Letter to Hell: she misspelled “Santa.”

—Pete Berg

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  1. 1/10/2009Melanie says:

    i like it :)

  2. 1/11/2009Kayxee says:


  3. 1/12/2009sandra says:

    what a blunder!

  4. 1/12/2009John says:

    I, for one, know what this is referring to.

  5. 1/12/2009Jim Cartwright says:

    One of my top five on the site

  6. 1/13/2009小安 says:


  7. 1/14/2009Nikki E. says:

    Amazing that such an innocent child can conjure the worst of beasts.

  8. 3/10/2009Riff Hammond says:

    mis-spells Santa,entity is in entropy

  9. 6/23/2009Elena says:

    crap, evil barbie’s are gonna attack soon :P

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