Failed SAT. Lost scholarship. Invented rocket.

—William Shatner

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  1. 12/29/2008Bob says:

    Caveman invents atlatl. Mammoths go extinct.

  2. 1/11/2009Karl says:

    Jimmy? You drank that bleach? Jimmy?!?

  3. 1/11/2009Kayxee says:


  4. 1/13/2009katie says:


  5. 1/15/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Conquered other countries with FLAGS… pathetic…

  6. 1/18/2009Tim Kanski says:

    He never called back- I cried.

  7. 1/18/2009Tim Kanski says:

    I found them in my backpack.

  8. 1/18/2009Tim Kanski says:

    I changed myself for the world.

  9. 1/18/2009Tim Kanski says:

    The three of us grew up.

  10. 1/19/2009Ryan says:

    Broke world records. Bought it iPod

  11. 1/26/2009Madaniel says:

    Yes? I want my AIDS cured.

  12. 3/18/2009edeneleven11 says:

    Her: “Love me!”, Him: “Not today…”

  13. 3/18/2009edeneleven11 says:

    She screamed and screamed. Only silence answered.

  14. 3/21/2009Pendark says:

    Egyptian beetles ate my sleeping bride.

  15. 3/31/2009Elin says:

    But, there are only lost paradises.

  16. 4/10/2009ILoveChocolate says:

    I want your panties, please baby

  17. 5/6/2009Swifty McVeigh says:

    For Better, For Ever, I Do

  18. 6/21/2009Chris says:

    Cause of death: itchy trigger finger.

  19. 7/5/2009Joe Nardi says:

    The cannons fired, mothers lost sons.

  20. 7/20/2009Scott says:

    His life was an enigmatic paradox.

  21. 9/6/2009York says:

    Staring, hoping, wondering… Knowing it’s nothing.

  22. 9/6/2009Rob says:

    An innocent crush turns to obsession.

  23. 9/14/2009Jess says:

    Four sisters, one bathroom; enough said

  24. 9/14/2009Jess says:

    Four sisters, one bathroom; enough said.

  25. 9/16/200950 Stories Under 50 Words | Lit Drift: Storytelling in the 21st Century says:

    […] 12. Failed SAT. Lost scholarship. Invented rocket. –William Shatner […]

  26. 11/24/2009ButtUglyJeff says:

    My three children resisted the dentist.

  27. 11/26/2009Johnny Ancich says:

    In your mouth. The whole length.

  28. 11/26/2009C.K. says:

    Holy cow, William Shatner posts here?

  29. 11/27/2009moose says:

    i came. i saw. got wasted.

  30. 11/27/2009Degen says:

    This site takes my breath away.

  31. 11/27/2009Ben says:

    What a huge waste of time.

  32. 11/27/2009.j. says:

    And so it was, it was.

  33. 11/28/2009He Who can not count well says:

    School taught me to count.

  34. 11/28/2009Timmy T says:

    In trouble. Where’s Scotty? Beam me…

  35. 11/28/2009Fail SAT. Obsolete Invention. Start over says:

    Yo, Shatner. Rockets fail, need warp.

  36. 12/3/2009HippyinBC says:

    Marionettes use strings to be realistic.

  37. 12/3/2009Fabio says:

    Why are the comments six words?

    Ahh! It’s started to affect me!

    Oh My God I can’t Stop!

    By the way, William Shatner Rules!

  38. 12/4/2009Strebor Tiolle says:

    Assessment due + Stumble upon (= Insomnia) = Screwed!

  39. 2/16/2010Halcyon says:

    Closed eyes. Drew straws. Sigh

  40. 2/16/2010Halcyon says:

    Incoherent babbles. He has her eyes.

  41. 2/16/2010Halcyon says:

    Last kiss. She boards the plane.

  42. 2/16/2010Halcyon says:

    Edit: One of my last posts has only five letters. Here it is revised.

    Closed eyes. Drew straws. A sigh.

  43. 2/17/2010David says:

    He came, he saw, he conquered.

  44. 3/24/2010Lorrie W Escovedo says:

    Really informative – always spread your message. Looking forward to an update. For too long now have I had the urge to get started on my own blog. Guess if I wait around any longer I will never ever do it. I’ll make sure to include you in my Blogroll. Thanks again!!

  45. 4/13/2010Матвей Филатов says:

    А в чем смысл добавлять свой блог на Фид бернер? Траф это увеличит или что? (сорри: за оффтопик) :)

  46. 4/23/2010valter marques says:

    One amazing way is to writte.

  47. 5/3/2010Dylan says:

    Got Bored. Slept. Failed. Jail.

  48. 5/3/2010Dylan says:

    Got Bored. Slept. Failed. Jailed.

  49. 9/9/2010Mona Callender says:

    Granddaughter explains IPOD.
    Grandmother wants IPOD.

  50. 1/31/2011ROBIN LANTING says:

    if u cant say nice things dont talk

  51. 10/27/2011Clowiie says:

    She played with fire. Fire won.

  52. 4/1/2012AL.D says:

    His mother never wanted a boy.

  53. 5/23/2012Jon Douglas says:

    Saggy balls, chin held high. Revenge

  54. 8/27/2012Marco Animo says:


  55. 8/27/2012Perla Animo says:

    Mom.Dad.I need you both.

  56. 12/28/2012Annick says:

    took his life with a bullet

  57. 3/18/2013Amy says:

    I’m me, not your perfect Barbie.

  58. 3/19/2013Joanna Y says:

    Problems were expected; Suicide an option.

  59. 3/28/2013patrick says:

    An inventory of passing thoughts

  60. 11/26/2013Jon Twan says:

    Found: Brown Dog, Missing Both Ears.

  61. 1/12/2014Yan says:

    income gap,new inequality,Multi-generational passing

  62. 1/15/2014narwhalgirl says:

    “Morbidity’s hard,” piercing scream, “never mind.”

  63. 2/17/2014Joey Andrew says:

    I wanted you to love me

  64. 2/27/2014Whovians will rule says:

    She left. None noticed. She cried.

  65. 12/1/2019Macy E says:

    Long tunnel; still holding my breath.

  66. 4/12/2023Jan says:

    Hot boys makes me so happy

  67. 4/12/2023singsangcuk says:

    My nails makes me so angry

  68. 4/12/2023jenny says:

    i really love hot dads okay

  69. 4/12/2023jenny says:

    I really love mgp it slays

  70. 4/12/2023singsangcuk says:

    sha va du va da arabiensdrøm

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