Jump. Grow. Dodge. Dodge. Save princess.


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  1. 4/11/2009Trev says:

    princess is a mushroom; quest continues.

  2. 5/19/2009Anonymous says:

    Power went out; lost all progress.

  3. 6/3/2009james says:

    dragons breath, back to the castle

  4. 11/12/2009Tofu says:

    Princess not here. In another castle.

  5. 11/23/2009bored says:

    princess is a mushroom; PURPLE LIZARDS!

  6. 11/24/2009K says:

    Game won’t start. Try blowing harder.

  7. 11/26/2009jo says:

    a wild snorlax appears, throw ultra balls.

  8. 12/26/2009dave says:

    game over, better luck next time

  9. 2/1/2010msmtm says:

    they said she was here. where

  10. 8/28/2010SemiAnonymous says:

    Writing only six words comments sucks.

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