Lie detector eyeglasses perfected: Civilization collapses.

—Richard Powers

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  1. 1/7/2009TW Goddoll says:

    Very profound, and my personal favorite.
    If people couldn’t lie civilization would fall, the sad truth.
    I would rather laugh than cry though.

  2. 1/8/2009Aja says:

    In response to comment:
    On the contrary, the fabric of civilization is truth!

    But I like this story a lot. It’s cute.

  3. 1/8/2009Flash says:

    Can I use this as my email tag line?

  4. 1/15/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Hahahaha! Just goes to show how much we need to cover up for ourselves and others. If only we had true peace, but unfortunately I think we all know (yet don’t want to admit) how impossible that is.

    Now for a sixwordstory:
    Death. A sad, yet simple, truth.

  5. 3/1/2009Kamera says:

    Cataracts are the best drug EVAR!

  6. 3/4/2009Sjaak says:

    To find self, is to loose oneself in everything. There is no other choice.

  7. 3/4/2009Jeremiah says:


  8. 10/24/2009jason says:

    just pee’d pants. drank too much.

  9. 10/25/2009ross says:

    life is a sexually transmitted disease

  10. 10/27/2009k says:

    We would all become better liars.

  11. 10/27/2009Lora Jean says:

    At least it would be the end of politicians…and lawyers…and cheating husbands…actually, I don’t see a down side!

  12. 2/6/2012mohan vasantharasan says:

    give me a tender kiss with love i’m dying a horrible death i could use some relief…

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