Born Tuesday. Married Wednesday. Loved Friday.

—David Walden

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  1. 4/28/2009kevin says:

    WOW haha took me 3 times to read it over to finally get it.

  2. 4/29/2009straight A's says:

    Dont get

  3. 9/14/2009-.Epic says:

    yeah that was a stumper. very nice though.

  4. 9/30/2009teasweet says:

    Whooaa..this one’s deep.. Very funny!

  5. 3/20/2011Nimrod says:

    Liked it.

  6. 9/18/2011Dan says:

    I don’t understand

  7. 11/20/2013Ava says:

    Love it. Very well done!

  8. 3/5/2018Stacy Cooper says:

    They are only 4 days old friggin perv kids are on the site. And allow me to assume that this was an arranged marriage, a clear violation of rights. Disgusting.

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