“Amputation complete!” “Um…Doctor…wrong leg.”

—Pete Berg

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  1. 1/15/2009Cynthia says:

    Hahahahahaha. Humor, irony, tragedy all in one. amazing.

  2. 1/15/2009betty carbuncle says:

    quite macabre but a good one :D

  3. 1/15/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Hmmmm….One brief remark, if you please: Scary sense of humor (good, but scaaaary)

  4. 1/16/2009Marsha in Texas says:

    This will be in next “Crip Humor ~ By and For the Severely Euphemized”
    Thank you Pete Berg for not being politically correct!

  5. 1/19/2009badbilly says:

    lol love it lol would hate if it happend to me lol always makes me want to be awake to remind them what there doing just incase lol.

  6. 4/17/2009Hannah says:

    I love this one cause it’s an actual story in six words, not a headline or poem.

  7. 7/28/2011Allie Roberts says:

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