They awaited sunrise. It never came.

—AS Byatt

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  1. 1/7/2009Visa says:

    The best one I’ve seen. This would be a great beginning for a book – or ending.

  2. 1/7/2009Erin says:

    No, it IS the book, dude.

  3. 1/7/2009Tim says:

    i bet it was zombies

  4. 1/9/20093td » Blog Archive » Six Word Stories says:

    […] They awaited sunrise. It never came. […]

  5. 1/16/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    It’s totally awesome……! What is it?

  6. 3/1/2009chloe says:

    A long time a go sum young princesses called Chloe and her twin sister Isabelle. Chloe and her sister said to they mummy, daddy how long till we get to nanny’s and granddad‘s. not long now it will only take 1 more hour. Hopefully sis yes Chloe why don’t we play on ore Nintendo’s. Ok what do you want to play Nintendo the game of dog sis yes Isabelle how is spook and spooky well I do not now? How is tom well I do not know well Do you want to DS download play yes Chloe. Ok then mummy how long now we are here now. What Number do nanny and granddad life at well 199 cool. Isabelle yes Chloe I hope we have got some presents Isabelle. We are here girls. Hi nanny, granddad hi girls come in girls. We have something for. Chloe this is for you and this is for you. Go on open them. Open the big one ok. Yes the make your very lovely cup cakes and open your other one ok. Wow a new dress with red and blue sparkly. And Isabelle this is for you and this is for you. Go on open them. Open the big one ok. Yes the new dolls Timmy, Sally, Tom, Katie, James and Rebecca open the last one ok. Wow a new dress with pink and green sparkly. Well nanny yes girls do you have 1 more presents for each of us yes I do Chloe this is for you yes a high school musical 3 laptop! Isabelle this is for you yes High School Musical 2 laptop! Nanny do you have 2 more gifts for us yes we do Chloe this is yours wow that is big really big go on open it ok yes the high school musical mp3 player and open the next one ok wow the Nintendo stinkers the high school musical ones
    Isabelle this is yours wow the Arsenal football table and open the next one ok yes the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 DVD Dinner time come on now thank you granddad what have you made for us well pizza, chips, cookies, peas and cake what kind chocolate cake the best cake in ore life’s well Chloe, Isabelle it’s time to go home oh why because Chloe got to feed her hamster and Chloe has to feed her dog and Isabelle you have to feed your cat and fish nanny do you have just 1 more gift for us yes Chloe this is for you a Scotland tartan Isabelle this is for you a Scotland tartan why have we got tartans because when me and granddad went to Scotland we got you tartans but why because we would like you to come with us for 2 weeks yes take them please nanny yes when are you going in 2 days mummy yes can me and Isabelle stay here o go on than thank you mummy I’ll ring you tonight ok mummy feed ore pets ok yes I will thank you mummy we will be just fine sis yes sis we have never stayed with nanny and granddad before no we never have nanny yes were do me Isabelle sleep on the sofa but they is only 1 sofa you 2 can sleep in the spare room ok it is in the attic it has 2 beds but what if we get scared if you do come down to my bed room ok come on now bed time good time Chloe yes Isabelle think we sleep in bunk beds don’t we yes we do didn’t mummy say we will ring you hang on listen that’s nanny calling us Chloe Isabelle yes nanny come down ok yes its your mummy ring who is going to say hi Chloe you are first ok hi mummy it’s Chloe hi baby mummy how is daddy he is just fine you ok do you want to speak to Isabelle ok hang on Isabelle mummy wants to speak to you ok hi mummy hi baby mummy how is daddy he is just fine you ok well see you in 2 weeks and 1 and a half days ok love you now girls did you bring a soft toy each of you I brag blue and I brag Gabrielle now up to bed ok. Let’s go to sleep ok good night good morning girls good morning nanny come down ok good morning girl’s morning granddad. Nanny what time are we going to Scotland 6:00am. What! 6:00am yes but why because it takes 6 hours what! Yes it takes that long I hope we get they bye 12:00pm now it’s time for breakfast now what would you 2 like what have you got we have nothing we have to go shopping ok come on then coming nanny come on in the car wow that car is big now just get in ok we are here now that good out now girls now what would you like to eat mummy lets us have a smarts cookie when we get up ok go and get them don’t run you two here they are nanny now what do you eat burgers and a hot dog sandwich ok lets go and pay for the food come on let pay good morning miss good morning that will be £9.00 please and thank you for shopping with us now get in the car you 2 what are we doing after breakfast well you and your sister are going to pack your bags why because we are going to Scotland at 6:00am so eat your breakfast ok nanny. Now you have to pack your bags now get up in your room both of you ok nanny. Sis what should I pack well you should pack your tartan with blue, red, pink, green and yellow well Isabelle you should we have well you can have a sandwich with pack your tartan with red, blue, yellow, green and pink well we both should pack kickers and tops and shots and most of all ran hats and most of all ran jackets and ran shots but Isabelle what if it is a bit hot well we can pack sum tops girls time for lunch what would you like what can we have well you can have a sandwich with cheese and onion crisps

  7. 3/1/2009chloe says:

    Baby Bart’s Rescue

    Once upon a time there was a family of polar bears: Mother Bear, Father Bear, and Baby Bart. Father Bear and Baby Bart were out playing one day when all of a sudden there was a fierce snowstorm. It was snowing so hard that Baby Bart got separated from his dad. Father Bear called Santa right away for help. He knew that Santa found little boys and girls all over the world. Surely, Santa could find Baby Bart Father Bear was right. Using his Electronic Kid Finder, Santa soon knew exactly where Baby Bart was! But the snow piled up deeper and deeper. It was so deep and the storm was so fierce that no one could go outside to rescue Baby Bart. “Hmmm!” said Santa. “This calls for some magical help, and fast! I know just the right people — the Snowman Squad. They can get around in any storm!” Santa turned on the Reindeer Radio and shouted out “Snowman Squad! Snowman Squad! Come in, please! Baby Bart is lost in the storm. He is on the west ridge. Please help!” The Snowman Squad knew exactly what to do. They rushed to the big North Pole Tractor and Truck Garage.
    They started up the engines on the huge snow dump truck, snowplow and the snow backhoe and headed out to rescue Baby Bart.
    Only the Snowman Squad could make it in this storm! The snow was really deep, but the huge trucks pounded through the snowdrifts. All the trucks worked together to make a road to where Baby Bart was stranded.
    The big snow loader truck, snow backhoe and snow plow moved the snow to the dump truck so it could be hauled away. Finally, the Snowman Squad in their big trucks found Baby Bart on the west ridge. Baby Bart was cold and scared, but once he saw the Snowman Squad, he jumped for joy!
    As Baby Bart got in one of the big trucks, one of the Snowmen announced over the Reindeer Radio,” Baby Bart is just fine! We just gave him some hot chocolate, and he will be home soon!”
    Everyone was very happy! The snowmen and the big trucks had save Baby Bart.! THE END!

  8. 3/1/2009chloe says:

    09:30 – 15:00 – Year 3 Trip to Reading Museum with Miss DziedzickI

  9. 3/3/2009Heather em says:

    This is why i love you, Ms Byatt.

  10. 4/21/2010AdJo says:

    What part of six words story…

  11. 11/2/2010Ruth says:

    sheesh chloe, if I wanted that much to read I wouldn’t be on

  12. 12/12/2018Tyrone says:

    I don’t have a penis

  13. 12/12/2018Tyrone says:

    I don’t have a vagina

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