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  1. 1/2/2023Greg Nooney says:

    Photo: parent’s 75th. Hah! I’m older.

  2. 1/5/2023Lily Finch says:

    Still the One
    Engaged 1994, married, still the one!

    Wee ones become adults, cycle repeats.

    Woman: equal job yet makes less.

    Born to breathe, steward of Earth.

    The Dance
    Met at dance, married, still dancing.

    Eclectic, emotional, uplifting; important to me.

  3. 1/16/2023Martin Murphy says:

    Got The Job. Ecstatic. For Now!

  4. 1/21/2023JV says:

    I walked through the dead grass.

  5. 1/31/2023Alan says:

    My dad, his wife, and me

  6. 2/14/2023shawn mendes says:

    life short, so don’t waste it

  7. 2/14/2023lifeways says:

    life short, so don’t waste it

  8. 2/28/2023Mary says:

    I have nothing to write about.

  9. 3/24/2023June Hunter says:

    Children building snowmen. Car loses traction.

  10. 3/26/2023Azzy says:

    Cat didn’t get tongue, she did

  11. 4/11/2023Eskild says:

    Man goes to Mars. then dies

  12. 4/11/2023Victor og Felix says:

    Go to sleep. Wake up. Repeat.

  13. 4/11/2023noah olesen says:

    buy shoes, wear shoes, repair shoes.

  14. 4/11/2023Mads says:

    Buy it, ues it, sell it

  15. 4/11/2023Alishba Anwar Puri says:

    Im daddy, cuz i fuck bitches.

  16. 4/11/2023jonas says:

    wake up, see football, table-tennis, sleep.

  17. 4/11/2023(player768) says:

    Celebrate. Go to sleep. Wait. Celebrate

  18. 4/11/2023Dilvin says:

    i love dolma it is fantastic

  19. 4/11/2023Liv says:

    im preggo, i got laid good.

  20. 4/11/2023??? says:

    i love cake. it taste good.
    i have a big rainbow dragon.
    monkeys eat bananas. i eat cake.

  21. 4/11/2023Chipreader says:

    Free, for all. Out of work

  22. 4/12/2023Kenzie says:

    I’m playing football in Wisconsin

  23. 4/12/2023Ushari says:

    I did eat cupcakes with Chloe

  24. 4/12/2023Richelle says:

    I am dancing with Ozzy today

  25. 4/12/2023Finn McMissile says:

    I’m a secret agent and spion

  26. 4/12/2023Jiley says:

    Today I am watching Cars 3

  27. 4/12/2023Tiffany says:

    I’m watching The Next Step

  28. 4/12/2023Ben dover says:

    I love the ak-47 bloodsport skin

  29. 4/12/2023Lightning McMissile says:

    I asked her. She said ”NO”

  30. 4/12/2023heh says:

    Be born. live. Give birth. Die.

    Live nine lives like a cat.

    Dont waste It. Just use It.

    Hit it. Doesnt bleed. Try again.

  31. 4/12/2023unicorn says:

    lots of clothes, but need more

  32. 4/12/2023louise says:

    i dont have any time now

  33. 4/12/2023Justinzera says:

    Gaming is the best sport, no cyap.

  34. 4/12/2023UNDERCOVER AGENT 2 says:

    i am a gangsters wife SLAY

  35. 4/12/2023Sad life says:

    I love him. I loved him.

    Dead smile. Dead heart. Dead life.

    The feeling of pain is lovely.

  36. 4/14/2023JOE MAMA says:

    You are late for class Again

  37. 4/14/2023john f kennedy says:

    i will not do it anymore

  38. 4/14/2023mogul mail says:

    Son you’re adopted, I already know

  39. 4/14/2023Sigma John says:

    Crocodile, la la la la la.

  40. 4/14/2023mds nuts says:

    AI’s no match for user stupidity.

  41. 4/14/2023Fisse lucas 2 says:

    always have two girls at one time

    – pablo

  42. 4/16/2023slapdasch says:

    Some eat fugu once a lifetime.

    Every generation thinks: “We invented alienation.”.

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