She says no. He uses force.


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  1. 6/17/2009The Id says:

    Good for him! Always be assertive. :-)

  2. 6/22/2009Elena says:

    oh that’s very nice -.-

  3. 6/26/2009Mr. R. A. Pist says:

    She says no. She means yes.


  4. 6/26/2009Joseph Fritzl says:

    She was asking for it.

  5. 6/28/2009Joe says:

    I lol’d

  6. 8/31/2009fluegs says:

    wow that is really horrible

  7. 9/13/2009Martin says:

    Luke Skywalker?

  8. 9/13/2009Martin says:


  9. 9/13/2009Martin says:

    Obi Wan?

  10. 4/22/2010-ItMeans ImHealing says:

    Wow everyone thought Starwars! i thought RAPE!

    i see my true self now

  11. 10/18/2012Ruby says:

    yes i thought rape straightaway too!
    but yees, i get the star wars reference too!

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