Nine month wait. Left hospital alone.

—J Akers

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  1. 2/23/2009Matthew says:

    Incredible, and well constructed. Your story really is a story, unlike a lot of the ones posted here, if only because it has such tremendous weight behind it. I admire what you’ve done very much.

  2. 2/25/2009Joel says:

    I agree with Matthew, brought a tear to my eye

  3. 2/26/2009AJ says:

    Touched my heart. Moved my soul.
    Thank you

  4. 3/24/2009Anuranjan Roy says:


  5. 4/14/2009Ryan says:

    This reminds me of Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, great story, great job.

  6. 5/25/2009bea says:

    :( I love it. Can’t believe that a feeling like this can come from six little words. Wonderful.

  7. 1/11/2010Goose says:

    I hope we all agree with Matthew

  8. 1/27/2010Claire Waters says:

    Just wow.

  9. 2/14/2010Never breathing says:

    wow…this touched me so much…wow….im so sorry!

  10. 2/23/2010Never breathing says:

    wow…this is extremely impressive

  11. 2/27/2010Eska Southpaw says:


  12. 4/26/2010Katie Rose says:

    Wow…I think I just got goosebumps. Matthew is totally right.

  13. 2/16/2011Jess says:

    Expectations slice like knives. Break hearts.

  14. 6/10/2012Evonne says:

    A gestational surrogate mother..

  15. 5/9/2014Kate C says:

    I too have left hospital alone… :(

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