God creates Universe. Realizes mistake. Hides.


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  1. 2/26/2009Neil says:

    Pretty funny. One of my favorites yet.

  2. 2/28/2009Gary says:

    Best yet.

  3. 3/1/2009HermanTurnip says:

    Looking at this from the skewed perspective of an insignificant human, how can we know what the true purpose of the universe is?

  4. 3/1/2009Emily says:

    You got a smile from me. XD

  5. 3/1/2009Kiwiguy says:

    Yeah thats “a good’un”

  6. 3/1/2009Amit says:

    Awesomest ever!

  7. 3/2/2009Kar says:

    Absolutely brilliant. I like the idea of an omniscient being hiding.

  8. 3/2/2009Nitpicker says:

    Best one.

  9. 3/3/2009TOMMY says:

    Awesome. Are we doing the best for the universe yet ?

  10. 3/9/2009makka says:

    This made me rotflol.

  11. 7/25/2009Alexis says:


  12. 10/17/2009kherriman says:

    I figured.

  13. 9/3/2011tory burch wedges says:

    Good luck, i like your articles, hope you write more excellent news.

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