Let’s keep this giant wooden horse!

—Prattle Assassin

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  1. 1/29/2009Laura Hedgepath says:

    I love this.

  2. 2/5/2009rahul says:

    from Troy !!

  3. 2/6/200914 year old cryptic girl says:


  4. 3/9/2009makka says:

    “It sounds hollow. Those cheap Trojans.”

  5. 5/22/2009jan says:

    It were the Greeks, not the Trojans who built the horse.

  6. 6/22/2009Elena says:

    :] stupid goddamn trojans

  7. 7/31/2009rodasgod says:

    if only they’d heard that Talking Heads song – you know – Burning Down The Horse

  8. 7/31/2009rodasgod says:

    Indecisive! Yes? No? Pass the chocolate.

  9. 7/31/2009rodasgod says:

    Sorry – that last response was misplaced.
    i won’t to it again.
    s’pose thats what the trojans said too

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