Voted Bush Twice. Home was foreclosed.


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  1. 5/10/2009rpcob says:

    Hey, do not… do not blame Bush. Wasn’t his fault. He at least tried. Unlike f*****g Obama. I He has done NOTHING. I like how his 100 days were all over the news saying he is doing a good job. A good job at what sitting on his a**?! I would have rather had that skank Clinton over this dummy.

  2. 5/11/2009Meow says:

    The jokes are starting to sound more and more serious…

  3. 5/12/2009Mike Schau says:

    Try “Voted for Obama. Sorry, grandkids”

  4. 5/14/2009DaMan says:

    Let’s see…who spend $1Trillion that we did not have on a needless & wasteful war? Who allowed free market derivatives….Oh, not the current guy…he at least likes to read!

  5. 5/26/2009K says:

    Oh yeah, rpcob, let’s not blame the leader of the free world or anything when he effs up daily. Because nothing’s more important than imagining that you, the average dumbass, could have a beer with your President. “At least he tried”- does your Denny’s manager justify your on the job mistakes that way?

    Oh and Obama’s done nothing? How about closed Guantanamo, gotten the first Latino (and only 3rd woman) on the Supreme Court? Do you gather your political opinions from bathroom graffiti?

    Good god, at least liberals can make their bitterness hilarious. Y’all sound like a bunch of whiny old biddies.

  6. 6/23/2009Lynn says:

    Yes it is serious our grand children are gonna be the ones trapped in all of this

  7. 7/26/2009ravencalls says:

    Send all profits to.. N.A.S.A. …man on Mars by 2019.

  8. 9/13/2009angelH says:

    Bush didn’t try. Bush didn’t care. He didn’t give a damn. He pretty much said so in one of his speeches near the end of his term.

  9. 10/27/2009well... says:

    Your Chickens Came Home To Roost.

  10. 2/4/2010Miranda Harris says:

    ohmigod. guys, for one, Obama DID do something in his first hundred, but the Bush administration left us so fucked up, what was done was small in comparison. second, Bush was a fucking idiot propped up by the ideals of his family. three, i’d like to see you guys doing a better job as president than Obama,

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