Played, spoke, dreamed…vaccines…silence…screams.

—Tim Welsh

(Tim Welsh is an advocate of the theory that childhood vaccines are a cause of autism.)

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  1. 7/16/2009Brad says:

    Unfortunately, the theory Mr. Welsh advocates has long been proven to be scientifically invalid.

  2. 7/16/2009khowey says:

    This comment proves Brad likes poop.

  3. 7/17/2009Billy says:

    Here’s six words for you:

    Tim Welsh knows nothing about science

  4. 7/17/2009z says:

    Tim Welsch is an ignorant fool.

  5. 7/18/2009Kelechi Belinda Udeogu says:

    Please, give Tim a little break.

  6. 7/20/2009Brittany says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s just stupid.

    haha that was 6 words…but seriously.

    vaccines absolutely do not cause autism.

    Done with the six words,promise. :)

    * haha doesnt count as a word,its a sound

  7. 7/20/2009khowey says:

    Haha counts. Tim enjoys measle outbreaks.

  8. 12/17/2009Turtle says:

    1. It’s Tim’s opinion. He’s fully entitled to it- for now.
    2. If you look around, there is some evidence that shows vaccines do cause autism. However, our government would prefer you didn’t know that. So, they try very hard to keep that information out of the public’s reach.
    3. Vaccines contain a preservative called thimerosal which is about 50% mercury. Mercury was recently outlawed because they discovered it caused many health problems– particularly in children. However vaccines were not redesigned to avoid using this preservative. The reason why autism occurs is the chemicals go to the still developing brain and cause it to develop abnormally. The reason why more and more cases of autism are occurring is that the more vaccines a child gets the more thimerosal they are exposed to.
    4. Please do your research before you accuse someone of knowing nothing. You may disagree with his opinion, but it is based on facts. Please get some facts before you decide that he is wrong.
    5. If vaccines aren’t causing autism and other learning disabilities, what is?
    6. Six Words: Seen extinguished lights? You’d cry too.

  9. 6/28/2010Andrew Jackson says:

    there is still no permament solution for autism. we just have to take good care of the kids who are suffering autism.’-;

  10. 12/4/2010Tia Gray says:

    i have a brother that is autistic and we love him so much and gave all of our support on him *.”

  11. 8/3/2011Denis Marie says:

    I agree with most of your factors, just some have to be discussed further, I will maintain a tiny talk with my partners and maybe I am going to try to find you a few idea quickly.

  12. 4/24/2013Rob says:

    Tim Welsh loves seeing children suffering from hideous and preventable diseases.

    All the “science” he uses has been demolished by people with intelligence above the level of a two year old

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