“Mommy? Why aren’t you moving? …Mommy?”

—Sheila Faris-Penn

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  1. 4/21/2009caroline says:


  2. 4/28/2009Daniel says:

    Caused me to wince.

  3. 9/13/2009YoursEnamoured says:


  4. 9/14/2009Elliott says:

    fucked up

  5. 9/14/2009James says:

    Theres a future prostitute

  6. 9/14/2009B says:

    Gilbert Grape?

  7. 5/29/2012Jean says:

    I wish this had not come true as of yesterday, but it has. RIP, Sheila.

  8. 8/18/2012C says:

    “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”

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