Things were good. Then came Man.

—Rindo R.

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  1. 6/13/2009Jess says:

    ah, so true.

  2. 6/14/2009heya says:


  3. 6/16/2009Norel says:

    Sweet !

  4. 10/15/2009birdy says:

    If it wasn’t for woman we’d still be in the Garden of Eden you gullible bitch.

  5. 9/15/2010Jeremy says:

    Man is the greatest thing to have ever happened on this planet.

  6. 10/29/2010Lachrymosa says:

    It is not the gender that should be considered here, but rather the race of “Man” as a whole. Biblical bias and scapegoating doesn’t excuse our negative effect on the ecological systems across the planet. Nor do they excuse how we treat each other, as can be sited right here with that rude insult below. Things were good. Then came Man.

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