“The Earth? We ate it yesterday.”

—Yann Martel

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  1. 1/7/2009random says:

    very hitchhiker’s guide.

  2. 1/8/2009Narg says:


  3. 1/8/2009olivia says:

    or.. life of pi

  4. 1/8/2009lindsey says:

    only when the last tree has died,
    and the last river has been poisoned,
    and the last fish has been caught,
    will we realize that we can’t eat money

  5. 1/11/2009Tibbi Imdad says:

    *haha and goose bumps*

  6. 1/13/2009aydi says:

    you name (yann martel) reminds me of two great composers. yann tiersen and clint marsel….and your 6-word story is great. :)

    @lindsey: is that poem from life of pi? i’ve read couple of years ago and i cant remember…but i do remember that it was a fantastic book ! :) always nice to stumble upon cool sites like this one and random people i share interests with…:)

  7. 1/14/2009Nikki E. says:

    LOL it’s only a matter of time.

  8. 1/22/2009Cathal says:

    Yann Martel wrote Life of Pi…so yes, it is very Life of Pi – like.

  9. 2/28/2009anon says:

    He did write Life of Pi, but this story is much more Hitchhiker’s Guide than Life of Pi.

  10. 3/4/2009Jeremiah says:

    Who’s we?

  11. 4/20/2010Hugh Roeth says:

    Keep it up, bookmarked and referred some friends.

  12. 10/14/2010Käsetorte Rezept says:

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  13. 7/5/2011Shannon Mutchler says:

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  14. 6/4/2020ella says:

    oh your mum? i ate her
    is that good? lmaoooo

  15. 6/24/2020bob says:

    Your fishes? i ate them with chips

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