Skipped class to study. Pop quiz!


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  1. 5/24/2009James Black says:

    This happened to me last month.

  2. 12/7/2009Taking a Break from College Stress – Stu's Blog » says:

    […] And there certainly are things that you shouldn’t skip out on to let your mind relax. A test, for example. Don’t skip that. But a lecture? If you know you’ll be able to get the notes, that might not be […]

  3. 12/25/2023ShadMoon says:

    I’d never have thought that I’d have a desire to study, but now I feel the need for it. I think it is especially important to learn languages. What do you think?

  4. 12/25/2023xoxosta says:

    I think languages are truly something worth learning and will always come in handy no matter what your job is. Plus it trains your memory and all that. Now there are many different platforms for learning languages, but I recommend Promova, where you can find any materials from alphabet in spanish to articles with complex grammatical material.

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