38-24-36. 180/120. 911

—Paul Rutherford

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  1. 2/21/2009Anne says:

    Nice! A great (wordless?) story – hopefully not about anyone you know. ;)

  2. 2/23/2009Isabel says:

    What does the 180/120 mean?

  3. 2/28/2009Art says:

    @ Isabel : Blood pressure maybe?

  4. 3/1/2009Sky Mileson says:

    180/120 says sportbike tyre sizes to me.

  5. 3/1/2009krystyn says:

    Marilyn Monroe?

  6. 3/2/2009Paul says:

    180/120 could be blood pressure. It’s the systolic / diastolic. Sounds like cardiac arrest.

  7. 3/4/2009poemy says:

    I think it’s body measurements, weight fluctuation and then disaster.

  8. 3/4/2009Pete says:

    It’s definitely blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is 120 / 80 or lower.

    “180 / 120” means you’re having a catastrophic heart attack…hence the “911.”

  9. 3/6/2009Eamon says:

    38-24-36 -> beautiful woman’s measurements
    180/120 -> blood pressure (cardiac arrest)
    911 -> obvious

  10. 5/5/2009topianguy says:

    Drop dead gorgeous. Fantastic. I love the cryptic-ness-ism (?)

  11. 5/21/2009Bea says:

    Brilliant! Had to think hard for a moment there…lol

  12. 10/21/2009Tristan says:

    My interpretation: Incredible measurements for a woman = extremely high blood pressure = a dire need for medical assistance

  13. 10/25/2009Edwood says:

    lol… this story’s about Marilyn Monroe… 38-24-36= her dress size.. 180/120 was her blood pressure… she died…

  14. 4/18/2010Julian says:

    Brilliant story. The ambiguousness has an interesting effect because although the interpretation that the first three numbers are a dress size makes sense, I interpreted these numbers to be a combination for a lock, in which case this story would be describing a robbery (the unlocking of a lock, a high BP from nervousness, and cops being called in response).

    Either way, it’s brilliant.

  15. 6/10/2012Evonne says:

    It sounds like s psychotic killer, or just an old man watching porn.

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