Perfect robbery. Perfect getaway. Rotten traffic!

—John Weagly

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  1. 2/4/2009Jessica Johnson says:

    i like this one! ha ha.

  2. 2/6/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    That is all.

  3. 10/19/2009Diane Frederick says:

    30 years apart…….still in love

  4. 11/12/2009Jonathan Clivaz says:

    Up side! Police stuck as well!

  5. 8/13/2011Mario Dorizas says:

    I’ve noticed articles on this subject before, but never really paid attention to any of them. What caught my eye on this one was the use of many ideas to form one very strong conclusion!

  6. 2/14/2022Qszy says:


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