“Oh, Rita.” “Oh, Ralph.” “…Ralph?” “…Shit.”

—Daniel Hawking

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  1. 1/18/2009Victor says:

    rofl!!!! omg this was so fucking funny!!! excellent!!

  2. 1/19/2009loren says:


  3. 1/19/2009Meow says:


  4. 1/20/2009Andrew says:

    Brilliant, guy. Absolutely fantastic.

  5. 1/24/2009Julie Mary says:

    Hahahaha! Awesome!

  6. 2/2/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    ok im done laughing at your pure genius XD

  7. 3/16/2009I am famous on the Internet « The Lounge of the Adventurer - lots of randomness with sprinkles made of comedy and a filling of our finest quality spite says:

    […] Comment! “Oh, Rita.” “Oh, Ralph.” “…Ralph?” “…Shit.&#82… […]

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