He lived alone. Along with her.


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  1. 2/7/2009John says:

    OK, this one I related to… Nice work

  2. 3/1/2009dream says:

    yeah… i relate too… sigh…

  3. 9/17/2009Carburettor says:

    Sad. But would be good if she was at least a ghost and not just in his thoughts/dreams. In fact, she being a ghost would be a sublime, surreal story – a relationship so pure and platonic…In the evening, under the moonlight bathed balcony, she would look pensively towards the city while he leans on the railing, tilting his head to the side, watching her. Or, the next morning, at the breakfast table he would be eating a green apple and jokingly offer it to her, but her hands pass through it. “No original sin for us”, says he…and they would both laugh so hard.

  4. 9/7/2010joe says:

    –_– D: and >:/

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