Robot becomes sentient. Learns to lie.

—Kevin Qi

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  1. 5/15/2009txangel says:

    As one of my lecturers said recently:
    “We should not teach them how to lie”

  2. 10/14/2009Devon McDonough says:

    Back from hell. Could’ve been worse.

  3. 10/14/2009Devon McDonough says:

    Tried to submit new story. Failed.

  4. 10/15/2009TranquilFury says:

    I shall teach them to lie.

  5. 10/16/2009nancy says:

    They already knew how to lie.

  6. 10/16/2009noah phence says:

    Technology saves mankind, everything is free.

  7. 10/17/2009dbeard says:

    txangel tried, but did it wrong

  8. 10/17/2009Coop says:

    Lying is the downfall of us.

  9. 11/25/20090p71m4v1 says:

    Simply put: we had it made.

  10. 3/13/2010James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil says:

    We teach our children to lie.

  11. 3/13/2010Lecturer says:

    You used more than six words.

  12. 3/13/2010Sheeph8r says:

    My ass hurts. Bleeding, the hemorrhoids.

  13. 2/2/2011iammusic12 says:

    digornos garlic crust pizza is awesome

  14. 5/7/2011Brad says:

    Learn to lie? No! To hate.

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