Electromagnet activated. Plane plummets to island.


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  1. 5/2/2009Charlie says:

    I love you for this

  2. 5/2/2009pakiprincess says:


  3. 5/2/2009Havelock says:

    Would someone care to explain the brilliance of this one?

  4. 5/2/2009jadams says:

    it’s about the television show lost

  5. 5/3/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Oooooo! My mom watches that. I got confused soince i started watrching in the middle but i basically get it. Kinda farfetched but cool series X3

  6. 5/19/2009Anonymous says:

    Lost is easily WORST SHOW EVER.

  7. 2/19/2010Olaf says:

    Smoked some weed, with some friends

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