Open box. Step outside. Bigger box.


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  1. 5/14/2009alanmills405 says:

    open tin. step inside. canned laughter

  2. 5/15/2009Gill says:

    open tin. step inside. worms everywhere.

  3. 5/15/2009Gill says:

    open lid cautiously… boo! scared you.

  4. 5/15/2009Gill says:

    open jar. step inside. we’re jamming

  5. 5/15/2009Gill says:

    think box. bitter sweet box. boxymoron.

  6. 5/18/2009Karter says:


  7. 5/18/2009raviwu says:

    open closet. step outside. bigger closet.

  8. 10/14/2009-.Epic says:

    Opened can of tuna. Tuna inside…

  9. 12/10/2012User Name is in six words says:

    Open box. Why you in box?

  10. 1/16/2014McGoats says:

    Allegory of the cave. I love it!

    “Trick is, not minding the pain”

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