XW-9843 aimed; the last human cried.


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  1. 6/2/2009Mike says:

    I died today, She loves him.

  2. 6/2/2009Sally says:

    this is very weird! I don’t get it

  3. 6/3/2009james says:


    possible name of robot, humans gone

  4. 7/4/2009Dave says:

    I ejaculated forcefully onto her chin.

  5. 7/4/2009Dave says:

    She eagerly gobbled my man gravy.

  6. 7/4/2009Dave says:

    Her husband pulled into the driveway.

  7. 7/4/2009Gich says:

    Two billion people, none for me

  8. 9/13/2009Edurp A. says:

    Pervert, Dave gets caught and castrated.

  9. 8/8/2011Dave says:

    I’m a loser and forever alone.

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