She found God, but lost herself.

—Chris Jones

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  1. 1/14/2009Olafur says:

    Just brilliant!. this remindes me of is is that people are forgetting when they finally find god they end up losing their Inviduality. There is nothing wrong about going with god but you must retain individual thinking and question bouth your self an society for if we do not do this we render our life meaningless because we are living only as a part of a whole and waysting our potencial as inviduals.

    p.s sorry about he grammar :)

  2. 1/16/2009Zillah says:

    This is just fabulous. I grew up in the catholic school system and saw way too much of that.

  3. 1/16/2009Jerry says:

    God is Love. We must decrease. God must increase. Many people have fun in the world without God but they eventually get tired. To find God is to find eternity. The only thing that never ends. true love

  4. 1/16/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    God’s two answers: Yes + Not Yet

  5. 1/16/2009Justin Bent says:

    Heh, this one’s my favorite.

  6. 1/16/2009Tiffany Hall says:

    I really love this and think that it does attest to religions inability to accept and keep the individual. To be a true religious follower you have to leave yourself at the door to the church, but no one tells you that in the beginning. You just sort of get stripped away in layers until one day, there is nothing left of the person you use to be and love. There is only the religion and the belief and the church.

  7. 1/16/2009James Johnston says:

    There is a difference between God and religion. Religion is only a pathway. Losing yourself in religion is no different from losing yourself to football, your work, or anything else. I wonder what exactly this person was saying. Tiffany, I’m not sure what happened to you, but not all the churches are the same. What a church is supposed to do is fuse God with the individual, not replace to replace it.

  8. 2/2/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    I for one think that God is not so bad as for you to be required to go to a certain building to worship Him. Also, the Christian religion is about the idea of one ideal figure leading you. Pushing all of humanities fate onto one person so you know who to blame. Also (just to let you know) I am not a Catholist, a Methodist, nor Atheist.
    I am a SCIENTIST.

    Peace n Hugz

  9. 9/20/2011Alex says:

    Atheism is not a belief system. It is not another religion. It is the lack of a belief. Theism is any belief that a god exists (further split into mono-theism and poly-theism for believing in one god or multiple gods, respectively), and atheism is not believing that they exist.

    An atheist does not believe that no god exists, they simply do not see enough evidence to be convinced by the claim that one does.

    Just as I am yet to see evidence that unicorns are anything but human myth. I cannot prove that unicorns do not exist. I cannot say for certain that they don’t. But I do not believe that they exist.

    You may see this comparison as unfair, but that is simply because you believe in one but not the other. To me, they are synonymous, and unless you can give me any evidence to the contrary (that doesn’t come from the bible,the quran, the torah, or the book of zeus), then I am happy to change my position.

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