Aliens Came. Saw mankind. Left, laughing.


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  1. 5/1/2009matthew says:

    I think your punctuation is a bit wrong. do you mean…

    Aliens came. Saw mankind. Left laughing.


  2. 5/28/2009jean smiles says:

    more like left crying these days.

  3. 8/3/2009Loony Zoe says:

    I came.Saw myself.Left,laughing.

  4. 8/31/2009flup says:

    ew gross aliens, jerkin off then humans came in, they saw humans and then left laughing because they felt embarassed

  5. 8/31/2009Jake says:

    I saw myself. Came. Left laughing.

  6. 9/13/2009angelH says:

    yep. that’s how it would go

  7. 2/1/2012kerri says:

    i really like that one .my friends were laughing .even my teacher

  8. 11/20/2012Steve says:

    Shit , shave , shag, shower the end

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