Blind man trips. Holding my laughter.

—Matt Portman

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  1. 1/13/2009Seth says:

    Glorious. Wicked, but glorious.

  2. 1/15/2009Emma says:

    Excellent in its wrongness. Hurrah. Hurrah.

  3. 1/16/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Life is cruel. A simple truth.

  4. 1/16/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Seth it sounds like a quote from Harry Potter:
    “After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did many great things. Terrible, yes, but great.”

  5. 1/16/2009Marsha in Texas says:

    This will be in next “Crip Humor ~ By and For the Severely Euphemized”
    Thank you Matt Portman for being politically incorrect!

  6. 1/23/2011花蓮民宿 says:

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