Robots masturbate. The future is here.

—Matt Portman

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  1. 1/31/2009Laura says:

    ok dude….you’re sweet cuz that is HILARIOUS. haha.

  2. 2/6/2009Kyle says:


  3. 2/6/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    So wrong in so many ways.
    One of which is the fact that this could (and most probably will) be invented in the future X3

  4. 2/7/2009Matt B-J says:

    Robowanking=cybernetic self-awareness? Wow. Deep. Kudos.

  5. 2/28/2009Ryan Rapini says:

    ha ha, reminded me of this song:

  6. 3/1/2009icanhasphd says:


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