Human genome patented. Sex considered piracy.

—Michael Kohl

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  1. 3/17/2009Matt says:

    Epic win… so epic :P

  2. 3/17/2009James Penn says:

    I can only say one thing: “Arrrrrrrrgh!”

  3. 3/22/2009M. Geer says:

    Yes. So awesome. Epic indeed.

  4. 5/27/2009Bill V says:

    That just made my day. XD Awesomely epic.

  5. 10/9/2009Goose says:

    Then call me Long John Silver

  6. 10/9/2009fairygal says:

    Because i said so damnit.

  7. 10/10/2009Slrman says:

    You’re pregnant? You know by whom?

  8. 10/12/2009Icky says:

    Rectum? It nearly killed ’em.

  9. 6/29/2012Ardyvee says:

    Thank god we can’t patent the human genome just yet! :D

  10. 10/20/2012Hikari Sannomiya says:

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  11. 10/20/2012Hikari Sannomiya says:

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