For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

—Ernest Hemingway

The original short short story and the inspiration for this website. In the 1920s, Ernest Hemingway’s colleagues bet him that he couldn’t write a complete story in just six words. They paid up. Hemingway is said to have considered it his best work.

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  1. 12/29/2008Stories told in just six words. « Six Word Stories says:

    [...] of short short stories consisting of just six words. It was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous challenge. It will include stories by famous writers, reader submissions, myself, and the Internet at [...]

  2. 1/7/2009Nicole says:

    Hands on the Bible
    scared like a child
    God holds you liable
    for what you’ve done

    stared down your idols
    a pretty baby
    never born

    you cant believe it
    you didnt mean it
    but they saw you do it
    and they know your name

    rats in the attic
    toys in the cellar
    she’s an addict
    he wants to learn

    hands on the bible
    as you screw yourself into oblivion
    worn and faded
    stoned and jaded
    you’ll have to face it
    on your own
    smashed on the pavement
    stunned in amazement
    everything you make comes crawling back to you

    you can’t believe it
    you didn’t mean it
    but they saw you do it
    and they know your name

    so hands on the bible
    scared like a child
    God holds you liable
    for what you’ve done

    stared down your idols
    a pretty baby never to be born

    you can’t pretend that you don’t know the reason
    for the reaping that you sow

    hands on the bible
    hands on the bible
    hands on the bible
    hands on the bible

  3. 1/7/2009Sarah says:

    Thin ghost of innocence drowning.

  4. 1/8/2009Kathy Willhoite says:

    She wished she could. No talent.

  5. 1/8/2009Sara Toussaint says:

    Demented. Decadent. She could only hope.

  6. 1/9/2009M.W. Paris says:

    I remember when…ooh, something shiny!

  7. 1/9/2009Hasan Karadayı says:

    Existence of existence should be exist.

  8. 1/10/2009Gracie Paduano says:

    three kids. one tutor. one teenager.

  9. 1/10/2009Hoagie says:

    Drunk driving, oak tree, closed casket.

  10. 1/10/2009Nazara dilworth says:

    Wait. Eww this tastes like poetry.

  11. 1/11/2009paul marnul says:

    Mexico. Soul mates. New York…..Chicago.

  12. 1/11/2009Ulv! Ulv! » Blog Archive » Kort som faen says:

    [...] Forrige innlegg var om kort tekst. For to dager siden fikk jeg et tips om Six Words Stories fra Gunnar. Det er en slags spontane beskrivelser blir haikuhistorier. Seks enkel ord skal gi deg hele dramaet. De lenker til Flash Fiction og siterer Hemingway:  For sale: baby shoes, never used.  [...]

  13. 1/12/2009Joe Nardi says:

    Her whispers echoed through his life.

  14. 1/12/2009Aaron Minchau says:

    Always, nothing more than a human

  15. 1/12/2009Aaron Minchau says:

    Broken before the bell tolls twelve

  16. 1/13/2009Nicole Hunt says:

    Remembered his name. Made it hers.

  17. 1/14/2009Aaron Levine says:

    Yes? No? Shut the fuck up

  18. 1/14/2009OMG! WTF? » Blog Archive » I Found Something Cool Online Again says:

    [...] This is a collection of short short stories consisting of just six words. It was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous challenge. [...]

  19. 1/14/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    See that unloaded gun? Oops, sorry!

  20. 1/14/2009Christopher Blea says:

    So we gasped. She just floundered

  21. 1/15/2009Peter Kantor says:

    Origami party society. Lighter not invited.

  22. 1/15/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    sorry, i meant not quibblo

  23. 1/15/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    that was not a quote btw

  24. 1/15/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    and neither was that, thank you.

  25. 1/15/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    or that dangit!

  26. 1/16/2009laura palmer says:

    went on.die alone

  27. 1/16/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    I’m crazy enough to be human.

  28. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Mornings dying, stars fall at night.

  29. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Been too long living not alive.

  30. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Failed to plan. Planned to fail

  31. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Lost her sweater. Kept his jacket.

  32. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Watch what you say. I do

  33. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Watch what you say, I do.

  34. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    Trick heart, slick mind, tired eyes.

  35. 1/17/2009Mac says:

    We do and we don’t fly.

  36. 1/17/2009Neil Murrell says:

    Aerial impaled postman. Best reception ever.

  37. 1/18/2009Carl William Brown says:

    The Pooh, an Italian music band. Puahh!

  38. 1/18/2009Michael O'Connell says:

    Happiest man in the world laments

  39. 1/18/2009Ryan Cheng says:

    How come life is like that?

  40. 1/18/2009old Texas geezer says:

    Blank page. Words run in mind.

  41. 1/19/2009Marsha in Texas says:

    Dear Geezer Guy – Are you a poet or a writer. Either way I am a fan.

  42. 1/19/2009MEDIAMORPHOSIS’ BLOG » Six Word Stories says:

    [...] word stories è un contenitore di racconti di 6 parole, che prende ispirazione direttamente da Ernest Hemingway, che nel 1920 compone la sua short-short story, dopo aver accettato la sfida di un avventore di un [...]

  43. 1/29/2009tina smith says:

    I think therefore I am…thinking?

  44. 1/29/2009Alice H says:

    Ate date expired food. Never again!

  45. 2/12/2009Erin Carey says:

    In the aftermath, she preferred solitude

  46. 2/12/2009Erin Carey says:

    She wondered why she wasn’t enough

  47. 2/12/2009Erin Carey says:

    Breaking bread with gods is sobering

  48. 2/24/2009lydia says:

    we used to exist without computers

  49. 2/24/2009orlando says:

    Aces full baby needs new shoes.

  50. 3/1/2009Esc says:

    “It’s ok! happens to all guys…”

  51. 3/1/2009Subtelty says:

    Sometimes I wonder if I exist…

  52. 3/2/2009beajerry says:

    Radio blares ghost story… without batteries.

  53. 3/2/2009Andrea Nicolo' says:

    My story doesn’t fit six words.

  54. 3/2/2009Elroy says:

    Incontinent rockstar: shit hits the fan.

  55. 3/3/2009nowbounce says:

    two days under calories, i surrender

  56. 3/3/2009mike says:

    careful sire, last man still missing…

  57. 3/3/2009Dan Blake says:

    Wake, work, sleep. Resistance is futile.

  58. 3/3/2009Mike H says:

    Myanmar horror. Sliced throats. Burma shave.

  59. 3/3/2009Ross says:

    what’s so good about being average?

  60. 3/16/2009Wendy V. says:

    She ordered coffee. Black, no sugar.

  61. 3/23/2009Tom Rubio says:

    Rocks, this street of lost hubcaps.

  62. 3/24/2009Raphael Wyeth says:

    What’s so bad about being average?

  63. 3/30/2009Shunty says:

    Tried,cried but she dint agreed!!

  64. 4/8/2009Gayathri says:

    She got promoted, Wife to Friend

  65. 4/25/2009Angelia Megahan says:

    The daughter despised. Her mother demeaned.

  66. 4/29/2009Braden D. O'Neill says:

    Because last man standing went missing

  67. 4/29/2009Gaurav Kumat says:

    Got up. Went work. Came home.

  68. 4/30/2009Frau Glock says:

    remember: blackberries are fruits. not organizers.

  69. 5/7/2009Ty_Fitzgerald says:

    Compose, Half press, Click, Review, Despair.

  70. 5/8/2009Dawn Leonetti says:

    Stories alone couldn’t fill her soul.

  71. 5/8/2009Dawn Leonetti says:

    Lipstick helped distract from deep conversation.

  72. 5/12/2009Robert A. Knight says:

    Tailgaiters do it from behind

  73. 5/27/2009isaline8 says:

    Wrong DNA test discovered after abortion.

  74. 5/27/2009Twitter and Other Musings « Muse says:

    [...] site only allows 140 characters per post.  I couldn’t help but think of Hemingway with his six word story (”For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.”) and what a great tweeter he would be.  Trained [...]

  75. 5/29/2009Paddy says:

    Absolute doesn’t exist. Then saw bottle.

  76. 5/29/2009Taka Ohno says:

    You Will be better than now

  77. 5/29/2009T.W.Wombat says:

    Door. Slam! DOOR! SLAM! … Enlightenment? Enter…

  78. 6/1/2009sarah says:

    isnt it
    “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”

  79. 6/4/2009Karl says:

    It happened yesterday. Cold and deadly

  80. 6/9/2009Ajay says:

    Back from holiday. Rats in mailbox!

  81. 6/10/2009mike says:

    press play, cry, stop, rewind, eject.

  82. 6/10/2009A. Bunny says:

    Chain broken. Loving mom to four.

  83. 6/12/2009Midian » Blog Archive » ordinary day says:

    [...] – dupa o idee de Hemingway. Linkul l-am vazut mai demult, in statusul Anei, de atunci urmaresc site-ul constant. De mult [...]

  84. 6/13/2009Dhanraj says:

    Man made wonders. Then came women! – D_policE

  85. 6/21/2009NickWasHere says:

    six words stories great for procrasti

  86. 6/22/2009The Slowest Story Ever Told - says:

    [...] or not you believe that anything truly profound can be said in the scope of nine words (Hemingway only needed six), the project stands in stark contrast to our constantly connected and information [...]

  87. 7/4/2009Faizan Mufti says:

    Wanted to lead and LEAD

  88. 7/7/2009in which yelley has millions of peaches, peaches for free. « it’s peanut butter yelley time. . . says:

    [...] post a comment and I’ll draw a name from a hat contest. So instead I am going to have a Six Word Story [...]

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    I waited; coffee, cigarette… walked home.

  92. 7/20/2009Kimberley says:

    He’s gorgeous, kind, intelligent. He’s hers.

  93. 7/21/2009Six Word Stories « The Squirrel Queen says:

    [...] This is a collection of short short stories consisting of just six words. It was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous challenge.” [...]

  94. 7/23/2009Hank Hollman says:

    Ignorant Vote. Obama Elected. America Finished.

  95. 7/23/2009Hank Hollman says:

    Man’s Born Free. Taxed To Death

  96. 8/11/2009Laura says:

    Twitter gets over exited and dies.

  97. 8/11/2009Laura says:

    My students turn to zombies.Oh.

  98. 8/16/2009Elwyn says:

    Age never changed life of dread.

  99. 9/15/2009Reality says:

    World goes on, most people don’t.

  100. 9/16/2009Cuando poco es mejor: Six Word Stories | IdentidadGeek says:

    [...] Word Stories recopila muchas historias extremadamente cortas, inspiradas en el reto que le plantearon a Ernest Hemingway, en la que le pedían escribir ua historia completa en sólo 6 [...]

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    I ate a juicy catapillar today.

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    placed second; played/felt like first

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  107. 11/15/2009Five Percent Isn’t Cutting It « Lady Lumineux says:

    [...] (#tcot) Report, and consider the profound impact of Hemingway’s famous six word story: For Sale: baby shoes, never used. (HT/bonnet tip to @toddeherman for that excellent example of precise, diminutively packaged [...]

  108. 11/17/2009Lee says:

    Pointless Story. Empty Plot. Thankfully Short.

  109. 2/3/2010Ricky in NJ says:

    Lonely Soul, Seeks Other, Loses Himself

  110. 2/9/2010Joey Shannon says:

    Decided not to go; still wondering.

  111. 2/16/2010Halcyon says:

    Emily’s letters from Iraq stopped coming.

  112. 2/16/2010Halcyon says:

    Well fuck, the parachute is jammed.

  113. 2/16/2010Halcyon says:

    “What’s the diagnosis?” I asked. Silence.

  114. 2/16/2010Paul says:

    God in six words? Probably impossible.

  115. 2/20/2010Natassia says:

    all the tools except a knife

  116. 3/11/2010Jen says:

    Past embraces, skin loathing. Jerk.

  117. 3/18/2010Melanie K. says:

    Hard day makes a harder drink.

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    Wrecked car, graduation day, empty seat

  121. 3/20/2010W. Larsen Hughes says:

    Empty house, for sale, bank owned

  122. 3/20/2010W. Larsen Hughes says:

    Ships return, empty slippers, waiting dog

  123. 3/20/2010W. Larsen Hughes says:

    Broken jar, spilled honey, happy bear

  124. 3/20/2010W. Larsen Hughes says:

    Beach landing soldier remembers, years ago

  125. 3/20/2010W. Larsen Hughes says:

    Birds sing, children laugh, memories return

  126. 3/22/2010Tom Sebastian says:

    He smiled a toothless smile

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  128. 3/28/2010Al says:

    Fortune. Fame. Fate. And the unraveling.

  129. 3/29/2010Anne-Marie says:

    For sale: wedding dress, never used.

  130. 4/10/2010tkshoes says:

    What shoes are good for working in wet conditions?
    In the summer I do landscaping cutting grass, and we start early.

  131. 4/15/2010The Manor of Mixed Blessings » Six Word Stories says:

    [...] word stories are just that: stories, told in six words exactly. No more, no fewer. Here’s how this all started. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, it involves Hemingway, and not being fond of his works I am inclined to [...]

  132. 4/21/2010The World in Only Six Words | Drexel Publishing Group says:

    [...] there are quite a few people who think so and a Google search leads to many sites dedicated to six-word stories. It all started in the 1920s, not surprisingly with  Ernest [...]

  133. 5/15/2010Bill Smith says:

    I wrote a ten word story, but can’t say why/

  134. 6/3/2010Eric Hsieh says:

    Loved her enough to pretend otherwise.

  135. 6/20/2010Graucob says:

    Missing: Have you seen this kid.

  136. 6/21/2010Connor Hamilton says:

    His life ended with a whimper.

  137. 6/21/2010M. Fallon says:

    “Go play upstairs son” . . . “Get up…”

  138. 6/21/2010M. Fallon says:

    Jewelry Store/Bank/pawnbroker/jewelry store

  139. 6/21/2010M. Fallon says:

    Google: male widow: widower



  140. 6/22/2010Andy says:

    The stranger spoke, “Calm down Dad.”

  141. 6/24/2010Hoping for “a good summer full of beautiful sight, sound, and creativity” | Create! says:

    [...] or “soft regular” checked. Those little checked-off boxes speak volumes, no? Like Hemingway’s six-word-story, his self-proclaimed best work. “Kachmar. Infil 506. Full [...]

  142. 7/6/2010Eric plapp says:

    Birthday bungee, broken buckle, oops

  143. 7/7/2010Where should I go? says:

    I’ll never stop running from you.

  144. 7/11/2010Kyle Bailey says:

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    For sale. New house. Never lived in.

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    Loves sports. Masseuse. Cook. Still Single.

  148. 10/7/2010Eleanor Simpson says:

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  149. 10/9/2010Brian Scalabrine says:

    Astronomy Class. Daydreams. Lost in space.

  150. 10/11/2010David says:

    Wanted. Looked. Found. Lost. Still around

  151. 10/11/2010David says:

    The child who never cried sobbed.

  152. 10/11/2010David says:

    Torn carriers plastered broke bag mountain

  153. 10/11/2010David says:

    My flies were undone! Freudian zip?

  154. 10/11/2010David says:

    The dog fretted. The cat philosophised.

  155. 10/11/2010David says:

    Owner died. Dog pined. Cat dined.

  156. 10/11/2010HarshawJ says:

    Three. Two. One… Oh shit.

  157. 10/11/2010HarshawJ says:

    Donut shop full, anarchy ensued.

  158. 10/12/2010Bob says:

    My teens are lost in fog.

  159. 10/15/2010Lowell says:

    Winner: the ice skater from Darfur.

  160. 10/31/2010Ricky says:

    Texted. Texted again. No reply. Texted…

  161. 11/2/2010superVaj says:

    Anal sex: taboo or just fun

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  165. 11/13/2010MonikerBob says:

    So much to do on the family farm, woke up and disappeared.

  166. 11/16/2010Words | 3 Kids and a Breakdown says:

    [...] is also the six word stories that I was recently made aware of.  The concept is that you right a complete story in six words. [...]

  167. 12/13/2010Trifledwith says:

    Did someone just say my-? No? Nevermind.

  168. 12/15/2010Laura Thorne says:

    The toilet overflows again. Shit happens.

  169. 12/30/2010Javier Rabon says:

    Sooo dey held da funeral up for Wayne and Baby nem….NO def has da ghetto card…

  170. 1/2/2011Rita says:

    “If not now, then why not?”

  171. 1/9/2011Joanne says:

    Seeking Zen, finding So Much laundry.

  172. 1/15/2011Dustin M says:

    Were you waving at me?…Oh.

  173. 1/15/2011Dustin M says:

    Cured of drink and wickedness. Bored.

  174. 1/16/2011CD Holder says:

    She said she felt nothing… Afterwards.

  175. 1/17/2011Siregar says:

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    Same old stuff, Just another day

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    Day is done, time to sleep.

  179. 1/27/2011Angel says:

    We are reckless and destructive, and sometimes it’s beautiful.

  180. 1/28/2011carl hanson says:

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  181. 1/29/2011Andrew J. Olson says:

    She made him grit his teeth.

  182. 1/30/2011lakrfool says:

    She drove away, never to return.

  183. 1/30/2011Jessica Martin says:

    No please! Not again! Someone HELP!

  184. 2/6/2011Trevor says:

    “Yes, I love you.” If only.

  185. 2/12/2011ROAR says:

    I should have, but didn’t. Regrets.

  186. 2/12/2011steve says:

    “If sex, then love.” You wish.

  187. 2/19/2011M.C. says:

    the shortest Hemingway story he never wrote:

    Free shotgun, used once.

  188. 2/21/2011James Casto says:

    She lives between heartache and hope.

  189. 2/25/2011Eek, A Geek! » Blog Archive » Noen setninger says:

    [...] ikke som dikt, og i alle fall ikke som haiku. Det er da slettes ikke en prosatekst, det er ikke flash prosa en gang, og det er heller ikke [...]

  190. 2/28/2011John says:

    all of your stories are horrible

  191. 3/1/2011Beth says:

    Infertile woman, desires child, cries nightly

  192. 3/2/2011simoncpu says:

    I can has cheezburger? I LOL’d.

  193. 3/3/2011Sixwordstories, bedankt Ernest! | dutchanddonts says:

    [...] micro-verhaaltjes. Ernest Hemingway bracht ons in de 20′er jaren van de vorige eeuw het idee. Een verhaal in zes woorden. Zijn “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” brengt vragen, kippenvel en beelden. Instant. [...]

  194. 3/13/2011coen guldenmund says:

    wisdom trees rain dew day and

  195. 3/23/2011Moi says:

    He lied. She cried. He died.

  196. 4/4/2011Rafiki says:

    Two Men In Bed, One Dead.


  197. 4/5/2011Renna` says:

    In the street light murders commence.

    A young mothers tears consume her.

    Tears shine in the moon light.

    Hunger consumes the neglected child’s belly.

  198. 4/7/2011Doktor says:

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  200. 4/18/2011Collaborative Storytelling | EDTECH-CATION says:

    [...] This is a collection of short short stories consisting of just six words. It was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous challenge. [...]

  201. 4/19/2011sustainabiliTeaching says:

    [...] Recently I stumbled across the site Six Word Stories. It is a collection of stories written in exactly six words, as inspired by the original Ernest Hemingway short-short story, [...]

  202. 4/19/2011Jasmine says:

    One drink. Long night. Rainy day.

  203. 4/19/2011Jasmine says:

    lover—the man with no face.

  204. 4/19/2011Jasmine says:

    Beautiful wall, hard and stone cold

  205. 4/22/2011Thompson Holliday says:

    HIs last words, “This tastes awful.”

  206. 4/29/2011Alex says:

    Her bloodshed fists held his ring.

  207. 5/3/2011Patrick says:

    Heaven can’t, Hell won’t, Now what?

  208. 5/5/2011Juanman32 says:

    Playing pool was just an excuse.

  209. 5/5/2011Juanman32 says:

    Mam, I smell death… Mam!… Maaaaammmmm!!!!

  210. 5/19/2011Lindsy says:

    Wavy locks, puckered lips, short goodbye

  211. 5/21/2011John says:

    Dear John, I will explain later…

  212. 5/25/2011Conspiritor says:

    Genius’s idea planted by posted sign

  213. 6/3/2011aubrey says:

    set sail, maybe shoes, never use. ;) something not so fucking sad lol

  214. 8/6/2011Mystery Man says:

    His plan failed before it began.

  215. 8/6/2011Mystery Man says:

    Dear enticed, the fruit is fake. (or cake)

  216. 8/6/2011Mystery Man says:

    HEy read comments

  217. 8/6/2011Mystery Man says:

    Their uniqueness will burn to ashes.

  218. 8/8/2011Varun says:

    Wonderfully talented yet needlessly doubtful.

  219. 8/30/2011Alexis says:

    Black and white cookies: freshly baked.

  220. 9/1/2011Tom Cardamone says:

    This pregnancy test is multiple choice.

  221. 9/1/2011Valerie says:

    Fear of freedom; he remained chained.

  222. 9/1/2011Rebecca Snow says:

    I wasn’t the one who died.

  223. 9/1/2011Rebel Callous says:

    I never, wanted, to kill anyone.

  224. 9/1/2011Rebel Callous says:

    He punched her like a man.

  225. 9/1/2011Lisa says:

    A better game was never played.

  226. 9/1/2011Charlie says:

    Death arrived, ruining my charming day.

  227. 9/2/2011Geoffery Crescent says:

    Plants his seed, finds out, leaves

  228. 9/5/2011Fiction Friday | The Catching Force says:

    [...] that wasn’t a typo).  Legend has it that Hemingway once won a short story contest with a six-word story.  Thus, the genre of “flash fiction” was born.  I’m no Hemingway, so I thought [...]

  229. 9/18/2011wild welsh woman says:

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  230. 9/21/2011rocowo says:

    A foolish romantic dies with style.

  231. 9/21/2011Luc T says:

    No one else could have known.

  232. 9/26/2011theholygerbil says:

    Wanted: suicidal people. Looking for lunch.

  233. 9/28/2011Kevin J says:

    She thought there would be more.

  234. 10/1/2011Dave says:

    Drake forgets bowling balls. History changed.

  235. 10/5/2011Shamasi Wiz says:

    Man winks. Girl swoons. Monster ravages.

  236. 10/5/2011Shamasi Wiz says:

    Hostess dumpster. Eating Twinkies. Expiration irrelevant.

  237. 10/5/2011Shamasi Wiz says:

    Monkey throws feces. I return fire.

  238. 10/10/2011christopher taylor says:

    he said he had condom. he didn’t

  239. 10/11/2011Cathy says:

    Why doesn’t Daddy come home anymore?

  240. 10/14/2011carolina says:

    met online. married six weeks later.

  241. 10/16/2011Six word stories « Whenever inspiration strikes!!! says:

    [...] since I read Ernest Hemingway’s famous challenge, I have been racking my brains for similar stuff. Finally I have come up with something. What do [...]

  242. 10/16/2011yerrech says:

    listen well,do work,high grades!! :)

  243. 10/21/2011Hyperion says:

    Not to be a giant A-hole, but in doing research for a column that referenced this story, I have come to discover that Hemingway’s authorship is dubious at best. The story still rocks, and is worthy to inspire a website, but the origin tale may be decidedly tall.

  244. 10/21/2011Chris Taylor says:

    Adam fell, got up … and laughed.

  245. 10/27/2011Lucy says:

    Munched apple, fucked Adam… created mankind.

  246. 10/30/2011Brian Emerson says:

    I didn’t mean to say that.

  247. 11/1/2011charbronte says:

    Forgot what i was going to

  248. 11/14/2011Beatriz says:

    loved it!

  249. 11/20/2011chris brunton says:

    Could go on forever… Shaggy Dog x

  250. 11/27/2011Jay says:

    You ignore me, but I’m okay.

  251. 11/29/2011Bjørnar Djupevik Hagen says:

    You are aware that this website is based on a wrong quote… It actually is “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”

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  256. 1/3/2012Speculation — My Favorite Pastime « RAFrenzy says:

    [...] The range of emotions this evoked nearly took off my head. Each card is a story much like the six word story attributed to Hemingway although the Post Secret cards are more powerful for being non-fiction. [...]

  257. 1/9/2012Wire Nut says:

    Deaf Ears…Silence World…Successful Life!

  258. 1/23/2012Chuck G says:

    Dear John, found love during Normandy

  259. 2/10/2012Allen Marchman says:

    Air Brush Man…Artist Chicago Can.

  260. 2/12/2012indraisme says:

    For sale: my brain, never worn.

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    For sale. “Kama Sutra.” Barley used.

  262. 2/18/20126words says:

    HAHAH! I am going past 6 words losers!

  263. 2/19/2012Our 'Instagrata' super fast information society | the Mindbla blog says:

    [...] of the internet per se (many flash fiction websites illustrate this by pointing out the famous six word story supposedly attributable to Ernest Hemmingway). And at least it forces you to really think about [...]

  264. 2/22/2012For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn | Feather By Feather says:

    [...] like Papa Hemingway’s famous flash story (“for sale: baby shoes, never worn”), the listings sometimes tell just the edge of a [...]

  265. 3/24/2012Bringing the outside in by George Chilton « EFL thoughts and reflections says:

    [...] at 6 word stories (as popularised by Ernest Hemmingway), which you can find quite easily online (  Their conversation arose from the materials in a way I hadn’t foreseen, but I was happy to [...]

  266. 3/28/2012Rod Smith says:

    Thought of a new word, ignorary.

  267. 4/1/2012AL.D says:

    Let’s eat grandma. Let’s eat, grandma.

  268. 4/7/2012Francie Moore says:

    A soft caress; He kisses me.

  269. 4/8/2012Six Words Heard Round The World « the salted notion says:

    [...] generations of writers have re-enacted Hemingway’s victory.  Some of these attempts are by amateurs, some by auteurs renown.  There are those who would dismiss writing-duel-reenactors as histrionic [...]

  270. 4/9/2012Caroline says:

    Sometimes I lose myself in ecstasy.

  271. 4/10/2012Emily says:

    Intoxicated, he grimaces, downing the poison.

  272. 4/19/2012“Poetry in Six Words” « My World in Works says:

    [...] this was a little challenge to my self inspired by Ernest Hemmingway’s Six Word Stories. I had a few of those words kicking around in my head so I decided to turn them into a six word [...]

  273. 4/29/2012Day 29: how to cut a long story short? « time to consider the lilies says:

    [...] We’ll see. But not today. Immediately, this challenge brought to mind the genius of Ernest Hemingway. As the story goes, “Papa” settled a bar bet with his writing colleagues by crafting a [...]

  274. 5/1/2012marisa mcmahon says:

    For sale school books, never opened.

  275. 5/1/2012Kyria says:

    He cried out; no one came.

  276. 5/2/2012TPayne says:

    she bought tickets, his battery died.

  277. 5/2/2012TPayne says:

    so they decided to stay friends.

  278. 5/2/2012TPayne says:

    she didn’t realise he was listening.

  279. 5/8/2012Mathew Pettigrew says:

    Hemingway’s best work, only six words?

  280. 5/23/2012Faith says:

    engagded marriage fight brake up remarried

  281. 6/2/2012Donald says:

    I lived, loved, and I died.

  282. 6/9/2012B. Howard says:

    After this life, there is nothing.

  283. 6/9/2012B. Howard says:

    Better yet..
    Born alone, lived alone, died alone.

  284. 6/9/2012B. Howard says:

    And one more…
    Got cancer, Obamacare passed, he died,

  285. 6/10/2012JayJay says:

    We left Autumn buried under snow…

  286. 6/16/2012Let’s Talk About It « Verbatim Gibberish says:

    [...] I realize she must be grieving, but sheesh! That reminds me of that (alleged) Hemingway story about baby shoes. So, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, right. We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to [...]

  287. 6/16/2012Niccoble says:

    A heart given, a heart crushed.

  288. 6/18/2012Ida says:

    She was, they told, a miracle.

  289. 6/20/2012#wordsadayjune list! | Writesofluid says:

    [...] short story; perhaps try a six word story, or a six sentence [...]

  290. 6/20/2012#aprilwordsaday gets off to a creative start… | Writesofluid says:

    [...] short story; perhaps try a six word story, or a six sentence [...]

  291. 6/20/2012B. Howard says:

    Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential

  292. 6/21/2012hawthorn says:

    He buries his son, rainy day.

  293. 6/24/2012Memories Are Made Of This – Part 3 | Martin Palmer says:

    [...] ‘stories in a sentence’ (think about Hemingway’s famous flash, as seen here: and seriously, you will not find a more vibrant and inspirational atmosphere as you will at Edge [...]

  294. 7/9/2012Nic says:

    Script sale; heartless, bitter and cold

  295. 7/10/2012Daren says:

    I know when I’m not wanted

  296. 7/11/2012Noelle says:

    hey, that comment that you left was so ignorant and outta be ashamed mr. let’s talk about it…”

  297. 7/11/2012Noelle says:

    what if that were YOUR baby?

  298. 7/24/2012The Best Secret (6-Word Story) « An Off Year says:

    [...] by the original 6-word story Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Published: July 24, 2012 [...]

  299. 7/30/2012#wordsadayaugust writing challenge list – will YOU be taking part? | Writesofluid says:

    [...] short story; perhaps try a six word story, or a six sentence [...]

  300. 8/8/2012Six Word Story: Beginning and Ending | Made More Beautiful says:

    [...] Note: Hemingway wrote powerful six word stories, and I like the challenge of putting a lot of emotion into so few [...]

  301. 8/16/2012For Sale: baby shoes, never worn | Lucyinnovation's Blog says:

    [...] Those six words are somewhat unexpected yet hugely powerful. You can read more six word stories here or submit your [...]

  302. 8/23/2012Jason says:

    Mobile poverty! Mother nurture! Life lessons!

  303. 8/28/2012Alec Animo says:

    Lights Flashing. Program Running. Computer Crashing.

  304. 9/21/2012Me in six words « speaktomyhand says:

    [...] Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. [...]

  305. 9/21/2012RudiM says:

    Went to grocery store. Found God.

  306. 9/23/2012Rudy says:

    The test was positive. It’s his.

  307. 10/2/2012Rose says:

    The truth. Forgotten. The lies. Remembered.

  308. 10/4/2012Melody Bennett says:

    Work All Week. Money Gone Friday.

  309. 10/9/2012Career Post #3: 6 Word Career Story « Development of Emerging & Aspiring Librarians says:

    [...] Hemingway wrote the first six word story on a [...]

  310. 10/10/2012marie says:

    After all the waitress is waiting.

  311. 11/7/2012Ryan says:

    God dead. Priest looking for work.

  312. 11/7/2012Dean F. says:

    Crap! Dad… Mom’s dead again!

  313. 11/7/2012Dean F. says:

    “It happened tomorrow!” he lamented yesterday.

  314. 11/17/2012Compean says:

    Daughter, taught me to long for.

  315. 11/25/2012S.Anderson says:

    I’m going to start exercising tomorrow. Probably

  316. 12/2/2012Tanseli'jup says:

    Months together. Intensive time. Born alone

  317. 12/4/2012todayhumor says:

    et-hem, there are no any people

  318. 12/8/2012Paul says:

    My Dad’s eyes closed.

  319. 12/8/2012levinsky says:

    Emily ordered paté. Tom had nothing.

  320. 12/24/2012Honbitzemusil says:

    Is this a six-word-story?

  321. 12/31/2012Socrates says:

    I think and thus, I exist

  322. 1/3/2013Danny O'Dowd says:

    Leaving again? Where are you going?

  323. 1/8/2013Robert says:

    “I couldn’t hold on. I’m sorry. “

  324. 1/11/2013Randall says:

    Genius, lover, coward, fool… farewell…

  325. 1/11/2013Maria Clara says:

    Tick, tock, the seconds pass by
    and your hand slips from mine
    with empty eyes you’re gone
    and that’s the last good bye.

  326. 1/11/2013Amelia says:


  327. 1/11/2013Amelia says:

    Monday today.

  328. 1/16/2013Ruth says:

    The Bride fled, the Groom bled.

  329. 1/28/2013Chris R. says:

    It’s actually ‘never worn’, not ‘used’.

  330. 1/30/2013Alex says:

    Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.

  331. 3/3/2013nina says:

    No words. Just thoughts and goodbye.

  332. 3/8/2013Lotus says:

    Childhood’s harms stained her entire existence.

  333. 3/24/2013Craig T says:

    I sat and wept, remembering, hoping.

  334. 3/27/2013Nishi says:

    You all suck. Get a job.

  335. 4/1/2013Diana Figler says:

    Tomorrow?! I am ready for you…

  336. 4/3/2013cdl says:

    Can’t help the abused? Help yourself.

  337. 4/7/2013Joel Champ says:

    I think about it so much.

  338. 5/3/2013Peter H says:

    Two returned. One carried the other.

    “I didn’t swallow,” she said, blushing.

    Eventually, even his family stopped visiting.

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  341. 5/24/20136 Word Video Stories Using Only 6 Unique Camera Shots | EdReach says:

    [...] This is a collection of short short stories consisting of just six words. It was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous challenge. [...]

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    Nice work. Check out mine.

  343. 6/15/2013Cory Nedlik says:

    She was born a man… why?

  344. 6/22/2013immarcesible says:

    Family pictures with Daddy cut out.

  345. 7/27/2013Weekend Wonderings says:

    [...] was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s challenge.  Read the six-word story he wrote.  It’ll break your [...]

  346. 9/12/2013Michael E. Johnson says:

    Cheated on wife, bitch shot me.

  347. 10/2/2013Thank you, Mr. Hemingway. | Just Another Day in DS106 says:

    […] being inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s poignant “six word story,” I played a few rounds of 5 card flickr and came up with the […]

  348. 10/6/2013The Art of… | Just Another Day in Technology… says:

    […] – Brevity is the soul of wit. As well as at the heart of this creative challenge. Create a six word story (a la Ernest Hemingway) with a strong emotional theme in a particular direction, e.g., happy or scary or brave. After […]

  349. 10/6/2013The Art of… | Just Another Day in Technology… says:

    […] – Brevity is the soul of wit. As well as at the heart of this creative challenge. Create a six word story (a la Ernest Hemingway) with a strong emotional theme in a particular direction, e.g., happy or scary or brave. After […]

  350. 11/7/2013JT says:

    Unused condoms thrown into a dustbin.

  351. 11/9/2013Minimalism | TimeLine Media - VA | DC photographyTimeLine Media – VA | DC photography says:

    […] to strip out the extraneous elements that may not add to the final piece. There is are authors that write six word novels, or poets that only write haiku. It may seem seem restrictive to put limits on how many words or […]

  352. 11/13/2013paul says:

    Pride. Fall. Then pride slowly returns.

  353. 11/26/2013Don’t Speak | What Made me says:

    […] For sale: baby shoes, never used. – Six Word Stories. […]

  354. 11/29/2013Eric Begner says:

    Lifes a dance, I never learned.

  355. 12/3/2013Alexis S. says:

    He was silenced, but finally heard.

    Missing girl found yet still lost.

    Her inner demons eventually took over.

  356. 12/10/2013Bethany says:

    Family buys house, never lived there.

  357. 12/10/2013Bethany says:

    Family bought house, never lived there.

  358. 12/10/2013Bethany says:

    Lived in chains, freed in death.

  359. 1/30/2014Alpentalik says:

    Dreaming again,awaken alone,crying widower

  360. 2/19/2014Taylor Odum says:

    Positive test. Lives pain. Dies alone.

  361. 3/3/2014Steph Delle Donne says:

    Tranquil. Then realized she was dead.

  362. 3/6/2014Thomas Grob says:

    Simplicity ruins my life, think outrageous.

  363. 3/6/2014Thomas Grob says:

    Simplicity ruins my life, think outrageous

  364. 3/7/2014Honglai Zhan says:

    dont like what most guys like

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  368. 3/20/2014American Studies | Ms. Gardner's English Classes says:

    […] Six Word Stories […]

  369. 3/20/2014Alex P. says:

    Neck-high blade. Laughing his head off.

  370. 3/28/2014Simeon Lumgair says:

  371. 3/28/2014Simeon Lumgair says:

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  377. 4/16/2014Short, Shorts | The Write Side of 50 says:

    […] Author Lydia Davis, in her new book, “Can’t and Won’t,” has perfected the art of the short story. The very short, short story – a story that captures a scene or a persona in a sentence or two – ala Ernest Hemingway, who created a Six Word Story. […]

  378. 5/8/2014Orzech says:

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  379. 5/8/2014Orzech says:

    What the hell…, said God – dot

  380. 5/15/2014Shoes says:

    Yes it is a short storie. Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know it

  381. 5/19/2014Prof. Richard Martin says:

    My Visual Storytelling class at City College, in New York is based upon those six words. Students are guided through the class using the techniques they learn and practice to make short movies and learn to tell short stories visually using a Digital camera and a home computer.Hemingway would be proud.

  382. 5/21/2014A filtered view. | Elisa Riddington says:

    […] paved the way and wrote his famous heartbreak shortest story of six words (I can’t even: Read it here), I must learn to adapt. And that is progress….isn’t […]

  383. 5/23/2014The 6-Word Novel: For Sale, Wedding Ring, Never Worn! | claudenougat says:

    […] time that today there’s a website entirely dedicated to it, with hundreds of examples, see here.   And now ReadWave, the cool website that draws together readers and writers with short stories […]

  384. 5/23/2014ASMSG Romance Erotica Ezine – The 6-Word Novel: For Sale, Wedding Ring, Never Worn! says:

    […] time that today there’s a website entirely dedicated to it, with hundreds of examples, see here. And now ReadWave, the cool website that draws together readers and writers with short stories […]

  385. 6/10/2014Bob says:

    “What should be, never can be”

  386. 6/15/2014k d brady says:

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