One bullet. Two enemies. Above: chandelier.

—Sean Brogan

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  1. 1/14/2009pustulio says:

    one bullet. One enemy. Down: chandelier

  2. 1/15/2009downfall says:

    it misses.

  3. 1/15/2009Daughter says:

    Below: Mom’s good China?

  4. 1/15/200914 year old cryptic says:

    Someday maybe it’ll happen like in movies….but unfortunately today it decides to land on your toe.

  5. 1/17/2009cassandra says:

    Very Bond. Nice.

  6. 1/20/2009Andrew says:

    Sounds like a job for McGuyver

  7. 1/25/2009Marge says:

    Andrew, you are my hero.
    You and McGuyver have just made my day.

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