Big bang. No God. Fadeout. End.

—Stephen Baxter

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  1. 8/6/2009Marcus Davage says:

    God creates.
    Man rebels.
    Jesus saves.

  2. 8/17/2009Billy says:

    Santa, Easter Bunny, Jesus: All fake

  3. 10/16/2009Billy Leech says:

    Jesus saves ,he’s rich,i’m poor

  4. 10/22/2009Any says:

    Zombie Jesus consumes your sins. Nom.

  5. 10/22/2009Any says:

    But really, Christians are hilariously ignorant.

  6. 11/4/2009-twist says:

    Any how on earth can you make such a blanket statement like that? How would you know all (or even a decent percentage of) Christians? To say that they are ignorant perhaps shows your own lack of knowledge.

  7. 4/8/2010Debbie says:

    Thank you, -twist. You hit that nail on the head.

  8. 6/2/2010First Blood says:

    Christians are ignorant. How can you believe in a talking snake? That Noah put 2 of EVERY animal on a BOAT?! I would like to know where the hell he found a polar bear in the middle of the desert. Let alone to feed all of them and repopulate the entire world. Even if its metaphorical (clearly it is not). Thats ignorance right there to believe all that crap. Faith = believing without knowing = ignorance.

  9. 2/13/2011Slp says:

    Mankind. Still evolving? No. Created perfect.

  10. 9/3/2011mike rutherford says:

    mind creates, and expands…… let go.

  11. 10/7/2011JosephineC says:

    There are many PhD level academics who believe the bible to be literally true. Full scale replicas of the ark according to biblical dimensions exist (see Creation Ministries website) and it is recorded that animals have foreknowlege of weather and move in response to conditions, regardless of whether or not you believe that God led them to the ark. To label people as ignorant because they have a different viewpoint to you is as prejudiced as labelling a person ignorant because of their sex or ethnicity. Yes there are bigoted, hurtful “Christians” (wolves in sheep’s clothing) but an objective study of our faith and most of its people would hopefully lead to a tolerant approach.

  12. 9/22/2012Johann says:

    There is no God. Grow up.

  13. 8/20/2018J Fulton says:

    @Any and @First Blood: do you badmouth all religions or just Christians? Like to see if you are brave enough to slander followers of other religions…

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