Bridal veil lifts. It isn’t her.

—Graham Edwards

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  1. 7/17/2009CW says:

    Bridal veil lifts. It’s a he.

    Anyway it is awesome. Haha. I think the first three words are more than enough for a story.

  2. 10/5/2009Jay says:

    That’s awesome!

  3. 10/7/2009weddingveil says:


  4. 8/11/2010ungs says:

    Margaret Mitchell would have needed 200 pages to write this story. Couldn’t have done it better, though.

  5. 5/28/2022葉哲宏 says:

    let go is to have everything.

  6. 5/28/2022葉哲宏 says:

    I am just waiting for you

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