Her laugh mesmerized me… until today.


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  1. 3/3/2009David says:


  2. 3/17/2009Leo Dekelbaum says:

    Slap. Punch. Wigs fly. Hearts die.

  3. 4/15/2009Kevin says:

    Gives me an unplacably spooky feeling. Love it.

  4. 5/19/2009Anonymous says:

    That’s when she whipped out dick.

  5. 5/25/2009bea says:

    Happens all the time…

  6. 10/19/2009Jay says:

    Love, lost. Ring, sold. Heart, broken.

  7. 10/25/2009Maria says:

    @ David: Is that ALL you can say?

  8. 10/25/2009Maria says:

    @David: Is that ALL you can say?

  9. 10/29/2009mark says:

    We Drank, Nine Months, permanent hangover

  10. 8/27/2012Hazel Animo says:

    Young love. Pregnant. Now he’s gone.

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