Played the word Scrabble; Irony disappointing.

—Mike Citera

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  1. 1/17/2009Tom says:

    Considering that is a name, would that not make it against the rules anyway?

  2. 1/17/2009Tom says:

    Or did I just miss the point?

  3. 1/17/2009Ben says:

    Scrabble is the name of the game, but it is also a word in its own right…

  4. 1/17/2009Laura says:

    So then maybe it should be written as follows. Played the word scrabble; Irony disappointing.

  5. 6/3/2009Hilary says:

    Lol, at Tom. Hooray for being overly analytical! ^^

    Anyqueer, I like it (: It made me giggle (:

  6. 2/10/2013Benny says:

    Scrabble: 14 pts to claw or grope about frantically
    (From the official Scrabble dictionary)

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