

  3410. 3/25/2009Ana Marie P. Detoyato says:

    What will happen to me now?

  3411. 3/25/2009Vee Louise says:

    Tried no underwear. Still no luck.

  3412. 3/25/2009Ryan Joseph says:

    Unknown face in mirror. What happened?

  3413. 3/25/2009Ryan Joseph says:

    No brain? Tastes the same fried.

  3414. 3/25/2009Larissa Kumo says:

    Murphy’s Law? He was an optimist.

  3415. 3/25/2009michael says:

    Kevin Dixon wears ladies dirty panties.

  3416. 3/25/2009Luke says:

    Met soulmate. Also met soulmate’s wife

  3417. 3/25/2009Sean says:

    Smoking revolver. Cold floor. Promise kept.

  3418. 3/25/2009Ben Ng says:

    Nightman: “Relax. We’re programmed to receive…”

  3419. 3/26/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    Cougar attacks teen. Both parties satisfied.

  3420. 3/26/2009Benjamin Duncan says:

    One Wish. Last human alive. Apocalypse.

  3421. 3/26/2009T. Jackūnas says:

    -Trees doesn’t talk.

  3422. 3/26/2009McDaniel says:

    Aliens Came. Saw mankind. Left, laughing.

  3423. 3/26/2009Harrison Gale says:

    Waited until the world burned down…

  3424. 3/26/2009Benjamin Davis says:

    Power only begets greed for power.

  3425. 3/26/2009Quaison Carter says:

    Love birds over a car. Crap!

  3426. 3/26/2009Benjamin Davis says:

    Snip Snip. Vasectomized. Fuck you nature.

  3427. 3/26/2009Jeff says:

    seeing is believing, death was imminent

  3428. 3/27/2009Kev says:

    I hate my life. Sad, huh?

  3429. 3/27/2009Ana Marie P. Detoyato says:

    Fat. Lonely. Searching but lost.

  3430. 3/27/2009Valerie says:

    Old Pajamas. Previous Day. On Floor.

  3431. 3/27/2009Sam Culley says:

    No spare change. Only spare bullets.

  3432. 3/27/2009Amanda Tansley says:

    “Love hurts” she said and smiled.

  3433. 3/27/2009gigijb says:

    Tried to tell a story. Forgot!

  3434. 3/27/2009gigijb says:

    Had a dream. Now have reality.

  3435. 3/27/2009ainebegonia says:

    I tried. I failed. I lived.

  3436. 3/27/2009Sean Humphries says:

    Trapped on Planet Airport. Provisions dwindle.

  3437. 3/27/2009David Bonilla-Melgar says:

    Ticking clocks exist; test takers weep.

  3438. 3/28/2009Alex Espitia says:

    Not a prophet, just a salesman.

  3439. 3/28/2009Vee Louise says:

    Hit the brakes. Hit the child.

  3440. 3/28/2009neverchex says:

    Hello Kitty nuclear powered. Tokyo unhappy.

  3441. 3/28/2009Kobolds says:

    Sod can have his law back

  3442. 3/28/2009Ana Marie P. Detoyato says:

    Lights Off. Lights On. Earth hour!

  3443. 3/28/2009Tim Garripoli says:

    You’re GAY! ” I wasn’t until Now!”

  3444. 3/28/2009Kayla says:

    There’s always hope, rinse and repeat.

  3445. 3/28/2009frakattack says:

    The Price Of Faith?? SCIENTOLOGY KNOWS!!

  3446. 3/28/2009mike says:

    Eclipse ruined otherwise flawless satellite picture.

  3447. 3/28/2009JustJayneDoe says:

    I should have known he’d guess.

  3448. 3/28/2009Bob Funkhouse says:

    the lemon is disobedient.stop him!

  3449. 3/28/2009Andrea says:

    These stories make too much sense.

  3450. 3/29/2009Deborah Eliasen says:

    Discovered quiet beauty in N’Awlins. Stayed.

  3451. 3/29/2009Vee Louise says:

    Time travelled. Met me. What now?

  3452. 3/29/2009T. Ariyeh says:

    Fast kiss goodbye – awkward old habit.

  3453. 3/29/2009Anne says:

    you will never be alone again?

  3454. 3/29/2009mike says:

    Domestic hero saved own lost dog.

  3455. 3/29/2009bradley burgess says:

    Heart broken. Walls erected. Trapped inside.

  3456. 3/29/2009Darryn says:

    War, once perfected, ceases to be.

  3457. 3/29/2009Saint says:

    So much of me was you.

  3458. 3/29/2009Sidh says:

    Walked away. Burning bridge lit cigarette.

  3459. 3/29/2009PakiPrincess says:

    Economic System Failure. Brace for impa–.

  3460. 3/29/2009Miss says:

    RPG Saturday. RPG Sunday. Forgot homework.
    Love her. Dating him. but why?
    Wrote story. Hundred Pages. Computer crashed.
    ACT. Calculator died during Math section.

  3461. 3/29/2009RobinRemy says:

    « It wasn’t sweat. Way too red… »

  3462. 3/29/2009RobinRemy says:

    She and he. A strange trio. 

  3463. 3/29/2009RobinRemy says:

    No Trespassing. Well…want to bet? 

  3464. 3/29/2009RobinRemy says:

    A clown died. His best joke. 

  3465. 3/29/2009RobinRemy says:

    Promised to marry one day. Who? 

  3466. 3/29/2009RobinRemy says:

    Clone looking for alter-ego…found me!

  3467. 3/29/2009zach says:

    stubborn curiousness; broken down door..

  3468. 3/29/2009zach says:

    flamboyant dreamland; quantum electrodynamics: hydrogen; nitrogen.

  3469. 3/29/2009Jeff says:

    Jose’s formidable tapeworm held it’s ground.

  3470. 3/29/2009Jeff says:

    Grab it, pull HARD! …Call 911

  3471. 3/29/2009Wayne Smith says:

    assumed names – last night wasn’t stacy

  3472. 3/30/2009Sarah Landon says:

    Extravagant thought: / Sextuple literature, / Haiku construction.

  3473. 3/30/2009Shunty says:

    tried,cried but she dint agreed!

  3474. 3/30/2009Jane says:

    Betrothed. A funeral. She said “Accident”.

  3475. 3/30/2009Anari says:

    The lightsaber blade singed my nightgown.

  3476. 3/30/2009Sarah says:

    You could be my Judy Garland…

  3477. 3/30/2009Sarah says:

    Share your Tin Man heart, love.

  3478. 3/30/2009Sarah says:

    Angels dance. Humans cry. God understands.

  3479. 3/30/2009Sarah says:

    All nighter. Assignment incomplete. Ditch class.

  3480. 3/30/2009Sarah says:

    My lies will catch up…. shit.

  3481. 3/30/2009Sarah says:

    I just found out she’s straight.

  3482. 3/30/2009Sarah says:

    Six years. Wasted. I meant nothing.

  3483. 3/30/2009Sarah says:

    I don’t want to live with…

  3484. 3/30/2009Marnie says:

    She loves. He’s cold–blames her???

  3485. 3/30/2009mike says:

    While Hare played stocks, Tortoise diversifies.

  3486. 3/30/2009Eric meyer says:

    Lazarus again fails another suicide attempt

  3487. 3/31/2009Jesse says:

    Whiskey. A letter. And a gun.

  3488. 3/31/2009christelle says:

    Lost. Found. Lost again. Then rescued.

  3489. 3/31/2009christelle says:

    Goodbye Mr. Bond. Oh, hello again.

  3490. 3/31/2009Kathleen Jordan says:

    Her? No! Her? Yeh! Wow. Yeh!!

  3491. 3/31/2009Riff Hammond says:

    Jesus,God said,I am dying

  3492. 3/31/2009bongbully says:

    Sonnet was scared of the Haiku …

  3493. 3/31/2009Nick Name says:

    Love and five other random words.

  3494. 3/31/2009False Idol says:

    “Johnny’s dead.” “I know. Killed him.”

  3495. 3/31/2009False Idol says:

    Toaster. Bathtub. Power outage. Soggy toast.

  3496. 3/31/2009False Idol says:

    Bodies overturn graves. Zombies, Michael Jackson.

  3497. 3/31/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    “Son, remember who you something something.”

  3498. 3/31/2009string says:

    She and i agree. No matter.

  3499. 3/31/2009bruv says:

    Defense best offense. Offense best defense?

  3500. 3/31/2009Ben says:

    For lease: My heart, gently used.

  3501. 3/31/2009Brice Shultz says:

    White canvas. Thought… White canvas. Frustration.

  3502. 3/31/2009Andrea says:

    Rope breaks. Life is starting again.

  3503. 3/31/2009R Polleys says:

    He said. She said. Hermaphrodite titters.

  3504. 3/31/2009R Polleys says:

    Queens, transvestites and bears. Oh my!

  3505. 3/31/2009R Polleys says:

    Markets rise. Congress wise. April Fool’s!

  3506. 4/1/2009mike says:

    “Go to sleep, rest well child.”

  3507. 4/1/2009Jeff B says:

    Luke’s dad kills Emperor, restores balance.

  3508. 4/1/2009Jan Campana says:

    Read to know. Know to Read.

  3509. 4/1/2009Ryan Michael MacDon says:

    Beach day results in ocean grave.

  3510. 4/1/2009Adam says:

    “Good morning. Do I know you?”

  3511. 4/1/2009Adam says:

    uh oh! this isn’t a raisin.

  3512. 4/1/2009Ray says:

    Once upon a time. The end.

  3513. 4/1/2009Candace H says:

    For sale: Heart, only half-broken.

  3514. 4/1/2009Candace H says:

    Final essay: Wrong topic, otherwise A.

  3515. 4/1/2009Candace H says:

    Apple fell. Boy laughed. Ant didn’t.

  3516. 4/1/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Apple fell. Newton comatose. Buried alive.

  3517. 4/1/2009Steve Calamars says:

    pink slip, no job, no food.

    by Steve Calamars
    4/1/9 8:30pm

    pass note, show pistol, take money.

    by Steve Calamars
    4/1/9 8:30pm

  3518. 4/1/2009Nikki H. says:

    Question: “Marry me?” Answer: “April Fool’s?!”

  3519. 4/1/2009Emily says:

    what the fuck? this is interesting

  3520. 4/1/2009Emily says:

    it rained today. got fully soaked.

  3521. 4/1/2009Emily says:

    boy likes girl. girl doesnt know

  3522. 4/1/2009Emily says:

    dad knows bank account – i’m fucked.

  3523. 4/1/2009Devon says:

    Dead kid. Jailed dad. Guilty mom.

  3524. 4/2/2009Bradly Scott Kneisel says:

    Can’t even taste the arsenic anymore.

  3525. 4/2/2009Jillian says:

    He’s a jerk, she still loves.

  3526. 4/2/2009Lena Marie Webb says:

    Addiction to pills. Swallowed them whole.

  3527. 4/2/2009Lena Marie Webb says:

    Abused child went insane. Left forever.

  3528. 4/2/2009Nezahualcoyotl says:

    God: A perfect universe, next…humanity.

  3529. 4/2/2009Rahul Jiresal says:

    Be the Flame, not the Moth.

  3530. 4/2/2009Preferring Anonymity says:

    esteemed: Storyteller, Videographer, Programmer. Job? Please!

  3531. 4/2/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Forests leveled -Forestry textbook best-seller.

  3532. 4/2/2009Scott Lyerly says:

    Icebound, starving: his men killed him.

  3533. 4/2/2009The Boynton Writer's Guild says:

    No good stories. I’ll be back.

  3534. 4/2/2009Siena Schickel says:

    One million dollars. Firewood was needed.

  3535. 4/2/2009FenwayKev says:

    She loves me, so do I. – Narcissus

  3536. 4/2/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    General election canceled as Colonels strike.

  3537. 4/2/2009oliver read says:

    what? earth? never heard of it.

  3538. 4/2/2009mike says:

    New leaf for carnivore, garden scholar.

  3539. 4/2/2009Mike Citera says:

    Genocide by barbicide. It was cyanide.

  3540. 4/2/2009Mike Citera says:

    Turned over new leaf… ate meat.

  3541. 4/2/2009Mike Citera says:

    “Not for sale!!!” Recession. Memories lost.

  3542. 4/2/2009Mike Citera says:

    Can’t win when you play alone.

  3543. 4/2/2009Mike Citera says:

    Girlfriend died… fire. April fools! Emos!

  3544. 4/2/2009Mike Citera says:

    Shamwow absorbs blood; Impulse-buy criminal exonerated.

  3545. 4/2/2009Mike Citera says:

    Muppets took Manhattan… she died anyway.

  3546. 4/2/2009Mike Citera says:

    Cut Wrist’s today. His class sucks.

  3547. 4/2/2009Mike Citera says:

    Whores put down. No more kick.

  3548. 4/3/2009a boy says:

    I came, I saw, she conquered.

  3549. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    no job. no hope. watch TV?

  3550. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    male minus mail. Return to sender?

  3551. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    love stinks. scented letter. smells love.

  3552. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    will return. boomerang broken. see you

  3553. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    internet dating. virtual love. virtually impossible.

  3554. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    three sad antelopes. dear deer dear

  3555. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    three ground holes. well well well

  3556. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    two very stinky eggs. too bad

  3557. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    I loved you. Past presents future

  3558. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    You loved me. Passed future presents

  3559. 4/3/2009alan405 says:

    born. died. did anything really happen?

  3560. 4/3/2009TyBennett says:

    believe in self, success, and significance

  3561. 4/3/2009lain says:

    Breastcancer. A dream? Must wake up.

  3562. 4/3/2009mike says:

    Sinking pirate ship makes mermaid rich.

  3563. 4/3/2009Susan Monroe says:

    New boyfriend! Here today. Gone tomorrow.

  3564. 4/3/2009Susan Monroe says:

    Sunny day. High hopes. Experience notwithstanding.

  3565. 4/3/2009Spencer Harding says:

    Physicist discovers “god particle”, disproves god.

  3566. 4/3/2009Jan Campana says:

    In the Future, I am Present.

  3567. 4/3/2009mike says:

    Six word stories five too many.

  3568. 4/3/2009Rich Campana says:

    Dogs bark. Cats meow. Fish what?

  3569. 4/4/2009Merryl Rosenthal says:

    Broke ankles. Now walking on hands.

  3570. 4/4/2009Merryl Rosenthal says:

    Laundered money to buy clean sheets.

  3571. 4/4/2009Merryl Rosenthal says:

    Staying sober, falling anyway. Beer here!

  3572. 4/4/2009Merryl Rosenthal says:

    Not just death, taxes: cellulite, too.

  3573. 4/4/2009Merryl Rosenthal says:

    Crystal ball’s scratched–future is itchy.

  3574. 4/4/2009Merryl Rosenthal says:

    I fink, therefore I scam.

  3575. 4/4/2009Merryl Rosenthal says:

    Needed cash. Sold blood. Now anemic.

  3576. 4/4/2009Merryl Rosenthal says:

    If burned by love, use aloe?

  3577. 4/4/2009Merryl Rosenthal says:

    Parents: both psychiatrists. Kids: completely nuts.

  3578. 4/4/2009Merryl Rosenthal says:

    Glass half full? Get smaller glass.

  3579. 4/4/2009Josien says:

    After that, he just smiled.

  3580. 4/4/2009Josien says:

    Preparation time: ten to fifteen minutes.

  3581. 4/4/2009Josien says:

    At the end, looking back.

  3582. 4/4/2009Josien says:

    Encountered a roadblock so turned around.

  3583. 4/4/2009Zee says:

    Six Word Stories; late assignment submission.

  3584. 4/4/2009Honey Bee says:

    Stolen moments together. Deliciously wicked sin.

  3585. 4/4/2009No one says:

    Almost finished, phone rings. Scores canceled.

  3586. 4/4/2009Six Words says:

    I don’t know who you are ……

  3587. 4/4/2009Lorraine Martin says:

    rock and roll vacuum stills sucks!

  3588. 4/4/2009Mike Jerguim says:

    Lost my mind. Left it somewhere.

  3589. 4/4/2009Deathrose says:

    100th birthday. Surprise! Heart attack.

  3590. 4/4/2009Joseph Briggins says:

    Unemployed? Hungry? Eat peas, join queues.

  3591. 4/4/2009Patri Curtis says:

    Long pier. Short walk. Too cold.

  3592. 4/5/2009Justin Fetters says:

    God gets bored. Result? The platypus.

  3593. 4/5/2009Justin Fetters says:

    The meaning of life? Well, it-

  3594. 4/5/2009Justin Fetters says:

    One simple sigh, one million words.

  3595. 4/5/2009Justin Fetters says:

    George hit Jessica once again…21!

  3596. 4/5/2009Justin Fetters says:

    Red wire? Blue wire! Wrong choice…

  3597. 4/5/2009Justin Fetters says:

    Last man alive. Gameboy! No batteries!?

  3598. 4/5/2009Robert Rauschenberg says:

    “Lost? You’re in the right place.”

  3599. 4/5/2009Alice Fairchild says:

    Finally defeated. Love triumphs yet again.

  3600. 4/5/2009Ryan Furnas says:

    Wasted time: story of my life.

  3601. 4/5/2009Irene Yuen says:

    Timmy, the secret to happiness is:

  3602. 4/5/2009Jennifer says:

    Middle class girl goes to Oxford.

  3603. 4/5/2009Jennifer says:

    Forget marriage, give me the sex.

  3604. 4/5/2009Jennifer Warnock says:

    Are you there God, I’m alone.

  3605. 4/5/2009Jennifer Warnock says:

    Actor…writer…and a general manager.

  3606. 4/5/2009Jennifer Warnock says:

    Have big dreams–flesh is weak.

  3607. 4/5/2009Jennifer Warnock says:

    Am an alcoholic, in a bar.

  3608. 4/5/2009Jennifer Warnock says:

    Addicted: Alcohol, iTunes, and bad men.

  3609. 4/5/2009Jennifer Warnock says:

    Always looking for that unspecial someone.

  3610. 4/5/2009Scott McCarty says:

    I saw them Come. I pooped!

  3611. 4/5/2009Jennifer Warnock says:

    I gave two many second chances.

  3612. 4/5/2009Irene Yuen says:

    2009: Taggart Transcontinental begs for bailout.

  3613. 4/5/2009MatthewB says:

    “I can has-“-NO, STUPID CAT!

  3614. 4/5/2009MatthewB says:


  3615. 4/6/2009E.F Hill says:

    Eat. Sleep. Fuck. Life is good.

  3616. 4/6/2009ie says:

    Insomnia, epiphany, morning, nothing changes, repeat …

  3617. 4/6/2009Tila says:

    Gravity revoked. Everything glued to ground.

  3618. 4/6/2009YAY says:

    Born. Grew. Left. I miss her.

  3619. 4/6/2009Maggie C. says:

    Found HIM. Pain came before Love!

  3620. 4/6/2009futuregeek says:

    Life is Dead. Zombies shall rule.

  3621. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    Rape victim says: “I had fun”

  3622. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    Hit by car, tuition money gained

  3623. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    who raped whom in that alley?

  3624. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    bald professor confuses me for interested

  3625. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    cancer took much, family gave more

  3626. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    forgetful at names, unlucky in love

  3627. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    peace of mind is sometimes overrated

  3628. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    her hidden smile holds his taste

  3629. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    beautiful starlet suffers from low self-esteem

  3630. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    makes herself feel pretty through writing.

  3631. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    internet deprived him of intense thoughts

  3632. 4/6/2009Scott Ruzal says:

    Long words ruined my life–hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliaphobia.

  3633. 4/6/2009Peter Rice says:

    evolution reverses. brain shrinks. lose langwwwj

  3634. 4/6/2009Kate says:

    It was a city, nameless, empty.

  3635. 4/6/2009Kate says:

    “I’m engaged.” He said, kissing me.

  3636. 4/6/2009Daniel Flores says:

    Letter to ex blank. No ink.

  3637. 4/7/2009mike says:

    Cowboy-Indian bar-fight inspires Hollywood.

  3638. 4/7/2009casper says:

    Not close enough to the cigar

  3639. 4/7/2009casper says:

    almost a six word story

  3640. 4/7/2009ils says:

    Elevator doors opened. You. Beautiful face.

  3641. 4/7/2009ils says:

    Mr. Awesome.Gone. So my heart.

  3642. 4/7/2009YAY says:

    Born. Grew. Left. Daddy misses her.

  3643. 4/7/2009Susan Monroe says:

    Big dick. Soft heart. Bad combo.

  3644. 4/7/2009Ruth Sinclair-Case says:

    I crave more love, less poetry

  3645. 4/7/2009Justin Fetters says:

    only regret…coulda had a V8!

  3646. 4/7/2009mike says:

    trust renewed. leash extended. cheated. shot.

  3647. 4/7/2009K says:

    Fear established. Trust denied. Heart broken.

  3648. 4/7/2009K says:

    Found love. Fell hard. He’s taken.

  3649. 4/7/2009K says:

    She fears he will never return.

  3650. 4/7/2009K says:

    Veil, flowers, dress? Check. Eulogy? Check.

  3651. 4/7/2009K says:

    Aliens arise from Hades. Abductees mystified.

  3652. 4/8/2009Gayathri says:

    she got promoted, Wife to Friend

  3653. 4/8/2009Michael Zeis says:

    All my belongings burned. Feels good.

  3654. 4/8/2009R Mitchell says:

    He’ll never know they were joking.

  3655. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    and then god created the earth

  3656. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    A world created in seven days

  3657. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    I am free. Free am I

  3658. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    Born. Grow. Live. Shrink. Die.

  3659. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    Sex. Birth. Growth. Live. Shrink. Die.

  3660. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    Do what you can right now.

  3661. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    Warning! You are what you eat!

  3662. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    Now is the time for change.

  3663. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    Ask a question. Get an answer.

  3664. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    The best is yet to come.

  3665. 4/8/2009Normal guy says:

    Antidisestablishmentarianism is a VERY long word.

  3666. 4/8/2009J says:

    Misunderstanding. Plans upset. They blame me.

  3667. 4/8/2009Lesley says:

    A sigh. A look. Get it?

  3668. 4/8/2009Adam Holwerda says:

    Leg hurt, replaced. Head hurts now.

  3669. 4/8/2009MissJay says:

    True love, or so I thought

  3670. 4/8/2009MissJay says:

    Be together? No..cum then leave!

  3671. 4/9/2009Adam Holwerda says:

    So many facts. Brain so heavy…

  3672. 4/9/2009mike says:

    zombie apocalypse! Hurry run, no you-

  3673. 4/9/2009mike says:

    immaculate conception, immaculate reception. first midwife.

  3674. 4/9/2009Josh Conrad says:

    “We’ll get it all this time.”

  3675. 4/9/2009James Black says:

    Global population December 21, 2012: 0

  3676. 4/9/2009Mittz says:

    I was laughing. She was serious.

  3677. 4/9/2009Aaddrick says:

    Bog monster house broken, cleans pool.

  3678. 4/9/2009Keith Garland says:

    No economy. No ego on me.

  3679. 4/9/2009Azariel says:

    Dying God Reborn Into Human Flesh

  3680. 4/9/2009Keith Garland says:

    Writer staring blankly, cursor blinking. Deadline!

  3681. 4/9/2009Keith Garland says:

    Wished maturity then. Wish youth now.

  3682. 4/9/2009Erebus says:

    Rapacious bankers bring Western World to knees

  3683. 4/9/2009len says:

    love the alan man, well done

  3684. 4/9/2009Marcus says:

    I’m crazily protective of my girlfriend

  3685. 4/9/2009/B/rother Sport says:

    My life. Smoke weed. Play videogames.

  3686. 4/9/2009regeamor says:

    Wrote story. Got published. Now famous.

  3687. 4/9/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Remove warning labels. Survival of fittest.

  3688. 4/9/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Waldo found. Pigs fly, hell freezes.

  3689. 4/9/2009bluemanrocks says:

    God = reincarnated Beetle. Serves Him right.

  3690. 4/9/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Nanotechnology. Artificial Intelligence. Time travel. Aliens.

  3691. 4/9/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Cyborgs lose war. Cause? Halfhearted effort.

  3692. 4/9/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Butterfly flaps wings. Hurricane. Butterfly shot.

  3693. 4/9/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Human revolution. Conveyor belts outraged, jobless.

  3694. 4/9/2009Tila says:

    Online Dating segways to Virtual Marriages

  3695. 4/9/2009Ellis says:

    Crazy to think she’d say yes.

  3696. 4/9/2009Mike says:

    Self-aware reincarnation; heretic and messiah.

  3697. 4/9/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    I’ve always reached, yet never grasped.

  3698. 4/9/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Woman has triplets. Sues condom company.

  3699. 4/9/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    She stays. He leaves. Both weep.

  3700. 4/9/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Drink young. Drive late. Die early.

  3701. 4/9/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Sometimes I think: “Animals are smarter…”

  3702. 4/9/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Someday, if we’re lucky, we’ll die.

  3703. 4/9/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    “To be.” THAT is the answer.

  3704. 4/9/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Sometimes, unextraordinary things are most beautiful.

  3705. 4/9/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Boy meets, loses, then builds girl.

  3706. 4/10/2009leslie(: says:

    Wife: “I’m pregnant.” Husband: “I’m sterile.”

  3707. 4/10/2009leslie(: says:

    Penguin jumped cliff. Penguins don’t fly.

  3708. 4/10/2009leslie(: says:

    When life hands lemons, make margaritas.

  3709. 4/10/2009leslie(: says:

    Shotgun fired. Toddler doubles as shield.

  3710. 4/10/2009leslie(: says:

    Came in second.. Out of two.

  3711. 4/10/2009leslie(: says:

    Came in second!
    ..Out of two.

  3712. 4/10/2009leslie(: says:

    Garage sale at the Manson house!

  3713. 4/10/2009leslie(: says:

    Perfect getaway. If only car started!

  3714. 4/10/2009Parh says:

    Adesso tocca a noi

  3715. 4/10/2009Soop says:

    There was a man. He died.

  3716. 4/10/2009Hossman says:

    Find cure for procrastination – nap first.

  3717. 4/10/2009Vee Louise says:

    Robots become aware. Humanity gets ensnared.

  3718. 4/10/2009Beth T. says:

    Redoubt blows. Ashfall’s thick. Black snow.

  3719. 4/10/2009ced says:

    One wrong decision, one dead brother

  3720. 4/10/2009Susan says:

    Eeek! Mouse! Re-baits traps in greenhouse.

  3721. 4/10/2009Xotame says:

    Kernel Panic: Don’t touch that button!

  3722. 4/10/2009parallel architect says:

    control alt delete return home end

  3723. 4/10/2009Jeanne Hanna says:

    Slow news day? Write about sports!

  3724. 4/11/2009Majin says:

    Talk your way outta THIS one.

  3725. 4/11/2009khowey says:

    Lips, Breasts, Ass. And Adam’s Apple?

  3726. 4/11/2009khowey says:

    Free World. With Proof of Purchase.

  3727. 4/11/2009khowey says:

    Dear Mom, I am in Iraq…

  3728. 4/11/2009khowey says:

    “One, Two, Three, Five.”
    -Stupid Redhead.

  3729. 4/11/2009khowey says:

    Roof Roof Roof Roof. Meow Meow.

  3730. 4/11/2009khowey says:

    - Judas, kiss me.
    – Um, I shouldn’t.

  3731. 4/11/2009khowey says:

    Myspace. Facebook. AOL. Broken Computer. LOST.

  3732. 4/11/2009khowey says:

    John, Bobby – dead.
    Ted? – Still Kicking.

  3733. 4/11/2009valtermarques says:

    Suddenly life changed, she´s a he!

  3734. 4/11/2009valtermarques says:

    Stepping outside the craft, Zorg stumbles!

  3735. 4/11/2009Sam James says:

    Here’s a few based on Disney films:
    1. Wendy played with Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell.
    2. Lady let in a Tramp. Literally.
    3. Snow White finds dwarfs – Hi Ho!
    4. Turns out Belle wanted Beast’s Beast.
    5. Cinderalla marries a Prince; sisters disappointed.
    6. Toys are alive – Disney told me!
    7. Woodlice found in Pinnochio’s rear end.

  3736. 4/11/2009Sam James says:

    Here’s some other’s, NOT based on Disney:
    1. It rained a bit – Noah overreacted
    2. Jesus born; does miracles; on stick.
    3. – Missing Organ
    – What kind?
    – A Hammond.
    4. Economy stuck in blender; Credit Crunch.
    5. I’ve lost property. All of it.
    6. Sleeping Beauty wakes up. Absolutely gutted.
    7. My hat has three (sharp) corners.
    8. Six words isn’t enough for a –
    9. This is a waste of time.
    10. I should be revising for exams.
    11. I am a master of procrastination.
    12. Simpleton lost in market – exit anyone?
    13. Um, yeah. Hi. What’s up? Bye…
    14. Surely fourteen is more than necessary…
    15. Here is a six word story.
    16. This six word story has ended.
    17. Ich spreche Deutsche. Das is toll.
    18. I’m writing a six word opera.
    19. Some people just don’t get it.
    20. Twenty. I think I’ll stop here.

  3737. 4/11/2009Abhilash says:

    This is a six word story!

  3738. 4/11/2009Packherd says:

    Unused condom in my kitchen drawer.

  3739. 4/11/2009parallel architect says:

    rains outside and dogs run free

  3740. 4/11/2009Bob Heiser says:

    Greed is good. Economy freezes. Reboot!

  3741. 4/11/2009Ben Long says:

    Mr. Ed stops talking. Elmer’s Glue.

  3742. 4/11/2009Curtis Mabilangan says:

    All I needed was a hug.

  3743. 4/11/2009C.R.A. says:

    Earthquake. Cities Crumble. A Starbucks Erected.

  3744. 4/11/2009pixie says:

    Wanted him back…until he came.

  3745. 4/11/2009Neil Coghlan says:

    Cement dries, boss gone, strong bridge!

  3746. 4/11/2009Geoff Royle says:

    Will they, Won’t they. They don’t.

  3747. 4/11/2009staci says:

    Why does love exists? Nobody knows.

  3748. 4/12/2009Chris Nowak says:

    House for sale, memories not included.

  3749. 4/12/2009Chris Nowak says:

    Well, so much for steel hammocks….

  3750. 4/12/2009Chris Nowak says:

    Remember me when I’m gone, please.

  3751. 4/12/2009Joe says:

    Emasculated by stars, finally humanity relieved.

  3752. 4/12/2009Chris Nowak says:

    Who knew that’s what inflammable meant?

  3753. 4/12/2009charles says:

    fire within turns to burnt on the outside

  3754. 4/12/2009Jack says:

    I ate a goat. It mooed.

  3755. 4/12/2009Ftuuky says:

    God retires, Universe under new management.

  3756. 4/12/2009Louie says:

    Oh, the demons because of her.

  3757. 4/12/2009mike says:

    Red roses, white wine, and blue-balls..

  3758. 4/12/2009Matt BJ says:

    Handed blame. Blamed wall. Hand hurts.

  3759. 4/12/2009Chris Nowak says:

    Fell in Love. Stepped in Shit

  3760. 4/13/2009Allison says:

    Music starts. Musician shot. Music stops.

  3761. 4/13/2009Shane says:

    Hold up. Did that just move?

  3762. 4/13/2009regeamor says:

    Free beer. Free food. I’am OK.

  3763. 4/13/2009regeamor says:

    I saw God in the plecenta.

  3764. 4/13/2009teal says:

    Two Steps. Broken Ankle. I’m clumsy.

  3765. 4/13/2009regeamor says:

    We all prayed. God just laughed.

  3766. 4/13/2009regeamor says:

    She said no. She meant yes.

  3767. 4/13/2009regeamor says:

    It is always your way. Always.

  3768. 4/13/2009Donnie says:

    Proved God’s non-existence. Drowning proved innocence.

  3769. 4/13/2009Brice Shultz says:

    She dumped me… call the ‘whaaaaa-mbulence.’

  3770. 4/13/2009birch bingo says:

    fade in. raw sex. fade out.

  3771. 4/13/2009Kathleen says:

    Sodium pentathol: poor substitute for roofies.

  3772. 4/13/2009Joek says:

    Storm is coming. Let’s go outside!

  3773. 4/13/2009riff hammond says:

    Another propaganda doctrine free from restraint

  3774. 4/13/2009LXE says:

    Forgot her toy, lit a cig.

  3775. 4/13/2009LMS says:

    “She is missing one bullet hol-“

  3776. 4/14/2009iamryanm says:

    too…much…cubing… my…hand…hurts…

  3777. 4/14/2009Laura says:

    Russia-goers: tell Rasputin to call me.

  3778. 4/14/2009Julian says:

    Low ripe moon. Warm air. Possibilities.

  3779. 4/14/2009HonkHonkBuba says:

    Stop Somalian Pirates. Let Them Fish!

  3780. 4/14/2009Gabriel says:

    I saw her. She kissed me.

  3781. 4/14/2009mitchysan says:

    Texas dude caused current taxing situation

  3782. 4/14/2009mitchysan says:

    Theory vs. practice. Theoretically no difference.

  3783. 4/14/2009Rachel V says:

    Shit goes down in Peace Department.

  3784. 4/14/2009dg says:

    Missed her. Next time, I won’t

  3785. 4/14/2009Joe says:

    Single. Still. When haven’t i been?

  3786. 4/14/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Dusty archive. Einstein’s original notebook. E=MC3.

  3787. 4/14/2009Mikem says:

    Sunrise? Not anymore. It’s been fun.

  3788. 4/14/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Yankees cap at Fenway — “Homeland Security!!!!”

  3789. 4/14/2009David M says:

    A headline is not a story.

  3790. 4/14/2009GC Wayne says:

    Death row beckons. So does escape.

  3791. 4/14/2009Kevin says:

    Question mark. Exclamation mark. Full stop.

  3792. 4/14/2009Liz Nutt says:

    Hit by truck, not much fun.

  3793. 4/14/2009Ben Deweu says:

    Never told her I love her.

  3794. 4/14/2009Joseph Briggins says:

    Professor said that never happened before.

  3795. 4/14/2009sage says:

    improv class. My mind goes blank

  3796. 4/14/2009Timo McGregor says:

    1am: Still need to get started.

  3797. 4/15/2009Robert says:

    Got more than munchies. Stop, hallucinations!

  3798. 4/15/2009dylan says:

    Enjoy music you like, It’s soothing.

  3799. 4/15/2009dylan says:

    when? where? Here, tomorrow at five!

  3800. 4/15/2009Dr. Schnabel says:

    Called myself. Got the busy tone.

  3801. 4/15/2009Dr. Schnabel says:

    Woman eats own children – Titus Andronicus.

  3802. 4/15/2009Dr. Schnabel says:

    Summer camp called “Treblinka”. Terminal fail.

  3803. 4/15/2009Dr. Schnabel says:

    Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code: Reader’s Indigest.

  3804. 4/15/2009Dr. Schnabel says:

    Beyonce: ’tis pity she’s a whore.

  3805. 4/15/2009Dr. Schnabel says:

    “Wolf” he cried. “Murder” she wrote.

  3806. 4/15/2009Dr. Schnabel says:

    Easter Bunny shot. Elmer, main suspect.

  3807. 4/15/2009Dr. Schnabel says:

    My eggs are red. Happy Easter!

  3808. 4/15/2009Dr. Schnabel says:

    Supper – Wood – Nailing – Erection again… Christianity.

  3809. 4/15/2009Heddy Wozniak says:

    I called. Said his bunny jumped.

  3810. 4/15/2009Kevin Landesman says:

    She walked away, I wanted otherwise.

  3811. 4/15/2009Ashwin Alexander says:

    Bright Yellow truck. Oncoming traffic blinded.

  3812. 4/15/2009Devon says:

    He had me from “Beg pardon?”

  3813. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    The pudding drowned out her screams.

  3814. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    Her perfect wedding, his perfect murder.

  3815. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    A virgin second. A gymnast first.

  3816. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    His girlfriend’s head encased in jello.

  3817. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    Headless, she was the perfect wife.

  3818. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    Closed the casket. Wiped his mouth.

  3819. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    Loving her was harder than killing.

  3820. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    Her death made loving her easier.

  3821. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    “Sock Puppets! I wanted a ring!”

  3822. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    The beef tongue was her mother’s.

  3823. 4/15/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    Naked clowns. Just like last year.

  3824. 4/15/2009Jasmin says:

    He jumped, thinking only of her.

  3825. 4/15/2009Sohan Gokarn says:

    Do what you resolve to do.

  3826. 4/15/2009Benjamin Moure says:

    Beer-canned. Liver-ached. Blacked-out.

  3827. 4/15/2009Latrice Williams says:

    I’m base housing and government cheese.

  3828. 4/15/2009Toriano Porter says:

    I’m the pride of the Southside!

  3829. 4/15/2009Obso1337 says:

    He always loved her. She didn’t.

  3830. 4/15/2009Obso1337 says:

    “Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.” -Kurt Vonnegut

  3831. 4/15/2009Obso1337 says:

    I moved away. Couldn’t forget you.

  3832. 4/15/2009Obso1337 says:

    Voted Bush Twice. Home was foreclosed.

  3833. 4/15/2009Kevin says:

    He waited outside the room. Quietly.

  3834. 4/16/2009Kevin says:

    Vulnerable exhaust port? Sure, why not.

  3835. 4/16/2009pinay says:

    He was crucified, died, then resurrected.

  3836. 4/16/2009James H says:

    He was reminded of simpler times…

  3837. 4/16/2009Dr. Schnabel says:

    Suicide report. Tokio Hotel record sale.

  3838. 4/16/2009ewm says:

    Can’t walk anymore. Buried the hatchet.

  3839. 4/16/2009Rusdy says:

    Come to Auschwitz, We have Cake.

  3840. 4/16/2009Rusdy says:

    Look into my eyes, little higher

  3841. 4/16/2009Rusdy says:

    wet like teenager on prom night

  3842. 4/16/2009Rusdy says:

    poor me, pour me another one

  3843. 4/16/2009Rusdy says:


  3844. 4/16/2009Rusdy says:

    blue ray killed the dvd star

  3845. 4/16/2009Rusdy says:

    Native American? Here have a bedsheet

  3846. 4/16/2009Olivia says:

    It is raining. I am bored.

  3847. 4/16/2009Olivia says:

    I am weird. I am RANDOM

  3848. 4/16/2009Carlo Trimarchi says:

    Loving you, hating you. May I?

  3849. 4/16/2009Sourav Roy says:

    Thugs chase. GPS Specialist takes shortcut.

  3850. 4/16/2009Sourav Roy says:

    Reading Derby Guide. Reading The Bible.

  3851. 4/16/2009Sourav Roy says:

    Starts crash diet. Assassin doesn’t recognise .

  3852. 4/16/2009Cameron Collie says:

    Sex shop owner says customers moan.

  3853. 4/16/2009Sourav Roy says:

    Future. Children ashamed of parents’ monogamy.

  3854. 4/16/2009Adam Malone says:

    Time passes, the dead stay young.

  3855. 4/16/2009Laurie Kreitzer says:

    Losing sleep to write six words.

  3856. 4/16/2009A. Kassim says:

    GOP repressed. Tea-bagging party a hit.

  3857. 4/16/2009rramos says:

    Sorry I’m late. Shall we go?

  3858. 4/16/2009Dan Goodwin says:

    Meanwhile, outside, the world goes by…

  3859. 4/16/2009Dan Goodwin says:

    Shopping list oversight. New baby sister.

  3860. 4/16/2009Dan Goodwin says:

    I’ve still not washed your t-shirt.

  3861. 4/16/2009Dan Goodwin says:

    Another morning breaks without you here.

  3862. 4/16/2009Dan Goodwin says:

    Baby I’ve changed. Please come home.

  3863. 4/16/2009Janus Grayden says:

    He’s dead. Pour me another drink.

  3864. 4/16/2009Janus Grayden says:

    Oh, her? You were on vacation.

  3865. 4/16/2009Jake W says:

    Mother passed on, kids never knew.

  3866. 4/16/2009ewm says:

    Messy house. Disabled, can’t live properly.

  3867. 4/16/2009M.J. says:

    lawn gnome societies built on patience.

  3868. 4/17/2009Plee says:

    Wakeup. Work. Daily Show. Sleep. Repeat.

  3869. 4/17/2009FenwayKev says:

    Sneezed hard. Toupee gone. Date left.

  3870. 4/17/2009Jason Newman says:

    Found her. Poor kid. Autopsy inconclusive.

  3871. 4/17/2009Zeke Canidae says:

    Morning kisses. Good dog! (the end)

  3872. 4/17/2009Zeke Canidae says:

    Educational crisis. Students can’t count. Nor I.

  3873. 4/17/2009Zeke Canidae says:

    Won. Two. Three. Four. Five. Lost.

  3874. 4/17/2009Stephen D. Rogers says:

    He tumbled downstairs. I waited. Patiently.

  3875. 4/17/2009Brice Shultz says:

    I love her. Never met her.

  3876. 4/18/2009Indigo Montoya says:

    Alive… sick… dead… alive again?

  3877. 4/18/2009Indigo Montoya says:

    Donate blood. No needle required. Lestat.

  3878. 4/18/2009Ita says:

    Move the sun! I wanna see him!

  3879. 4/18/2009Ita says:

    Yesterday… maybe it wasn’t me?

  3880. 4/18/2009Indigo Montoya says:

    Black cat? Bad luck? Bullsh…

  3881. 4/18/2009Riff and Darren says:

    Careful…careful,careful,careful…ok… STOP!!

  3882. 4/18/2009Hunter Scott says:

    Man figures out Unified Theory. Forgets.

  3883. 4/18/2009M.J. says:

    Bed-time story, death-bed wish.

  3884. 4/19/2009R Polleys says:

    How do I love thee? Obsessively.
    How do I love thee? Compulsively.
    How do I love thee? Disorderly.
    How does thee love me? Therapeutically.

  3885. 4/19/2009Honest says:

    Bagpuss eats mice. No more stories

  3886. 4/19/2009@outlawyr says:

    Seagulls outswooped the ducks and fed.

  3887. 4/19/2009@outlawyr says:

    Policeman helps suspect into car. Ouch!

  3888. 4/19/2009Matt A says:

    Door boarded. Crash. Forgot the window.

  3889. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Broken toaster, use knife, smell triangle.

  3890. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Makeup in traffic, clown in accident.

  3891. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Masturbation boring. Vacuum Added. This sucks.

  3892. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Cocaine tells alcohol, “You’re a downer.”

  3893. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    My philosophy on the Theory Theory?

  3894. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Paper due tomorrow? Six Word Stories!!!!

  3895. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Spin the bullet around me! OUCH!!!

  3896. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Curve the bullet around me!! OUCH!!!

  3897. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Web Applications Save Time…. more porn!

  3898. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Superman with glasses equals paralyzing defeat.

  3899. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    First date. Bathroom Break. Anal Leakage.

  3900. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    8th day – God makes genital herpes.

  3901. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Mice tailors, pumpkin carriage? LSD wonderland.

  3902. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    P rom.
    R eady?
    E xcitement
    G OAL!!!
    G ooey.
    O ops!!!

  3903. 4/19/2009Isis the Pirate says:

    Target a new zombie. Fire. Repeat.

  3904. 4/19/2009Lee Michael Stein says:

    Super computer kryptonite is metaphysical proofs.

  3905. 4/19/2009Andrea says:

    Lights on, roach seen- Raid empty.

  3906. 4/19/2009S. Sharp says:

    White floor red. Wine, sure! Dead.

  3907. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Ice caps melt. Polar bear sharks!

  3908. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Mission Accomplished. What was the mission?

  3909. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Prepare for battle…
    Contact! Gun Jammed!

  3910. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Delicious marshmallow dream. Where’s my pillow?

  3911. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Hey sexy cougar! Call me Mom.

  3912. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Playground Club. Swingers swinging on swings.

  3913. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Real eyes realize real lies. .poop.

  3914. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Never receive oral during angry sex!!!!

  3915. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    I’m a duck! I got better!

  3916. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Women Rights!!!! Fine, buy the refrigerator!

  3917. 4/19/2009khowey says:

    Woman “Don’t!!!! Stop!!!!!” Man “Don’t stop!!!!”

  3918. 4/19/2009arrrbies says:

    The TV broke. I venture outside…

  3919. 4/19/2009Granadog says:

    Have no life? Write a story!

  3920. 4/19/2009Granadog says:

    “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

  3921. 4/19/2009Granadog says:

    Six? Need more words…. Writer’s block.

  3922. 4/19/2009A. says:

    Man saw God’s face. Went mad.

  3923. 4/20/2009djimDjim says:

    “He forced me to” said Judas.

  3924. 4/20/2009alan405 says:

    sitting still. nothing happens. still sitting

  3925. 4/20/2009alan405 says:

    wishes wash up on dreamy shores

  3926. 4/20/2009alan405 says:

    remember? all the memories I forgot?

  3927. 4/20/2009alan405 says:

    Zuma for President? Shower curtain falls

  3928. 4/20/2009alan405 says:

    Mandela Mbeki Zuma. Dreams down drain

  3929. 4/20/2009alan405 says:

    Open box. Step outside. Bigger box.

  3930. 4/20/2009alan405 says:

    Rainbow nation. Where? Over the rainbow.

  3931. 4/20/2009James Black says:

    UFO/airplane collision. Military recovers debris.

  3932. 4/20/2009Frank says:

    Your bitch couldnt lick the dick right, so she had to turn and click the clit riiiight…

  3933. 4/20/2009NotVonnegut says:

    Side effects may include paralysis and

  3934. 4/20/2009K Ladd says:

    Pregnancy test positive. Who’s the father?

  3935. 4/21/2009R Polleys says:

    Spontaneous combustion: the ultimate carbon footprint.

  3936. 4/21/2009R Polleys says:

    To capitulate or not to capitulate.

  3937. 4/21/2009R Polleys says:

    My dog ate my restraining order.

  3938. 4/21/2009R Polleys says:

    Everyone dreams they drive naked. Right?

  3939. 4/21/2009John says:

    Angry Bear? *Does The Hokey-Pokey Dance*

  3940. 4/21/2009Mickey Tran says:

    One night. No rubber. Nine months.

  3941. 4/21/2009Rahul Jiresal says:

    “Adam, you love me?” “Who else??”

  3942. 4/21/2009Marukii says:

    Hello again, you came back quick.

  3943. 4/21/2009TG says:

    Drunk. Driving. COP! Shit… DUI. fuck!

  3944. 4/21/2009hellfried says:

    her baby was found dead today

  3945. 4/21/2009Philo says:

    Animal Domino. Egyptian Fixer… Vicious Efficiency.

  3946. 4/21/2009Marukii says:

    It will wash out; I’m sure!

  3947. 4/21/2009rowan says:

    He had me at ‘love you <3

  3948. 4/21/2009Peter Keller says:

    Coal mine horse dreams of fields

  3949. 4/21/2009Peter Keller says:

    Put on hat. Trapped a bee.

  3950. 4/21/2009Abigail Lawrence says:

    Laugh. Smile. Make sure. Laugh again.

  3951. 4/22/2009Austin says:

    Singularity is finally achieved. World apathetic.

  3952. 4/22/2009Mustafa Aziz says:

    Brain not working. Eyes need rest.

  3953. 4/22/2009Marukii says:

    WEP? Yep, except, not yet.

  3954. 4/22/2009Raven Yeltatzie says:

    Consummate population control, pristine new world.

  3955. 4/22/2009ian says:

    With uncertainty, the flickering light subsided

  3956. 4/22/2009Peter Keller says:

    “I like your honesty,” he lied.

  3957. 4/22/2009James DeRosa says:

    He was born, lived, then died.

  3958. 4/22/2009Iosifina says:

    Drank coffee. Read fortune. Peacock? Liar!

  3959. 4/22/2009LMS says:

    You’re saying He’s real? Prove it…

  3960. 4/22/2009CJ says:

    Won lottery. World ends. Should’ve known…

  3961. 4/22/2009Icy Blue says:

    Limas gross! Edemame yummy! Go figure.

  3962. 4/22/2009Neil says:

    I’m in the company of whiskey.

  3963. 4/23/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Nauseous surfer wins competition, pukes. Sick!

  3964. 4/23/2009tokyo says:

    Pianist…!? Poet…!? Rrrrring! Dream Over. Accountant.

  3965. 4/23/2009Honest says:

    ‘I’m allergic, sorry.’ ‘Ok.’ …….. ‘I’m pregnant.’

  3966. 4/23/2009mike says:

    Ran with scissors, cut through crowd.

  3967. 4/23/2009"The" Ryan says:

    Church destroyed in fire. Nun dead.

  3968. 4/23/2009Matt B-J says:

    Came first; won!! She sulked, though…

  3969. 4/23/2009Tara B. says:

    They thought I’m happy. They’re wrong.

  3970. 4/23/2009Tara B. says:

    *Dials Suicide Hotline*… No Answer… *Jumps*

  3971. 4/23/2009with big ideas says:

    Got home. Where is my stuff?

  3972. 4/24/2009Jacob Paul says:

    Blow dried pubes. Second degree burns.

  3973. 4/24/2009Katie says:

    drank, hangover, final exam right now

  3974. 4/24/2009Richard says:

    Abortions reinstated–fourteen years too late.

  3975. 4/24/2009Riley says:

    Trying to concentrate. Ooh, a kitty!

  3976. 4/24/2009Katie says:

    Dancing is all I have left.

  3977. 4/24/2009Katie says:

    She says no. He uses force.

  3978. 4/24/2009Katie says:

    No where to go but up.

  3979. 4/24/2009Katie says:

    Give up, to go back home.

  3980. 4/24/2009John Anderson says:

    We laugh. We cry. We die.

  3981. 4/24/2009@Derrik says:

    Invented artificial intelligence, or went crazy.

  3982. 4/24/2009John Anderson says:

    A bucket of try; minimal hope

  3983. 4/24/2009amanda says:

    in love, married, not to him.

  3984. 4/24/2009Steve says:

    Infinity creates the end of heartache

  3985. 4/24/2009Painkillers says:

    Darwin broke God. Return to sender.

  3986. 4/25/2009Ian Eckelman says:

    On Youtube, Click the video. Rick Roll’d!

  3987. 4/25/2009Adam says:

    Wanted: Schrödinger’s cat, dead and alive.

  3988. 4/25/2009brandon says:

    For some people, by some people.

  3989. 4/25/2009brandon says:

    It comes, it goes. Where?

  3990. 4/25/2009damien says:

    married for money, divorced for love

  3991. 4/25/2009damien says:

    pull the cord for emergencies

  3992. 4/25/2009damien says:

    looking up at the enemy

  3993. 4/25/2009damien says:

    i sold my soul for reincarnation

  3994. 4/25/2009Honest says:

    “Step back, she’s hungr…. Oh, shit”

  3995. 4/25/2009BetaRepeating says:

    Six Word Stories: Rejected, story too long.

  3996. 4/25/2009Meghan Strain says:

    I’ve GAINED weight?! Oh… “Dryclean Only”.

  3997. 4/25/2009Angelia Megahan says:

    The daughter despised. Her mother demeaned.

  3998. 4/25/2009Tony says:

    Wrist shot. Goalie slides. Referee points.

  3999. 4/25/2009Matt says:

    I love… is that a meteor?

  4000. 4/25/2009Tony says:

    Snow storm looms, need new shovel.

  4001. 4/25/2009Darin Hymn says:

    He eats pooh. I lose bet.

  4002. 4/25/2009Darin Hymn says:

    Swing. Sway. Knot slips. Daiquiri spills.

  4003. 4/25/2009Darin Hymn says:

    I’m a stigmata. Get four band-aids.

  4004. 4/25/2009Ellie B. says:

    She had more dresses than occasions.

  4005. 4/25/2009Ellie B. says:

    Radio static . . . nothing . . . then a voice.

  4006. 4/25/2009Ellie B. says:

    Flood victim waits . . . dies of dehydration.

  4007. 4/25/2009Riff Hammond says:

    Drunk versus front door…Police win

  4008. 4/26/2009cactuspants says:

    Exhilarating intimidation.She.Frozen,elated,suicidal.

  4009. 4/26/2009cactuspants says:

    The conscious mind. Dust to enigma.

  4010. 4/26/2009cactuspants says:

    Stem cell breast augmentation. FUCK CANCER !

  4011. 4/26/2009cactuspants says:

    Unlocking doors seldom brings surprises. Home.

  4012. 4/26/2009cactuspants says:

    Dormant spores flourish. New order. Homosapien?

  4013. 4/26/2009cactuspants says:

    The fucking car idiot! Glock recoils.

  4014. 4/26/2009cactuspants says:

    Sign reads; “No pants, no entry” ?!

  4015. 4/26/2009James says:

    Oh no! I forgot to sleep.

  4016. 4/26/2009cactuspants says:

    Membranous layer nourished novel life within.

  4017. 4/26/2009Lee Michael Stein says:

    Studying Taubla Rasa, amnesia. Square one.

  4018. 4/26/2009Sergio says:

    I’m just a best friend whore.

  4019. 4/26/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    Marriage is not dessert. It’s dinner.

  4020. 4/26/2009Jevyn Nelms says:

    Feel tiny bite; sweet, I am.

  4021. 4/27/2009Kirsten Johanna says:

    Was best friend. Now is boyfriend.

  4022. 4/27/2009Steve says:

    Hit the ground. Awaken from Nightmare.

  4023. 4/27/2009Jarrid Deaton says:

    These paintings kind of suck, Adolf.

  4024. 4/27/2009Mob Whore says:

    Screw with birth order. Found out.

  4025. 4/27/2009MJ Offen says:

    Consciousness. Confusion. Crossroads: Peace or Poison.

  4026. 4/27/2009David says:

    Worms evolve, Eats Earth then Explodes

  4027. 4/27/2009Ellis says:

    Secular parents tsk at child’s ascension.

  4028. 4/27/2009Ellis says:

    Rejected by “Six Word Stories” again…

  4029. 4/27/2009Ellis says:

    Secular parents tsk tsk at child’s ascension.

  4030. 4/27/2009Ellis says:

    Bitter mortician takes back fiance’s ring.

  4031. 4/27/2009Ellis says:

    Dog, reticent for years, speaks: “Thanks!”

  4032. 4/27/2009Deepali says:

    Paintbrushes for sale. Price: law degree.

  4033. 4/27/2009Deepali says:

    There once was a man unnamed.

  4034. 4/27/2009Matt says:

    Here piggy, piggy, piggy… *cough* *cough*

  4035. 4/27/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Worst pickup lines: “Need a ride…?”

  4036. 4/27/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Will they ever notice? Will He?

  4037. 4/27/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    “He did not! Nu-uh! No WAY!!”

  4038. 4/27/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Why does it hurt to live?

  4039. 4/27/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Need new name when turning fifteen…

  4040. 4/28/2009David Davidson says:

    Asian. Black. White. Blue Man Group?

  4041. 4/28/2009K. N. says:

    He lived. He Laughed. He Died.

  4042. 4/28/2009Kevin says:

    Stumble. Stumble. Stumble. Six Word Stories

  4043. 4/28/2009Parley says:

    She looked. You looked back. Snot.

  4044. 4/28/2009Parley says:

    Crippled actor. Macbeth play. Good luck!

  4045. 4/28/2009K says:

    She became yours. A Dream. Damn.

  4046. 4/28/2009nteeka says:

    Bodies caress, parts harden, her’s too.

  4047. 4/28/2009Metjush says:

    Slipped. Bloody nose. Missing tooth. Hooray!

  4048. 4/28/2009Ben Levy says:

    Commercials interrupt- SPONSORED BY GEICO -stories.

  4049. 4/28/2009Ben Levy says:

    Frustrated teenager renames bras “Booby Traps”.

  4050. 4/28/2009Shawn Scarber says:

    Smelled rose water; you were forgotten.

  4051. 4/28/2009Jacob says:

    Got High. Got Caught. Got SCREWED.

  4052. 4/28/2009Jamie says:

    Foster Pregnancy. Had Sex… Oh shit…

  4053. 4/28/2009Trips says:

    Hulk drink too much. Hulk smashed!

  4054. 4/28/2009bobby opulent says:

    Babies makin’ babies, zombie’s makin’ zombies

  4055. 4/28/2009mike says:

    Sexy librarian, empty library …alarm clock!

  4056. 4/29/2009A. Baldwin says:

    Took her home. Not a her.

  4057. 4/29/2009A. Baldwin says:

    Stray dog looks friendly. Goodbye hand.

  4058. 4/29/ says:

    Grab my sock. I said, “sock.”

  4059. 4/29/2009JJ says:

    They say luck. I just fuck.

  4060. 4/29/2009JJ says:

    I keep it simple. Only sex.

  4061. 4/29/2009Dan Metcalf says:

    Sidekick wanted: Must have own cape.

  4062. 4/29/2009Richard says:

    she left, ashamed. the door closed.

  4063. 4/29/2009Isaac W says:

    Subbed on. Sent off. Game over.

  4064. 4/29/2009Rita says:

    two years of information. one test.

  4065. 4/29/2009EJ says:

    Skipped class to study. Pop quiz!

  4066. 4/29/2009EJ says:

    The tooth fairy’s favorite holiday? Halloween.

  4067. 4/29/2009McDaniel says:

    Thalassophobic, loved sailing with Captain Morgan.

  4068. 4/29/2009Donnie says:

    Ceased existing. Time-travelled. Killed parents.

  4069. 4/29/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Dingo ate baby. I ate dingo.

  4070. 4/29/ says:

    She was raped. Her boyfriend watched.

  4071. 4/29/2009A. Baldwin says:

    Secretary said no. “Business” trip cancelled.

  4072. 4/29/2009sanguinolentus says:

    Fundamentalism, left or right, advocates hate.

  4073. 4/29/2009sanguinolentus says:

    No more pirating. Get third job.

  4074. 4/29/2009sanguinolentus says:

    God is dead. What about Satan?

  4075. 4/29/2009sanguinolentus says:

    commodification of everything. mutually assured destruction.

  4076. 4/29/2009sanguinolentus says:

    Only one choice: smart or happy?

  4077. 4/29/2009Donnie says:

    Noah gathers all animals. Unicorns decline.

  4078. 4/29/2009Art C. says:

    “Last cigaret? Blindfold?”
    “Just shoot straight.”

  4079. 4/29/2009Sinanzee says:

    walkin home. Foot. Pothole. Headlights. Darkness.

  4080. 4/29/2009David McOrist says:

    His sordid secret became a headline.

  4081. 4/29/2009ringholm says:

    Visits graveyard. Reads name: His own.

  4082. 4/29/2009ringholm says:

    Time-travelling amnesiac chased, caught, meets self.

  4083. 4/29/2009ringholm says:

    Four quails, lady ‘shoo!’s, feather storm.

  4084. 4/30/2009Angelus says:

    12/12/2012 : Mayans ? Whoever were the mayaaaaaaa…

  4085. 4/30/2009AK says:

    It’s so Sick, It’s a Pandemic.

  4086. 4/30/2009Neal says:

    Swine flu, here, no way, Cough …….

  4087. 4/30/ says:

    Life’s a highway. I am carless.

  4088. 4/30/2009AK says:

    Used latex, found leak, became latex

  4089. 4/30/2009AK says:

    stabbed in the heart, became heartless

  4090. 4/30/2009Leo Dekelbuam says:

    Singing Telegram. You’re an orphan. Tada!

  4091. 4/30/2009nteeka says:

    A million imperfections; in all, perfect.

  4092. 4/30/2009Scott Stokes says:

    Heisenberg was lost – irony was not.

  4093. 5/1/2009the grim reefer says:

    titty fucked. painted bay of naples.

  4094. 5/1/2009Peter Keller says:

    World’s greatest hyperbolist ascends historical apex.

  4095. 5/1/2009David England says:

    Skylarks! Spring is on the wing.

  4096. 5/1/2009mtg says:

    He went away. He came back.

  4097. 5/1/2009mtg says:

    Strangers meet, make a discovery, depart.

  4098. 5/1/2009Berenice Weber says:

    Doves, cooing. Me, longing. You, forgetting.

  4099. 5/1/2009Gavin Boehm says:

    Love the girl. Hate the feeling.

  4100. 5/1/2009mkd says:

    Thursday happy hour. Friday professional malpractice.

  4101. 5/1/2009mkd says:

    Veni, vedi, vici; Latin is superior.

  4102. 5/1/2009Everyone says:

    a:Horny? b: Abosultely! a: I should leave.

  4103. 5/1/2009Lee Michael Stein says:

    Repetition breeds instinct, instinct fosters repetition.

  4104. 5/2/2009Ron Young says:

    Imagine One Interconnected World, it is.

  4105. 5/2/2009Elaine says:

    She watched. He saw and hungered.

  4106. 5/2/2009carolyn says:

    I’m eating last night’s drunken leftovers.

  4107. 5/2/2009TaylorLauren says:

    Looked asleep. Saw pills – Everything changed.

  4108. 5/2/2009Jaime says:

    In way over my head. Help.

  4109. 5/2/2009Jimmy says:

    No, John. You are the demons.

  4110. 5/3/2009Trips says:

    Confucius teach students. Now students confused.

  4111. 5/3/2009Luke Surl says:

    Ugly duckling becomes very ugly duck.

  4112. 5/3/2009Andrew J. Wilson says:

    Russian roulette. Rigged game. Automatic pistol.

  4113. 5/3/2009João Silva says:

    One bullet? Not what i expected.

  4114. 5/3/2009Lee Michael Stein says:

    Deaf mute; only sees no evil.

  4115. 5/4/2009Donnie Hoffman says:

    Till Death Do Us Part? Hmm…..

  4116. 5/4/2009Arvind says:

    Instant nose jobs! Pinocchio becomes lawyer.

  4117. 5/4/2009Luke Surl says:

    Meek inherit earth. Bullies steal it.

  4118. 5/4/2009Brice Shultz says:

    Jumped off skyscraper, discovered couldn’t die.

  4119. 5/4/2009Raven Rose says:

    Well, I’d never tried cyanide before.

  4120. 5/4/2009Portman says:

    Why not five word stories?

  4121. 5/4/2009Colton says:

    A revolution! Well, not so easy.

  4122. 5/5/2009Rose says:

    studied forever for final. forgot alarm.

  4123. 5/5/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    “Dead?? Jesus!” “Sorry. This is Hell”

  4124. 5/5/2009Walter Piel says:

    Estate sale: One almost bulletproof vest.

  4125. 5/5/2009Walter Piel says:

    For sale: Parachute. Never opened.

  4126. 5/5/2009Walter Piel says:

    Genetic manipulation. We miscalculated. The End.

  4127. 5/5/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    Enter serial killer. Lady? Watching serial.

  4128. 5/5/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    Danny I’m home! Danny? Danny? Aaaaawwwhh….

  4129. 5/5/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    Sixteenth death. Cops clueless. Murderer formless.

  4130. 5/5/2009damien says:


  4131. 5/5/2009damien says:


  4132. 5/5/2009damien says:


  4133. 5/5/2009Kathy Brewis says:

    The world went on without us.

  4134. 5/5/2009Lee says:

    Market laissez-faire. They plundered. We lost.

  4135. 5/5/2009Andy says:

    All the force, nothing to push.

  4136. 5/5/2009Isaac W says:

    Extra Extra: Humpty Dumpty was “pushed”!

  4137. 5/5/2009Isaac W says:

    Trouble in paradise: Snow white deflowered

  4138. 5/5/2009Zen Reis says:

    “But Mom, these hamsters have talent.”

  4139. 5/5/2009ils says:

    Baby. Never to meet you. Gone.

  4140. 5/5/2009ils says:

    Coffee shop. Eye contact. Brief romance!

  4141. 5/5/2009Ginger Stampley says:

    He wouldn’t stay. She wouldn’t go.

  4142. 5/5/2009topianguy says:

    one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

  4143. 5/5/2009John says:

    Can’t see. Oh shit, a hole.

  4144. 5/5/2009John says:

    Aliens invaded. Nobody took them seriously.

  4145. 5/5/2009Merryl says:

    Just six words? So long, plot.

  4146. 5/5/2009Folabi says:

    Woman cheats, she lies, takes alimony.

  4147. 5/5/2009Billyziege says:

    Water. Pain. Screams. Knife. Babe. Mother.

  4148. 5/5/2009James Black says:

    The last one was too much.

  4149. 5/5/2009Billyziege says:

    Set pattern. Do not break. Broken.

  4150. 5/5/2009Ryan Furnas says:

    I will never trust good news.

  4151. 5/5/2009random tweets says:

    @platea tweets, the internet’s a stage

  4152. 5/6/2009francaise. says:

    Waiting for a miracle. I’m an atheist.

  4153. 5/6/2009Jarvis says:

    Impossible diagnosis. It’s probably just lupus.

  4154. 5/6/2009Jarvis says:

    More efficient stalking. Creep Facebook’s Newsfeed.

  4155. 5/6/2009Jarvis says:

    Too many exams. Too few Adderall.

  4156. 5/6/2009Jarvis says:

    Breakup, heartache. Dating a stripper? Upgrade!

  4157. 5/6/2009Jarvis says:

    baby name: fruit eaten while high.

  4158. 5/6/2009topianguy says:

    Clown throws pie. Misses. Hilarity ensues.

  4159. 5/6/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    “I amn’t hallucinating. YEAH? HITLER?? YEAH?”

  4160. 5/6/2009Billyziege says:

    “Soylent Green?! It’s people.” “Wanna share?”

  4161. 5/6/2009Billyziege says:

    Uncle usurps. Prince rampages. Danes win.

  4162. 5/6/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    “Ma, they killed me”. Grandma faints.

  4163. 5/6/2009Paul @ Penplay says:

    Planet for sale; one careless owner.

  4164. 5/6/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    “Money collected; leader selected; party elected”

  4165. 5/6/2009Warren Brown says:

    Write from Within, Enrich our World.

  4166. 5/6/2009Paul DiModica says:

    Value, Communicate, Demonstrate, Negotiate,Contract, Commission

  4167. 5/6/2009Paul DiModica says:

    Hunt Now or Be Eaten Later

  4168. 5/6/2009Paul DiModica says:

    Strategy is important, execution is better

  4169. 5/6/2009Izumiko says:

    “Wake up, Mommy!” Morning never comes.

  4170. 5/7/2009taraSG says:

    tired of seeming instead of being

  4171. 5/7/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    Last human survives. Tweets; no replies.

  4172. 5/7/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    Delhi. Bang. Bang. Bang. “Hey Ram!”

  4173. 5/7/2009Paul @ Penplay says:

    Proctologist’s Blaze: Police believe arson fire.

  4174. 5/7/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    Ruler deposed. Measurements no longer standard.

  4175. 5/7/2009Louise says:

    He’s married. She won’t let go.

  4176. 5/7/2009James Black says:

    Behind me; cheering now, not pushing.

  4177. 5/8/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    Open Lid.Tripped.In deep shit.

  4178. 5/8/2009James says:

    Waiting for someone. Don’t know who.

  4179. 5/8/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    God said “יְהִי אוֹר”

  4180. 5/8/2009M. Hari Prasad says:

    Lub Dub Lub Dub Lub. Silence.

  4181. 5/8/2009khowey says:

    Mommy and Daddy love you, orphan.

  4182. 5/8/2009khowey says:

    Cop a feel. Felt a cop.

  4183. 5/8/2009khowey says:

    Big Night! First time! Hand Job?!?!

  4184. 5/8/2009khowey says:

    KFC Downloadable Coupon – Homeless have computers??

  4185. 5/8/2009khowey says:

    Glass slipper shattered. Go on diet.

  4186. 5/8/2009khowey says:

    David Bowie knife causes fashionable death.

  4187. 5/8/2009khowey says:

    Stairway to heaven – wheelchairs not welcomed.

  4188. 5/8/2009Rose says:

    Yesterday failed her, tomorrow never came.

  4189. 5/8/2009Michael Flumere says:

    Man Takes Off Work, Dies Alone.

  4190. 5/8/2009Michael Flumere says:

    Woke up today, don’t know why.

  4191. 5/9/2009C.M. Wilson says:

    She came in. I was tired.

  4192. 5/9/2009Adj says:

    In the beginning…what, no backstory?

  4193. 5/9/2009Alex says:

    Do you have children, Mrs. Freemartin?

  4194. 5/9/2009Philip says:

    Color blind man green with envy.

  4195. 5/9/2009MP says:

    Father, my name is not “faggot”

  4196. 5/9/2009Aynsley Keller says:

    Bored? Let’s play with my Wii.

  4197. 5/10/2009patrick doyon says:

    marble inhabits sewer, world populous drowns!

  4198. 5/10/2009Michael Croft says:

    I couldn’t stay. She wouldn’t follow.

  4199. 5/10/2009Michael Croft says:

    We used to talk, before Wi-Fi.

  4200. 5/10/2009Guy Tucker says:

    Lost job.Sold car.cardboard box.

  4201. 5/10/2009J says:

    He cheated. She knew. Said nothing.

  4202. 5/10/2009J says:

    Woke up today. Cyanide pills fake.

  4203. 5/10/2009Angela says:

    What if I’M the successful one?

  4204. 5/11/2009Dan says:

    “Just passing over the Bermuda Triangle..”

  4205. 5/11/2009Dan says:

    There’s no beginning and no end.

  4206. 5/11/2009Adj says:

    Six…five…two? Shoot, countdown aborted.

  4207. 5/11/2009Adj says:

    Elvis singing “Jesus Christ Superstar;” Heaven?

  4208. 5/11/2009Adj says:

    “Because my Playstation never rejects me.”

  4209. 5/11/2009ettuchan says:

    sunset sky, lonly with the wind

  4210. 5/11/2009Akemi says:

    mother, now in heaven, be happy.

  4211. 5/11/2009Akemi says:

    I am a Japanese, so what?

  4212. 5/11/2009Alex Brims says:

    Lightspeed cruising … weren’t we here earlier?

  4213. 5/11/2009Alex Brims says:

    Truth revealed. Thank the talking snake.

  4214. 5/11/2009Mrs. Welder says:

    Married a welder. Lays GOOD rod!

  4215. 5/11/2009Dan says:

    Baby born. Mother dies. Madonna arrives.

  4216. 5/11/2009William says:

    Time traveler convicted of postmeditated murder.

  4217. 5/11/2009Gosco says:

    Death cured. No war. We talk.

  4218. 5/11/2009Richard DeLisi says:

    Quiet! I can’t hear myself drink.

  4219. 5/11/2009Richard DeLisi says:

    Jesus wept. Four more words, still?

  4220. 5/12/2009Sunny D says:

    Reflect like…two mirrors facing eachother…

  4221. 5/12/2009Donnie says:

    Wolf catches little pigs… and flu.

  4222. 5/12/2009Ghengis Jung says:

    A beginning. A middle. An end.

  4223. 5/12/2009Kelli Magargal says:

    This was a recent class assignment in my non-fiction class the day after my grandmother died of lung cancer.

  4224. 5/13/2009Madaniel says:

    Too many freaks, not enough circuses.

  4225. 5/13/2009lia says:

    My Coffee Had Blueberry, She Said

  4226. 5/13/2009Dan Metcalf says:

    “Let’s make love,” said the twins.

  4227. 5/13/2009alanmills405 says:

    Parrot speaks. 140 characters. Twitter critter

  4228. 5/13/2009alanmills405 says:

    sinking feeling. deep hole. oh well.

  4229. 5/13/2009alanmills405 says:

    Zuma took shower. Aids cure revealed.

  4230. 5/13/2009alanmills405 says:

    What I am doing. Twitter Litter?

  4231. 5/13/2009alanmills405 says:

    saucy joke. 140 characters. Twitter titter?

  4232. 5/13/2009alanmills405 says:

    Dead on feet. Coffin stays vertical

  4233. 5/13/2009alanmills405 says:

    six word story. far too long

  4234. 5/13/2009Peter Keller says:

    The rain leaves, then leaves reign

  4235. 5/13/2009Peter Keller says:

    (Real name). “Who?” (Username). “Oh, HI!”

  4236. 5/13/2009Sean OBrien says:

    Time machine broken, dinosaurs are drooling.

  4237. 5/14/2009Dan Metcalf says:

    Choose own ending: boredom or dispair?

  4238. 5/14/2009alanmills405 says:

    time machine broken. end of days?

  4239. 5/14/2009DaMan says:

    2 Bushes, 2 Wars, 2 bad.

  4240. 5/14/2009Buju Banton says:

    Memories, don’t live like people do.

  4241. 5/14/2009Jared says:

    Born. Live. Die. Hindu? Start over.

  4242. 5/14/2009Hrafnkell Sigurðarsomn says:

    I have no tolerance for this.

  4243. 5/14/2009Brian says:

    I woke up and I died.

  4244. 5/14/2009Van L. says:

    Fourth law of robotics negates three.

  4245. 5/14/2009Lee Michael Stein says:

    consolation prize; gun.. First prize; hijacked.

  4246. 5/14/2009Andy says:

    In Alaska, some people catch crabs.

  4247. 5/15/2009Alex Brims says:

    Alone on edge. Didn’t push him.

  4248. 5/15/2009Mary says:

    Have paper, have stumble, no graduation.

  4249. 5/15/2009dan says:

    There is no place like earth.

  4250. 5/15/2009lumis says:

    One-thirty. Still awake. Mustn’t sleep.

  4251. 5/15/2009Alahna says:

    Coffee upstairs? Sure. Coffee left untouched.

  4252. 5/15/2009William says:

    Horse and narwhal DNA mixed: Unicorn!

  4253. 5/15/2009Sarah says:

    souls said hello; bodies left craving.

  4254. 5/15/2009Adam Scherlis says:

    Soulmates… forgot to fall in love.

  4255. 5/15/2009Puberton says:

    Puberton snapped, killed all his coworkers.

  4256. 5/15/2009Holly Tuten says:

    I am sorry for your loss

  4257. 5/16/2009Taka Ohno says:

    see rain so still sad now

  4258. 5/16/2009Taka Ohno says:

    You can do everything with smile

  4259. 5/16/2009Taka Ohno says:

    We have fine and rainy day

  4260. 5/16/2009Godspeed says:

    Man hates life. Creates Alter-ego.

  4261. 5/16/2009tak.f says:

    Date cancelled at the last minute.

  4262. 5/17/2009Josh Wei says:

    Jesus loves. Pregnant nun. Holy crap.

  4263. 5/17/2009elle says:

    befriended; remembered their crime; happened again

  4264. 5/17/2009Elliot says:

    Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

  4265. 5/17/2009jordan says:

    fish decides to sink and swim

  4266. 5/17/2009blogbog says:

    Blown away but not by wind.

  4267. 5/17/2009Konraden says:

    T-Virus strikes Europe: Lock and Load.

  4268. 5/17/2009A. Kink says:

    Me like swallow,no have baby.

  4269. 5/17/2009Maks Barzo says:

    typodynamic pomosapian on quest for flame.

  4270. 5/18/2009Shorty says:

    Barrel roll exacerbated problem: Please advise.

  4271. 5/18/2009cagier says:

    Head-lice-flu pandemic. Baldies survive!

  4272. 5/18/2009maulik bhatt says:

    read all stories. some made sense.

  4273. 5/18/2009Karter says:

    Ahh~ AHHH!!! wuaaaaa!!! A baby borned.

  4274. 5/18/2009JB says:

    Off road? Stuck in the mud.

  4275. 5/18/2009John Martin says:

    Martini after martini. Next, somehow, breakfast.

  4276. 5/18/2009Mike says:

    Future wife? I’m scared to death.

  4277. 5/18/2009Cal Glover-Wessel says:

    Said the Doctor: “Get the mop.”

  4278. 5/18/2009Anoymous says:

    Trunk of tree=Head of me
    Suticase of wonders and worries:life
    Love is life; life is love
    Who are you? I am myself
    Who said I couldn’t? I disagree….

  4279. 5/18/2009Anoymous says:

    The sky’s the limit….says who?

  4280. 5/18/2009Danny Boy says:

    No, don’t call back. He’s dead.

  4281. 5/18/2009marek says:

    pay day?he say no way

  4282. 5/19/2009Cee says:

    Arching backs, parting lips: passes time.

  4283. 5/19/2009Coalmine Canary says:

    My stars! Yours must be elsewhere.

  4284. 5/19/2009Tim Wicks says:

    Only liar. Truthful world. Infinite power.

  4285. 5/19/2009Pejamus says:

    Cure found! Insurance companies go bankrupt.

  4286. 5/19/2009Pejamus says:

    What do you mean “from Dateline”?

  4287. 5/19/2009Pejamus says:

    Piracy is stealing. Fatcat still fat…

  4288. 5/19/2009Pejamus says:

    Drugs legalized! Can’t remember why…. what?

  4289. 5/19/2009Pejamus says:

    She said no… now I am…

  4290. 5/19/2009Pejamus says:

    She said no, now I do…

  4291. 5/19/2009Pejamus says:

    Made of people? Call me Hannible.

  4292. 5/19/2009Pejamus says:

    Two dead, I lost my license.

  4293. 5/19/2009Pejamus says:

    21st birthday morning after… anus hurts?