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  1. 8/16/2021Victor Thybo says:

    Are you still in the closet?

  2. 8/16/2021Victor Thybo says:

    went for milk, never came back

  3. 8/16/2021Victor Thybo says:

    Got a fine, not so fine.

  4. 8/20/2021Angela Guthrie says:

    The crucifixion of Jesus birthed humanity.

  5. 8/23/2021wgic says:

    Entered website.Noticed date.Anyway sent.

  6. 8/26/2021angiesunshine says:

    Light l̶o̶s̶t̶ found inside a girl.

  7. 8/27/2021abudalta says:

    Waiting for the result. Be optimistic.

  8. 8/28/2021Kash says:

    Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane

  9. 8/28/2021kash says:

    Do or die. No in between.

  10. 8/31/2021Ava says:

    Living is hard. Loving is harder.

  11. 8/31/2021Mynameishere says:

    Was on thin ice and swam

  12. 9/2/2021Denden says:

    Is that all? Life I mean

  13. 9/3/2021Emily says:

    Born best friends, died strangers.

  14. 9/7/2021D.A Marsden says:

    Pills, drugs, sex, mom of 2

  15. 9/9/2021Ernest Hemingway says:

    FOR SALE: Baby shoes, never worn.

  16. 9/9/2021Frank Popper says:

    Doused the candle, lost all light.

  17. 9/9/2021Frank Popper says:

    Ate pizza, tasted only anchovies. Surprise!

  18. 9/9/2021Frank Popper says:

    Welcome to the NFL of love.

  19. 9/28/2021Dan Vasey says:

    Artificial intelligence. Natural Attraction. Digital babies.

  20. 9/28/2021Dan Vasey says:

    Jesus comes again. Two weeks quarantine.

  21. 9/28/2021Dan Vasey says:

    Boldly go. No life there. Shit.

  22. 10/7/2021ES says:

    He came, died, rose; defeated death.

  23. 10/12/2021Nattu says:

    Stay Hungry , Stay Foolish, Die Empty

  24. 10/14/2021Michael Spring says:

    life light lingers love languishes longer

  25. 10/31/2021misterjim says:

    Babysitting the children. Parents never returned.

  26. 11/4/2021Luis Cruz says:

    She said no!… He didn’t listen…

  27. 11/16/2021kaylee says:

    i whispered
    as you
    shut the door behind you.

  28. 11/16/2021kaylee says:

    rock bottom?
    hey, i like climbing

  29. 11/16/2021kaylee says:

    I still make coffee for two.

  30. 11/16/2021kaylee says:

    I was born, but never lived.

  31. 11/16/2021kaylee says:

    A blade’s your worst best friend.

  32. 11/16/2021kaylee says:

    I tried. I failed. Im sorry.

  33. 11/16/2021kaylee says:

    I willingly gave my last breath.

  34. 11/29/2021Angelina Mia says:

    Bold Letters. Window of opportunity closed.

  35. 11/29/2021Angelina Mia says:

    Energy enters the system. Comes guilt.

  36. 11/29/2021Angelina Mia says:

    “Only doing this once.” Says deceased.

  37. 12/7/2021Vin Zeeland says:

    Love — deep as an ocean — drowning.

  38. 12/9/2021T.G.E. Gale says:

    Circumcision? Nah! I don’t want cuts!

  39. 12/9/2021T.G.E. Gale says:

    Checks internet speed. Faster than Ferrari.

  40. 12/9/2021Pratik Mitra says:

    Evening meets homecoming with memory, rain.

  41. 12/18/2021Hank says:

    I always appear in wrong space-time.

  42. 12/18/2021hank says:

    I teleported to the wrong dimension.

  43. 1/12/2022James says:

    crouch,jump,fail, and try again

  44. 1/12/2022James says:

    l can throw everything for you

  45. 1/23/2022Maitreyi says:

    To Let: Studio Apartment. Recently exorcised.

  46. 1/23/2022Maitreyi says:

    Wanted: A tall man or carpenter.

  47. 1/26/2022Vincent Stevenson says:

    Nanotechnology sale extends – further reductions possible

  48. 2/1/2022DarkendPawbs says:

    How I made my daughter Straight…

  49. 2/22/2022Lizzie says:

    this deep inexplicibe love for you

  50. 3/12/2022Rob Schnepp says:

    “People are led – things are managed.”

  51. 3/17/2022Dionarab Levap says:

    Stones. Spears. Bows. Guns. Nukes. Stones.

  52. 3/21/2022meow says:

    “The mom has cancer, stupid.”

  53. 3/25/2022Carl says:

    Followed dreams. Woke up too late.

  54. 3/27/2022Steve Bailey says:

    Five green squares while bombs explode.

  55. 4/12/2022Elon says:

    Dad!, I awoke in tears again…

  56. 4/12/2022Elon says:

    Cheers, she dropped dead, lifeless

  57. 4/21/2022Nicole says:

    Lovers and lies. Dreams that died.

  58. 4/25/2022Micheal says:

    Bright light. Large boom. Mushroom. Darkness.

  59. 4/28/2022SJ says:

    always her, no air for me

  60. 4/28/2022SJ says:

    ding. ding. nothing but false hope.

  61. 4/30/2022Black Rose says:

    ‘Coming’, she said to his grave

  62. 4/30/2022Black Rose says:

    They kissed, far away from reality

  63. 5/1/2022John T says:

    Either love or the next lesson

  64. 5/11/2022Reuegiag says:

    “Were we friends?”
    ” ”
    “Don’t tell others.”

  65. 5/14/2022Paula Anna Tewell says:

    Dad’s footsteps; I hide in cupboards.

  66. 5/28/2022XuYueming says:

    “Hello””Good morning””Good night””Goodbye”

  67. 5/29/2022Cynthia 40 says:

    Work hard and spend it all.

  68. 6/20/2022SegmentTree says:

    It’s your dog. You’re its life.

  69. 6/21/2022SegmentTree says:

    Oak wood. Mining. Nether. Dragon’s egg.

  70. 6/30/2022Christy Flint says:

    The babysitter quit everyday this week.

  71. 7/3/2022Gabi says:

    Please do not fall for me.

  72. 7/13/2022Zachary Ing says:

    World chaos, wet a line, release.

  73. 7/31/2022Lexi Seymour says:

    Someone that I used to know.

  74. 8/2/2022Mathew says:

    All right, all right, all right.

  75. 8/8/2022Richard says:

    She finally called, doctor said sorry.

  76. 8/10/2022Jim Courter says:

    Faith plus irony equals healthy perspective.

  77. 8/21/2022Lynne Arnot says:

    Sit plus raised paw equals treat.

  78. 8/21/2022Lynne says:

    Adrenalin. Awesome views. Insidious doubt…? Parachute!

  79. 8/21/2022Lynne says:

    Covid restrictions ease, self-isolation returns.

  80. 8/25/2022Shirley says:

    Hurt, I cried, got over it

  81. 8/29/2022Scott Slaybaugh says:

    Born man, never found again

  82. 9/13/2022Jill and Jack says:

    He trips, he falls, ambulance called.

  83. 9/23/2022edarlingb says:

    ‘How to break arm’ – Russian YouTube

  84. 10/5/2022scaban says:

    Glum girl. “Be strong”, scorned Mami.

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